50 Ridiculously Useful Things You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

If I could go back in time and talk to my past self, I'd give her a printed copy of this list — because it definitely would've come in handy. And while you might think I have more important things to pass on, I'm not exaggerating: these Amazon products are so ridiculously useful that you'll wish you knew about all them years sooner.

But just how helpful is everything here? Not only have I made sure to feature a variety of items, but each one is so useful you'll find yourself reaching for it on a regular basis. Take the meat shredder claws as a prime example. The sharp talons dig deep into meat to help you tear it apart, and you can even use them as tongs in a pinch. Plus, I've even included a miniature waffle maker — just in case you're in the mood for a midnight snack.

Even though my past self missed out on all of these brilliantly useful gadgets, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of them in the present. So what are you waiting for? Those meat shredder claws are a great way to change up lunches, and they're available right here.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

These Silicone Funnels That Collapse To Save Space

Whereas some funnels are bulky and take up tons of space, these ones collapse to a fraction of their size. They're made from BPA-free silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and each order comes with four in varying sizes.

A Pair Of Gloves That Help You See What You're Doing

With high-quality LEDs built into the index fingers, these gloves make it easy to see precisely what you're doing. They're great for everything from DIY projects to camping — and unlike some gloves, one size is made to fit most.

This Night Light That Hangs In Your Toilet Bowl

Tired of stumbling around in the dark on a nighttime trip to the bathroom? Allow this toilet night light to help guide your way. The flexible arm is designed to hang onto any toilet, and the brightness is adjustable up to five levels. Plus, it even features 16 different LED colors to choose from — as well as a rotating carousel mode.

An Electric Wine Opener That Comes With A Chiller

Not only can this electric wine opener pop up to 30 bottles when fully charged, but each order also comes with a sleek chiller vase, as well as a foil cutter. The chiller is double-wall insulated to help keep your bottle frosty for hours — and the opener even features a textured handle to help you maintain a firm grip.

The Thermometer That's Completely Touchless

There's no need to stick this thermometer under your tongue or in an ear, as the infrared beam reads your forehead without even touching it. It also features a memory mode that can store up to 10 temperatures, and it even comes with batteries.

A Pair Of Scissors Made For Chopping Up Herbs

Whereas some scissors only have two blades, these herb shears feature five blades to help you quickly chop up everything from herbs to veggies. They're made from rustproof stainless steel — and each order even comes with a pair of cleaning brushes, as well as a protective blade sheath.

This Power Tower With 4 Convenient USB Ports

Don't go hunting around for a power brick the next time you need to charge your phone — just plug it into this tower. Not only does it boast four USB ports, but there are also nine AC outlets for all your other devices. And with an extra-long power cable, it's easy to use with distant outlets.

A Gel That Cleans Deep Into Tight Nooks & Crannies

Air vents, window blinds, camera lenses — you name it, this gel can help gently remove dirt and dust without leaving behind any scratches. It easily squishes deep into tight spaces, while one reviewer raved about how its lightweight sakura fragrance "smells like peaches."

The Desk That Turns Your Steering Wheel Into A Work Station

Pop this desk onto your steering wheel, and you'll instantly have a flat surface where you can work, eat, or even do your nails. And if you're not sure where to store it once you're done, don't worry; the lightweight design allows it to fit into the pocket on the back of your seat.

A Tile That Helps You Find Misplaced Items

Can't find your keys or phone? Loop this tile onto your lanyard. The next time it goes missing, you can use the downloadable smartphone app to have it let out a loud ring. Plus, it works in reverse — press the tile and your phone will let out a chime, even in silent mode.

The Tool That Helps You Hang Photos Evenly

Not only does this digital tape measure feature a built-in level to help make sure your photos are hanging evenly, but the laser also reads distances up to 8 feet. Each order comes with batteries included. Plus, there's even a physical ruler along the bottom — just in case you want to be extra precise.

A Magnetic Wristband That Holds Onto Drill Bits & More

It's almost too easy to lose track of your screws and drill bits, so why not stick them to this wristband during your next DIY project? There are 20 magnets on the inside that hold onto any small metal bits — and unlike some wristbands, this one also features two pockets for any non-magnetized items.

This Roll-Up Dish Rack That Doubles As A Trivet

Roll this dish rack out over your sink, and any drips will immediately fall into the basin — no cleanup required. It's made from rustproof stainless steel, which means you can even use it as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch.

A Screen Magnifier That's Perfect For Long Trips

Whether you're in the car or on a plane, this screen magnifier is a must-have for long trips. It collapses down once you're done, allowing you to easily stash it away in a carry-on bag. Plus, it's made from solid, high-quality wood — not plastic.

The Batter Dispenser That Helps Keep Counters Clean

It's easy to spill a few drips of batter onto your counters as you transfer it from bowl to pan — unless you're using this dispenser. The trigger handle opens the base so that your batter effortlessly flows through, while the measurement markings on the side help you keep track of how much you've used.

A Pair Of Carving Claws To Help You Shred Meat

I like to use these shredder claws whenever I get tired of eating the same chopped-up chicken breast every day. You can also use them as tongs when transferring food from stove to plate, as the spikes dig deep into meat — and they won't let go until you're ready.

This Rest With Space For Up To 4 Utensils

Don't let your utensils dirty up your countertops — keep them on this rest instead. It's made from heat-resistant silicone that's BPA-free, and there's enough space for up to four tools. Plus, it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth when dirty.

A Night Light Alarm Clock With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Pair your smartphone to this alarm clock via Bluetooth, and you'll be able to listen to relaxing music as you drift off to sleep. There are 48 LED lamp colors to choose from when setting the mood. Plus, they're even dimmable up to three levels.

The Jar Opener That's Suitable For Small Hands

No matter what size hands you have, they'll still fit around this jar opener. It boasts openings of different sizes to accommodate various lids, and the nonslip handle helps you maintain a firm grip — even when wet.

A Set Of Oven Rack Shields To Help Prevent Burns

Slip these heat-resistant strips onto your oven rack, and they'll help keep your arms safe from burns whenever you reach inside. They're designed to fit the entire length of your rack, though you can also trim them to fit into toaster ovens.

The Miniature Waffle Maker That Does So Much More

Even though it's technically a miniature waffle maker, this little gadget can do so much more. Use it to make paninis, hash browns, or even tiny biscuit pizzas. And since it heats up in a few minutes, you'll never be too far away from a delicious meal.

An Eyelash Comb That Fits Around The Contours Of Your Lid

Unlike some eyelash combs, this one features a contoured rim that fits around the curvature of your lids. The tines are also made from metal — not plastic — which makes it easier to separate each individual lash as you comb out any clumps.

This Tactical Pen Made From High-Quality Aluminum

Not only can you use this tactical pen to jot down a quick note, but it also features a built-in screw driver, as well as a flashlight. You can use it to bust through a windshield in the event of an emergency — and since it's made from a high-quality aluminum alloy, there's no need to worry about it snapping under pressure.

An Infusion Water Bottle That's Leakproof

Add your favorite mix of fruits to the core of this infusion bottle the next time you get tired of drinking plain water. Unlike some bottles, this one is leakproof as well as shatterproof. One reviewer even raved, "I have been drinking so much more water because I can naturally flavor it however I want."

The Subtle Hiding Spot For A Spare Key

Don't have a good place to stash a spare key? Just hide it underneath this fake rock. It looks just like the real thing, which helps keep it unnoticed by passersby. And since it's also waterproof, there's no need to worry about it deteriorating due to weather.

A Reminder That Tells You If The Dog's Been Fed

Just mount this helpful reminder to your wall using the included adhesive, and you'll easily be able to keep track of whether or not the dog's been fed. It's made from durable ABS plastic, and there are no batteries are required.

This Gadget That Cooks All Kinds Of Eggs Fast

When you're about to rush out the door with an empty stomach, you'll be glad you bought this egg cooker. Not only does it prepare eggs faster than the stovetop, but it can even cook poached, scrambled, soft, and hard-boiled eggs (as well as omelettes).

A Soft Fleece Blanket You Can Wear Like A Sweatshirt

Combine a soft fleece blanket with the coziness of a hoodie, and you get this wearable blanket. It's made from ultra-soft micro-plush, while the foot pockets help your toes stay warm on frigid days. Grab it in multiple colors, including blue, purple, gray, and more.

The Back Scratchers That Reach All Over

Got an itch on that awkward part of your back? Allow these scratchers to help. Their telescopic handles help them reach all over your body, while the stainless steel bear claw has a smooth finish that won't rust. Plus, each order comes with enough for the whole family.

A Nourishing Cream Made With Argan Oil & Gold

Unlike some creams, this one is so versatile that you're able to use it on your face and your body. The aloe vera and argan oil in the formula help hydrate dry areas, while 24-karat gold works to help reduce unwanted inflammation. Plus, it's even vegan as well as cruelty-free.

The Green Tea Mask That Helps Soothe Chapped Lips

When your pout is chapped and flaking, the green tea in this lip mask can help soothe them back to plumpness. The coconut oil and vitamin E deliver a nourishing dose of moisture, and many reviewers wrote about how "a little goes a long way."

A Cream That Can Practically Do It All

Whether you've got some flyaways in your hair or if you have a small cut on your leg, this multipurpose cream can help. Not only does it help moisturize and soothe skin from head to toe, but it's also made with only six ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis.

These Pucks That Work Like Bath Bombs For The Shower

Just throw one of these steamer pucks over your drain, and they'll release soothing eucalyptus and menthol essential oils as you shower — just like bath fizzies. Plus, they shouldn't leave behind any slippery residues as they dissolve.

A Serum That Can Help Brighten Your Complexion

Give your skin a few drops of this serum, and the vitamin C in the formula can help brighten your complexion. Hyaluronic and salicylic acid work to help unclog pores, while retinol helps soften any dry spots. "This product changed my life," raved one reviewer. "I have no more break outs, my skin is finally glowing, [and] my pores are becoming smaller."

The Patterned Hair Clips That Go With Any Outfit

With nonslip teeth that grip into thick hair, these hair clips add a cute touch to any outfit. The neutral colors mean they'll pair easily with nearly everything in your closet — and you can wear them for everything from happy hour to styling your bridesmaids.

An Exfoliating Peel That Penetrates Deep Into Skin

Whereas some peels will leave your skin feeling irritated, this one from Boscia is formulated with multi-fruit alpha hydroxy acids to help gently remove oils, toxins, and bacteria. The lightweight gel penetrates deep into skin to help brighten your complexion — and it's even 100% vegan.

This Makeup Organizer With Space For Serums, Lotions & More

Don't worry about your tall skincare bottles — the shelves on this makeup organizer are adjustable, allowing you to store bottles of nearly any shape or size. There are slots on the top where you can keep brushes, and the entire organizer spins so that it's easy to reach all your belongings.

A Tiered Basket That's Perfect For Laundry Supplies

Mount this tiered basket to a wall using the included hardware, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to stash all your ironing and laundry supplies. The steel frame is coated with a rust-resistant finish. Plus, its compact design also works great in RVs, dorm rooms, and other cramped spaces.

The Plunger That Comes With A Toilet Scrubber

You always want to keep your plunger out of sight, which is only part of why this plunger and brush combo is such a great deal. Not only does the stand hide your plunger from curious eyes, but the brush is also made with sturdy bristles that easily scrub away grime.

A Steel Basket For All Your Hot Tools

Hair dryers, flat irons, curling brushes — all of these and more can fit into this styling tool basket. It's made from tough steel with a rust-resistant finish, and the rings in the center help keep your hair dryer from tipping over.

This Body Brush That Can Help Stimulate Circulation

Made from real wood with all-natural bristles, this body brush helps stimulate blood flow as it exfoliates away flakes from all over your body. The raised nubs in the center massage your muscles, as well as keep you from pressing too hard. And with a canvas strap on the back, it's easy to use wet or dry.

A Smart Scale That Helps You Track Changes In Your Body

Sync your phone with this smart scale via Bluetooth, and you'll be able to track how your muscle mass, weight, and more change over time. It's able to measure up to 396 pounds, while the electrodes in the tempered glass platform automatically calibrate — no adjustments necessary.

These Bins That Help You Organize Your Fridge

If your fridge is a mess of bags, cans, condiments, and more, you'll be happy you grabbed these organizer bins. The handles on the front make it easy to pull them out — and each order comes with six: two wide, two narrow, one for eggs, and another that can hold up to nine cans of soda or beer.

A Drip-Style Coffee Maker That Can Brew Overnight

Using the 24-hour auto brew function on this coffee maker, you'll be able to brew a pot overnight so that you can have a fresh cup of joe right when you wake up. It also features a sneak-a-cup ability that allows you to pause the brewing process so that you can quickly pour a cup before it finishes — and the nonstick carafe plate keeps your pot warm for up to an hour afterwards.

These Stackable Boxes To Help Tidy Up Cluttered Vanities

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can store inside of these stackable boxes. Use them to tidy up a cluttered vanity, or even organize items on your bookshelves. The non-skid feet help keep them in place, while the lids prevent dust from falling inside.

A Label Maker Loaded With More Than 200 Symbols

Not only does this label maker feature more than 200 symbols and clip art to choose from, but there are also 20 different ways to format your text. The QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to type messages, while the automatic shut-off helps preserve the battery for later.

The Pad That Protects Your Desk From Stains & Scratches

Got a desk made from glass or wood? This waterproof desk pad is made from tough PU leather that can help keep it safe from scratches and stains. It's available in 10 different colors, and it's dual-sided — so you're almost getting two pads for the price of one.

A Fitness Tracker You Can Wear In The Pool

There's no need to take this fitness tracker off while you're swimming, as it's completely waterproof. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to a full week, and the bright display makes it easy to read. Plus, it can even keep track of your blood pressure, sleep patterns, and more.

This Salad Spinner That Doubles As A Serving Bowl

It only takes a few pumps for this salad spinner to dry your greens, and the non-slip base even helps it stay firmly in place. The bowl can also be used to serve everything from soups to snacks if you remove the colander. And since the handle locks flat, it's easy to stash away in a cabinet for storage.

A Pack Of Grippers To Help Keep Rugs In Place

Don't trip on a curled rug — use these grippers to make sure they're laying flat at all times. Unlike some grippers, these ones rely on ultra-tiny suction pores instead of adhesive, allowing them to stick to nearly any type of floor. One reviewer wrote that they "keep the rugs in place" and "do not leave any marks on the wood floor."