49 Amazon Products That Reviewers Say Are The Best Purchase They’ve Ever Made

People may love Amazon for its Prime two-day shipping, but if there's one brilliant feature that shouldn't go unnoticed, it's the thousands upon thousands of reviews on products by verified users. In the old days, we were forced to buy a product, cross our fingers that it would be great, then bury it in the back of a closet when it turned out to be less than stellar — but with all the highly-reviewed products on Amazon, you know whether or not it's worth the money before you even think about clicking "add to cart."

And unlike other online retailers, the reviewers on Amazon tend to be pretty honest, so you know exactly what you're getting. Plus, a lot of them have hundreds or thousands of reviews — so you can get a pretty good idea of what you're purchasing before you take it home. That way, the only surprise you'll get is just how much you love your new gadget or device.

Whether it's a rotating cosmetic organizer or a WiFi extender that gives the wireless in your house a boost, these brilliant four- and five-star products on Amazon are some of the best purchases people have ever made.

Entertainment — 49 Amazon Products That Reviewers Say Are The Best Purchase They’ve Ever Made

1. A Serum That Helps Heal And Soothe Blemishes

TruSkin Naturals Clear Skin Serum, $25, Amazon

Persistent acne and blemishes can put a damper on any day, so try clearing your skin with the TruSkin Naturals clear skin serum. Made with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and tea tree oil to improve your skin's health, this serum helps to fade the appearance of acne scars while working to soothe and heal any current blemishes. And because it's incredibly gentle, people with sensitive skin can use it as well.


2. The Organizer That Fits Right Under Your Sink

Simple Houseware Expandable Shelf Organizer, $21, Amazon

The space underneath your sink can be difficult to organize, but the Simple Houseware expandable shelf organizer is designed to maximize all the space underneath your sink regardless of any piping. Each organizer can expand from 15 to 25 inches wide, and the height can be adjusted from 2, 9, and 13 inches tall — depending on your needs. And because the shelf panels are made from stainless steel, this organizer will last for years to come.


3. A Shampoo That Helps You Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo, $12, Amazon

Made with rosemary, green tea, and mulberry root extract, the Maple Holistics biotin shampoo helps promote hair growth and prevents hair breakage — and just might leave your hair thicker than before. Unlike other shampoos in the same category, the biotin in this formula works to reduce the amount of hair you naturally shed while simultaneously clearing any dihydrotestosterone (the androgen that causes your hair to thin) off of your scalp, and people with all hair types can use it. One reviewer writes: " It doesn't work overnight, but it works, I am still on my first bottle. I have short hair and wash it twice a week. You must use it if you want it to work. My friends can not believe how much fuller my hair is! It is truly amazing! I would highly recommend this shampoo for thinning hair!"


4. The Gadget That Keeps Your Coffee Warm All Day

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, $13, Amazon

Coffee is almost undrinkable when it's cold, so instead of wasting time brewing a fresh batch try out the Mr. Coffee mug warmer. This 17-watt mug heater is great for keeping your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm, and because it's small and lightweight at less than 1 pound, you can easily toss it into your bag or purse to use while you're on-the-go.


5. A Set Of Packing Cubes That Save Your Space In Your Luggage

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, $40 (4 Pack), Amazon

You want to get the most out of your luggage when traveling, so save yourself some space with the Gonex compression packing cubes so you can pack even more efficiently — and get some more clothes in there, too. Each order comes with five cubes of varying sizes (plus one laundry bag), and the ventilated mesh design ensures that your clothes won't come out with that musty cargo hold smell. The nylon fabric is durable and ensures that these cubes won't rip or tear, and the handles mean you can even use these cubes as stand-alone bags.


6. The Gloves That Protect Your Hand From Accidental Cuts

Stark Safe Cut-Resistant Gloves, $10, Amazon

Whether you're clumsy or just always find yourself cutting your hand when you're prepping food, the Stark Safe cut-resistant gloves will keep your fingers protected. Made from an anti-cut material that's four times stronger than leather, these gloves will fit hands of all sizes, and even help keep your hands from becoming overly sweaty while wearing them — because the premium material allows for maximum breathability when wearing them.


7. A Medicated Patch That Helps Heal Your Acne

Rael Pimple Healing Patch (Pack of 4), $16, Amazon

Hydrocolloid helps soak up the gunk from whiteheads and popped zits, which is why the COSRX pimple master patch helps to get rid of inflammation overnight. This patch helps heal your breakouts by first protecting the inflamed skin from any further irritants, then it absorbs all the toxins out of your pores. And because this patch comes in three different sizes, it doesn't matter how big that pimple is — there's a patch that'll fit.


8. The Ergonomic Mat That Helps Reduce Fatigue While Standing

Gorilla Grip Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat, $31, Amazon

Whether you're at the stove or your desk, the Gorilla Grip anti-fatigue comfort mat can help alleviate any pain or fatigue that would normally come from standing for long periods of time. Made with extra-thick foam that's almost an inch thick, this mat helps to eliminate pressure points in your joints to keep you comfortable, and since it's made from waterproof material, you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth.


9. A Dish Drying Rack That Fits Snugly Over Your Sink

Surpahs Over-The-Sink Dish Drying Rack, $23, Amazon

Great for any kitchen with limited counter space, the Surpahs over-the-sink dish drying rack is made from high-end silicone-coated steel that's nonslip, durable, and even resistant to rust! Unlike other dish drying racks, this one is also heat-resistant enough that it can be used as a trivet for hot pots and pans, and because it fits over your sink you don't have to worry about any stagnant water growing bacteria.


10. The Dish Brush That Dispenses Soap As You Scrub

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush, $13, Amazon

It doesn't matter how burnt the bottom of the pan is, the OXO soap dispensing brush's durable nylon bristles are strong enough to scrub away any stubborn bits of leftover food while simultaneously being soft enough that they won't scratch your cookware. You can also dispense soap from the center of the brush with the press of a button, and the non-slip grip handle is super comfortable to work with.


11. A Stool That Helps Relax Your Colon For Easy Movements

Squatty Potty Original Toilet Stool, $20, Amazon

All potential poop jokes aside, I've tried the Squatty Potty original toilet stool and it really does work. This stool elevates your feet to a height of 7 inches so that your colon unkinks and fully relaxes, allowing you to use the bathroom easily without straining. Able to handle weights up to 350 pounds, the squatty potty works with any standard or comfort-height toilet. This incredible review just might sum it up: "I love this so much I started gifting it to people thru Amazon Prime while I was drunk at the bar."


12. The Gadget That Cuts Grapes Safely And Easily

OXO Grape Cutter, $10, Amazon

Whether it's for a special occasion or an everyday lunch, the OXO grape cutter can slice seedless grapes and grape tomatoes into quarters without any risk of cutting you in the process. This slicer uses serrated blades to pierce through fruit skins, and the non-slip plunger top keeps your fingers at a safe distance from the blades. Great for kids and adults alike, it's also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


13. A Garment Steamer You Can Take With You While Traveling

URPOWER Garment Steamer, $25, Amazon

Wrinkled clothes on a business trip or vacation isn't exactly ideal, so keep your clothes looking fresh with the URPOWER garment steamer. This portable travel steamer only weighs 1.2 pounds and is less than 10 inches tall, so you can easily bring it with you in your suitcase while traveling — and the 130 milliliter water tank can run for up to 10 minutes of continuous steaming.


14. The Odor- And Stain-Remover With Over 5,500 Positive Reviews

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co Professional Strength Odor And Stain Eliminator, $48, Amazon

With so many positive four- and five-star reviews, the Rocco & Roxie Supply Co professional strength odor and stain eliminator truly lives up to the hype. This cleaner gets rid of everything from pet urine and feces to vomit and blood by using enzymes to eat away at the bacteria that causes odors until they are completely gone — and because it's free from any chlorines or hazardous propellants, you can safely use it around pets and children. Over 6,000 reviewers say this product "crushes the competition."


15. A Carpet Gripper That Works On Any Type Of Floor

X-Protector Rug Grippers, $14 (8 Pack), Amazon

You can only use a strip of double-sided rug tape once, but the X-Protector rug grippers are reusable — and their stickiness can be renewed if you ever want to move your rug. These for any shape of rug on any type of hard floor, and if you choose to use them outside, they work as anti-curling pads. Many Amazon reviewers even noted how quickly these grippers attached to their rugs, and that their carpets stayed put without any movement at all. These are majorly helpful in preventing slips and falls.


16. A Hair Dryer That Uses Ionic Technology To Tame Frizz

Conair 3-In-1 Styling Hair Dryer, $14, Amazon

Three different styling attachments come included with the Conair three-in-one styling hair dryer: a comb, bristle brush, and detangling comb. Unlike competing hair dryers, this one is great for worldwide travel since it has dual voltage, and since it's less than 8 inches tall, it can easily fit into your suitcase without taking up much space. The ionic technology helps keep any frizz under control, and the two different heat settings allow you to choose whichever is most effective for your hair.


17. A Foot Cushion That Helps Absorb Shock For Your Knees

Foot Petals Gel Foot Cushions, $6, Amazon

Not only do they prevent your feet from sliding forward, but the Foot Petals gel foot cushions also absorb shock from the ball of your foot, which in turn helps prevent the knee and joint pain you can get from walking in heels. Virtually invisible from the outside of your shoes, these cushions take it one step further by eliminating unwanted toe-scrunch and overhang that can also happen with open-toed shoes.


18. The Hydrating Cream Loaded With Shea Butter

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $30, Amazon

One of the key ingredients in the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream is colloidal oatmeal, which is a great way to relieve itching and irritation from eczema and other skin conditions. This hydrating cream also uses vitamin-rich shea butter and other essential fatty acids to deeply nourish your skin all over the face or body, while antioxidant boosters like licorice root and white tea protect you from environmental irritants. It's a highly nourishing cream for extremely dry or sensitive skin.


19. A Pair Of Compression Socks That Promote Blood Circulation

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks, $14, Amazon

Great for both men and women alike, the Physix Gear Sport compression socks are double-stitched with antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric so that your feet stay clean and dry no matter how hard you're working. These socks not only help promote blood circulation in your legs, but they can also provide relief from varicose veins and other swelling ailments. And because they're made from durable Lycra, these socks are made to last. Reviewers swear they're great for long flights or days spent on your feet.


20. The Glue That's Moldable So You Can Use It In Practically Any Situation

Sugru Original Moldable Glue, $20, Amazon

Unlike traditional glues, the Sugru original moldable glue bonds permanently to almost anything by transforming into a strong, silicone rubber after a few hours. Great for DIY projects both inside and outside since it's waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, and electrically-insulating, this glue can also be used to mount and hang objects up to 4.4 pounds in weight without needing to drill. It can also fix frayed phone cords.


21. A Drain Protector That Collects Hair Before It Hits Your Pipes

TubShroom Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Whereas traditional plugs fit overtop of your drain, the TubShroom drain protector fits neatly inside so that it can collect any stray hairs before they wind up clogging your pipes. When it's time to clean it, all you have to do is take a paper towel and wipe the hair out — no chemicals, plumbers, or snaking required. And you don't need to worry about taking any complicated measurements, because the TubShroom fits in any standard bathtub or sink drain.


22. The Organizer That Slips Easily Into Your Bag Or Purse

ZTUJO Bag Organizer Insert, $18, Amazon

Made from sturdy felt cloth that won't rip or tear with use, the ZTUJO bag organizer insert fits into most bags and purses so that you can stay organized with a slew of pockets to store items in. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "everything is so organized, so I am no longer digging around to find my keys and other small items" — and with 13 different colors to choose from, you won't have to settle for something that doesn't match your bag. Reviewers also love how durable this particular option feels.


23. A Gadget That Easily Chops Food With The Pull Of A Handle

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Chop Chop, $27, Amazon

All you have to do is pull the handle on the Kuhn Rikon swiss chop chop, and whatever ingredients you have sitting inside the bowl will immediately be sliced and diced into convenient pieces without electricity or batteries. The sharp blades are made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time, and because the base is non-slip, you won't have to worry about this chopper getting away from you while in use.


24. The Splatter Guard That Keeps Your Microwave Looking Clean

ROSERAIN Microwave Splatter Guard, $10, Amazon

Able to fit practically any standard plate, this microwave splatter guard protects the inside of your microwave from any messes that microwaved food can make. The high-domed cover has a vented steam release that ensures your food doesn't become soggy while cooking, and the built-in handle makes removing the cover without burning yourself incredibly easy. Unlike other splatter guards, this one is also completely BPA-free.


25. The Hair Mask That Uses Green Tea And Sage To Soothe Your Scalp

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Mask, $13, Amazon

Dry, damaged hair can be difficult to mend, which is why the ArtNaturals argan oil hair mask uses a combination of wheat, oat, and quinoa proteins to strengthen your hair shafts as the argan oil add a needed dose of hydration. Unlike other moisturizing hair masks, this one takes it a step further by using green tea, sage, and ivy extracts to soothe any irritation on your scalp. It's also sulfate-, paraben, and cruelty-free.


26. The Laces That Turn Your Shoes Into Slip-Ons

Lock Laces Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces, $21 (3 Pack), Amazon

Any pair of shoes with laces can be turned into slip-ons with the Lock Laces elastic no-tie shoelaces. These laces conform to the shape of your foot so that your shoes stay snug on your feet, and the additional compression even helps to promote blood circulation and reduce pressure points in your feet. One size fits both kid and adult shoes, and with over 2,000 positive four- and five-star reviews you can rest assured these laces are quality.


27. A Travel Pillow Designed To Keep Your Head From Nodding While You Sleep

Trtl Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Whereas traditional travel pillows allow your head to bounce, the Trtl travel pillow is ergonomically-designed to support your head and keep it steady so you can sleep soundly without being disturbed. The super-soft fleece makes this lightweight travel pillow more comfortable than competing inflatable pillows, and since it works more like a wrap, you can easily adjust how tight or loose you have the fit.


28. The Device That Extends The Reach Of Your WiFi

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender, $60, Amazon

Having spotty WiFi can be a nightmare, so grab the NETGEAR range extender instead and save yourself the stress. This extender allows for dual-band WiFi up to 750 megabits per second, and if you use both bands at once you can get super-clear HD video when you're streaming or playing games. One Amazon reviewer even raved that this extender now allows them to stream videos outside on the deck of her home!


29. An Exfoliating Gel That Uses Vitamins To Brighten Your Skin

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel, $14, Amazon

Dead skin can leave your face looking flaky, so exfoliate it all away with the Dr. G brightening peeling gel. This gel uses vitamins C and E to brighten up your complexion, while black willow extract clears out your pores. Unlike other exfoliating gels, this one uses cellulose, honey, and hollyhock to deliver a refreshing dose of moisture, and it's even safe for people with sensitive skin. Best of all? It'll literally ball up the dead skin right in front your eyes.


30. The Adjustable Measuring Cup That Saves You Space

OXO Adjustable Measuring Cup, $12, Amazon

Keeping a set of clunky measuring cups in your kitchen takes up way more space than the OXO adjustable measuring cup, which has a knob that lets you adjust how much you'd like to measure out. The silicone disk on the inside of the cup works like a squeegee so that your food don't get stuck, and unlike other measuring cups this one can hold up to 2 cups' worth of ingredients. The push-up motion also means sticky ingredients like honey or molasses are easier to pour out.


31. A Car Phone Mount That Features Three Different Positions

Vansky 3-In-1 Car Phone Mount, $10, Amazon

Whereas most car phone mounts only allow you to secure your phone to the dashboard or vent, the Vansky three-in-one car phone mount gives you three positions to choose from: attach your phone to the windshield for elevated viewing, to your dashboard vents, or to the top of the dashboard itself. Zero tools are required for installation, and the 360-degree rotation allows you to get the optimal viewing angle no matter how you're seated — and it even works with any smartphone between 3.5 and 7 inches wide.


32. The Screen Cleaner Kit That Works On All Types Of Devices

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit, $17, Amazon

Whether you've got a dirty television, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or more, the Screen Mom screen cleaner kit will get your device looking like it's almost brand-new. This cleaner's formula is plant-based and uses no ammonia or potentially harmful phosphates — and because each spray costs less than a penny, it's also a great bargain when compared to more expensive sprays that won't last as long. And because it's a screen cleaning kit, there's even an extra-large microfiber cloth included with every order.


33. A Reusable Lint Roller That's Chic And Discrete

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Why carry a bulky lint roller around with you when you could grab the Flint reusable lint roller instead? This cute lint roller is a chic rose gold color, and since the sticky part is retractable, it won't mess up any of the other items in your bag if you decide to carry it with you for those emergency lint situations. Each refill comes with 30 extra sticky sheets, and each sheet is made with 100 percent recycled paper, so you can feel environmentally-friendly while you nix all that fuzz.


34. A Set Of Drawer Dividers That Are Sturdy Yet Collapsible

Sorbus Foldable Drawer Dividers, $15 (4 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're trying to organize shirts, underwear, socks, ties, or more, the Sorbus foldable drawer dividers are lightweight so they're easy to install (no tools required) yet sturdy so that they won't collapse when stuffed to the brim. Each divider is made with mold- and moisture-resistant non-woven fabric that can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that these dividers have saved her money because "I now find things I could not see before. I discovered that I don't need to buy items because I already have them!"


35. The Makeup Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

Jerrybox Rotating Makeup Organizer, $21, Amazon

I keep my makeup in a drawer, but I'm constantly feeling around in the back for little products that have gotten lost -- which is why I just clicked "Buy Now" on the Jerrybox rotating makeup organizer. This organizer rotates a full 360 degrees so that you can easily find and store your beauty products, and since the shelves are adjustable you can make it so that even taller bottles will fit. The shelves are made from thick, durable plastic so that they won't bend under the weight of your cosmetics, and since the whole thing disassembles easily it's very simple to clean.


36. A Facial Brush That Vibrates To Get Rid Of Stubborn Dirt

MS. DEAR Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, $20, Amazon

Made from soft medical-grade silicone that won't irritate even sensitive skin, the MS. DEAR sonic facial cleansing brush's vibration speed can be adjusted to whatever is the most comfortable for you, and because it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it's great to take with you while traveling. As an added bonus, the bristles on this cleansing brush vary in size from small to large so that you can even use it as a massager on the back of your neck.


37. The Tooth Powder That Whitens Your Teeth

The Dirt All-Natural Tooth Powder, $25, Amazon

If you're looking to avoid the chemicals found in traditional toothpastes, try The Dirt all-natural tooth powder instead. This tooth powder has no xylitol, fluoride, gluten, or soy, and instead uses natural ingredients like baking soda and organic nutmeg to give your teeth a gentle yet effective clean. Each order lasts for three months or more, and many Amazon reviewers reported seeing "a huge, noticeable difference in the color of my teeth" after just one use.


38. A Spray That Eliminates Bathroom Odors Before They Happen

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $10, Amazon

All you have to do is spray the Poo-Pourri before-you-go toilet spray prior to using the bathroom, and any odors you might not want others smelling are eliminated before they hit the air. Non-toxic and formulated with essential oils, each bottle of this toilet spray lasts for up to 100 uses. They're also safe for the septic, and come in a few tantalizing scents.


39. The Scale For Your Luggage That Helps You Pack When Traveling

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale, $10, Amazon

You could choose to gamble with whether or not your bag is overweight, or you could know for sure with the AmazonBasics digital luggage scale. This luggage scale can hold up to 110 pounds, and the digital display can switch between both pounds and kilograms depending on your preference. The metal clasp won't warp even under heavy loads, and it'll save you a lot of fees and trouble at the airpot.


40. A Portable Charger That Can Charge Your iPhone Five Times

RAVPower Portable Charger, $34, Amazon

You never know when your phone will die on you, so keep your devices going with the RAVPower portable charger whenever you aren't near an outlet. This portable charger can charge an iPhone five times, an iPad Air once, or a Galaxy S8 three times. Fully charging the battery bank in this charger only takes about nine hours, and unlike other portable chargers it can even charge two devices at once!


41. The Travel Mug That's Spill-Resistant

Ello Ceramic Travel Mug, $15, Amazon

Whether you're drinking hot coffee or water, the Ello ceramic travel mug is unlikely to spill any of it since it's made with a friction-fit slider lid that's leak- and spill-resistant. The silicone bottom of this travel mug helps absorb shock so that it won't crack, and it's completely top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Amazon reviewers even noted how it "keeps drinks warm for a decent amount of time."


42. A Convenient Device That Cooks Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $21, Amazon

If you were to prepare each ingredient in your breakfast sandwich separately, you'd be making way more mess for yourself than you would with the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. You can make sandwiches using small bagels, biscuits, or muffins, and because all the parts are both removable as well as dishwasher-safe, cleaning up after you are done cooking is a breeze.


43. The Fryer That Cooks Your Favorite Foods With No Splattering Oil

GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer, $80, Amazon

Baking food doesn't give it the same crunch as frying does, though it's significantly safer than risking being splattered with oil — so find the middle ground between the two with the GoWISE USA electric air fryer. This air fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast your food with very little or no oil. There are even eight cooking presets so you can get perfectly crispy fries or medium-rare steak, and it can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for thorough cooking.


44. A Bowl That Forces Your Dog To Eat Slowly

Outward Hound Slow-Feed Dog Bowl, $13, Amazon

Eating too fast can leave your dog with digestion problems, which is why the Outward Hound slow-feed dog bowl forces them to take their time. Featuring a non-slip base that won't go sliding across the floor as your dog eats, the large version of this bowl can hold up to 4 cups of kibble. One reviewer writes: "This is an amazing bowl for food hogs like mine."


45. The Tray That Turns Your Steering Wheel Into A Desk

Zonetech Steering Wheel Tray, $14, Amazon

Whether you're typing a few last lines in a proposal or eating a quick lunch while on-the-go, the Zonetech steering wheel tray is a great way to turn the driver's seat of your car into a functional desk. Made with durable plastic that won't crack, this steering wheel tray has holders so that you can avoid spills while eating, and when you're done, it fits neatly into almost any pouch attached to the back of the seats.


46. A Cold Brew System That Delivers Smooth, Cold Coffee

Toddy Cold Brew System, $35, Amazon

Throwing ice cubes into a cup of coffee won't deliver the same, smooth cup of brew that the Toddy cold brew system gives you. This coffee maker uses regular coffee beans to make coffee with less acid than it would have with hot-brewing methods, and the coffee concentrate you make can stay fresh for up to two weeks without any noticeable flavor changes. Each order includes one brewing container, one glass decanter with lid, two reusable filters, and one rubber stopper.


47. The Derma Roller That Saves You Money On Expensive Facial Treatments

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller, $20, Amazon

You could pay an arm and a leg for a professional treatment, or you could save yourself time and money with the Sdara Skincare derma roller. This roller helps exfoliate your face, forehead, neck, nose, and even your abdomen so that you're not stuck clogging your complexion with dead skin cells. Many Amazon reviewers also commented that they were able to see noticeable results in just two weeks. One reviewer sums it up: "The theory is that the tiny wounds caused by the needles encourage your body to produce collagen in that area. My skin seems more firmed and hydrated."


48. A Keychain That Doubles As An iPhone Charging Cable

Nkomax Key Chain iPhone Charger, $10, Amazon

It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it — which is why the Nkomax key chain iPhone charger is such a great buy. This convenient iPhone charger clips anywhere you'd put a normal keychain, and the lightning port works with the iPhone 5 and newer. And because the cable is too short to get tangled, you won't have to waste any time dealing with annoying knots and kinks.


49. The Massage Tool That Targets Pressure Points In Your Back

Body Back Self-Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

You could shell out the big bucks for a professional massage, or you could use the Body Back self-massage tool for a fraction of the cost. This tool has 11 therapy knobs that target the pressure points in your back to relieve any pain or soreness, and because it's made from high-density polyethylene you won't have to worry about it accidentally breaking under pressure. And because it only weighs 1.25 pounds, this massage tool is great for anyone.

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