Women Reveal Why They Wore Wedding Suits & Now I Want To Wear One

There’s no question that tradition plays a big role in modern weddings — from the dress, to the cake, to something borrowed and something blue. It can be really helpful to have some idea of what's expected when you’re taking on the potentially massive project of planning a wedding. But here's the thing: If those traditions don't speak to you, that's OK too. They're guidelines, not laws. So, if you want to do something different, fantastic! Including (gasp!) not wearing a dress! But is ditching it right for you? Understanding why women who wore wedding suits instead of a dress made that choice may be really helpful in deciding if a suit or jumpsuit is your chic wedding day destiny.

To help get this unique perspective, I reached out to women who wore suits on their wedding day on Reddit and through social media to ask them what made them decide to take this more non-traditional route. Their answers make so much sense, and may even have me rethinking my own vintage tea-length dress plans. That’s in part because it just highlights how dresses just aren't for every woman, and so, no one should feel the pressure to conform on their wedding day. We often think of weddings as a monolith, but these stories highlight how they are just as unique and individual as the people being wed.

Wedding Dresses Just Were Not The Right Fit For These Brides
kaleycuoco on Instagram
My sister and her wife both wore button ups with a vest and semi casual pants because it fit their style! She hasn’t worn a dress since probably 1999 so I’m guessing it wasn’t ever an option for her. But if you feel a suit is right for you that’s all you need!


I haven't worn a dress since prom. Well, no, there was my sister's wedding. Honestly, I look like a prison drag queen when I try to go femme.

Sarah, 42

This Bridal Ensemble Better Suit The Occassion
Jennifer Brister/Stocksy
My husband and I had a courthouse wedding, before our actual big wedding in a few months. I chose to wear a nice ladies dress suit at the courthouse and saving my dress for my wedding day. I was happy with my decision until I got to the courthouse. I wished right then that I had worn a simple white dress for this.


They Were In A Hurry To Get Hitched
My mum got married in a dark purple velvet suit and white knee boots 41 years ago. She and my dad had only been together for a short amount of time and my dad was relocating to Scotland for work. The only way Mum was allowed to go with him was if they were married. Quick registry office marriage and off they went — and are still married today! This choice was predominantly linked to the speedy nature of the wedding and budget!

Sarah, 33

The Bride Wanted To Be Comfortable And Just Enjoy The Day
Not me, but my mom wore a white suit for her wedding. She's never liked dresses, and it was her second wedding, so she felt more confident bucking tradition and wearing what she was comfortable in.


Suddenly rethinking that full-length ball gown? I don't blame you. There are so many reasons to kill the dress and opt for something a little more offbeat. It's just a matter of finding what feels right, and if that just so happens to be a suit or jumpsuit, so be it. At least now you know you’ll be in excellent company.