5 Women On The One Thing That's Always In Their Bag


Like many great romances, the relationship between a woman and her bag is practically written in the stars. A good bag is loyal, never leaving her side. It's dependable, holding her belongings in its strong and secure grasp. It's her best accessory — the thing she secretly loves parading in front of her friends to make them jealous.

But the *most* important part of any bag isn't the bag itself — it's what lies inside. We all have those signature necessities — you know the ones: the things we insist on lugging around day after day because we *literally* cannot live without them (no matter how ridiculous they may seem to others).

One of the most crucial — yet unsung — parts of a woman's day is the moment when she's getting ready to leave her house, packing up all her essentials before she goes on her way. One wrong move, and she'll find herself out in the world without the one thing that keeps her going.

And whether you're someone who prefers to carry the equivalent of a full professional makeup counter in your tote (guilty as charged) or you wouldn't dream of leaving home with less than three snacks, one thing stands true: You can learn a lot about a woman by the things she keeps in her bag.

We teamed up with the makers of 5-hour™ TEA shots to ask 5 women the question that we're all secretly dying to know: What's in your bag?

1. The skin saver

"SUNSCREEN! Confession: I am straight-up enemies with the sun. So during the warmer months, when my post-work plans involve dinner on a patio or long, romantic walk to the frozen yogurt shop, I never leave home without a healthy dose of SPF in my bag!" -Allison

2. The 'old lady' essentials

"When it comes to the random but helpful things I keep stuffed in my bag, I call them my — no offense intended! — old lady essentials. Hear me out: They're the kinds of things my older aunts always had, and now I'm proud to say that I have them too. A handful of tissues I probably stole from a restaurant where I had lunch, candy — I NEED something sweet on hand (duh — no explanation needed), a pen because I never know when I'll need to jot something down, and lotion because I despise dry hands. I think it's safe to say that my aunts would be proud." -Audrey

3. The energizing pick-me-up

"Between early mornings at the office, my spin class obsession, and late nights on the town, I get pretty tired...pretty often. Unfortunate fact: I'm known in my friend group as 'the serial yawner.' I know, it's bad. So I've started keeping some 5-hour™ TEA shots near my front door so I remember to throw one in my bag before I leave the house in the morning. They are my BFFs on those weekdays that feel like they'll NEVER end." -Becca

4. The emergency phone charger

"My portable phone charger. When I'm running between grad school class and my nannying job, it's not uncommon for my ancient phone to lose juice at an alarming rate, so I make sure to keep a portable charger in my bag for when I'm in desperate need of a quick power up. That way, I'm not scrambling to find an outlet or frozen in my tracks because I'm lost and have no way to look up directions to a date (definitely not speaking from experience here...)." -Erin

5. The much-needed sustenance

"Listen, I generally consider myself a nice person. That is, except when I'm hungry — hanger is real, people! That's why I never leave home without a couple high-protein snacks in my bag that'll tide me over when my stomach starts growling (and save everyone in my path from my wrath)." -Elizabeth

This post is sponsored by the makers of 5-hour™ TEA.