5 Sexy Games To Play With Your Significant Other For A Steamy Date Night In

by Jamie Kravitz

Whether it's raining, cold, or you're still kind of hungover from the day before, sometimes staying home with your partner beats going out. There's no shame in a quiet night in, but if Netflix and chill has become synonymous with The Office reruns and intermittent napping, it might be time for you to shake up your Friday night routine. But how? Most party games don't work with just two people, and Monopoly is not exactly sexy. That's why these five sex games for competitive couples are so refreshing. They're playful alternatives to traditional games — as well as to plain old, boring sex. So get ready to embrace your competitive side (and get your flirt on), because sometimes no work and all play is actually OK.

If you're feeling really adventurous, you can also make some of these activities work with additional players. Depending on how open-minded you and your friends are, you could invite another couple or two to join you and your partner. Maybe you want to walk on the wild side, or perhaps you would prefer to keep it passionate and personal. Either way, with these five options, you're in for a game night that's certain to be far from average.

1. Jenga Truth Or Dare

Turn the heat up on this old-school game by incorporating a PG-13 (or R, it's up to you) twist. Purchase a regular set of Jenga blocks, or splurge on Jenga Giant if you think size matters. Then, use a marker to write either an intimate question or a naughty dare on each piece. Play the game together as you normally would — except every time one of you pulls a piece out, you also have to answer the question or complete the dare. By the time the tower topples over, you'll definitely be ready to tear each other's clothes off.

2. Dirty Dice

This is more cooperative than competitive, but bedroom dice are a classic bachelorette gift for a reason. They're timeless, fun, and easy to use. You can roll just one at a time, or choose a combination of dice for essentially endless possibilities. If you're looking to bring more variety into the bedroom, dirty dice are a great place to start. You and your partner might discover a new favorite position, or end up incorporating a prop in a way you wouldn't have thought to try on your own.

3. Battle Strip

Remember the game Battleship? If so, then I'm sure you know where this is going. But if you need me to spell it out, here goes. The ultimate goal of Battleship is for each player to try to sink the other's ships. In Battle Strip, the stakes are higher. Each time you successfully sink one of your opponent's ships, they have to take off one article of clothing. So simple, yet surprisingly effective.

4. Never Have I Ever

Play a steamy game of Never Have I Ever and get to know your partner even better by discovering their deepest fantasies and wildest stories. Take turns admitting sexual acts you've never engaged in, and find out if your significant other has. If you need inspiration, you can purchase a book of questions to help kick off the fun. Start by holding up however many fingers you'd like. If you've had the experience in question, put one finger down. Whoever loses — meaning they've put down all their fingers — is at the mercy of the winner, who gets to choose what you do in bed that night.

5. Naked Twister

Twister is already a pretty sexy game. It's all about getting tangled up with another person, so why not take the basic idea and amp it up even more? Strip down so you're both naked, and play the game as usual. The caveat is that you are allowed to try to make your opponent fall. Use your hands, feet, or lips to tickle, poke, touch, and kiss your partner however you desire — but try not to lose your balance yourself. Before you begin, decide together what the punishment will be for whoever falls first, and/or what the reward will be for the winner.

Life may not be all fun and games, but with these five ideas, your sex life can be.