49 Gifts So Loved That Amazon Reviewers Wished They'd Gotten Them Sooner

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We all have a lackluster gift (or two) hanging out in the basement or the back of our closet. While we don't want to ditch them, we pretty much know we're never going to wear that itchy sweater or use that overpowering body lotion. So how can you break the cycle of unwanted gift clutter? The key is to be the kind of person who gives Amazon gifts so loved, they'll never be stuffed away in storage.

Why get your gifts on Amazon? Here's the thing: Amazon is a catch-all for both genius gift ideas and genuine product reviews. It's kind of like an online library of brilliant things you never knew existed — and a bunch of people let you know right away if it's actually worth the purchase.

When you're buying for someone else, the reviews are really what guarantee a good present: Buyers will straight-up tell you when something doesn't look or work like it should — and they're just as likely to let you know when something is so brilliant, they wish they'd known about it sooner.

My advice: Trust the reviews, and you'll find a truly innovative, thoughtful gift that'll never see the inside of a storage room.

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