49 Gifts So Loved That Amazon Reviewers Wished They'd Gotten Them Sooner

We all have a lackluster gift (or two) hanging out in the basement or the back of our closet. While we don't want to ditch them, we pretty much know we're never going to wear that itchy sweater or use that overpowering body lotion. So how can you break the cycle of unwanted gift clutter? The key is to be the kind of person who gives Amazon gifts so loved, they'll never be stuffed away in storage.

Why get your gifts on Amazon? Here's the thing: Amazon is a catch-all for both genius gift ideas and genuine product reviews. It's kind of like an online library of brilliant things you never knew existed — and a bunch of people let you know right away if it's actually worth the purchase.

When you're buying for someone else, the reviews are really what guarantee a good present: Buyers will straight-up tell you when something doesn't look or work like it should — and they're just as likely to let you know when something is so brilliant, they wish they'd known about it sooner.

My advice: Trust the reviews, and you'll find a truly innovative, thoughtful gift that'll never see the inside of a storage room.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Lifestyle — 49 Gifts So Loved That Amazon Reviewers Wished They'd Gotten Them Sooner

01. These Sweatpants That Feel Like A Dream

These loose-fitting sweatpants are so soft, you'll basically want to live in them. On the outside, they look like regular lounging pants, but the inside is a whole different story; they're lined with luxe sherpa fleece from the drawstring waistband to the ankle closures. It's basically like wearing a blanket around the house.

02. This Compact Light Therapy Lamp That Boosts Your Mood

To beat the winter blues, this bright light therapy lamp is an absolute must, according to reviewers. It features full spectrum, UV-free lighting that can potentially help you focus for longer, improve sleep and chronic fatigue, and even give you a mood boost. Plus, it features three adjustable brightness settings.

03. This Brownie Pan For People Who Love The Corners

Now you can prevent family feuds with this genius brownie pan. It holds a standard-size box of brownie mix, but instead of spreading it out in a rectangle, it actually creates a snake-like shape so that each brownie you cut has two crispy sides — no more fighting over who gets the corners. And it also has a nonstick coating, so each brownie literally slides out of the pan and onto your plate.

04. This Sling That Gives Your Feet A Break

For the traveler in your life, this foot sling can make a long flight way more comfortable. Here's how it works: Just slip the band over your tray table, place your feet in the sling, and relax. That's it! The extra lift helps increase blood circulation and prevents you from getting that painful pins-and-needles feeling after you've been sitting for a while.

05. This Foam Cushion That Aims To Relieve Back Pain

Anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk would love to get this orthopedic foam cushion. It's made from high-density memory foam that conforms to you as you sit. But the best part is the small, narrow hole at the back, which allows your tailbone to stretch instead of being compressed. With minimal pressure on your spine, this extra-large cushion helps to relieve aches and pains while you work.

06. This Humidifier That Doubles As A Diffuser

Help your loved ones stave off dry skin and painful sinuses with this cool-mist humidifier. It features multiple settings so you can control the level of water vapor it releases into the air, and it's also completely safe for use with essential oils. Just put a few drops of your favorite oil in the holding tank for a luxe, relaxing experience. And when you're ready to sleep, tap the moon button to turn off all the lights on the diffuser.

07. This Cooler That Fits In Your Golf Bag

This golf bag cooler is so brilliant, your favorite golfer will wish they'd thought of it themselves. It's super slim, making it the perfect size to slip into the front pocket of a standard gold bag. And even though it looks small, it can hold up to 12 cans or two wine bottles. On top of that, it's insulated with foam padding and heat-sealed seams so your drinks stay cold all day on the course.

08. This Wildly Popular Set That Has Every Makeup Brush You Could Dream Of

This makeup brush set literally has you covered. Use the larger brushes to apply foundation and concealers, then reach for one of the smaller brushes for shadows, liners, lip gloss, and anything else you can think of. Each brush is made from soft, synthetic fibers that apply and blend evenly — plus, they’re easy to clean with a little soap and water. And with the gorgeous rose gold and wood handles, they'll look great on your bathroom counter.

09. This Styling Tool That Cuts Your Drying Time In Half

We all have that friend who needs this dryer brush instead of spending an hour styling their hair. At first glance, it looks like a regular brush, but it actually emits hot air through the bristles like a blow dryer. Place it in your hair, flip it on, and gently pull through. The ion generator dries hair super fast while boosting volume and shine.

10. This Sports Bra That You Can Wear For Any Workout

This strappy sports bra is super cute, but it's also surprisingly supportive. It's made from moisture-wicking material that offers slight compression to hold you in place, no matter what kind of workout you're doing. The back features unique detailing that looks great under an open-back tank top — but even though the straps are fun, they're actually designed to keep this bra from budging while you move.

11. This Hand Warmer That Also Charges Your Phone

Stave off frigid fingers and low phone batteries with this rechargeable hand warmer. It's curved to fit perfectly in your palms, and both sides heat up so you can cup it between your hands for instant warmth. That said, its 5,200mAh battery also works as a portable charger to keep your phone at full power while you're on the go.

12. This Alarm Clock That Mimics A Sunrise

For that friend that hates mornings, this sunrise alarm clock is the perfect solution. Here's how it works: You set it for the time you want to wake, and it slowly starts to brighten as it gets closer and closer — like a mini sunrise by your bedside. And if the light isn't enough to make you rise and shine, it also features six other colors plus several nature sounds that play when it's time to get up.

13. This Windshield Cover That Saves You From Scraping

There's nothing worse than waking up to ice on your car, but this windshield cover totally saves you from having to scrape it off. It fits any standard windshield, covering every inch of glass to protect it from frost and snow. It has elastic straps and side flaps that secure the cover and keep water out. Just lift it off in the morning and you're ready to drive.

14.This Smart Toothbrush That Leaves Your Mouth Squeaky Clean

Anyone would love to get this smart toothbrush as a gift. For one, it features "smart sensors" that alert you when you're brushing too hard, and it even has timers to let you know how long to brush for an optimal clean. It also features super fast wireless charging and comes with its own travel case so you can take it on the go. Not to mention the eight additional brush heads that come with it — so for $30, this toothbrush is a total steal.

15. This Internet-Famous Down Jacket That Can Withstand The Elements

Give the gift of warmth with this luxe down jacket that’s become something of an internet sensation. The hood inside is lined with super-soft sherpa fleece, but the highlight is truly the outer shell. It's completely wind-resistant and waterproof, plus it's filled with thick duck down to trap in body heat while keeping the elements out. It even has six huge pockets so you can store all your stuff without having to carry around a pack or purse.

16. This Olive Oil Dispenser That Doesn't Drip

This olive oil dispenser is the kind of gift everyone needs without even knowing it. Instead of fumbling with huge bottles and slippery caps, this has a specially designed spout that opens on its own when you tilt the dispenser; then it snaps shut again when you sit it upright. You can even pour one-handed and never lose a drop.

17. These Balms That Repair Your Lips In Record Time

This set of rich lip balms does more than just add a bit of shine. Each balm is made from a unique blend of honey, beeswax, vitamins, aloe, tea tree, and other essential oils. Every time you apply it, the sensitive skin on your lips absorbs tons of antioxidants and nutrients to heal cracks and sores. Plus, they come in a pack of two so you can share the lip love.

18. This Luxe Fleece Throw That Heats Up

Who wouldn't want this electric fleece blanket to snuggle up with? It's extremely soft and cuddly, but it gets really toasty when you plug it in. It features three heat settings, but you can also detach the controller if you want to use the blanket sans heat when the temperatures aren’t as nippy. And the best part? You never have to worry about falling asleep with the blanket on — it shuts off on its own after 4 hours.

19. This Oversized Robe That's Buttery Soft

It's tough to buy clothing for someone, but this plush robe makes it ridiculously easy. If it doesn't fit right or they don't like it, the company allows you to return it within 90 days for a full refund. But let's be real: whoever gets this is going to love it. It's made from buttery soft micro-fleece that feels like a warm hug, and it has two huge pockets to hold your stuff while you lounge.

20. This Silky Mask That Helps You Get Deeper Sleep

Chances are everyone you know could use this silk sleep mask to catch a few extra Zs. It's made of 100% mulberry silk that's soft, smooth, and breathable. It's effective at blocking out all light so you get a deeper rest. Use it to catch a cat nap on a long flight, or in your own bed for a better night's sleep.

21. This Sherpa Jacket That You Can Wear Anywhere

This fuzzy faux shearling jacket is the perfect gift for anyone who tends to get cold quickly — or really anyone who wants an effortlessly chic coat in rotation. The soft fleece holds in your body heat to keep you warm, and the oversized fit makes it super easy to layer under. It also features a full-length zipper so it's easy to slip on and off. Get it in various colors.

22. This Travel Pillow That Actually Props Up Your Head

Give the gift of comfortable travel with this adjustable neck pillow. Unlike those U-shaped ones that don't offer much support, this ergonomic pillow actually has an internal mechanism that can handle the full weight of your head and neck — but you don't even feel it because it's covered with plush fleece. Wrap this pillow around your neck and enjoy a completely vertical nap with zero head-nodding.

23. This Mini Vacuum That Sucks Up Pet Hair

Just because your BFF loves their pets, that doesn't mean they wouldn't love this mini vacuum for those hairs on the furniture. In fact, it's literally made to clean up after pets and even has a silicone brush on the end. Plus, this vacuum works anywhere — on all types of furniture, the stairs, and even your car.

24. This Magnesium Spray That Helps You Sleep Better

This sleep aid spray is an all-natural remedy that helps you fall asleep faster and stay there — and according to reviewers, it actually works. It's formulated with pure magnesium oil, which is a natural muscle relaxant. It has more than 6,000 reviews.

25. These Slippers That You Can Lounge Around In

These plush slippers are sure to be at the top of everyone's list. They're ridiculously soft and fluffy keeping you warm through the holiday season. Plus, premium high-density memory foam insoles ensure all day comfort.

26. This 6-Pack Of Reusable Shopping Bags In Rainbow Hues

For your eco-conscious friend, these reusable shopping bags are a must. They come in a pack of six in a rainbow of colors, and they're made from tear-proof nylon so you can use them for literally everything. They also feature reinforced handles and can hold up to 50 pounds each, so you won't have to reach for the paper or plastic when you're out shopping.

27. This Tool For Hassle- & Tear-Free Chopping

No more tears with this genius onion chopper tool. Just slice an onion (or any other food item) in half and place it in the chopper. Then, choose your favorite stainless steel grate, snap it into place, and push the whole thing closed. This little tool chops the whole thing into uniform pieces — and they're all waiting for you in the easy-to-empty container. Pure brilliance.

28. These Gloves That Save Your Hands From Nicks

We all know that one person who definitely needs these cut-resistant gloves while cooking — or while gardening, woodworking, and crafting. They come in multiple sizes and they're made from a material that's four times stronger than leather, so virtually no knife, grater, or tool can penetrate them. Plus, they aren't bulky or heavy so it's still easy to work in the garage or maneuver around the kitchen.

29. This Lap Pillow That Props Up Your Tablet

It's easier than ever to chill in front of your tablet with this triangle lap pillow. One side of the pillow props up your device so you can read or watch a show without straining your neck, while the other side has pockets to hold pens, your phone, or a small notebook. In fact, with this thing, you pretty much never have to leave your couch.

30. This Device That Extends Your WiFi Range

You don't have to put up with lagging internet anymore thanks to this wifi range extender. It's super easy to use; just plug it in and follow the simple instructions to sync it with your current wifi signal. The green lights let you know when it's actively working, so you can finally use your laptop in that one room that always had a weak signal.

31. This Wearable Blanket That’s So Cozy

With over 2,100 positive reviews, it's easy to see why this blanket sweatshirt is a popular gift. It's literally a blanket shaped into an oversized sweatshirt that you can wear in public. The outer layer is made from petal-soft micro-fleece, and the inside is lined with warm sherpa fabric. It also features a comfy hood and a huge front pocket for your hands or phone.

32. This Colorful Bedside Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous moon lamp hanging out beside their bed every night? At about 5 inches around, it fits on almost every desk, dresser, or table without taking up too much space — yet the globe is big enough to provide a good amount of light. You can choose between 16 different colors, and it's rechargeable and wireless to get you to and from the bathroom at night.

33. This Massager Roller That Is Portable

For anyone dealing with muscle soreness or pain, this massage roller will be a much-appreciated gift. Roll it over tense, sore muscles to help minimize inflammation. You can use this portable before and after workouts and anywhere on the body — it comes in four sizes.

34. This Monitor Riser That Helps Relieve Neck Discomfort

If you ever suffer from back or neck discomfort after hunching over your computer all day, this monitor stand is a great option to help get some relief. It also requires absolutely no assembly, which makes it a great gift for even the most lowkey people on your list.

35. This Foam Roller That Delivers A Deep-Tissue Massage

This high-density roller is super firm, so think of it as the deep-tissue massage version of foam rollers. It also features several bumps and nodes that reach different tissues and muscles, so you can adjust the positioning of it depending on your needs.

36. This Gel Eye Mask That You Can Use Hot Or Cold

For your BFF who struggles with sinus pain or migraines, this gel eye mask is a godsend. It's filled with gel beads that retain both heat and cold, so you can pop this mask in the microwave or the freezer. Either way, it's so soothing against your skin, and the added weight from the beads provides just enough pressure on your head to help relieve pain.

37. A Cup That Makes Spoon-Free Cereal A Thing

This cereal cup is so genius, your favorite breakfast-lover will wonder how they got along without it. The separate milk and cereal cups stack together, so you can easily transport them without worrying that your breakfast will be soggy. It also features a leak-proof lid with a folding spoon, and the whole thing is made from BPA-free materials.

38. These Winter Gloves That You Can Use With Your Phone

Imagine how much warmer your hands will stay with these touchscreen-sensitive gloves. Instead of pulling them off every time you want to use your phone, these gloves feature conductive fabric in the fingertips so you can tap, text, and swipe all you want. They're also double-lined with thick, luxe fleece to keep your hands extra cozy.

39. This Weighted Blanket That Feels Like A Hug

For anyone who could use some extra snuggles, this weighted blanket definitely delivers. At 15 pounds, it's a soothing weight for most adults — just enough to help them feel grounded and less stressed. The glass beads inside feel like a hug while you're sleeping, and the outer shell is super soft, too.

40. This Knife That Has Its Own Miniature Cutting Board

It's a pain to pull out all the kitchen knives and cutting boards, but this innovative knife makes it so much easier. It works kind of like a pair of scissors, except the top part is actually a stainless steel knife, and the bottom is a mini cutting board. Just place veggies, hot dogs, cheese, or bread between the two and cut. Then rinse and repeat!

41. A Cutlery Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Drawer

You don't need to measure your loved one's kitchen drawers to get them this beautiful cutlery organizer. Made from lightweight bamboo, it can actually fold in or expand according to the size of your drawer. When it's condensed, it features enough slots for your standard cutlery — like knives, spoons, and forks. When expanded, there's enough space for extra cooking utensils and accessories.

42. This Memory Foam Pillow That's Completely Adjustable

Pillows are a personal thing, which is just one reason why this memory foam pillow has rave reviews. It's one of the first pillows out there that you can actually adjust according to your firmness preferences. How? You have access to the shredded memory foam interior, which you can add or remove it at any time.

43. These Bluetooth Headphones With 26,000+ Ratings

Over 26,000 reviewers can't be wrong about these Bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone. For less than $50, you get a ton of features, including up to 12 hours of battery life so you can go a long time before you have to power up. Plus, there’s a “fast fuel” option that extends your use even when the battery is perilously low. With the multiple ear tip options included for a perfect fit and the Apple chip for complete integration, it’s easy to see why these are some of the best-selling earbuds around.

44. This Blue Cream That Calms Stubborn Pimples

According to buyers, this blue facial cream feels like heaven against irritated skin. The key is the secret ingredient — something called Centella Asiatica. It's a plant from Madagascar that aims to soothe acne or stressed-out skin. Just apply a dollop to a stubborn pimple or your entire face and let it go to work.

45. This Roller That Makes Your Skin Products More Effective

For the skincare enthusiast in your life, this derma roller is a must-have in their beauty artillery. It features tiny micro-needles, which sound like they would be painful, but they're so small and thin that you don't even feel them. A quick roll over your face opens up pores for better absorption of your favorite serums for a brighter, plumper complexion.

46. This Hair Towel That Eliminates Frizz

Say goodbye to frizz with this microfiber hair towel. While regular towels are rough and potentially damaging to follicles, this super soft towel actually allows your hair to dry without friction. The result? Your hair is still filled with moisture and nutrients, and you cut down your drying process at the same time. Win-win!

47. This Foot Rest That Also Rocks Back And Forth

It's so easy to get fidgety when you've been sitting at a desk all day, but instead of ditching work, this foot rest rocker can help you stay focused. It's constructed from sturdy, natural wood and features a non-slip texture on top so your feet stay put. You can use it simply to elevate your legs and increase blood flow, or use it as a rocker to keep your legs moving.

48. This Unicorn Card Game That Will Test Your Friendships

As one of Kickstarter's most-backed projects ever, it's easy to see why this strategic card game is a fan-favorite. Use the cards you're given and your own sneaky strategy to fill your stable with an army of unicorns, even if it means hindering your opponents and betraying your friends in the process.

49. An Electric Callus-Removing Foot File

According to buyers, this electric foot callus effortlessly removes tough calluses and dead skin on your feet, leaving them baby-smooth. The popular pick, which has nearly 30,000 reviews, is rechargeable and lasts up to three hours on one charge. It comes with three interchangeable rollers that range from light coarseness for everyday maintenance to extra coarse for super-tough calluses.