49 Amazon Products That Reviewers Say Are The Best Purchase They’ve Ever Made

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People may love Amazon for its Prime two-day shipping, but if there's one brilliant feature that shouldn't go unnoticed, it's the thousands upon thousands of reviews on products by verified users. In the old days, we were forced to buy a product, cross our fingers that it would be great, then bury it in the back of a closet when it turned out to be less than stellar — but with all the highly-reviewed products on Amazon, you know whether or not it's worth the money before you even think about clicking "add to cart."

And unlike other online retailers, the reviewers on Amazon tend to be pretty honest, so you know exactly what you're getting. Plus, a lot of them have hundreds or thousands of reviews — so you can get a pretty good idea of what you're purchasing before you take it home. That way, the only surprise you'll get is just how much you love your new gadget or device.

Whether it's a rotating cosmetic organizer or a WiFi extender that gives the wireless in your house a boost, these brilliant four- and five-star products on Amazon are some of the best purchases people have ever made.

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