If You Love Disney Movies, Here’s Where You Should Take Your Next Vacation

Since childhood, I've wistfully imagined living a perfect life in a Disney movie. I would have been thrilled to actually find seven friendly dwarves, or to immerse myself with 101 dalmatian puppies (that's still the dream though). But if you've already visited Disney World and you're seriously looking into living in one of your fave magical movies, just wish upon a star, and bippity-boppity-boop yourself away to any of these Disney-inspired vacation spots. Each of them will — quite literally — make each and every one of your vacay wishes come true.

From Norway to Australia, each and every one of these magical getaways will provide for an extra-special vacation, and they'll seriously make you feel like any and all of your fave Disney characters. Whether you're looking to rule like Elsa and Anna, or if you're hoping to roam the Serengeti alongside Timon and Pumba, there are so many place where you can live your Disney-related fantasies, and see some of the coolest sights on the planet. Just make sure to pack your magic wands, and not to lose your shoe at the royal ball along the way, because that'll take some serious time away from your extraordinary experience.

1. Find Nemo and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.

Our fave little clownfish lives in an "Anemonny, anemoneni... Anemonemeony..." on the Great Barrier Reef, just before he gets whisked away to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. The Great Barrier Reef is said to be absolutely gorgeous, and booking a snorkeling trip there will literally make you feel like Nemo and the gang. Find some coral and a few friendly turtles, and just remember, that "fish are friends, not food."

2. Visit a Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.

Unless you were too busy bawling your eyes out, many of us learned from Coco that El Dio de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a simultaneously joyous and somber holiday. Falling right around Halloween, families celebrate and mourn their deceased loved ones for days at a time. While many visit grave sites and participate in intimate family gatherings, cities like Aguascalientes have an incredible festival that spans up to a week long. Just remember to still be respectful, because it is a day to remember those who've passed.

3. Embark on a safari through the Serengeti.

If your life goal is to meet Timon, Pumba, and Mufasa (still crying, TBH), blast some Toto, and take an unforgettable safari tour of the Serengeti. You'll be blown away by how much wildlife you've only ever seen behind bars at the zoo, from elephants to giraffes. And don't worry about getting lost, because tour guides know a wild amount about the national parks down there... if anything, though, "follow Rafiki, he knows the way!"

4. Take a surfing lesson along the coast of Kauai.

Aside from listening to Elvis and misbehaving in hula class, Lilo and Stitch live in a quiet town inspired by Hanapepe on the Hawaiian Island, Kauai. Make a trip to Kauai and see some adorable tributes to the movie, and definitely make sure to channel your inner-surfer dude and take a surfing lesson (hopefully with Nani's cute boo, David). Just make sure not to run into any strange looking aliens dressed as tourists, because they're bad news.

5. Tour the Great Wall of China and kick butt like Mulan.

Luckily you won't have to go to war or fight off any wild Hun, but visiting the Great Wall is a life changing experience. One of the Seven Great Wonders of the World, the Great Wall has a massive amount of history. If you run into any talking lizards (er... dragons) that sound like Eddie Murphy, make sure to take their advice; I hear they can be pretty helpful.

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