50 Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Near-Perfect Ratings

What's the most bizarre product you've ever come across in recent years? For me, it's sheet masks soaked in snail slime. Of course, forward-thinking beauty companies are always coming out with trendy ingredients that promise to be the next best thing, but this one still caught me off guard. But it was the thousands of positive reviews touting what snail mucin can do for your skin that actually sold me on the stuff. (Plus I'm 100 percent on board with all things K-beauty.) Well, those snail slime sheet masks are just one of the 50 shocking products on Amazon with near perfect ratings on this list.

That's right — there's not a shocking product in the bunch that isn't also shockingly well-reviewed. (After all, what's the use of having something unique if it's completely useless?)

So what might you find? A bit of everything — products that help you clean your house, cook tastier meals, up your skincare game, or streamline the way you use your tech devices. And just for good measure, we've thrown in a few products that came onto the scene as the epitome of odd but have quickly become classics. (I'm looking at you, memory foam slippers.)

So go ahead and click through for some shockingly good shopping.

Lifestyle — 50 Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Near-Perfect Ratings

1. A Kitchen Tool That Peels And Juliennes With Ease

Precision Kitchenware Vegetable Peeler, $10, Amazon

Use the sharp julienne blade on this vegetable peeler to create delicious and nutritious noodles from squash, sweet potatoes, and zucchini. There's also a standard peeling blade so you can remove the skin of any fruit or vegetable with ease, and the stainless steel peeler comes with a blade cover and a cleaning brush. This reviewer writes, "The peeler is easy to grip and literally *glides* over whatever you're trying to peel. Peeling potatoes has never gone by faster."


2. This Versatile Handheld Massager With 5 Attachment Heads

RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Massager, $34, Amazon

This cordless handheld massager delivers up to 3,600 pulses per minute, delivering intensive, deep-tissue relief. The versatile massager comes with five head attachments: a round ball and a one-point attachment for breaking up muscle knots and relieving trigger point pain, a curved head to release tension in the legs and arms, a three-point head for a softer massage, and a three-pronged head for a deep massage that covers large surface areas. Use it anywhere on your body to loosen up tight muscles.


3. A Sleeping Sound Machine That Projects the "Northern Lights" Onto Your Ceiling

SOAIY Aurora Night Light And Sleeping Sound Machine, $29, Amazon

Do you want to fall asleep under the stars every night? Now you can with this aurora night light and sound machine. The LED dome projects a peaceful, color-varying light display that helps promote feelings of restfulness. You can up the relaxation vibes with nature sounds like thunder, rain, summer night, and brook — and the accompanying remote adjusts the brightness, sets a timer, and switches between soundscapes. You can also connect the night light to Bluetooth to stream your favorite bedtime playlist.


4. This Massaging Brush That Helps Encourage Hair Growth

Yeamon Hair Regrowth Brush, $20, Amazon

Trying to grow out your hair or regrow hair after a season of heavy shedding? Spend a few minutes using this hair regrowth brush every day. The battery-powered brush combines vibrations and infrared waves to massage the scalp and boost blood circulation. This, in turn, delivers oxygen and valuable nutrients to hair follicles — essential for promoting healthy hair growth. Plus, who can resist the relaxation offered by a good scalp massage?


5. These Ultra-Comfy Memory Foam Slippers

RockDove Memory Foam Slippers, $20, Amazon

Slip on these memory foam slippers and shuffle through the house feeling like you're walking on a pair of cushiony marshmallows. The slippers feature an ultra-plush foot bed and the non-skid rubber soles are perfect for stepping outside to get the mail. The lining is made from breathable, waffle-knit cotton, so your feet remain cozy — not sweaty. Choose from four color combination options.


6. A Beauty Sponge Holder That Helps Keep Things Hygienic

Blenderelle Makeup Sponge Case, $13, Amazon

Beauty sponges are a must when it comes to flawless foundation application, but keeping them sanitary is a challenge. This beauty sponge case twists shut to keep your blender away from any potential germs that may be lurking in your cosmetics bag — and the tulip-shaped cut-outs allow for proper ventilation, which help to prevent the growth of moisture-loving bacteria. Use this and never worry about your blender picking up unnecessary germs again.


7. This Handheld Fan You Can Take With You Anywhere

VersionTECH Mini Handheld Fan, $14, Amazon

This miniature fan is about the size of your hand, so it's easy to take with you anywhere. The USB-rechargeable fan works on three speed settings and can be used lots of different ways: hold it in your hand, fold it back to set on a table, or clip onto a sun umbrella. Take this with you the next time you go for a hike or to an outdoor sports event in the dead heat of summer.


8. These Ingenious Dishcloths That Don't Hold On To Odor

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

Say goodbye to smelly sponges and opt for these odor-free dishcloths the next time you have a sink full of dishes. The fast-drying cloths prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and don't trap food debris like traditional sponges. Plus, they're super durable and will last three times longer than regular sponges. Choose from lemon yellow and lime green.


9. This Totally Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil

Honeydew Sensual Massage Oil, $12, Amazon

Take your massage game to the next level with the help of this massage oil. Formulated with a natural blend of almond and jojoba oils, the oil is ultra-moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue — and the addition of lavender essential oil promotes a feeling of total relaxation. The oil is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.


10. A Splatter Guard To Keep Your Stove Clean While You Cook

Frywall Splatter Guard, $22, Amazon

The Frywall splatter guard is a big improvement on traditional splatter screens. Unlike screens, the guard blocks even fine oil particles, but still allows you full access to the pan so you can stir sauces or turn meat as often as you need to. The guard also allows steam to escape, which makes for better searing and faster sauce reduction. The dishwasher-safe, BPA-free splatter guard fits 10-inch pans and is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.


11. An All-Natural Stain Remover That Really Packs A Punch

Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

If the idea of spraying chemicals on your clothes gives you the heebie-jeebies, try using this all-natural laundry stain remover instead. It's formulated with plant-based ingredients like green tea and geranium, but it's powerful enough to work out stains from grass, berries, blood, sweat, oil, tomato sauce, dirt, red wine, chocolate, and makeup. One reviewer writes: "this stuff is MAGIC!!!" The spray is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.


12. These Sheet Masks Made With Snail Slime

SKEDERM Snail Jelly Masks, $20 (10 Pack), Amazon

If you haven't heard yet, snail slime is actually great for your skin. (Weird, I know.) A mainstay ingredient in K-beauty, snail mucin is deeply hydrating and works to soothe redness, reduce acne, and keep skin looking smooth. And these snail slime sheet masks make it easy for your face to get a good dose of the little slug's skin-nourishing goodness. And don't worry — it's not just snail secretion going on your face, because the masks are also soaked in other essences like rose water and licorice root.


13. This Towel That Removes Makeup With Just Water

Nano Towel Makeup Remover Cloth, $15, Amazon

This makeup remover cloth is an easy way to take off your foundation, mascara, and lipstick after a night out on the town. Made with nanolon fibers, the cloth easily lifts away makeup, oil, and dead skin cells, leaving you with a squeaky clean face. All you have to do is soak the towel in water and swipe across your face — no cleanser or micellar water needed.


14. A Sonic Facial Brush For A Complexion That Seriously Glows

SOLO Mio Sonic Facial Brush, $38, Amazon

A sonic facial brush is one of the best tools you can use to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This brush features two speed modes: choose high-frequency to exfoliate skin and remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue, or go with low frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The silicone micro-bristles are gentle on skin, and the contoured shape of the brush makes it easy to use near your hairline or the sides of your nose. This reviewer writes: "My face has been smoother, brighter and clearer since I've been using this product".


15. An Electric Power Scrubber That's Tough On Grime

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, $20, Amazon

If you've just now realized you've never gotten to those hard to reach nooks and crannies in your kitchen and bathroom, this power scrubber is for you. It looks a lot like an extra-large electric toothbrush and features an oscillating head that rotates 60 times per second. The brush scrubs on two modes: continuous and pulsing, and it comes with three attachments: a multi-purpose brush for fixtures and tight spaces, a grout brush for cleaning between tile, and a larger multi-purpose brush to tackle sinks and stoves.


16. This Hammock That's Both Lightweight And Heavy Duty

Legit Camping Double Hammock, $30, Amazon

Made from military-grade parachute material, this double hammock is lightweight enough to carry in your backpack without slowing you down, but sturdy enough to hold up to 400 pounds. The hammock comes with tree-friendly straps and steel carabiners so it's a breeze to set up once you get to your campsite. Choose from a few different color combinations.


17. A Game That Requires You To Build A Unicorn Army... And Betray Your Friends

Unstable Unicorns Game, $20, Amazon

This game is one of Kickstarter's most backed projects of all time, so you know it has to be fun. It's a game of strategy in which you're tasked with building a unicorn army, but in order to build this unicorn army — you've got to betray your friends. And the farther ahead you get, the more you become a target of your (ahem) now-ex-friends. Reviewers say "it really is a game of destruction with some seriously scary unicorns," and that playing is "a blast".


18. This Easy Way To Dice Your Avocado

Avocado Cuber Tool, $12, Amazon

If you're always making Cobb salads, have to top everything with avocado, or just need to speedily prep some guac — this is the avocado tool for you. It has an ergonomic grip and a stainless steel grid to easily cube that delicious fruit for you, and it removes the risk of you cutting yourself with a knife as you prep away.


19. A Silk Scrunchie That Helps Prevent Hair Breakage

LilySilk Charmeuse Scrunchie, $10, Amazon

Everything old is new again — and that also pertains to this adorable throwback scrunchie as well. The scrunchie is made from raw mulberry silk, an incredibly smooth material that helps prevent hair breakage when it's pulled up in a ponytail or thrown up in a bun (as opposed to elastics which can snag and stress hair). It can be dressed up and down, and comes in colors like black, orchid, soft green, and coffee.


20. These Extendable Back Scratchers That Look Like Bear Claws

DigHealth Telescoping Back Scratchers, $8 (5 Pack), Amazon

Got an itch you need to scratch on your back? Use one of these extendable back scratchers. Measuring in at just under 8 inches, the scratchers extend to 22 inches, so you can get to that itch whether it's in the middle of your back or on your calf. The playful scratchers feature rainbow-colored handles and stainless steel bear claws that do a bang-up job of relieving that itch.


21. These Tea Tree And Calendula Acne Patches That Heal Blemishes Fast

Avarelle Acne Patches, $9 (40 Pack), Amazon

Speed up the time it takes to heal blemishes with these acne patches. Each hydrocolloid patch is infused with tea tree oil — which calms redness, fights acne-causing bacteria, and prevents scarring — and calendula, which helps soothe inflammation and promote healing. The patches are non-irritating to sensitive skin, and come in a variety of sizes so you can tackle any zit.


22. This Clever Backpack That Helps Keep Your Laptop Safe

kopack Slim Laptop Backpack, $35, Amazon

This laptop backpack is a safer way to travel across town with your laptop in tow. The multi-compartment design means you can keep books and notebooks in front — all while keeping more valuable items like your laptop and tablet closer to your body. A zippered front pocket and side pocket are perfect for pens, keys, and sunglasses, and a built-in charger lets you power up your devices on-the-go. The durable, water-resistant backpack comes in colors like pink, black, and gray.


23. A Massage Roller Filled With Therapeutic Cooling Gel

Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller, $40, Amazon

Combine the benefits of massage and cold therapy with this cold massage roller. The super smooth ball rolls easily over muscles, and is filled with a cooling gel that helps reduce inflammation and speed up muscle recovery after exercise or strain. When kept in the freezer, the roller maintains its therapeutic, cooling benefits for up to six hours — so you can take it with you to the gym for some immediate post-workout relief.


24. These Energy-Boosting Snacks That Taste A Lot Like Dessert

Frooze Balls Energy Snacks, $20 (8 Pack), Amazon

Give yourself a midday boost with these energy snacks. The snack balls are made with non-GMO ingredients, like raw dates, raisins, sunflower seeds, coconut and peanuts. Cherries and chocolate round out this recipe, making this healthy snack taste more like dessert. Cherries and chocolate not your favorite combo? Try some of the other eight flavors, like peanut butter, lemon cheesecake, and fudge. The energy balls are vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. Reviewers say they're "delightfully delicious" and "surprisingly awesome".


25. This Makeup Setting Powder That'll Make Your Skin Look Practically Airbrushed

Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder, $25, Amazon

Give your face an airbrushed finish with this setting powder. The long-wear powder is finely milled, which means it effortlessly fills in pores for a silky, smooth appearance. The oil-free formula is also flashback-safe — in other words, the powder won't make you look ashy or ghost-like in bright lighting or photos. The translucent powder is suitable for all skin tones, but you can also opt for powders specifically targeted for lighter and darker-toned complexions.


26. A Wine Aerator So You Can Really Get The Full Flavor Of That Pinot

Andre Lorent VinLuxe PRO Wine Aerator, $19, Amazon

This highly-rated wine aerator will transform an average glass of wine into an extraordinary glass of wine. To open up your wine, just insert the aerator into the neck of the bottle and pour it directly into your glass. As you pour, the aerator will facilitate exposure to oxygen, which enhances the nose and flavor profile of wine.


27. This Egg Cooker That Just Made Breakfast A Whole Lot Easier

DASH Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker, $29, Amazon

Make perfect eggs with almost no effort thanks to this egg cooker. The super versatile cooker hard-boils, soft-boils, poaches, scrambles, and makes individual omelets. The double-decker trays cook up to 12 eggs at a time, and an automatic shut-off function kicks in when they're done to ensure your breakfast is never overcooked. And it doesn't just work for eggs —use the cooker to steam dumplings, veggies, tortillas, and more.


28. A Hair Catcher With A Genius Design

TubShroom Hair Catcher, $13, Amazon

The TubShroom hair catcher is an absolutely brilliant invention if your drains are always getting clogged: The catcher fits snugly into shower drains where it traps any stray hair by wrapping it around the cylinder. The best part? The cylinder's many holes mean that water still gets a chance to flow feely through so that you're not standing in an inch of water while you shampoo. The catcher comes in neutrals like white and gray, and more vibrant colors like orange and green.


29. An Under-Bed Storage Organizer Because Who Doesn't Need More Space?

Ziz Home Storage Organizer, $11, Amazon

If your clothes closet, linen closet, and dresser drawers are packed, it might be time to invest in a good under the bed storage organizer like this one. The organizer is constructed with mold-resistant, breathable material — ensuring your items don't take on that hasn't-been-used-in-years odor. Sturdy handles make it easy to pull the organizer out, and a mesh panel lets you see what's inside the organizer without having to unpack everything.


30. This Mug Warmer So You Never Have To Sip Lukewarm Coffee Again

Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer, $21, Amazon

Want to keep your cup of coffee or Earl Grey hot until the last drop? Use this electric mug warmer. With three adjustable temperature settings, the warmer can maintain temperature, slow cooling, and even reheat beverages. The wide base is large enough to accommodate coffee mugs of all sizes, and even small bowls if you're looking to keep your split pea or chicken noodle soup warm.


31. These Facial Sprays That Tone And Hydrate Your Skin With Aloe

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Duo, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Why settle for one facial spray when you can have two? (Especially when the sprays are from skin all-star brand Mario Badescu?) Both sprays feature a base of aloe — which deeply hydrate skin and reduce redness. The rose water formulation works specifically to tone skin, refresh makeup, and soothe irritation. Meanwhile, the cucumber and green tea spray brightens up dullness and gives your skin a boost of antioxidants. Spritz these on your face for a fresh, dewy complexion all day long.


32. These Textured Dish Gloves So You Can Scrub Without A Brush

Blitzby Magic Wash Scrubbing Gloves, $14, Amazon

These scrubbing gloves are the definition of ingenuity. The palms and fingers of each glove are outfitted with silicone bristles so you can lather, wash, and scrub dishes without having to use a sponge or brush. (You can also use the gloves to clean sinks, countertops, and bathtubs.) They're also super sanitary — silicone is a bacteria-resistant material that rinses easily and doesn't retain odor — but you can still stick the gloves in the dishwasher to freshen them up from time to time.


33. This Derma Roller That Jumpstarts Your Skin's Collagen Production

Linduray Microneedling Derma Roller, $15, Amazon

It used to be that you had to go to an aesthetician to get a microneedling treatment, but now you can give yourself one at home with this derma roller. The roller is outfitted with 540 titanium micro-needles — just run them across your skin to create minuscule punctures. (I know, it sounds a little odd). These punctures actually stimulate your body's natural collagen production, which helps to smooth and firm skin. And don't worry — the whole process is surprisingly painless.


34. These Anti-Microbial Stovetop Scrubbers

Peachy Clean Antimicrobial Cooktop Scrubbers, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

These durable cooktop scrubbers are tough enough to remove any baked-on sauce, oil, or batter living on your glass stove — without damaging the surface. Even better? They're made from silicone — which is king when it comes to avoiding odor, mold, and bacterial growth. In other words, the scrubbers are way more sanitary than your standard sponges. Use these to clean up after your Sunday morning pancake routine.


35. A Slow Feed Bowl That Helps Prevent Doggie Indigestion

Outward Hound Slow Feed Dog Bowl, $11, Amazon

Just like humans, dogs get uncomfortably full when they eat too fast. This slow feed dog bowl can keep that from happening. The multiple ridges and valleys of the bowl encourage dogs to slow down their eating by up to 10 percent, which can help prevent bloating and indigestion. (Plus, eating becomes a playful challenge for our canine friends.) The BPA-free bowl is dishwasher-safe and features a non-slip base to keep it from sliding around.


36. These Makeup Setting Sprays That Lock In Makeup

NYX Makeup Setting Sprays, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

Is it possible to keep your makeup from budging all day? With a makeup setting spray from NYX, you absolutely can. Just mist a little of this lightweight spray on your face to keep your makeup from melting away throughout the day. This set comes with two spray options; reviewers say they use the matte formula to prevent shine on hot summer days, and the dewy formula to give dry skin a fresh glow in the winter


37. A Digital Thermometer That Works From 14 Inches Away

Etekcity Laser Grip Digital Thermometer, $16, Amazon

This digital thermometer lets you take the surface temperature of just about anything from 14 inches away. Simply aim the built-in laser pointer at the object and pull the trigger, and the digital display will show the temperature. Use it when you're making car repairs, checking that your home appliances are running properly, or monitoring the temperature of swimming pools, cooking surfaces, and foods (yep — you can use it to get a perfect medium-rare steak).


38. This Brilliant Scrubbing Brush So You Can Clean Your Knives Safely

Joseph Joseph Blade Brush, $8, Amazon

Protect your hands from nicks and cuts when scrubbing sharp blades with this knife cleaning brush. The unique wrap-around design keeps fingers at a safe distance, and the extra-large textured grip keeps the brush firmly in your hand. Opposing bristles on the top and bottom speed up cleaning time by scrubbing both sides of the blade at once. Use it to clean forks and spoons by hand, too.


39. These Pan Scrapers That Get Your Cookware Squeaky Clean

Lodge Pan Scrapers, $3 (2 Pack), Amazon

Effortlessly get rid of the baked-on food on your cookie sheet or skillet with one of these brilliant pan scrapers. Each corner of these scrapers is contoured differently so that it can efficiently clean pans of any shape or size, and the dishwasher-safe scrapers can be used on all kinds of cooking surfaces, including cast iron and non-stick. And they're not just for pans — use them to remove stickers and stuck-on gum too.


40. A Nail Polish Holder So You Can Give Yourself A Manicure No Matter Where You Are

tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, $8, Amazon

Slip this wearable nail polish holder over your fingers — and you can do your nails anywhere without having to rely on having a flat surface around (i.e., you can do your nails in the passenger seat of the car while your friend drives). The holder fits fingers and polish bottles of all sizes, and when you're done with one hand, just lift the holder up vertically: The rings are open on the bottom, so you can transfer the holder without having to slide it over your freshly-polished nails.


41. These Squeeze Balls That Relieve Stress And Build Hand Strength

Dimples Excel Squeeze Balls, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Use these hand exercise balls as a stress relief tool or as a way to build up hand, finger, and forearm strength. Each set comes with three textured balls with varying firmness — start with the soft orange ball, then work your way up. Great for those with high tension jobs or anyone with a hobby that requires hand dexterity and strength — like rock climbing, tennis, or piano and guitar playing.


42. These Extra Durable Magnetic Twist Ties

TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties, $20 (10 Pack), Amazon

Kick one-use twist ties to the curb and opt for these reusable magnetic twist ties instead. The stretchy ties feature (according to one reviewer) "scary strong" neodymium magnets that do a next-level job of holding things in place. (They're even powerful enough to work as curtain tie-backs.) Use the twist ties to organize cords and cables, or in place of chip clips to keep food fresh.


43. This Hair Waving Tool With An Adjustable Barrel So You Can Tailor Your Look

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go, $36, Amazon

Whether you want to create tight, loose or tousled waves — this hair waving iron has got you covered. It features a rotating barrel that you can adjust to help you achieve the look you're going for, tourmaline ceramic plate technology boosts shine and prevent frizz, and adjustable heat settings let you tailor the temperature to fit your hair type. The dual-voltage iron features a 6-foot swivel cord and an automatic shut-off function, so you never have to worry if you left it on.


44. This Konjac Facial Sponge For A Smoother Complexion

MY Konjac Sponge, $10, Amazon

Konjac is a root vegetable that grow in Asia and — perhaps surprisingly — it's great for your skin. Konjac removes makeup, deeply cleanses, gently exfoliates, and leaves your skin with a radiant glow. This konjac sponge is infused with French red clay, which is packed with skin-nourishing minerals. The sponge is hypoallergenic and suitable for those with sensitive skin.


45. This Truly Miraculous Foot And Hand Cream Duo

Miracle of Aloe Foot And Hand Repair Creams, $13, Amazon

Want to get fast relief for dry, cracked, and itchy skin? Try this highly-rated foot cream and hand cream. Formulated with a base of 60 percent pure aloe vera gel, the creams repair cracks, moisturize dry skin, and soothe irritation. They're touted as a "miracle" by many reviewers, and this one writes that it's "definitely one of the best foot creams I have tried."


46. A Skin-Smoothing And Detoxifying Dry Body Brush

Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Body Brush, $10, Amazon

Never dry brushed your body? Now's the time to get on board. Using a body brush on dry skin can help exfoliate, stimulate skin cell turnover, boost circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage — which helps detoxify the body. All of that adds up to smoother, more radiant skin. This body brush is made with smooth, polished wood, and features 100 percent natural bristles — plus, a strap to keep it firmly in your grip.


47. This Versatile And Easy-To-Use Veggie Spiralizer

Original SpiraLife Veggie Spiralizer, $10, Amazon

Replacing wheat noodles with veggie noodles is one of the easiest ways to get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. This powerful spiralizer is surprisingly compact and features two stainless steel blades: one for creating wider ribbons and the other for churning out skinnier spaghetti-style noodles. It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, but a scrubbing brush is included for deeper cleaning. Use this to make delicious pasta primavera with zucchini, squash, and sweet potato noodles.


48. This Carbonated Skin-Purifying Clay Mask That Actually Bubbles Up On Your Face

Elizabeth Mott One Bad Motha'Foamer Bubble Mask, $13, Amazon

This face mask harnesses the power of natural white kaolin clay to gently exfoliate skin and curb oil production. The addition of charcoal works to draw out impurities from deep within your pores, all while brightening your complexion. The fun part? It's carbonated, so when you apply it to your face, it bubbles up into a lightweight foam that's much more comfortable than the tight feeling you get from traditional clay masks.


49. This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Gives Off Peaceful Vibes

Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp, $14, Amazon

Not only does this Himalayan salt lamp give your room a cozy glow — it also helps purify the air by releasing negative ions. The lamp is made with hand-carved salt mined from the Himalayan mountains, and is set in an understated glass cylinder. The one-touch button makes it easy to operate: tap once to turn the lamp on, tap twice and hold to adjust the brightness. The lamp is USB-rechargeable, but can also be plugged into standard wall outlets.


50. A UV Phone Sanitizer That Removes 99.99% Of Bacteria

PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer, $100, Amazon

We take our phones with us everywhere, so they're pretty much petri dishes of germs (as much as we don't want to think about that fact). This phone sanitizer, though, uses the power of UV light to eliminate 99.99 percent of the bacteria living on the surface of your phone. The sanitizer fits phones of all sizes and includes USB and USB-C ports so you can charge while you sanitize. Use it for other germ-laden items too — like keys, watches, and pacifiers. This one is even wireless!

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