50 Products On Amazon That Will Trick People Into Thinking You're Clean & Organized

So maybe you're not one of those a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its place people. Maybe your left ankle boot is in the living room and the right ankle boot is somewhere under your bed. Maybe your keys are perpetually lost. Maybe you keep wearing your favorite sweatshirt... even though that ketchup stain has been on it for two weeks. And maybe, just maybe, there's someone you're trying to impress — a new love interest, perhaps, or maybe a nagging mother, or a frustrated roommate? Good news: these cleaning and organizational products on Amazon will 100 percent trick your crush into thinking you've actually got your life together.

Whoever you're trying to fool into thinking you're not a hot mess, just imagine picking them up in a car that's spic-and-span, thanks to your car vacuum cleaner that reaches under the seats and in between crevices.

Or imagine cooking dinner, and not having to endure that awkward moment when all the pans come crashing out of the cupboard... because now you have a rack that keeps them all in order.

Or imagine having a magical stain remover stick that gets rid of the ketchup stain in your sweatshirt... so it at least looks like it has been laundered within the last month.

And after a while, you just might find that it's not a trick after all, because with these products — you actually are clean and organized.

Lifestyle — 50 Products On Amazon That Will Trick People Into Thinking You're Clean & Organized

1. An Organizer For Your Car Trunk

Drive Auto Products Trunk Organizer, $24, Amazon

It's easy to forget about the mess in your car trunk until a friend comes to town and you have to push everything to the side to fit her suitcase in. Use this trunk organizer to free up space and keep things tidy. Made with Oxford fabric, the organizer has one big compartment, two small compartments, and three side pockets that are perfect for smaller items like water bottles and umbrellas. The organizer can also be strapped into your front side if you prefer to have everything in reach.


2. A Spot Remover That Gets Out Just About Everything

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

About this spot remover, one reviewer says, "I don’t know what witchcraft this is but it gets out nearly everything." And indeed, it does — the remover lifts oil, grease, makeup, grass, blood, cola, and red wine stains out of any fabric, leaving it looking brand new. Reviewers say it even works on set-in stains, and won't leave any gooey residue. These travel size bottles are perfect for keeping in your purse or car glove box.


3. These Cubes That Keep Your Drawers Tidy

Homyfort Drawer Organizers, $14 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you find yourself digging through piles of clothes just to get to your lucky socks — you're going to love these drawer organizers. They fit neatly into any drawer and separate your socks from underwear from your T-shirts — so you can actually find what you're looking for. This pack of six organizers comes with two large cubes, two medium cubes, and two small cubes.


4. A Slide-Out Tray For Food Storage Bags

Silicook Ziploc Bag Organizer, $30, Amazon

Maximize space in your refrigerator with this Ziploc bag organizer. The organizer hooks onto your existing refrigerator shelf and features a tray with 11 slots to secure storage bags and hold them upright. When you're ready to use the contents of one bag, just slide the tray out on the railing and unclasp. The organizer can hold up to 22 pounds and the interior tray can be used as a small storage drawer.


5. This Before-You-Go Bathroom Deodorizer

One-Drop Bathroom Deodorizer, $15 (4 Pack), Amazon

Add one or two drops of this bathroom deodorizer to your toilet bowl before you go to eliminate any potential odors (not to mention any potential self-consciousness you might feel when someone walks into the bathroom right after you get done using it). The deodorizer forms a film across the surface of the water, trapping any unpleasant smells. Each bottle can be used up to 300 times. Keep one at home and one in your desk drawer at work.


6. This Rack For All Your Frying Pans

Deco Brothers Pan Rack, $17, Amazon

You know how you always have to lift up several pans to actually get to the pan you want to use? You don't have to do that anymore, thanks to this pan rack. The rack has space to hold five pans and can stand on your counter vertically or horizontally. You can even mount it on the wall if you want to keep your counters free of clutter.


7. This Shine Stick That'll Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

Simple Shine Stick, $15, Amazon

Restore the gleam to your gemstones and precious metals with this jewelry cleaner. Twist the stick to release the solution and apply to your ring, necklace, or bracelet. (The brush applicator is perfect for reaching tight crevices.) The non-toxic solution is free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals, and is safe to use on diamonds, cubic zirconia, pearls, porous stones, soft stones, enamel, gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, and titanium.


8. A Folding Board For More Precise Laundry Folding

Ohuhu Clothes Folding Board, $13, Amazon

Mall displays of precisely folded T-shirts are a neatnik's dream come true. Now that dream can be replicated at home with this clothes folding board. The six-paneled board works as a guide so you can fold all your laundry into perfectly even, compact squares. That pile of shirts might just look too good to hide away in your dresser drawers.


9. These Packing Cubes That Give You More Space In Your Suitcase

Bagail Packing Cubes, $25 (6 Pack), Amazon

These packing cubes are sort of counterintuitive — by adding them to your suitcase, you actually create more space. When you zip the bag, it compresses the contents inside, which gives you more room for all those souvenirs you picked up on your trip. Each set comes with six cubes of varying sizes — use the bigger ones for coats and sweaters, and the smaller ones for socks and underwear.


10. These Baggy Holders That Make Transferring Food Way Less Messy

Jokari Baggy Racks, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

These baggy racks make transferring even the messiest of foods — like sauces, soups, and stews — a cinch. With sturdy clips at each end, the rack holds baggies wide open, so you can pour without spilling everything all over your counter. The racks are height-adjustable so they work for sandwich bags, quart-size bags, and freezer bags alike.


11. A Passport Wallet That Also Prevents Electronic Theft

Zoppen RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet, $12, Amazon

Use this passport wallet the next time you go abroad so that you don't, well, lose your passport (a real nightmare). The wallet also has space for credit cards, cash, and your boarding pass. Even more important — the wallet is RFID-blocking, which means it prevents would-be electronic pickpockets from stealing your credit card or identity information. Choose from 33 colors like peach blossom, champagne, and Honolulu blue.


12. These Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers

Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers, $32, Amazon

When you store flour, sugar, or rice in the bags they came in... all that flour, sugar, and rice somehow ends up... everywhere. Use these glass food storage containers instead. Each airtight container features a lipped lid, so you can stack them for more efficient storage. The set of three includes a 10, 20, and 34-ounce capacity container, and they're all dishwasher and microwave-safe.


13. These Clips To Keep Your Baseball Caps In Order

Caiman Hat Clips, $15 (10 Pack), Amazon

Prevent bent bills and crumpling with these hat clips. Each hook features a slot — slip the top button of your baseball caps into the slot to hang your hat right there in your closet. (Bonus: by clipping it from the button, your hat won't get any weird crimps.) The hooks fit onto any standard hanger, but the manufacturer recommends using velvet hangers to keep the hooks from sliding around.


14. A Linen Over-The-Door Storage Organizer

KINGREE Over-The-Door Organizer, $8, Amazon

Use this over-the-door organizer to cut down on clutter in your bedroom or office. The organizer has two large pockets and three small pockets that are perfect for storing phones, pens, keys, sunglasses, and other small objects. Made from a blend of cotton and linen, the organizer has a natural, understated aesthetic.


15. A Stand To Hold Your Laptop Upright (And Out Of The Way)

VOGEK Vertical Laptop Stand, $22, Amazon

Keep your laptop out of the way when you're not using it with this vertical laptop stand. Just fold up your laptop and place it into the opening — the sturdy base will hold your computer vertically, without risk of it tipping over. The stand comes with rubber inserts of different sizes, so laptops of any thickness will be held secure. (The rubber also keeps your computer from getting scratched up.)


16. These Purse Organizer Bags So You Don't Lose Anything Again

Metric USA Purse Organizers, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Keep these purse organizers in your purse and tote bag so that you never lose track of your keys/lipstick/mints /hair elastics again. Each bag has multiple inner pockets and side pockets so that you don't have to dig for any lost objects that might have fallen into the abyss that is the bottom of your bag. Each organizer features a flat base (so it won't tip over) and handles, so you can easily lift it out.


17. This Pen That Removes Sticky Messes

Goo Gone On-The-Go Pen, $7, Amazon

Is there anything more frustrating than stepping in gum? Or trying to peel a price sticker off of a glass picture frame? Well, you can get rid of all those sticky messes with this Goo Gone pen. It removes gum, adhesive, and sticky materials off of ceramic, metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. The pen features a fine tip, which offers superior control and lets you get into super tight spaces.


18. A Travel Jewelry Case To Keep Your Rings And Earrings Safe

Vlando Travel Jewelry Box, $11, Amazon

Oh, the panic of being on a trip and losing track of your nice earrings. Prevent that panic and take along this travel jewelry box. The box has separate velvet compartments for a watch and a bracelet, padded slots for rings and earrings, and a small elastic pocket for any extras. The box is sturdy and zips closed for extra peace of mind.


19. This Car Vacuum Cleaner With Three Attachment Heads

HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner, $32, Amazon

A lot of us practically live in our cars, so it's no wonder things get dirty fast. Put this car vacuum to work — it plugs into your car adapter and sucks up dust, dirt, crumbs, dried leaves, pet hair, and liquid spills. The vacuum comes with three attachments: a hard brush for ground-in dirt, a crevice tube for tight spaces, and a long, flexible tube so you can reach under seats. The cord extends up to 16 feet, so it's easy to vacuum your trunk, too.


20. A Planner That Actually Helps You Be More Productive

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner, $25, Amazon

Have some goals you want to accomplish and need a way to keep yourself on track? Use this productivity planner, which is based on principles that have been scientifically proven to increase productivity. The planner has entries for prioritizing tasks, making notes, and reflecting on achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. And since the planner is non-dated, you can start using it any time of the year.


21. A Magnetized Storage Shelf You Can Stick On Your Fridge

Quinnno Magnetic Refrigerator Storage, $18, Amazon

Use this magnetized storage shelf to store scissors, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, twist ties, and condiments right there on your refrigerator door. Yep, there's even a built-in paper towel holder, which majorly frees up space on your countertop. The shelf can hold up to 4.5 pounds and is guaranteed not to budge, even when you're tearing off a few paper towel sheets.


22. A Toiletry Bag You Can Hang On Your Towel Rod

Yofi Hanging Toiletry Bag, $20, Amazon

Your hotel roommate will be very grateful to you for using this hanging toiletry bag instead of spreading your cosmetics out all over the counter. The waterproof bag hooks onto towel rods or doorknobs, and has three zippered mesh pockets and three small vinyl pockets. It folds up flat, so it's easy to pack in your suitcase.


23. This Handy Bento Box For Salads On-The-Go

BentoHeaven Lunch Box, $24, Amazon

Japanese design often capitalizes on pragmatism, minimalism, and simplicity, and this bento lunch box is a perfect example of that. The two stackable 20-ounce compartments are great for taking salads or leftovers along to work, and a set of cutlery and chopsticks in the upper tray means you always have utensils at hand. A strap secures the two boxes together, and the silicone-sealed lids prevent leaks and spills. The BPA-free box is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe.


24. A Display Case For Your Collection Of Glasses

amzdeal Sunglass Display Case, $25, Amazon

Show off your vintage frames, aviators, and cat eyes with this sunglass display case. With 18 slots, you'll have space for all your glasses, plus a few left over for displaying watches and jewelry. Don't feel like showing off your collection? Lay the box flat and fold the stand over — it doubles as a cover that protects your lenses from dust buildup.


25. This Robot Vacuum That Cleans Your Floors For You

Pure Clean Automatic Vacuum, $74, Amazon

You can cross "cleaning the floor" off of your to-do list, thanks to this automatic vacuum cleaner. The battery-operated robotic vacuum roams the floor on its own, sucking up dirt, dust, and debris. Its low profile means it can clean easily under furniture, but it also has a built-in detector that helps it avoid obstacles. Set the vacuum to run for 10, 20, or 90 depending on the size (or dirtiness) of the room. The vacuum works on both carpet and hardwood floors.


26. This Key Holder That's Reminiscent Of A Swiss Army Knife

CARBOWEAR Smart Key Holder, $22, Amazon

Keep your keys from jangling in your pocket or purse and opt for this smart key holder instead. The holder allows you to stack your keys on top of each other in a compact, streamlined fashion. Whenever you're ready to use a certain key — just flip it out (much like a Swiss army knife). You can even add some extras onto the holder, like a carabiner, a bottle opener, a change purse, or a loop for remote car keys.


27. A Spice Rack With Tilt-Down Shelves

YouCopia Spice Rack, $40, Amazon

If you're like me, you spend way too long searching for that jar of cinnamon anytime you decide to make banana bread. Keep all your spices organized with this spice rack. The three-tiered rack has shelves that slide out and tilt down so you can get a good look at everything. There are even labels so you can find that coriander or cumin faster. The rack holds up to 30 full-size jars or 60 half-size jars.


28. These Pants Hangers That Give You More Closet Space

DOIOWN Pants Hangers, $19 (3 pack), Amazon

Get the most from your closet space with these pants hangers. Instead of hanging pants side by side, they hang them in tiers, so you have more room to squeeze dresses and shirts into your closet. This set comes with three stainless steel hangers, each of which can hold up to 5 pairs of pants. Don't have 15 pairs of pants? Use the hangers for scarves and towels, too.


29. A Bedside Organizer That Hangs From Your Mattress

HAKACC Bedside Organizer, $6, Amazon

If you don't have room for a bedside table, you can use this bedside organizer — which slips right under your mattress —instead. Made from sturdy Oxford cloth, the organizer has a big pocket that's perfect for books and magazines, and three small mesh pockets that are great for your water bottle, phone, lotion, and other small items.


30. This Oxygen-Circulating Fridge Freshener

Alanchi Fridge Freshener, $19, Amazon

Okay, so maybe you don't clean your refrigerator quite as often as you should, but you can fake it with this fridge freshener. The freshener circulates oxygen, eliminating any unpleasant odors, so you don't have to be embarrassed when our houseguest opens the fridge. But, wait — there's more. The freshener also kills bacteria like e. Coli, removes residual pesticides on your produce, and extends the freshness of your food.


31. These "Filing Folders" For Your T-Shirts

EZSTAX T-Shirt Folder And Organizer, $22 (20 Pack), Amazon

Searching for that one T-shirt at the bottom of your dresser drawer means rumpling up all the T-shirts on top of it. This T-shirt organizer solves that problem. It works a lot like a set of filing folders — interlocking dividers separate each shirt, so you can lift up the dividers to get to the T-shirt you want, without disturbing the shirts on top of it.


32. A Spinning Makeup Organizer So You Can Find What You Need

Jerrybox Rotating Makeup Organizer, $21, Amazon

With this makeup organizer, you never again have to spend five minutes rifling through a cosmetics bag to locate your highlighter again. The organizer rotates 360 degrees and has seven height-adjustable trays — keep taller products like face wash on the bottom, and smaller products like lipstick up top. There's even a space to hold all your makeup brushes upright so the bristles stay in shape.


33. This Tiny Vacuum That Cleans Tabletops After Dinner

iDili Tabletop Vacuum, $13, Amazon

Forget about brushing the crumbs off the table after dinner, and use this much more efficient tabletop vacuum instead. The battery-operated vacuum fits in the palm of your hand, and cleans up small messes fast. You can also use it to clean your desk appliances, or furniture. This reviewer writes, "With 3 cats who don’t understand table manners and one husband who doesn’t notice crumbs this is the best $10 I’ve ever spent," and another: "beyond perfect and gets the job done".


34. A Car Air Purifier So You Can Breathe Easy On Your Commute

PURE Car Air Purifier, $25, Amazon

What with all the pollution we breathe in while driving, it's a wonder car air purifiers aren't more common. This car air purifier plugs into your USB port and clears the air of pollution, dust, pollen, and bacteria, while neutralizing odors caused by smoke, pets, and the lingering fragrance of red curry from that one time you did Thai takeout. (Still worth it.)


35. This Simple Way To Store Small Electronics

JOTO Electronics Organizer, $18, Amazon

This electronics organizer uses sturdy elastic bands to secure items like your phone, charger, cables, and external hard drive. The flat organizer takes up almost no space, so it's easy to take in your carry-on bag, but you can also just use it at home so you never lose track of anything again.


36. A Hanger That Holds Six Shirts At A Time

Organize It All Blouse Tree, $17, Amazon

This blouse tree is another great way to maximize closet space. (And there's never enough closet space.) The chrome-plated tree has six descending hangers so you can hang your shirts vertically, giving you more horizontal space on your closet rod. Non-slip rubber grips keep your silky shirts from sliding off.


37. This Clever Way To Double Your Shoe Storage Space

Shoesanizer Shoe Organizers, $23 (8 Pack), Amazon

Now that you have closet space for all your pants and shirts, it's time to address the pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet. These shoe organizers double your floor space by allowing you to store your shoes on top of each other. The organizers are height-adjustable, so you can use them for flats, heels, and ankle boots, and the ridged surface keeps shoes from sliding off.


38. A Toothbrush-Sanitizing UV Light

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, $36, Amazon

There's a ton of bacteria floating around in your bathroom... which makes you think twice about keeping your toothbrush out there in the open. Snap this toothbrush sanitizer onto the head of your toothbrush, and the UV light will kill 99.99 percent of the bacteria on your bristles in just three minutes. The USB-rechargeable sanitizer also comes with an adhesive so you can mount it to your bathroom mirror.


39. A Hidden Drawer That Attaches To The Underside Of Your Desk

Nakimo Adhesive Desk Drawer, $12, Amazon

Need an extra desk drawer for your collection of pens? This desk drawer attaches to the underside of any table or desk with a strong adhesive, and seriously cuts down on desktop clutter. Just slide out the tray to grab a pen or paperclip whenever you need it, then slide it back in — out of sight, out of mind.


40. This Easy Way To Keep Your Cables Tangle-Free

Bukey Cable Clips, $8 (10 Pack), Amazon

A mess of tangled cables can be a real eyesore, but you can straighten them out and keep your desk tidy with these cable clips. The clips adhere to smooth surfaces and feature grooves to secure your cables. Each pack comes with ten clips of varying sizes, with grooves for one, two, three, or five cables.


41. A Salon-Worthy Styling Tool Organizer

Home Intuition Hair Styling Organizer, $16, Amazon

This hair tool organizer would make your stylist proud. Made from stainless steel, the organizer hooks onto your bathroom cabinet door, and has a compartment for brushes, curling irons, and straighteners, and a coiled holster for your hair dryer. It's heat-resistant, so you don't have to wait for your tools to cool down before putting them away.


42. This Useful (And Hilarious) Microwave Cleaner

OIF Microwave Cleaner, $13, Amazon

Use this clever microwave cleaner to clean up messes caused by exploding spaghetti sauce. Just fill the cleaner with some vinegar and water and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. The angry-looking lady will "blow off some steam" from the top of her head, which will help soften grease, food bits, and the aforementioned stuck-on spaghetti sauce — so you can wipe it off easily without scrubbing.


43. A Hair Brush That Cleans Itself

Be-In-Beauty Qwik-Clean Brush, $25, Amazon

Your hair brush has turned into a veritable bird's nest of stray hair (and all the styling product residue that comes with it). Cut down on the bird's nest vibes and use this self-cleaning brush. When you're done using it, just squeeze the side buttons to retract the brush and release any hair the bristles have picked up. Your hair will thank you for not brushing old hairspray residue onto your freshly-washed locks.


44. This Sleek Way To Keep Your Headphones Organized

iTobest Headphone Organizer, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

This leather and stainless steel headphone organizer looks like something out of a fancy boutique, but it's actually pretty easy on the wallet. You can wrap your headphone cords around the two notches in the leather square, then secure them with the strap and snap. (So much better than trying to untangle those cords later on.) It's outfitted with a metal loop so you can hang it on your keychain.


45. This Magnet For Hanging Your Knives

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar, $17, Amazon

I firmly believe that if you spent good money on a set of knives, you should show them off. You can do just that with this magnetic knife bar. With a satin stainless steel finish, the bar perfectly complements that fancy Santoku knife (and also that regular old paring knife). The bar can be mounted to the wall with hardware or strong double-sided tape or you can just stick it on your fridge. And it's not just for the kitchen — you can also use it to hang hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches.


46. This Protective Makeup Brush Holder

JackCubeDesign Makeup Brush Holder, $20, Amazon

This makeup brush holder doesn't just keep your makeup brushes organized... it also keeps them sanitary. The acrylic and bamboo case protects bristles from free-floating bacteria when they're not being used, and when you are ready to use them — you can just slide out the tray. The holder has 31 slots in varying sizes, so you'll have plenty of space for powder brushes and eyeliner brushes alike.


47. A Charging Station For All Your Devices

COSOOS Charging Station, $33, Amazon

Don't have enough outlets to charge all your electronics? You can use this charging station to charge up to six smart devices at once. The station is compatible with iPhones, Androids, tablets, Kindles, earbuds, Fitbits, power banks, speakers, and smartwatches (there's even a hook specifically for your smartwatch). The station comes with six USB/syncing cables, and built-in surge protection ensures your devices remain protected.


48. This Bamboo Utensil Organizer

Home-it Drawer Organizer, $23, Amazon

Putting your utensils in a drawer organizer is the first step to a more organized kitchen. This organizer has space for butter knives, chef's knives, salad forks, dinner forks, teaspoons, and tablespoons. Plus it's made from eco-sustainable bamboo, so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. Use it to organize your desk drawer or craft table, too.


49. These Sticky Notes With Indexing Tabs

Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

These divider sticky notes are a dream come true for final exams or big work presentations. Stick them onto the pages you want to reference and add any notes you like. Then label the tabs to find the information you need, when you need it. (You can even color code!) Each pack comes with 60 notes, so they just might last you through an entire semester.


50. This Organizer That Holds All Your Plastic Wrap

YouCopia Kitchen Wrap Organizer, $15, Amazon

If your cupboard is a jumble of aluminum foil and freezer bags, you can use this kitchen wrap organizer to tidy things up. The organizer holds up to eight boxes, and can be adjusted to accommodate larger boxes (like garbage bags) and smaller boxes (like baggies). Store the boxes so the opening faces out, and grab a bag or tear off a bit of plastic wrap anytime you need it.

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