5 Cool Jobs That Will Kick Start Your Career (And Pay You To Travel!)

by America's Navy
America's Navy

You’ve got big dreams and you’re ready to start accomplishing your goals. You need a job that lets you gain super valuable skills, pays you to travel, and kicks your career into high gear. You may not have considered the US Navy as the place to begin your career, but it offers some exciting, creative opportunities with plenty of room for advancement that you may not have even known were possible.

Whatever your passions are — science, technology, or even the performing arts! — the Navy can give you the potential to fulfill your dreams while also giving you practical benefits. If you want to travel the globe, earn a promotion, get your own health insurance and pay off your college debt — all before you turn 25 — check out these five jobs in the Navy that can help you do just that.

Culinary Specialist

Whether you just like to surprise your friends with a special meal or want to run your own restaurant one day, the training you'll get as a Navy Culinary Specialist can help. As a Navy chef, you may find yourself preparing a gourmet feast for the nation’s leaders or gathering your crew on the ship’s flight deck for a barbecue. The work is challenging but engaging, and you’ll be much appreciated (because everybody's got to eat, right?). You’ll take your brunch skills to the next level and gain valuable credentialing and occupational opportunities in related fields, including Certified Food Executive (CFE). Chew on that.

Aerographer's Mate

Rather talk about the weather? Navy Aerographer’s Mates are some of the most advanced and critical weather experts in the world. While you can't control the weather – though the Navy is probably working on that – you can use science and math to calculate weather patterns and forecast weather events. Aerographer’s Mates are responsible for plotting the weather tracks that keep Navy forces from sailing into harm's way. You’ll work with meteorologists and oceanographers to track hurricanes, monitor dangerous sea conditions, and figure out how atmospherics can provide tactical advantages in warfighting.


Believe it or not, those clarinet lessons could help you serve your country. Navy Musicians travel the world to perform at ceremonies for foreign dignitaries, special events for deployed Sailors, inaugurations, Navy celebrations, and international parades. You can be anything from a vocalist to a violinist, making guest appearances on live TV or opening up a major league game. Whether it's in your hometown or another country, Navy Musicians are there to make an emotional connection with other Sailors as well as the public.

Aviation Electronics Technician

We’re going from one extreme (show tunes) to another (warfare), but that’s what’s cool! The Navy has an opportunity for just about any skillset. Navy ATs set up, test and maintain all the super-secret weapons and radar systems on Navy aircraft. You may even get the opportunity to fly as part of a Navy aircrew, performing in-flight duties and getting to operate the most advanced aviation gadgetry in the world. Plus, the skills and experience you’ll get as an AT will be in demand long after you’re out of the service. You could even earn a five-figure bonus when you enlist.


Interested in a career in law enforcement, but not sure where to begin? Navy Masters-at-Arms are responsible for security aboard Navy ships and land-based installations. You’ll be trained and equipped with the latest law enforcement tools and technology to provide critical services to every part of the Navy, from counterterrorism, harbor security, and criminal investigations to military K-9 care and handling. You’ll also gain access to professional credentials and certifications for a career in law enforcement after your military service is over.

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