Last Christmas

5 Holiday Movies On HBO Max To Watch For Ultimate Cheer

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HBO Max will kick off Christmas with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 at noon ET. The forthcoming high-profile release (and the app's recent addition to Roku and Amazon Fire devices) have viewers scrambling to download and sign up. But once HBO Max is up and running, is there anything else holiday-related for fans to check out? Short answer: Yep! Not only are there tons of Christmas TV episodes for viewers to dive into, but also, the holiday movies on HBO Max are gathered under their own subgenre for easy searching.

Most people mistake HBO Max for only having the TV shows and movies that air on HBO. It's an easy mistake to make due to the streamer's name. (It doesn't help that the previous ways to stream HBO were called similar things, like HBO Go and HBO Now.) But the Max is doing the heavy lifting; it refers to all of the Warner Media holdings, including the Warner Bros. Pictures library and all of Turner Classic Movies.

That means the film library available on HBO Max is extensive. Super old-school classics like A Christmas Carol, Holiday Affair, and Meet Me In St. Louis (which is a Christmas musical the way Die Hard is a Christmas action film) are all front and center.

But for those looking for something a little more recent — and dare I say ~spicy~ — here are five titles to watch (or rewatch) this holiday season:

'Last Christmas'

HBO's Dragon Queen, Emilia Clarke, shows off her comedy chops in this rom-com that co-stars Henry Golding and Emma Thompson. The title's no accident; the whole soundtrack is based on the late George Michael's music for extra earworminess.

'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas'

After the year 2020, what everyone needs most is a laugh. That's where Harold and Kumar come in, with their unique brand of stoner comedy. John Cho and Kal Penn reprise their beloved characters searching for a brand new Christmas tree after Kumar accidentally torches the one they have.

'Black Christmas'

Black Christmas is here to add the slasher flick aspect for those who think the holidays are a horror show. The 2019 film is both a sequel to the 2006 reboot and a loose remake of the original 1974 version. Produced by Get Out's Jason Blum, it stars 28 Day Later's Imogen Poots and Charmed's Aleyse Shannon, as two characters trying to survive the holidays.

'Get Santa'

For those who need a gut-buster comedy for Christmas, there's Get Santa. The 2014 British Christmas comedy stars Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter), Warwick Davis (Star Wars), and Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who), among others, who are working hard to break Santa out of the prison after he's arrested in a sleigh crash.

'Die Hard'

After decades of debate, it is now settled law that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. HBO Max has it nestled right in its section of holiday content, for those who need to see why the debate has raged for so long. (Or those who need to find something safe for debating with the relatives over Zoom.)