Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford "Treat Yo Self" Costumes

5 ‘Parks & Rec’ Halloween Costumes To Trick-Or-Treat Yo Self In This Year

Parks and Recreation / YouTube

Halloween is around the corner, fam. Do you have your costume ready? If not, why not pay tribute to one of the best shows ever to air on television: Parks and Recreation. The classic comedy was filled with so many goofy characters that, there are definitely enough for your entire friend group to get in on these fun Parks and Rec Halloween costumes. If you're worried about trying to pull it off, don't even sweat. These options are easy to find online or even DIY. Plus, any one of these numbers will make an excellent Halloween party conversation starter.

1. Li'l Sebastian

There was nothing more prized in Pawnee, Indiana, than their beloved, celebrity mini-horse (not to be confused for a pony). Li'l Sebastian was basically the town mascot. He also received an honorary degree from Notre Dame, so you know he was in a league all his own.

If you're a true Parks and Recreation fan, you'll be able to recall how much joy the little wonder brought to anyone he visited. The Pawnee Parks and Recreation staff literally lost their cool when he visited the office. Unfortunately, the sweet animal passed away in season three, but what better way to honor the amazing character than by dressing up as him. Plus, I have a feeling this costume will be sure to make you the center of attention.

NBC / YouTube

First, you'll need a horse costume. This is a comfortable onesie, actually. You're welcome.

Li'l Sebastian also wore a purple ribbon, so you'll need to make one from scratch. I suggest using construction paper to make a similar ribbon to wear around your neck.

2. Leslie Knope

Pawnee would've been be nothing without its faithful Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler.

Parks & Recreation / YouTube

Transform yourself into Leslie with a loose-fitting pantsuit. FYI, you can wear this suit after Halloween, too!

Leslie was also marked by her signature shoulder-length, blonde curly hair, so you'll need a wig.

She eventually became a member of city council, so you can totally top off the look with a "Knope 2012" pin.

3. "Treat Yo Self" Donna Meagle & Tom Haverford

LinksCreative Media / YouTube

If you have a friend or significant other down to do a partner costume, Donna and Tom are the way to go. You'll need to stick with each other for the entire night, so you need to pick someone you like. Lol. To really make this costume stick, don't forget to say "Treat yo' self'" in unison to everyone you two come into contact with.

Donna Meagle

Donna almost always wore her hair in a black bob, so you'll need a wig. This one is only $14 on Amazon.

Simply, pair it with a nice red tunic shirt and voila!

Tom Haverford

When it comes to Tom Haverford, you'll need a silver sequins jacket.

Pair that with a black dress shirt.

4. April Ludgate as Janet Snakehole

This costume is twice the fun since it's April Ludgate's alter-ego Janet Snakehole. She made an appearance in season 3 episode 13 "The Fight" when April and her husband Andy Dwyer decided to role play at the Snakehole Lounge. When asked about her identity, she hilariously replied, "I'm a very rich widow with a terrible secret."

Love: The Home Of Romance / YouTube

To pull off this look you'll need a black dress.

Pair it with a faux pearl necklace because this is supposed to be affordable.

You'll also need a pillbox hat with a veil.

The look wouldn't be complete without a vintage 1920s-style cigarette holder.

5. Andy Dwyer as FBI Agent Burt Macklin

Love: The Home Of Romance / YouTube

Burt Macklin is Andy's alter-ego who appeared in the series anytime a situation needed to be handled, including spicing up his marriage to Ludgate. FYI, Burt and Janet would make another great partner costume.

Anyway, to become Burt you'll need an FBI costume jacket. If you purchase your jacket from Etsy, you can also customize it.

Burt is also marked by his signature aviator shades.

Jerr / YouTube

Grab a replica of his sunnies for $13 from Amazon.

Finish the look off with a red-and-yellow striped tie.

See, it's pretty easy to become one of the funniest characters to exist on TV. Trust me when I say your Parks And Recreation costume is bound to get folks talking (or laughing). Prepare to be the center of attention, especially if you dress up as Li'l Sebastian. Happy Halloween!