49 Clever Products That Amazon Reviewers Swear They Can't Live Without

Real talk: There are truly few things that you can't live without. At the same time, though, life is busy, messy, and unpredictable, so even though they're technically luxuries, there are some genuinely clever Amazon products that are worth the purchase — and that's because they make life a whole lot easier.

The thing is that you don't know what you don't know. For example, until you stumble upon these silicone grippers, it's hard to dream up exactly what kind of contraption would effortlessly remove jar lids. One way to do it? Try typing your problem into the internet (like "cramped closet" or "gel polish removal") and see what comes up. The trick, then, is to separate the excellent stuff that actually works from the sub-par stuff that doesn't.

That's where the reviews come in. If you find a weird, yet totally genius product that's backed by tons of rave reviews, you know it has to be the real deal. (When life is this busy, no one has time to write an Amazon review unless that product is truly life-changing.) As a result, if multiple people claim they "can't live without this," it's usually a sign that you and said product are meant to be together.

That said, if life is so hectic that you don't even have time to sort through the reviews, I've got you covered. Here's a round-up of some genuinely clever items that you'll wish you would have found sooner — and they all come backed by people who couldn't live without them.

Lifestyle — 49 Clever Products That Amazon Reviewers Swear They Can't Live Without

1. This Tool Kit That Safely Pops Your Pimples

We all get pimples, and most of us are tempted to pop them, but this extraction kit is much more hygienic than your fingernails. It comes with five stainless steel tools with double-sided designs to help with all kinds of blemishes. There's even an extraction option to help relieve the pressure in painful cystic acne.

2. These Nail Tools That Make Your DIY Mani Super Simple

There's no need to head to the salon to get your gel manicure removed. This nail tools set comes with two high-quality, stainless steel tools that professional manicurists use everyday. One tool features a cuticle pusher and under-nail cleaner, while the other tool features a triangular scraper that can help remove gel polish.

3. This Bar Soap That Smells Like Your Favorite IPA

If you can't get enough of that just-came-from-the-brewery scent, this beer bar soap is a must. It's a handmade, artisan soap that smells like hops — the actual ingredient in your favorite IPA beer. People describe it as spicy and grassy with a touch of herbal infusion, and it lathers super well in the shower. Cheers!

4. This Mini Spatula That Gets Out Every Last Drop

This mini spatula is a game-changer when it comes to saving money and preventing excessive waste. It features a 6-inch handle and a soft, flexible spatula made from food-grade silicone. You can insert it into pretty much any product that's about to run dry, including cosmetics, hair products, soaps, and lotions.

5. This Drain Stop That Saves Your Pipes From Clogs

Not only is this flexible drain stop super easy to install, it may also save you a ton of money in the long run. It's made from soft, high-quality silicone and fits most standard shower drains. To use, just pop it into your drain to create a tight seal, then press the center button. The hair catcher rises up to collect any loose debris before it enters your drain. Remove and rinse with soap and water whenever needed.

6. These Hair Accessories That Make Fancy Twists

These hair twist hoops are so brilliant, you'll wish you discovered them sooner. To kick your everyday hairstyle up a notch, or to create a fancy twist for a special occasion, start with a pony tail. Then tuck these hoops in through the center, loop the hair through, and pull. You'll have a gorgeous, put-together look that took less than 10 seconds.

7. This Electric Cooker That Makes Perfect Eggs

This electric cooker makes the perfect hard-boiled eggs, but it can scramble, poach, and fry your eggs, too. It features separate compartments to hold up to 14 whole eggs and a clear-view dome so you can watch the cooking action. Your only job is to press the single button to get it started.

8. These Reusable Clips That Remove Your Nail Polish

You don't have to fumble with cotton pads and foil thanks to these reusable nail caps. This set comes with 10 gel caps that have a clip on the end so you can literally clip them to your fingernails. The gel applies just enough pressure to keep the internal cotton pads in place without pinching — just be sure to soak the included pads in acetone remover before you get started.

9. This Silicone Mat That Holds Your Utensils

Kitchen clean-up just got way easier with this utensil mat. It's made from food-grade silicone and features a perforated ridge along the edge that creates the perfect resting spot for your greasy tongs and sloppy stirring spoons. All that extra sauce and oil drips straight onto the silicone instead of your countertop, and it's super easy to wipe clean.

10. This Ice Roller That Soothes Puffy Skin (Or Headaches)

Buyers say this facial roller is a godsend for tired, puffy skin. To use, remove the roller and pop it into the freezer for at least 15 minutes. Then snap it back onto the handle and gently roll it over your face and neck. The cold, combined with the pressure of the roller, helps to reduce inflammation and soothe stressed-out skin. Some reviewers have ever had success staving off an incoming migraine!

11. This Rack That Helps Your Makeup Brushes Dry Faster

Instead of setting your brushes out to dry on your countertop, this drying rack helps them dry faster while minimizing clutter. It features a standing "tower" that has 28 different-sized silicone holes, so there's a space for every one of your tools. Plus, the silicone grip ensures they won't budge — and this rack even comes with a drying mat you can place beneath it.

12. This Extra-Long Razor That Shaves Away Back Hair

This extra long razor is excellent for taking care of any unwanted body hair that you can't quite reach. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to shave the back of your neck, shoulders, and more, and the DryGlide blade means it's safe to use on wet or dry skin. And when your blade starts to get dull, just pop in a replacement cartridge.

13. This Tongue Scraper That Banishes Bad Breath

Ditch the peppermints for good and snag this high-quality tongue scraper. It's made from food-grade stainless steel and features an edge that's effective at painlessly removing the layer of bacteria on your tongue. Hundreds of reviewers insist this genius little tool has helped boost their immune system, recover from sinus infections quicker, and banish bad breath for good.

14. These Holders That Keep Your Makeup Sponge Dirt-Free

It feels a little icky to toss your wet makeup sponge back into your case or drawer, so why not invest in this genius sponge holder instead? It's made from gold-plated stainless steel and is spiral-shaped so it won't hold in excess moisture. It also gives you a safe space to store your beauty blender and let it dry after washing.

15. This Skin Scrubber That Eliminates Blackheads

You don't even need to use soap with this ionic skin scrubber. Here's how it works: The lead tip uses the power of negative ions to penetrate deep into the skin's surface and pull up all the dirt and debris trapped there. On top of that, the ultrasonic vibrations help to shake any stubborn blackheads loose, leaving your skin bright and glowing.

16. This Sponge That Removes Pigment From Your Brushes

Take this compact charcoal sponge with you anywhere to clean your makeup brushes on the go. The tiny tin is filled with a thick sponge, and below that, a charcoal filter. Just swipe any brush over it a few times to remove every last bit of pigment. The filter helps to absorb it all without any water or chemicals, so you can ditch the cotton pads, wipes, and tissues and get right to work on your next look.

17. This Electric Shaver That You Can Use On The Go

No matter where you are in the world, this electric shaver makes it easier than ever to freshen up. It's lightweight, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and runs on batteries so you never have to worry about packing the charging cord. The foil razor works quickly to leave you with buttery soft skin, and it even has a snap-on cover to keep it clean.

18. This Tiny Comb That Also Cuts Your Hair

Over 1,000 reviewers can't say enough good things about this tiny cutting comb. It's super slim and features two double-edged razor blades in between the teeth so it works to add texture to your hair, just like your stylist does. Use this comb anytime you need to freshen up your layers, get rid of split ends, or trim your bangs — and save the salon appointment for a more drastic change.

19. This Liquid Brush Cleaner That Works Like Magic

This liquid brush cleaner is pretty much the stuff that dreams are made of. For one, it's as simple as it gets — just dip your makeup brushes in it, wipe them clean, and let them dry. This vanilla-scented formula works to remove dirt, oil, and pigment while conditioning the bristles so they're soft and flexible the next time you use them.

20. This Kitchen Tool That Cores An Apple In Seconds

The days of getting into a knife fight with your produce are over. This apple corer is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a hollow center and perforated edge. Just grab onto the ergonomic handle and push it into your apple; when you pull it out, the core ends up in the center of the tool, so your apple is ready for snacking, slicing, or pie prep.

21. This Portable Thermos That Makes Espresso Shots

This mini espresso machine makes it easier than ever to take your caffeine fix on the go. For one, it doesn't use any batteries or a charging cord to work, and at less than a pound, you can easily tuck it into your luggage or carry-on before you take off. Just place your favorite espresso in the center, add a little bit of hot water, and press the lid a few times. The internal pressure works to produce the perfect espresso shot every time.

22. This Little Disk That Wipes Away All The Batter

The people who made this brilliant whisk wiper understood that leaving behind batter is a crime. It's super simple, too. This little disk fits any standard 11-inch whisk. Slide it on before you stir, then gently pull it off to leave your whisk completely clean — and zero judgement for licking cake batter off the whisk wiper afterwards.

23. This Fermentation Kit That Makes Delicious Pickles

If the process of pickling veggies seems intimidating, this fermentation kit has you covered. It comes with everything a beginner would need to get started, including airlock lids, glass weights, and a recipe book. This kit even comes with a vegetable tamper, which is an hourglass-shaped tool that helps pack your kimchi and pickles in tight before you snap on the lid.

24. This Genius Tool That Strips Your Corn Cob

Not everyone likes to nibble their corn straight from the cob, but luckily, this cob stripper tool exists. It's deceptively simple and super easy to use. The inside features a perforated, stainless steel edge, and the outer rim is made from durable plastic. Just slip it on the end of your corn cob and slide until every last kernel drops into your bowl.

25. This Knife Guide That Saves Your From Nicks And Cuts

Say goodbye to nicks and cuts forever with this kitchen knife guide. It's basically a super durable cutting board that's three-dimensional, so instead of your tomato or onion rolling away, it sits securely in the center divot. Just slip your kitchen knife into the guide for completely safe meal prep.

26. This Powerful Sensor That Lights Up Your Driveway

This motion sensor adds another layer of protection to your home, and it's really easy to install. Just place it anywhere you want extra light in the evening. It has a battery life of over a year, even if it gets activated up to 10 times per day — plus, it's totally weatherproof so you can leave it up year-round.

27. This Modern Floor Lamp That's Ultra Bright

If you're looking to spruce up your space, this sleek floor lamp is absolutely stunning and totally unique. It features two concentric rings with a mega-bright light in the center. The rings are totally adjustable so you can swivel them in any direction, and you can dim the light to your preference. Even if you keep it at the highest setting all the time, this lamp boasts over 20,000 hours of use.

28. This Table Runner That Can Literally Take The Heat

Not only is this table runner pretty to look at, but it can actually protect your tables and countertops, too. It comes in a ton of rich colors to match any decor, but the best part is that you can place your hottest plates and pots on it without worrying about it melting. This runner can take up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit without any wear or tear.

29. This Plate Cover That Keeps Your Food From Splattering

No one likes to scrub stains from the inside of their microwave, but with this splatter protection cover, you'll never have to again. It's made from BPA-free plastic and features venting along the top. Place it directly over your bowls and plates to prevent splattering and heat your food evenly. It even has a set of powerful magnets on the top so you can snap it directly to your microwave for easy storing.

30. This Egg White Mask That Tightens Pores

If you're struggling with excess oil and clogged pores, buyers say this egg white mask is a game-changer. The magic is all in the secret ingredient: albumen. This protein found in egg whites is ultra-nourishing for skin and can help regulate oil production, banish acne-causing bacteria, and tighten pores. If that wasn't enough, reviewers rave about how this mask feels like a dream on your skin.

31. These Acupressure Insoles That Relieve Foot Pain

At first glance, these acupressure insoles look painful, but reviewers insist otherwise. They actually help to relieve various types of foot pain, all thanks to the hundreds of small nodules scattered throughout, which help to stimulate pressure points along your feet. The insoles fit in any standard shoes, and bonus: they're made from red clay, which is also a natural odor-absorber.

32. These Gel Separators That Realign Your Toes

These gel separators are a must-have for anyone who struggles with bunions or misaligned toes. Thanks to the flexible gel, they gently coax your toes back into proper alignment while also stretching the muscles. Reviewers of all types swear by these separators, but they're especially great for yoga students and dancers.

33. This Syringe-Like Utensil That Chops Up Grapes

You don't have to worry about your toddler choking on their snack with this grape cutting tool. To use, just pop a seedless grape or cherry tomato into the opening, hold the tool like a syringe, and press down with your thumb. The serrated blades in the base immediately quarter your grape for much safer snacking. It even comes with a small, attachable basin so you can take your grapes on the go.

34. This Dip Bowl That Clip Onto Your Serving Plate

These dip clips are so brilliant, you'll never go back to stuffy trays or salsa straight out of the jar. They come in a set of four bright colors, and each one has a super durable clip that you can attach directly to the side of any plate (even paper ones). Each dip clip holds about a third of a cup of queso, salsa, guacamole, or other favorites.

35. This Exfoliating Scrubber So You Can Reach Your Own Back

Now you can give your back the TLC it deserves with this hanging shower exfoliator. It features a long, thick swab of fabric and a handle on each end so you can run it along your back to reach every inch. One side is made from a highly textured, loofah-like surface, and the other is a softer microfiber for cleansing And when you're finished, you can easily hang up this exfoliator to dry.

36. This Laptop Tray That's Extremely Versatile

You can use your laptop just about anywhere with this super versatile table stand. For one, it's made from lightweight aluminum and only weighs a couple of pounds, so it's easy to shift it from your desk to your couch to your bed. For another, the legs stretch up to 17 inches tall, and the tray tilts at a full 360 degree rotation so you can always find the perfect angle. It even features cooling fans that you can connect with the included USB cord.

37. This Ultra Warm Hat That Plays Your Music

There's no need to fiddle with headphones when you can snag this Bluetooth beanie hat to get you through the winter. There are actually speakers sewn into the fabric, plus a small control button along the hem, and it can connect to Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away. It even has a microphone function so you can take hands-free calls.

38. This Cosmetic Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Even if it didn't rotate 360 degrees around, this cosmetic organizer would deserve a prime spot on your bathroom counter. It's made from gorgeous, lightweight bamboo and features shelves of varying heights so you can easily store everything from your favorite lipsticks to hand creams.

39. This Microfiber Eye Mask That's Filled With Clay

To relieve sinus pressure and tension headaches, reviewers insist this eye mask is your best bet. Instead of the standard gel, this mask is actually filled with moldable ceramic clay and infused with oils. The clay locks coldness in for longer and gently molds to the shape of your face for instant, long-lasting relief. On top of that, the mask features a super soft microfiber layer for an even more luxe experience.

40. This Ear Wash That's Safe To Use At Home

Invented by a physician, this ear wash is safe to use at home when you're stuck with stuffy, painful ears. To use, attach the hose to the bottle, insert the silicone tip into your ear, and squeeze. The gentle solution works to flush out any built-up wax, debris, and bacteria to leave you with a clean canal.

41. This Silver Powder That Removes Blackheads

This facial powder is a unique and all-natural blend of only three ingredients: zinc oxide, kaolin clay, and calcium carbonate. These ingredients blend to create an effective formula for drawing out excess dirt and oil so you can literally wipe away your blackheads.

42. This Magnesium Oil For Sleep, Stress, And Strain

Thousands of reviewers agree that this magnesium oil has completely changed their lives for the better. Pure, elemental magnesium (like the type found in this oil) is known for helping to relieve restless leg syndrome, sore muscles, insomnia, tension headaches, and anxiety, Just spritz a few drops onto your skin, and your body will absorb as much as it needs.

43. These Silicone Grippers That Open Your Jars

This set of silicone grippers is a total godsend. It comes with three different sizes, included teal and green "flat" grippers for larger jars, and a cone-shaped red gripper for smaller jars. Each one is super durable and won't tear, no matter how much you tug, and they all feature a textured pattern to give you a bit more leverage.

44. These Wireless Lights That Are Perfect For Tight Spaces

Whether you need a bit more light in your compact closet, inside your cabinets, or even your fridge, these motion sensor lights are a great solution. Each bar feature 10 mega-bright LED lights, and the entire strip is battery-operated and comes with an adhesive, so you never have to worry about installing them close to an outlet. Best of all, the lights feature infrared technology that allows them to flick on when they sense motion.

45. This Towel That Leaves Your Hair Frizz-Free

Not only is this hair towel soft to the touch, but it actually dries your hair way faster, too. The advanced microfiber fabric absorbs up to 10 times its weight so it pulls moisture from in between strands while still protecting the moisture inside. Reviewers with curly or wavy hair love this towel because it dries hair quickly while leaving their locks silky and smooth.

46. This Odor-Resistant Silicone Sponge That Smells Like Peaches

You don't usually associate dirty dishes with the scent of fresh peaches, but this innovative scented sponge is about to change that. For one, it's made from extremely durable silicone, so it won't tear or wear down over time — and it doesn't pick up dirt and stains like traditional sponges, either. It's also anti-microbial, so you know your dishes are truly getting clean.

47. These Clips That Will Keep Your Cords Organized

No more searching through that tangle of cords on the floor when you grab a pack of these clip organizers. A set comes with six tiny, but extremely useful, organizers. To use, just pull off the back sticker and attach to any surface. Then clip in your cord, so you'll always know where it is when you need it.

48. These Hangers That Save You Major Closet Space

The makers of these compact hangers know there's nothing more coveted than closet space. Here's how they work: Start by hanging up to five articles of clothing in your closet along the bar; then remove one hook so your clothes are vertically layered, yet still safe and wrinkle-free. This set comes with 10 of these compact hangers — so get ready to save a ton of space.

49. These Cedar Disks That Make Your Home Smell Fresh

If you'd love to bring the scent of the great outdoors into your home, these cedar disks are the way to do it. They come in a pack of 30 small disks, and each one is cut from 100% natural American red cedar, which smells woodsy and fresh. Cedar is also a natural odor absorber, so place these disks in closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, trunks, and even garbage cans. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.