5 People Reveal How They Found Out Their Partner Cheated & The Stories Are Brutal

by Candice Jalili

Nobody enters a relationship hoping that one day they'd find out their partner was cheating on them. That being said, it happens all the time. But there's one silver lining that comes along with the frequency of cheating: If you've been cheated on, you're not alone. In a recent Reddit thread, real people who were cheated on reveal how they found out, and their responses are heart-wrenching. If you were recently cheated on, read along and remember that there are other people out there who know exactly what you're going through.

He got a call from her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend called me on speaker after a night on the town with my friends. I told him we'd been dating for a year now, and I didn't know he existed. Asked him if he was the friend that visited her a couple months ago and "stayed on the couch" he said "yes but I wasn't on the couch." I let him know that for me that settles it, that I was done with her, and never wanted to see her again. He didn't either. As far as I know we both broke up with her at the same time.
Seemed like a great guy though, kinda wanted to grab a beer with him.
EDIT: She was sitting next to him, crying her eyes out. Which is why it was on speaker, forgot that part.


She told him... then got mad at him for breaking up with her.
She told me so.
She went to a birthday party and fucked the birthday boy. When I then broke up with her she went into full rage mode screaming "how dare you?!" and "I'm gonna find a guy and make him fall in love with me just so I can break up with him and hurt him the way you did with me".
I never knew what that meant... but I'm glad we broke up.


He overheard her chatting with her lover when she forgot to hang up the phone.
She forgot to end the call, you know, press the red button. I heard them talking about who was going to shower first.


He stumbled upon some X-rated texts from her ex.
I woke up in the middle of the night when she was in the bathroom. Used her phone as a light. Saw texts from her ex about how good it felt to cum inside her the day before.


His cat tipped him off.
I actually learned due to my cat.
So my GF didn't work while I did, so she was often staying at my place alone while I was working throughout the week. One day my cat pissed on a pile of clothes she had left laying in the room over the week and came to b*tch me out about it, and I apologized and offered to just take them to the laundromat to get them cleaned. In the pile of clothes was a pair of male boxers (not mine) and some socks that were neither mine nor hers. I took her cat pissed stained clothes along with that dude's underwear and told her to get out of my apartment.


Guys, I found another silver lining! These stories are, of course, devastating but I do love the fact that they all prove that the universe has a way of revealing the truth to you. No need to go snooping for your bae's phone or asking them a million questions about that time they stared for a little too long at the waitress. Eventually, the truth will find its way over to you.

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