53 Things That Are Super Popular On Amazon Because They're So Freaking Clever

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Full disclosure: I live for clever products on Amazon... so much that I find myself on the lookout for the latest mind-blowing innovations regularly. And every now and then, I'm lucky enough to come across some truly unique items that I can't help but share with my friends and family.

In my opinion, it's fun to introduce the people you know to products that'll help make their lives easier — and this mop-and-bucket cleaning system is a good example. I have a few loved ones who always recoil at the thought of having to place their hands near a bucket of mucky water to wring a mop out. Luckily, this genius system uses a bucket with a built-in wringer that does all the work. (In other words, there will be no more slimy hand after cleaning.)

Also, as you probably know, it can be difficult to perfectly slice an avocado in half and then remove its core. Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool that could do it all? Well, allow me to introduce you this three-in-one avocado device. It slices, splits, and pits in mere seconds.

Dig through this list to find even more clever items that you and your friends are going to love.

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