50 Products On Amazon That Will Trick People Into Thinking You're Clean & Organized

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So maybe you're not one of those a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its place people. Maybe your left ankle boot is in the living room and the right ankle boot is somewhere under your bed. Maybe your keys are perpetually lost. Maybe you keep wearing your favorite sweatshirt... even though that ketchup stain has been on it for two weeks. And maybe, just maybe, there's someone you're trying to impress — a new love interest, perhaps, or maybe a nagging mother, or a frustrated roommate? Good news: these cleaning and organizational products on Amazon will 100 percent trick your crush into thinking you've actually got your life together.

Whoever you're trying to fool into thinking you're not a hot mess, just imagine picking them up in a car that's spic-and-span, thanks to your car vacuum cleaner that reaches under the seats and in between crevices.

Or imagine cooking dinner, and not having to endure that awkward moment when all the pans come crashing out of the cupboard... because now you have a rack that keeps them all in order.

Or imagine having a magical stain remover stick that gets rid of the ketchup stain in your sweatshirt... so it at least looks like it has been laundered within the last month.

And after a while, you just might find that it's not a trick after all, because with these products — you actually are clean and organized.

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