50 Surprising But Awesome Products Getting A Ton Of Love On Amazon

by Lisa Fogarty

Life is filled with surprises — but when something unexpected happens to throw your world slightly out of orbit, there are a number of products that can help restore peace and harmony. These surprising but awesome Amazon products getting a ton of love offer small solutions to some of life's everyday problems, whether you're trying to warm your hands up or pack for a trip.

Maybe you thought your cold hands were just a fact of life, or that you were destined to forever be stopped at the airport because your toiletries didn't fit TSA standards. The innovative products on this list — like battery-operated hand warmers that slip into your pocket and reusable toiletry bottles that take the guesswork out of packing — will instantly improve your quality of life.

The same can be said for smart and practical products like the wearable reading light that's actually comfy (and won't keep your roommates up all night as you devour your latest book), the several foot and back massagers that ease muscle and joint pain in seconds, or even the smart water bottle that literally glows to remind you to stay your hydrated best self.

These problem-solving products are fast becoming new favorites among shoppers who can't stop raving about them.

These Travel-Friendly Toiletry Bottles For Stress-Free Trips

You can sail through airport security without any headaches (even if you're the biggest beauty enthusiast on the planet). This 10-piece set of portable toiletry bottles are made from washable, reusable silicone, and they're all TSA-approved sizes. The set comes with two spray bottles, two cream jars, two toothbrush covers, four travel bottles, and a clear zippered bag for mess-free storage.

This Comfy Wearable Reading Light With Adjustable Brightness

Late-night reading is more enjoyable when you have a solid light source that won't keep your roommate or partner up all night (which can also be turned off without leaving the warmth of your bed). This wearable light offers just that: It has comfortable silicone arms, four long-lasting LED lights, and three adjustable brightness settings. Position it around your neck for a reliable, hands-free light.

A Portable Hand Warmer That Fits Right In Your Pocket

This portable hand warmer can be slipped into your pocket and forgotten about until you need it to make your hands warm and toasty again. The device has three adjustable heat settings and lasts anywhere from six to 12 hours before needing a charge (with a USB cable, which is included).

The Full-Body Massage Glove That You Can Use Anywhere

This hand-held massager can be tossed in your bag and used anywhere and anytime you need a soothing deep-tissue massage. The tool is worn like a glove and features nine rolling metal balls that target trigger points — and it can be used on your shoulders, back, neck, hamstrings, and more.

An Adhesive Silicone Glue For Quick Fixes And DIY Projects

Save money and time on home repairs and other DIY fixes with this moldable silicone glue that bonds to a variety of surfaces (like wood, glass, and plastic). It's waterproof, electrically insulating, and resistant to cold and heat. Plus, each packet contains eight glue bars in colors like black, white, and other bright shades.

This Reversible Heated Blanket With Cozy Fleece And Sherpa

Chilly nights are no match for this electric blanket, which features reversible fabrics in cozy sherpa and fleece to add even more warmth and comfort. The throw blanket has an easy-to-use remote control and five adjustable heat settings, along with a four-hour auto-shutoff function for safety. It comes in six colors like cobalt, red pepper, and beige.

The Glowing Smart Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink Up

Staying hydrated is important, but so easy to neglect. Not only does this smart water bottle sync to a hydration tracking app that provides better accountability when it comes to your water intake, but it literally glows to remind you to drink up. The BPA-free bottle comes in six shades and features three light patterns.

These Smart Plugs That Are Compatible With Voice Commands

This set of four mini smart plugs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to use voice commands or set them with an app to turn appliances on and off. Create schedules and timers for your lights, and they'll even help you save money on your electric bill.

The Ultimate Pair Of Anti-Skid Yoga Socks To Keep You On Your Mat

Stay in place on your yoga mat or have complete control of the floor during your dance or barre class with these anti-skid yoga socks. The breathable, moisture-wicking socks have an elastic band along the top, exposed toes, and sticky grips along the bottom. They come in three colors and three sizes.

An Anti-Nausea Wristband That Targets Acupressure Points

One of the key ways to address nausea is by triggering specific acupressure points, and this anti-nausea wristband provides just that. It works by applying pressure to the P6 acupressure point in your wrist. Wear the band before car trips or sea adventures and get instant relief without without the pharmacy trip.

This Rolling Foot Massager For Aches And Pains

Relieve aches, pain, and pressure associated with plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue, and other run-of-the-mill foot pain and conditions with this simple, but effective foot massager. The massage tool features dual rollers that have arched designs with nubs to target acupoints within your feet for instant relief.

The Bed Of Needles That Relaxes Your Muscles

It may sound unusual, but relaxing for a few minutes a day on the bed of needles that is this acupressure mat and pillow set actually results in more relaxed muscles and back pain relief. Designed from a blend of cotton and plant-based eco foam, the mat and pillow feature thousands of acupoints that can loosen tight muscles and reduce pain.

A Hand Clip That Helps Tackle Headaches

The moment you feel a splitting headache coming on, apply this wearable acupressure band to your hand (it fits snug between your thumb and pointer finger). Allow it to target the L14 acupressure point, which can help relieve headaches and head tension. Each set comes with two bands.

An Electronic Foot File That Smoothens Rough Calluses

A few passes with this electronic foot file can slough away dead skin and hardened calluses, keeping feet extra-smooth. The water-resistant, rechargeable file comes with three coarse rollers and a cleaning brush.

This Heavy-Duty Hand Warmer That Lasts 12 Hours

If you're off on an outdoor adventure and predicting cold weather, prepare yourself with the help of this hand warmer that fits inside of your pocket. The Zippo-brand warmer stays heated for an impressive 12 hours, thanks to a flameless hand warmer fluid — which is sold separately — that gives off an intense heat.

These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Help Prevent Eye Strain

Working all day and night on devices like your computer and phone can cause major eye strain. These blue light-blocking glasses have amber-tinted lenses that block those harmful rays and reduce glare, which in turn reduces visual fatigue. The non-polarized glasses come in seven sizes.

An Adjustable Laptop Desk With A Tilting Top Drawer

You can work in comfort and get more done with this bamboo laptop desk that has adjustable legs. It even offers a tilting top drawer with ventilation holes for the perfect viewing angle. The desk, which doubles as a portable breakfast tray, even features a pull-out drawer to store items like notebooks and pens. There's even a cup holder for your coffee or water.

This Supportive Lumbar Cushion That Alleviates Back Pressure

Whether you spend a lot of time commuting in your car or clock in plenty of office hours, sitting can put pressure on your lower back that results in pain and discomfort. This memory foam lumbar cushion with a breathable mesh cover contours to your back and provides plenty of support. It has two adjustable straps and an extension strap, so it'll stay in place on any chair or seat.

A Shampoo Brush And Scalp Massager For Follicle Stimulation

You can remove greasy buildup from hair spray, dry shampoo, and other products and give hair follicles an incredibly stimulating massage with this shampoo brush. The palm-sized brush has gentle, effective silicone bristles — and it's especially useful if you have long nails.

The Gel That Does A Number On The Toughest Calluses

A foot file is a great tool for softening your feet — but if you're constantly battling tough calluses, you'll benefit from bringing in a partner in crime, such as this callus-removing gel that works in just three minutes. Apply the gel after a foot soak and before scrubbing, and you'll remove old layers of skin with ease.

This Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone That Tackles Dry Feet

Sometimes, dry feet with toughened calluses requires extra tools — and this volcanic lava pumice stone can do the trick. It helps exfoliate dry skin and is attached to a nylon rope that you can hang with an accompanying suction hook for convenient drying.

A Convenient Zippered Fanny Pack With A Headphone Hole

Every aspect of this fanny pack is intended to make your travels more convenient — from its adjustable waist strap to it headphone hole that lets you listen to music or podcasts anytime you want. The pack comes in two sizes and 11 shades and prints, along with a reflective loop to help keep you visible at night.

The Reusable Cleaning Sponge That Works Without Chemical Cleaners

Use this reusable cleaning sponge to collect dirt, dust, and debris from practically every surface — without the need for a single drop of chemical-laden cleaner. The sponge washes while it's dry, and it's perfect for hard-to-clean areas like baseboards, blinds, and ceiling fans. Renew it with soap and water and then allow it to dry before using it over and over again.

A Trio Of Cell Phone Lenses For Professional-Looking Photos

Your phone is such a convenient photo-taking tool, but it doesn't allow for a lot of experimentation. This trio of attachable phone camera lenses allows you to get more creative with your pictures. The set comes with a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens — and they're all compatible with most phones.

A Durable Ice Cream Scoop That Won't Snap Or Bend

So many ice cream scoops fail to deliver; they either require the strength of ten people, or they break before depositing that yummy treat into your bowl. But this ice cream scoop is a stainless steel trooper and one that won't bend, chip, or break. It even comes in five colors like purple and pink — because why shouldn't everything associated with chocolate and vanilla should be fun?

This Heating Pad That Has Dry And Moist Modes

This oversized electric heating pad is perfect on those days when cramps and pains make you want to stay in bed all morning. It's designed with soft microplush fabric, and it features six adjustable temperature settings, an auto-shutoff function, and the option of using dry or moist warmth.

These Heat-Resistant Oven Gloves Made With Food-Safe Silicone

These heat-resistant cooking gloves can withstand temperatures as high as 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're lengthy enough to cover your wrists. Designed from food-safe silicone, they're waterproof, washable, and come in four sizes. Choose from orange or grey.

The Stain-Removing Wine Wipes To Use Post-Happy Hour

When you're nowhere near a toothbrush post-happy hour, you can protect your teeth from stains with a quick application of one of these wine wipes. The wipes are made with natural ingredients and come in a portable travel case with a mirror. There are 15 wipes per package, too.

These Charcoal Bamboo Bags That Help Purify The Air

Instead of masking unwanted odors with perfumes and other scents, you can neutralize them naturally with these charcoal bamboo deodorizing bags. The bags fit inside shoes, boots, lockers, and bags — and you can rejuvenate them by placing each one in direct sunlight for two hours.

The Softest Sleep Headphones That Block Out Light

This super-soft sleep headphone mask blocks out light and delivers clear sound, courtesy of their Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers (which can be removed when it's time to wash them). The rechargeable mask — which offers more than nine hours of playtime — is designed from a velvet and cotton blend. They also have an adjustable Velcro strap to achieve the perfect fit.

A Waterproof Speaker For The Shower Or Backyard

Listen to tracks or podcasts while you shower or take a dip in the pool with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It's waterproof, compatible with a variety of devices, and comes with a strong suction cup and hook. You can expect to get up to six hours of playtime from this compact speaker, which comes in four colors: blue, black, orange, and red.

This Weatherproof Spiral Notebook That Survives Water Bottle Accidents

Gone are the days of opening your backpack to find a soggy notebook — a casualty of your spilled water bottle or an unexpected storm. This weatherproof notebook is a spiral-style pad with a recyclable, wood-based cover and 100 pages in total. The book stays smudge-proof when you write with an all-weather pen, pencil, or crayon — but you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen or marker as long as the book stays dry.

An Exfoliating Shower Brush For Your Feet

If you're performing all kinds of acrobatic tricks in the shower in an attempt to get your feet clean, here's an easier way: Lay this foot brush on your shower floor and gently wash your feet without struggling. The silicone scrubbing pad comes with fiber bristles, and it's available in two colors. It even has a suction hook for hanging and drying.

The Bathroom Mirror That Never, Ever Gets Foggy

Bathroom mirror fog is usually just par for the course — but not when you use this convenient mirror that doesn't fog up. The unit attaches with its own adhesive hook to walls and tile, which means no suction cups are required. Just hold the mirror under your shower stream until the temperature of the mirror and water are equal, and you've got a crystal-clear view.

These Plant-Based Konjac Sponges For Deep Facial Cleansing

These colorful, natural, plant-based konjac sponges are more than just pretty eye candy. Each sponge is made with a specific natural ingredient — including purple sweet potato extract, turmeric, green tea, or bamboo charcoal — which cleanses and exfoliates, leaving skin smooth and vibrant. The biodegradable sponges come with adhesive hooks, so you can hang them to dry.

A Memory Foam Bathroom Rug That Dries In A Cinch

If you ask me, the best bathroom rugs are the ones that absorb water so fast they leave zero trace of your bath. This thick memory foam rug feels soft beneath your feet — but it's also so absorbent that it dries fast, which prevents mildew and unwanted odors. The rug comes in three sizes and 13 colors.

A DIY Derma Roller To Help Facial Serums Absorb Easier

In my opinion, your DIY facial could always use a tool to add some extra glow — and this derma roller is the missing link that'll take your skin-care routine to the next level. The roller is designed with hundreds of microneedles that increase absorbency of serums and moisturizers, all while creating an overall smoother complexion.

An Ingrown Hair Treatment That Feels Like A Soothing Massage

You can stop ingrown hairs before they appear with this exfoliating body brush which can be used before shaving, waxing, and other voluntary hair removal methods. The palm-sized brush has smooth bristles that help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps — and it can be used wet or dry.

These Clips That Protect The Bristles On Your Toothbrush

Have you ever wondered what happens when you keep your toothbrush exposed to whatever happens to be floating around in the air of your bathroom? If that isn't a comforting thought, take shelter in these toothbrush clip covers that protect your bristles and infuse them with vapors that keep them fresh and clean. The clips remain active for three months.

This Brush Scrubbing Set That Attaches To A Power Drill

With three powerful scrubbing brushes that attach to a cordless drill (which puts even more power behind your cleaning), this trio effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stains from tiles, grout, and other surfaces. The nylon bristle brush heads come in three styles for a variety of cleaning and polishing jobs.

The Light Therapy Lamp That Makes You Feel More Energized

You can't turn a cloudy day into a sunny one, but you can use this UV-free light therapy lamp to mimic the brightness of a beautiful day and help elevate your mood. The portable lamp features three modes that function with a touch of your finger, along with a built-in timer that can be set from 10 to 60 minutes in 10-minute intervals.

These Hydrating Socks And Gloves Infused With Essential Oils

These moisturizing gloves and socks are about to become your year-round hydration solutions for dry skin. The pouches are infused with natural essential oils that soften and sooth skin; wear them to bed or while you're relaxing at home. Plus, one order comes with 12 of them — so you'll be set for a while.

A Popular Set Of Essential Oils That You'll Use Constantly

If you're an aromatherapy newbie (or just need to restock your collection), there's a good chance these six essential oils will be at the top of your wish list. The popular oils — which can also be added to a diffuser and used in massage therapy — include lemongrass, orange, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

The Heated Shiatsu Back Massage Pillow

This massage pillow was perfectly designed to suit the contours of your back and deliver a powerful Shiatsu massage with the option of adding a little heat action to loosen up tight muscles and joints. The pillow has three adjustable speed settings and a 15-minute auto-shutoff feature — and it even comes with a car adapter for those long, uncomfortable commutes.

This Soothing White Noise Machine To Lull You To Sleep

Drift off to the sound of nature or soothing white noise with this portable and compact white noise machine. The lullaby-like device features six adjustable sounds: white noise, thunder, rain, ocean, summer night, and brook. It also boasts an auto-shutoff timer that can be set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You also have the option of powering it with an adapter or batteries — and it comes in silver, gold, or blue.

A Waterproof Fiber Mascara That Adds Dramatic Length And Volume

This under-the-radar mascara boasts more than 7,000 reviews and is quickly becoming a cult favorite. The set includes two products: a tube formulated with micro-fibers that intensify the volume and length of your lashes by a dramatic degree, and a waterproof black mascara that's applied as a second step.

The Fabric Defuzzer And Shaver That Brings Sweaters Back To Life

Resurrect old sweaters, wool jackets, and upholstery — and then save yourself a ton of money on clothing when you whip them into shape with this fabric defuzzer. The battery-operated shaver has three settings that remove lint, fuzz, and pilling from a variety of fabric types. It even comes in fun colors like green and orange.

This Microfiber Hair Towel That Cuts Down On Drying Time

Unlike many cotton towels, this soft microfiber hair towel soaks up excess moisture and water fast, which therefore cuts down on drying time. As a result, it also decreases your hair's exposure to damaging heat while also preventing unwanted frizz and flyaways.

A Hilarious Adult Party Game Where You Make Your Own Memes

Challenge your friends and compete for the coveted title of queen or king of memes when you gather up the crew to play this hilarious — and sometimes NSFW — meme party game. The game features 435 cards that include captions and photos, and your job is to find the most hilarious pairing and convince a rotating judge that you deserve the meme master crown.

This Tripod With A Build-In Ring Light For Added Shine

Set your old tripod aside and mount your phone onto this one, which has a build-in ring light for extra shine when the lighting in your room isn't enough. The ring features three color modes with different brightness levels that you can adjust. You can even snap a picture from afar, thanks to the included remote control.

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