These Sweat-Free Workouts Will Help You Avoid That Dreaded Second Shower Of The Day

by Georgina Berbari

I don't know about you, but I freaking despise showering. Honestly, it's annoying AF, and I only do it because it's (sadly) a requirement when you're a human being. I do, however, love working out. But when my midday sweat sesh forces me to double shower, it's game over, fam. Showering twice in one day is the literal bane of my existence, which is why I've made it my mission to find as many workouts that won't make you sweat as humanly possible. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But if I can find a way to avoid an extra trip to the tub, you better believe I'm seizing the opportunity.

Luckily, there are a few workouts out there that challenge your entire body and give you that wonderful rush of endorphins that exercise brings, but do not make you perspire waterfalls from your forehead. Side note, though: If you do try these exercises and start low-key sweating a little, don't blame me. Everyone's different, OK? All I'm saying is these bad boys are basically as low-intensity as it gets, so you'll most likely be in the clear to skip your post-workout shower.

So, the next time you already showered in the a.m. and still want to squeeze in some exercise later in the day (without having to cleanse your body yet again), here are five workouts that will leave you high and dry and as far away from your body wash as possible.

A Restorative Yoga Flow

A lot of people mistakenly believe that hot yoga is the only form of yoga that makes you profusely sweat, and that you'll be able to avoid perspiration in essentially any other yoga class you attend. However, I can personally attest to the fact that a typical vinyasa class pretty much leaves me drenched by the end — that sh*t is intense. In my experience, the only form of yoga that will keep my Lululemon leggings free of dreaded butt sweat is restorative yoga.

Again, it all depends on where your sweat threshold lies. Maybe a gentle vinyasa flow will work for you, or maybe you can power through a challenging flow without sweat droplets clouding your vision (as long as the room is at a reasonable temperature, of course).

For me, it's restorative yoga for life. Try this 15 minute chill-out flow for the ultimate mental and physical bliss.

Lifting Weights

Lifting some heavy weights, sans cardio, is a great way to strengthen your muscles and squeeze in a killer workout, without breaking too much of a sweat.

Make sure to take your sweet time in between reps — slow and steady wins the race on this one, my friend. Since you're trying to avoid any form of perspiration, this isn't about doing as many sets as your body can handle. Quality over quantity is key during your sweat-free trip to the weight room.

Really use this time to focus on correct form, and how slowly strengthening your body makes you feel as a whole.

Swimming Laps

I'll bet you didn't see this one coming, but yes, swimming is a totally intense, full-body workout that really doesn't make you sweat much at all. I mean... maybe you are secretly sweating, but you'd never know because you're submerged in a body of water. I'll admit, though, it's these types of thoughts that keep me up at night.

Anyway, make sure you invest in a quality swim cap so that you can avoid crunchy, chlorinated hair that's just screaming to be lathered in shampoo and conditioner. Other than that, hop on in the pool, and enjoy taking those sweat-free laps to your heart's content.

Going For A Stroll

More and more people are starting to realize the power of a simple stroll outdoors, and that it does, indeed, count as a kickass workout.

Moving your body in any way that makes you feel amazing is more than enough when it comes to exercise, and a simple walk through the park on your lunch break is so ideal when you're not trying to smell like B.O. for the rest of the day.

If it's chilly out, pull up your favorite Netflix show and walk on an incline on the treadmill. You won't even feel like you're exercising, and the time will fly by, girlfriend.

A Barre Class

Barre can be so freaking deceptive, because it looks so simple from afar, but then the micromovements in the workout end up leaving your entire body sore for like 17 days after you hit up a class.

There is an upside though: I find that the movements are pretty much sweat-free overall. OK, yes, there are a bunch of upsides to barre that don't involve extra laundry, like the fact that it seriously strengthens your core and is great for your posture. But honestly, avoiding an extra shower or delaying a trip to the laundromat will always be the key to my heart.