5 Sex Positions You Can Easily Do While Laying On Your Side

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Is it just me, or does it seem like whenever you read a list of new sex positions to try, they seem more like increasingly difficult death-defying stunts than things you could actually, ya know, do? They're more like novelties than positions you'd actually want to put into regular bedroom rotation. I mean, don't get me wrong; it's always fun to switch things up. But most of the time, you just want some good old comfort food — in sex form. To me, that means sex positions on your side that will allow you to just kick back, relax, and be totally in the sexy-time moment.

Just to be clear, I am very impressed with anyone who can pull off the accordion position before breakfast. But personally, I don't want to be doing physics in my head when I'm just trying to connect with my partner — not to mention get off. The last thing when need when you're trying to get from point A to point B (point O?) is to be distracted by trying to maintain the position. Save the worrying about perfect form for the gym, folks! Let's stop fighting gravity. Here are five comfy side positions that still keep it spicy.

1. The Spoon Position

This move is a classic and especially great for some morning nookie. It’s also ideal for just about every type of couple there is, because it’s so adaptable. It’s perfect for vaginal and anal penetration, as well as easy access for reach-around stimulation. To assume the position, simply lay on your front with the receiving partner in front and the penetrating partner struggled up close behind. Bonus points for being able to just stay there in the same position during the post-coital bliss.

2. The Curled Angel Position

The Curled Angel position is an adaptation of the classic spoon, but it's specifically for anal sex. Maybe it should be called the fallen angel? Just sayin’. Anyway, to get into the Curled Angel, the receiving partner lays on their side but with their knees drawn up towards their chest to offer easy access to their partner, who wraps around behind and inside them.

3. The Pretzel Dip Position

The only thing better than a nice, warm soft pretzel may be the Pretzel Dip position. To get into this groove, lay on your side with one leg propped open with the knee pointed toward the ceiling. Your partner can then slide down between your legs with their bottom thighs wrapped around your bottom thigh. It will form a sideways scissor. From there, penetrate and get your grind on.

4. The Reverse Spoon Position

For the Reverse Spoon position, just imagine it as if someone cow-tipped a reverse cowgirl. Each of you will lay on your sides facing each other, but with with your heads on opposite ends of the bed. With your knees bent toward your chest have your partner slide between your legs and put their feet behind your head. This position not only gives your partner a great view of your booty, but if you just so happen to dig feet (no judgment!), then this position offers ample access to those sweet tootsies.

5. The Peepshow Position

Sideways oral? Yep, there’s a position for that, too. It’s called the Peepshow. Have the receiving partner lay on their side with one leg propped open, with the knee pointed toward the ceiling. The giving partner then has easy access to slide down and rest their head on their partners inner thigh and go to work.

See, it doesn’t have to be crazy and acrobatic to be hot and oh-so satisfying after all.

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