49 Clever Things Under $35 On Amazon That Reviewers Say Significantly Improved Their Lives

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Sometimes you buy something just because it looks like a fun item. Other times, you're just scratching that impulse-shopper itch. But then there are the items that you practically need to have — the ones people consider game changers. Not only are these game changers considered incredibly clever products, but they can also help improve, or even just simplify your life.

Do you have a habit of leaving your lights on when you leave home? Then the smart light bulbs I've included will definitely pique your interest. Or, if your skin has a tendency to learn towards the dry side, I've made sure to add a ton of skincare products that can help improve your complexion — and there's even a blackhead mask made with 24-karat gold. From bentonite clay masks, to a snap-on strainer that takes up hardly any space in your cabinets, if you're looking for convenient products that can help improve your life for the better, you can probably find it in this list.

Not only are these wildly popular items clever and affordable, but you'll most likely find yourself coming back to them time and time again — they're just that good.

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