50 Perfect GIfts Under $25 For The Weirdos In Your Life

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Some people march to the beat of their own drum, while others like to dance to Justin Bieber — and both are totally okay. It's just that for the little unique individual that sits inside all of us, sometimes you're in the market for something less ordinary. For some, it's expressing themselves through art or music. For others, it's purchasing magnets that are shaped like cat butts. Right? Either way, no matter how that drum inside of you thumps, Amazon has the weird products with ridiculously favorable reviews.

From a strainer shaped like a flying spaghetti monster that some reviewers say makes a great hat, to a unicorn-themed sunscreen with flecks of glitter strewn throughout it, there's no shortage of weird yet wildly popular Amazon products that happen to be popular for people of all ages. Even the most gluten-sensitive person can appreciate a wrist pad shaped like a baguette, right? And yes, there are magnets shaped like cat butts here. Why would I lie about that?

Whoever you're shopping for — whether it's your mom, your best friend, or yes, even yourself — the coolest, most spectacular weirdo in your life can find something in here to enjoy. And promise, there's one in all of us.

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