50 Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Near-Perfect Ratings

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What's the most bizarre product you've ever come across in recent years? For me, it's sheet masks soaked in snail slime. Of course, forward-thinking beauty companies are always coming out with trendy ingredients that promise to be the next best thing, but this one still caught me off guard. But it was the thousands of positive reviews touting what snail mucin can do for your skin that actually sold me on the stuff. (Plus I'm 100 percent on board with all things K-beauty.) Well, those snail slime sheet masks are just one of the 50 shocking products on Amazon with near perfect ratings on this list.

That's right — there's not a shocking product in the bunch that isn't also shockingly well-reviewed. (After all, what's the use of having something unique if it's completely useless?)

So what might you find? A bit of everything — products that help you clean your house, cook tastier meals, up your skincare game, or streamline the way you use your tech devices. And just for good measure, we've thrown in a few products that came onto the scene as the epitome of odd but have quickly become classics. (I'm looking at you, memory foam slippers.)

So go ahead and click through for some shockingly good shopping.

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