49 Genius Gifts Under $20 On Amazon That Won't Make You Look Cheap AF


Finding a memorable gift for someone can often feel like the most stressful part of birthdays or the holidays. And the pressure only intensifies when you're trying to be budget-conscious.

Luckily, there are plenty of genius gifts under $20 on Amazon that are affordable without making you look cheap. Whether you're searching for gift ideas for people who are hard to shop for or unique gifts on Amazon that will seem super personal, there are actually plenty of wonderful, high-quality options — if you know where to look.

From a matcha green tea clay mask to a goal-focused journal, there is something unique and memorable on this list for everyone. And this roundup covers all of your bases, from self-care essentials, to time-saving electronics, to convenient kitchen gadgets. You'll be able to find a perfect (and thoughtful) present for your mom, sister, boss, coworker, bestie, and even your super picky brother. And whether you're shopping for a cozy, wearable blanket or a compact makeup mirror with lights, not a single one of these sure-fire gifts will set you back more than $20.

If you're tired of endlessly clicking through sites with no luck, consider this roundup as your guide to getting the perfect gift for anyone in your life, without spending a lot.

This Heated Eye Massager That's Soothing And Refreshing

This battery-operated eye massager provides gentle pulses on the skin for a spa-quality treatment right at home. Using the built-in heating feature along with consistent sonic vibrations, this massager provides better circulation under your eyes (as well as the rest of your face). It has even been known to help reviewers achieve a better sleep. And thanks to the unique technology that transmits ions onto your face; it's even safe for all skin types.

A Glass Tea Infuser And Mug That's Heat Resistant

With a 17-ounce capacity, this glass tea infuser can prepare all your favorite hot and cold beverages. It includes an outer-cup, an inner-cup that acts as the infuser, and a lid. Each piece is made from borosilicate glass, which is able to withstand much higher temperatures than other types of glass. The inner-cup is designed to filter your tea leaves or coffee grounds, so just add hot water to begin the infusion process. Once your drink has sufficiently seeped, simply remove the inner-cup and drink up.

A Six-Port Charging Station With A Built-In Phone Stand

With six USB ports and 30 watts of power, you can quickly charge multiple devices using this desktop charging station. It can handle 110 volts or 240 volts so you can take this while you travel and with its Smart Identification Tech it can gage and emit the correct charging current for each device.

The Hair Care Organizer Hangs Inside Your Cabinet

With this over-the-door hair organizer rack, you'll get instant organization in your bathroom. Since it has a steel wire construction, you can place your curling irons, straighteners, and other devices in the holder even while they're still cooling down. The material also resists rusting, and the only thing you need to clean it is a wet towel. The organizer features two large pockets to hold your tools, as well as a tray at the bottom for additional support. Best of all, there's no assembly required.

A Compact Travel Mirror That Lets You Apply Makeup On The Go

This compact travel mirror is the perfect accessory for cosmetic touchups — or even a full makeup application — when you're out and about. The set comes with one standard mirror and one mirror providing 10 times the normal magnification. While the mirror is light enough to hold, the stable construction means you can also place it on any surface to use it hands-free as a table mirror. Plus, there's a LED lighting option — simply slide the power button on and you can get decent light no matter where you are.

This Mindfulness Journal That Helps You Focus On Your Goals

With a soft cover that's velvet-laminated, this space-efficient goal journal will help you focus on and track your most inspired tasks. By putting your goals tangibly in front of you through sections like monthly objectives, weekly targets, and daily tasks, this journal helps you address your ambitions practically. One fan wrote that it's "a great book for getting things done" and that it has "lots of extra areas for brainstorming and to scribble your thoughts, [and] cool motivational quotes every few pages."

An Ergonomic Massage Cane That Lets You Give Yourself An Effective Massage

With an ergonomic design that's flexible enough to address various body parts, this massage cane is a great way to relieve pressure, tension, and pain. The sturdy point on the end of the cane can tackle knots in your neck, back, and shoulders, while also putting necessary pressure on your muscle aches. There's also two massage balls, which are particularly useful for anyone suffering from spinal and upper-back tension. From sport injuries to office stiffness to other everyday issues, this massage cane is the perfect gift for anyone dealing with frustrating discomfort and soreness.

This LED Light That's Rechargeable And Hands-Free

With a battery that can be consistently reused thanks to the included charging cable, this hands-free work light is the perfect accessory for anything from late night studying to camping to power outages. It features 360-degree rotation so you can have light at various angles, as well as a magnet so you can secure the light directly to most metal items, like your car or your fridge. The device has five different lighting modes, including a red light and a strobe light.

A Car Vacuum With An LED Light For Easy Cleaning Day Or Night

Thanks to a 16.4 foot cord, this car vacuum couldn't be more convenient or flexible. It features a high-efficiency filter made from a durable stainless steel material, and it even has an LED lamp for when you're vacuuming at night. The vacuum is capable of sucking up anything from food remnants to pet dander and dust. It also comes with multiple attachments to tackle those frustrating cracks and crevices, including a slim nozzle, an extended tube, and a powerful brush for dirt that gets stuck in the car's carpet.

This Three-In-One Brush That Lets You Apply All Your Makeup With One Tool

Available in a pack of two, these multipurpose makeup brushes will help you complete your full cosmetic routine with just one tool. Each item features a mineral powder brush, a sponge, and a smaller angled brush to help you apply just about any product. The brushes and sponge are made from vegan materials and are also hypoallergenic. One five-star reviewer wrote, "This brush is great for traveling. I can use it for liquid foundation, powder, and the smaller brush for eye shadow. It's compact and convenient. The quality is amazing also."

This Stackable Kitchen Prep Set That Has Basically Everything

With eight different mixing and measuring pieces, this baking set gives you everything you need in one collection. In addition to the large and medium mixing bowls, the set includes one colander, one sifter, and four different measuring cups. The dishwasher-safe items are all made from a food-grade plastic, and they can all be stacked together to save tons of space in your kitchen.

This Stamping Manicure Set That Makes Nail Art A Breeze

With this nail art kit, you can achieve the salon-quality manicure that you've always wanted — right at home. The set consists of five bottles of nail polish and one sheet of designs you can stamp on your nails. Because the polish is at the ideal level of thickness and will not dry too fast, all you have to do is paint your nail and stamp on one of the designs. You'll then have a fancy manicure that can last up to a full month.

A Handheld Massage Ball That Rolls Out Knots

Tackle tough knots and persistent aches with this manual massage ball. Aside from providing quick therapy for your muscles, this handheld tool also helps increase blood flow and promotes relaxation. As an extra plus, it's available in three colors.

These All-Natural Bath Flakes That Help You Sleep Better At Night

Made from a combination of non-toxic minerals, these bath flakes are designed to help facilitate a healing and calming sleep. The formula is free of preservatives and consists of magnesium salts (which aid in body relaxation), cedarwood (which increases melatonin), lavender, and other essential oils. By soaking in the bath for half an hour, these flakes will seep into your body's tissue and help stimulate sleep hormones. The flakes are great for anyone looking to get a better sleep, as well as those who specifically suffer from insomnia or restless limbs.

These Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses That Keep Your Drinks Chilled

Available in a pack of four, these stainless steel drinking glasses will keep your beer and water colder for much longer than any regular cup. The BPA- and lead-free glasses are great for everyday use, but they're also perfect for parties and outdoor activities because they won't break or crack. Plus, toss them in the dishwasher as soon as you're done.

This Flat Iron That Has Digital Controls And Anti-Static Technology

Featuring ceramic plates and a protective coating for safe styling, this flat iron heats up fast and can reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The ceramic plates facilitate a smooth glide that significantly reduces frizz, and the digital controls make it easy to choose the ideal temperature for your hair. It even has automatic shut-off after an hour, so you don't need to obsess about whether or not you left it on when you're at work or out at an event.

This Clever Kitchen Stand For Your Ladle, Pot Lid, Or Cookbook

With a durable steel construction, this kitchen stand will make your cooking experience simultaneously more convenient and less messy. It can hold a wide variety of items, including pot lids, ladles, cookbooks, tablets, and cutting boards. One satisfied reviewer wrote, "I love it ... Very steady even with my largest and heaviest cast iron lid."

An Organic Green Tea Clay Mask That Works For All Skin Types

With ingredients that are all-natural and organic, this green tea clay mask will help you achieve healthy and refreshed skin. Made from matcha, it works like a mud mask by helping to prevent blackheads and other frustrating skin challenges while also adding moisture to your skin. In addition to lowering inflammation, the matcha tea used in the mask provides plenty of antioxidants.

This Weekly Planner That Will Make You Feel Super Organized

Available in three different colors, this undated weekly planner can help you better organize your schedule starting at any time of the year. It consists of 60 sheets, so you can use it for an entire year and then some. The planner displays your weekly schedule on the front page and includes a notes area on the back so you can write down miscellaneous thoughts, reminders, and other important information. A stand is also included with this wire-bound pad, so it has the perfect place to sit on your desk or counter.

A Silicone Brownie Pan That's Non-Stick And Easy To Clean

Baking has never been easier with this silicone brownie pan. It features food-grade, non-stick silicone in a shape that's perfect for making brownies, cakes, breakfast dishes, and more. The FDA-approved pan is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, and it's even safe to stick in the freezer, fridge, or oven. Plus, the pan repels stains and doesn't soak in any odors, so you can rest assured that the quality is long-lasting.

A Pair Of Versatile Jar Openers That Can Handle Almost Any Lid

This pair of multipurpose jar opener are incredibly useful kitchen gadgets. With six different functions, it does all the work when it comes to opening various items, including bottles and cans, while also handling those stubborn jar lids. The rubber grip on the jar opener means you can open anything while still maintaining a safe grip. One fan who gave it five stars wrote, "This handy gadget is a lifesaver for me. I can open jars myself. I always had to ask everyone for help twisting the lid, now I can do it myself. I don't know what's happening to my hands, but as I get older they get tight and don't want to have the strength to open a jar. This helps big time!"

This Gentle Facial Toner Made With Orange Blossom Water

This alcohol-free, all-natural face toner consists of orange blossom-infused water from the Mediterranean. It will balance your pH levels and provide the ideal amount of hydration for your skin. The formula can be used to regenerate skin and get rid of dirt, leaving you with smooth, soft skin. One happy fan wrote, "My favorite thing about this toner is it's only got one ingredient. After trying it I didn't even break out a little bit. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that has acne prone skin or sensitive skin."

An Adjustable Stand To Display Your Phone Or Tablet At The Perfect Angle

Whether you're working, reading, cooking, or watching a movie, this adjustable stand is the perfect accessory for displaying your smart device. It's compatible with all smart phones, as well as plenty of tablet models and eBook readers. The aluminum construction provides a sturdy and dependable base, and the rubber material underneath the stand keeps your device secure and scratch-free. You can adjust the stand up to 45 degrees and use it both horizontally or vertically, so you can display your device at your ideal height and preference. It's also super lightweight at just 34 ounces, so you can easily pack it to bring with you anywhere.

An Overnight Mask That Smooths And Rejuvenates Your Lips

Made with super gentle ingredients, this lip sleeping mask will save you from waking up each day with dry, chapped lips. The soothing balm helps to rejuvenate your lips and keep them feeling smooth. One fan wrote, "I have really dry lips that peel every day! I think i found the perfect solution with this. It comes with a cute handy applicator, and I use it every day and night, and my lips are improving every day. Been using it for about 1.5 weeks, even under lipsticks, and my lips look so much smoother and better."

This Essential Oil Diffuser That's Powerful Enough For Any Space

With a noiseless operation, this essential oil diffuser is perfect for every living space, including your family room, bedroom, and even your office. Thanks to the built-in LED feature, it provides a calming blue light that adds to the soothing atmosphere, and the diffuser itself can operate for up to five hours. Just fill up the 100 milliliter reservoir using water and then add a couple drops of your preferred essential oil, and you'll have calming scents throughout your space (up to 250 square feet) in no time.

The Five-Blade Mandoline Slicer That's Also A Storage Container

Preparing meals is about to get much easier with this mandoline slicer. It consists of five different interchangeable stainless steel blades, including a vegetable slicer and julienne slicer, as well as three different graters. The slicer is also dishwasher-safe (just make sure to place it on the top rack).

A Hair Treatment That Uses Argan Oil To Restore And Strengthen Your Locks

Perfect for all hair types, this argan oil hair treatment will leave your hair feeling smooth and rejuvenated. The treatment will moisturize and strengthen your dry and damaged strands, as well as your scalp. The oil also acts as a heat-protectant, while simultaneously reducing unwanted flyaway hairs. One reviewer called this oil "liquid gold" and another wrote that it "smells terrific and is really helping my poor thin dry hair."

An Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow That's Perfect For Travel

Perfect for kids and adults alike, this travel foot rest pillow is bound to become your new favorite travel accessory. The inflatable pillow is height adjustable, portable, and can even be used outdoors. It weighs just 12 ounces and can easily be folded into the included storage pouch and tossed right in your bag or backpack until you're ready to use it as an ottoman, leg rest, or car seat extension on your next trip.

These Foot Peel Masks That Gently Exfoliate And Moisturize

Using this set of two foot peel masks, you can experience smoother feet after just one treatment thanks to the lactic acid and natural botanicals like aloe and aloe vera. These masks are a painless way to heal dry, calloused feet and remove dry skin to tenderly soften, moisturize, and exfoliate your feet.

A Durable Exercise Ball That's Practically Puncture-Proof

Available in six different colors, this professional grade exercise ball is one of the highest quality options out there. It's free of latex and BPA plastic, and it has a highly-tested design that resists tears and punctures — so much so that it can handle a hole of up to 2 centimeters without bursting. The ball can hold 2,200 pounds and is perfect for every type of exercise, from ab workouts to pilates to just sitting at your desk. It also comes with a manual pump, an additional air plug, and a tool for extracting the valve if need-be.

This Jewelry Tree Stand With Three-Tiers Of Organization

This jewelry tree stand is both a functional and beautiful way to display your favorite accessories. The lowest bar features small holes to hold your earrings, while the third tier can be extended to hold your longest necklaces. The base of the stand also includes two compartments that can hold rings, watches, and other small items. The stand is derived from natural wood and paired with a white-coated metal, and no assembly is required.

This Shredded Memory Foam Pillow That You Can Toss In The Washer

This shredded memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic and designed to repel mold, mildew, and other irritating substances. The foam is shapeable and even removable, so you can make this pillow as soft or as firm as you need. Plus, the bamboo cover and the pillow itself are both machine-washable and dryer-safe!

An Adult Party Game Featuring "Loaded" Questions

Described as a classic "who said what" game, this adult party game is the perfect way to really get the celebrations going. It can accommodate up to six players and features 308 charged and playful questions, as well as several new game components to leave everyone laughing. It includes questions like, "What word sounds dirty... but isn't?" and "What TV show would you watch if it included full nudity?"

These Stainless Steel Straws That Are Easy To Carry And Clean

Complete with a drawstring pouch for safekeeping, this set of reusable straws makes it incredibly easy to be environmentally conscious by cutting down on plastic straws. The set includes four durable and long-lasting stainless steel straws, complete with two cleaning brushes and two reusable straw cases. The non-toxic straws are approved by the FDA and contain no harmful BPA plastic, and thanks to the high quality stainless steel material, they won't be easily dented, scraped, or broken. An in addition to the bonus cleaning brushes, the straws are also dishwasher-safe, so they're easy to clean when you're done.

A Mini Pocket Tool That Can Perform 13 Different Functions

With a conveniently mini design and a handy travel bag, this multipurpose pocket tool can go with you anywhere and perform almost any standard task. It's made from a sturdy stainless steel material and features a comfortable handle that's gentle on your hands. It doesn't even weigh a full pound, yet it has 13 different tools, including a hammer, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a knife, a wrench, and a bottle opener. It's the perfect accessory to have with you for anything from outdoor escapes to craft activities to emergency situations.

This Waterproof Toiletry Bag That's Also A Shower Caddy

Made from an Oxford fabric with mildew-resistant protection, this shower caddy tote bag is great for any situation, from college dorms to multi-roommate apartments to traveling. Thanks to the waterproof fabric and breezy mesh panels, this toiletry bag will stay fresh no matter what. With a handle on the outside and a hook on the inside, this bag is easy to carry or hang anywhere. There are also plenty of storage sections and adjustable straps that make it easy to fit and secure tons of toiletries into this one magical bag.

A Fruit Slicing Set With Five Different Tools

From kiwis to pineapples to avocados and more, this fruit slicer set will prep just about any juicy food you can imagine. Constructed with stainless steel and plastic, the set consists of five different tools that slice, peel, and cut: a pineapple corer, a strawberry huller, an avocado multi-purpose tool, a melon baller, and a slicer for watermelons and other large fruits. One five-star reviewer wrote that this is the "perfect gift for that one person on your gift list that you can't find a gift for."

A Hanging Caddy That Adds Storage To Your Bedside

From books to water bottles to cell phones, this hanging bedside caddy will store everything you need, so you can have all your nightly comforts right at your side. It features seven different pockets with various sizes, including one large pocket to hold a tablet, books, and magazines, two small front pockets for thin items like your remote or phone, and two side mesh pockets for drinks. The loop-shaped straps can fasten to any headboard, chair arm, or bedrail, so installation is super easy.

This Eight-In-One Chopper Set That Handles All Your Food Prep

Anyone looking to add a little more convenience during meal prep will love this multi-purpose food chopper. It operates as a six-in-one cutting device, and also includes a knife sharpener and a finger guard for extra safety. The device allows you to chop, dice, and slide items right into the pan, and the knife can be detached if need-be. One reviewer wrote that this tool "saves me so much time and mess in the kitchen."

A Microfiber Sheet Set That's Soft And Wrinkle-Resistant

Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, this microfiber sheet set will add comfort and sophistication to any bedroom. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, all made from microfiber fabric that's incredibly soft. The material is resistant to wrinkling, staining, or becoming washed-out, and it's perfect for any season — keeping you cool during those hot summer nights and toasty during those chilly winters.

A Bathroom Vanity Set Made From A Sophisticated Rose Gold Material

For that extra layer of elegance in your bathroom, this rose gold bathroom accessory set is all you need. It features a toothbrush holder, a soap dish, a soap pump, and a tumbler. In addition to the rose gold design, you can also choose from three other color combinations: black and brushed, clear and brushed, or white and brushed.

This Personal Coffee Maker That Barely Takes Up Space

With this personal coffee maker, you can brew up to 12 ounces of your favorite coffee or tea without any extra mess or unwanted leftovers. At just 2 pounds, it's super lightweight and easily transportable — and it also takes up limited space on your kitchen counter or desk. This coffee maker requires just the press of a button to operate, and it even has an automatic shut-off feature to free your mind of worry. The brew basket is safe to put in the dishwasher, making clean up a breeze.

A Breathable Sleep Mask With A Contoured Design For Extra Comfort

Made from a polyester fabric that's gentle on your skin, this sleep mask has a 3-D contoured design that puts zero pressure on your eyes while you're resting. It's also super breathable, due to the small airways on each side of the mask that provide excellent ventilation (while keeping dry air away from your eyes and face). The anti-bacterial mask also features two straps that can be adjusted up to two feet for your ideal comfort. It even comes with a bonus set of ear plugs that block out noise for an extra refreshing sleep.

These Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights That Purify The Air In Your Space

Made from completely natural salt crystals, this set of two Himalayan salt lamp night lights are all you need to purify the air in your space while providing a warm, calming glow. The lights work by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, which purifies the air around your space. One fan wrote, "I totally love this set! The size and brightness are perfect for where I plan to use them (bedroom, living room, and camper). I love the variety of colors in the pack as well. [...]"

A Coconut Oil Hair Mask That Nourishes And Repairs

This coconut oil hair mask will give you a professional, salon-level hair conditioning treatment right from your home. When applied, it hydrates your scalp, detangles your knots, and provides much-needed elasticity and moisture to your hair. This mask is a great way to heal hair that's been damaged by highlights or dye, hot styling tools, or sun exposure. In addition to coconut oil, the formula is filled with natural ingredients, like shea butter and rosehip seed, for nourishing nutrients like vitamin E and vitamin B5.

A Chef Knife Made From High-Quality German Stainless Steel

Made from a premium German steel, this chef knife features an incredibly sharp 8-inch blade. It's designed to facilitate all sorts of meal prep tasks, including cutting, dicing, and chopping various foods including vegetables, meat, fruit, and more. The handle of the knife provides a secure and steady grip even if the knife is wet, so it's always safe to use. One reviewer wrote that this knife "cuts incredibly. Chopping vegetables is no longer an exercise involving hacking and muscling through. All my roommates have commented on the quality of this knife ('cuts like butter' was the verdict)."

A Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Functionality

Both lightweight and extendable, this selfie stick and tripod will help you take great photos in any scenario. It can be used with smartphones, GoPros, and other types of cameras, and also works great for FaceTime. Although it can extend up to two feet, it can also fold up right into your pocket. Best of all, this device can be controlled with Bluetooth, making it easier than ever to take hands-free photos and videos.

A French Press Coffee Maker With A Beautiful Rose Gold Design

With the choice between 12 ounces or 34 ounces, this rose gold French press coffee maker is made from a strong borosilicate glass that can handle extremely high temperatures, while also being resistant to stains and odors. The glass carafe is surrounded by a strong frame made of stainless steel, as well as a handle that protects you from getting burnt. During the brewing process with this device, the water and coffee are infused for a longer period of time, which results in a cup that's full of a stronger flavor and a richer scent.

A Set Of Metal Vanity Trays And Glasses For Added Bathroom Elegance

With an antique aesthetic, this metal vanity tray and set of glasses can store and display all sorts of toiletry staples — cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts, or anything else you could think of. The elevated sides of the tray keep items neatly organized, and the non-slip pads underneath provide extra security. Each canister is made with durable glass and a lid that's rust-resistant, so this set is built to last.

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