48 Products On Amazon That Are Albert Einstein-Level Genius

Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity — which is definitely impressive — but this knowledge may or may not impact your day-to-day routine. On the other hand, you may experience a significant daily improvement due to these genius products quickly gaining popularity on Amazon. Much like Einstein's inventions, they're unique, innovative, and geared toward optimizing your time.

This "father of modern physics" was also one of the first to popularize the practice of dressing in the same outfit every day in order to focus on more important decisions. Similarly, these gadgets are designed to maximize your efficiency and quickly finish all those little odd jobs (like chopping the salad or perfecting your eyeliner). That way, you can focus on your larger purpose, too, whether that's string theory, dark matter, or getting out the door on time.

If Einstein was alive today, he probably would have been on board with some of these brilliant products, like a clever bottle that helps you reach your water-intake goals, or this single hair tool that straightens and curls at the same time. In short, these 48 clever inventions solve your random, annoying problems, and up until now, they're solutions that may have been missing from your life. Thankfully, this list has plenty to spare.

Lifestyle — 48 Products On Amazon That Are Albert Einstein-Level Genius

1. These Light Bulbs That Sense You When You're Approaching

Aukora Dusk To Dawn Security Light Bulb, $18 (2 Pack), Amazon

Equipped with infrared motion sensors that illuminate from up to 10 feet away, these bulbs can help make the environment around your house safer and easier to navigate. They also incorporate a dawn-to-dusk sensor to light up your yard after dark, and since they utilize long-lasting LED bulbs and work outdoors, they're energy-efficient and can be screwed into any fixture.


2. The Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Drink

ICEWATER 3-In-1 Smart Water Bottle, $20, Amazon

Equipped with various bells and whistles, this rechargeable water bottle glows to remind you to stay hydrated — and the color-changing light cycles through five hues to really motivate your hydration goals. Crafted from durable, BPA-free Tritan, it also boasts a wireless Bluetooth speaker with clear sound and built-in buttons; that way, you can play and control your music while you're out hiking, at the pool, or on the go.


3. This Hands-Free Book Light That Features Adjustable Brightnesses

Singhong LED Neck Book Light, $14, Amazon

Designed in a U-shape so that it can be worn around the neck, this light is made out of flexible silicone for hands-free operation. With three lighting modes and two different kinds of LED lamps, you can choose the ideal illumination settings for all your essential tasks — like reading, crafting, or even walking the dog at night.


4. The Three-In-One Ring That's A Vent Mount, Stand, And Finger Grip

Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder, $15, Amazon

For screen accessibility on the go, this ring-style smartphone mount clips onto most car vents so you can see your phone's navigation while you drive. That said, it can also be used as a hands-free stand for watching movies and as a finger grip while you're texting or taking selfies. Get it in your choice of four different metallic finishes.


5. This Outlet Shelf That Instantly Adds To Your Storage Space

LEDES Power Perch, $9, Amazon

Designed to help keep your space tidy and create a little extra storage where there was none, this outlet shelf can be mounted over any standard outlet — plus it comes with two types of covers for various plug styles. Since it's capable of holding up to 7 pounds, it can provide a place to charge all your electronics and house your small devices, like lamps, diffusers, and digital assistants.


6. A Smart Plug That Helps You Control Your Home From Anywhere

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug, $16, Amazon

Use the free Kasa app and this smart plug to manage your household electronics from anywhere in the world. You can curb your energy costs, repel burglars, set the lights to timers, and turn off appliances once you've already left — with this brilliant device, you get peace of mind and total control simultaneously.


7. This Light-Blocking Sleep Mask With Bluetooth Headphones Built Right In

Homder Sleep Headphone Eye Mask, $26, Amazon

Thanks to microfiber fleece on the outside and a breathable poly-cotton blend on the inside, this eye mask not only blocks all light from reaching the eyes, but also contains Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to music and podcasts while you drift off to sleep. The speakers' position is adjustable as needed (as is the size of the eye mask), and one charge provides eight hours of listening time.


8. This Sleek Disk That Charges A Wide Variety Of Smartphones

Yootech Wireless Charger, $13, Amazon

With temperature control, surge prevention, and short-circuit protection, this wireless charger is a serious upgrade from messy cables and fragile plugs. It's suitable for iPhone 8 and iPhone X models as well as a number of Android smartphones. This gadget can even charge through cases of up to 4 millimeters; an indicator light on the device will tell you that it's working.


9. Form, Seal, And Store Your Burgers With This Innovative Press

Shape+Store Burger Master, $26, Amazon

The hexagonal design of this burger press separates the chop meat (or soup, leftovers, and rice) into equal, 4-ounce servings — and after just a few seconds, you'll have eight perfectly-formed patties that are ready to grill, broil, or freeze. Since the tray is made from BPA-free silicone, it's flexible, easy to clean in the dishwasher, and effortlessly stacks on top of other things to optimize space in the freezer.


10. This Genius Hair Tool That Both Straightens And Curls

RIRGI 2 In 1 Hair Iron, $50, Amazon

Switch from curling your hair to straightening it with just a flick of your wrist. The RIRGI hair iron offers the ultimate in versatility to get you out the door quickly. The unit's balanced, floating plates provide even eating and move when you do — plus the curved edges are ideal for curls and won't snag your hair. It's also fitted with a 360-degree swivel cord (just like the pro models), and while it heats quickly in 15 seconds, it also has an automatic shut-off for safety.


11. This Bowl That Chops All Your Salad Ingredients At Once

WEBSUN Salad Cutter Bowl, $10, Amazon

Put your greens, veggies, and garnishes in this unique bowl, put the lid on, flip it over, and start slicing. Then rotate and repeat. That's how easy it is to get a restaurant-style salad in just minutes — and you can even use the bowl for rinsing your produce thanks to the slots. Since it's made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and 100-percent food-grade materials, it's easy to use and clean.


12. This Flexible Travel Pillow So You Can Personalize Your Support

Arc4Life Travel Neck Pillow, $24, Amazon

Thanks to its flexible interior and use-anywhere design, this travel pillow is nothing if not versatile. It's crafted from high-quality memory foam and engineered in a way that lets you twist and shape it into whatever configuration best suits your needs — whether you're traveling or just watching Netflix at home. The plush cotton cover even comes off so it can be machine-washed.


13. A Laundry Accessory That Practically Makes Folding A Game

BoxLegend Folding Board, $26, Amazon

According to reviewers, this genius board actually "makes folding clothes more fun." It's also so easy to use, you can even ask your kids to help and still end up with perfectly-folded garments. Just three steps and three seconds fold any article of clothing into a neat and consistent square, so your clothes look tidy and store compactly. It's crafted from durable material and features a hole so it can hang out of the way in your laundry room.


14. This Stainless Steel "Soap" That Removes Odors From Your Hands

ROPTO Stainless Steel Soap, $9, Amazon

Rub away all those unwanted odors with this soap. It's crafted from stainless steel, which is filled with negatively-charged molecules that bind to the sulfur in garlic, onions, and fish. Rub your hands on the bar under a stream of water, and these molecules detach from your hands so they don't smell anymore. Reviewers say this soap is a "must-have" for any avid cook and makes for a practical, unique gift.


15. Keep Your Clothing And Housewares In Top Shape With This Defuzzing Device

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $13, Amazon

Maintain and extend the life of your clothes and upholstery with the Conair fabric defuzzer. Ideal for sweaters and other knitwear, it features three depth-control settings to customize the distance of the blade, plus a large shaving head to remove lint and pilling over an extended area. Not only is it perfect for clothing, but you can also use it on your furniture, table linens, sheets, and blankets.


16. This Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier Disinfects Over 98 Percent Of Irritants

One Earth Health Air Purifier, $45, Amazon

Engineered to disinfect the air in a single room within just minutes, this little ozone-based machine quietly removes unwanted odors like smoke, perfume, and food smells. Germs and bacteria are also banished without harsh chemical sprays, — plus it consumes less energy than a light bulb and plugs into any free outlet.


17. Carry Up To 18 Keys With This Clever, Compact Tool

clips Smart Compact Key Holder, $18, Amazon

Carry up to 18 keys at once compactly and without them jingling all over the place. The clips key holder folds all of them together within a carbon-fiber structure that protects, stores, and organizes. A coin is all you need to assemble it — then you can twist out any individual key as needed.


18. This Device That Unclogs Pores Without Painful Extractions

VOYOR Suction Facial Pore Cleaner, $22, Amazon

When you extract pores with your fingernails, you may be risking inflammation, infection, and potential scarring. Instead, opt for this pore vaccuum, which uses suction to remove blockages and boost circulation. With three adjustable strengths and four interchangeable heads, this device provides a customized clean that's suitable for various skin types.


19. A Cooling Laptop Pad That Doubles As An Adjustable Stand

Havit Laptop Cooling Pad, $25, Amazon

With this two-in-one device, you get both a cooling pad and an ergonomic stand. It has three ultra-quiet fans to protect your laptop from overheating, as well as a height-adjustable platform that positions your computer at an ergonomic angle for typing. Lightweight and slim, it's easy to carry with you when traveling — plus it incorporates extra USB ports for added convenience.


20. This Motion-Sensing Strip Light That Provides Subtle Illumination In The Dark

WILLED Dimmable Motion Activated Light, $18, Amazon

Navigate around in the dark without waking the rest of the house. These motion-activated lights feature a dimmer system as well as your choice of timer settings. They provide enough light for you to see your way to the bathroom or into the kitchen, and they turn off again when you leave the space. Since they come in a 5-foot, self-adhering strip, these lights are also ideal for staircases, nurseries, and under-counter illumination.


21. This Liner With A Built-In Stamp For Easy, Matching Cat-Eyes

LA PURE Original Eyeliner Stamp, $13 (2 Pens), Amazon

Unlike traditional liner (which can require a ton of trial and error), La Pure eyeliner stamps are just a matter of press and done. The set comes with two double-sided pens, one for each eye, and is designed to craft perfect, consistent flicks every time. The formula itself is smudge-proof and water-resistant, so once you're done, you don't have to worry about your work disappearing.


22. This Special Towel That Removes Makeup Using Just Water

Life Miracle Nano Towel, $15, Amazon

One of my favorite Amazon finds, these makeup remover towels are so effective at getting your face clean with just water; the plush fibers remove build-up while also whisking away dirt and oil. (In other words, you don't need a cleanser, but adding your favorite products can make them even more effective.) Best of all, this cloth is much more eco-friendly than disposable, single-use face wipes.


23. This Light Therapy Wand That Targets Acne To Speed Up Healing

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $18, Amazon

Using red and blue light therapy to kill breakout-causing bacteria, the Neutrogena spot treatment is a targeted, non-irritating wand that's compact and travel-friendly. Its patent-pending design supposedly won't cause flaking, itching, or burning — plus it reduces inflammation and heals with the same technology you'd find in your dermatologist's office.


24. The Notebook That Syncs All Your Important Work To The Cloud

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook, $32, Amazon

Just draw or write in this reusable smart notebook and add one of several symbols to your work. Then hold your phone over each page; the Rocketbook app detects the symbol and automatically sends your work to the indicated destination. The 36 reusable pages wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the system is compatible with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.


25. An Effective Pest Repellent System With No Harmful Chemicals

POP VIEW Pest Repeller, $30 (4 Pack), Amazon

Using ultrasonic frequencies (which are inaudible to people and pets), these pest repellers keep spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and rodents away without the use of dangerous chemicals or traps. Simply plug them into your outlets and they're on the job; it's recommended that you place one in each room, specifically in spaces with infestations.


26. A Vacuum That's Ultra-Versatile For All Your Cleaning Needs

Eureka 3-In-1 Vacuum, $30, Amazon

Weighing in at just 4 pounds, this vacuum helps you keep a wide variety of spaces clean around the house. Its three-in-one functionality enables you to switch between a stick vac to clean your floors, a handheld to get those tight spaces, and a hybrid stair vacuum. It features swivel steering for easy maneuverability, and an 18-foot power cord so you can go anywhere.


27. This Cutting Board That Turns Into A Scoop With Just A Squeeze

Slap Chop Folding Plastic Cutting Board, $15 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Made from strong yet flexible material so it folds when you pick it up, this unique cutting board both allows you to prep your food and helps you transport it to the cooking vessel. The scoop-style design guides food to where it's going without spills or messes, and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


28. This Stand With A Long Gooseneck So You Can View Your Devices In Any Position

MAGIPEA Convertible Device Holder, $11, Amazon

The strong yet flexible gooseneck on this device stand is made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy cord that's strong enough to flex any which way — plus the 30-inch length gives you a panoply of viewing angles. Use it watch movies on your smartphone or read on your tablet by clipping the clamp onto your counter, desktop, bed frame, or headboard; then watch in comfort and style.


29. The Memory Foam Pillow That Features A Layer Of Cooling Gel

TruContour Soft Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow, $40, Amazon

Do you find yourself constantly searching for the cool side of the pillow? If so, this pillow features a gel layer on one side so that cool spot is always right where you can find it. It's also crafted from medical-grade memory foam to provide support while cradling you in comfort; choose from either firm or soft, depending on how you prefer to sleep.


30. The Last Measuring Spoons You'll Ever Want To Use

KitchenArt Adjust-A-Spoon Measuring Spoons, $7 (2 Spoons), Amazon

Clean out your utensil drawer and consolidate all your tools with these KitchenArt adjustable measuring spoons; one measures tablespoons, one measures teaspoons. They're made from durable plastic, and you'll know your selected measurement is in place when you hear the click — plus they're suitable for both dry and liquid measures. These spoons are top-rack dishwasher safe, and the slider bar snaps off for a more thorough clean.


31. This Genius Zester That Can Do It All

Crisp 4-In-1 Zester, $10, Amazon

Peel, make large or fine zest, or create strands of garnish with this four-in-one zester for both in the kitchen and behind the bar. It features an ergonomic handle that has earned a patent for its unique, comfortable design; the blades are made from durable, long-lasting stainless steel to cut fast and accurately.


32. This Manual Chopper That Makes Short Work Of Prepping

SHOOF 4-In-1 Vegetable Chopper, $25, Amazon

You may decide to completely forego that expensive food processor when you get a look at this vegetable chopper. It slices, dices, spiralizes, creates matchsticks, minces — in short, everything you're looking for in a quick and easy food-prep tool. Stainless steel blades make short work of fruits and vegetables, while BPA-free silicone lining keeps your hands and your food safe.


33. An Ultra-Versatile Pair Of Tongs That Flip, Scoop, And Spoon

PROKITCHEN Kitchen Pro 101 Smart Tongs, $15 (Set Of 2), Amazon

You know these tongs are called "smart" for a reason: Crafted with a stainless steel frame and a heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone cradle, they're designed to scoop food from the prep bowl, flip it while it's in the skillet, and lift it out to drain. These multi-functional masterpieces can even help you lift drain pasta or pull fried foods out of hot oil. The set includes one small pair and one large pair.


34. This Bluetooth Stereo That Plugs Into Your Car's DC Port

Nulaxy Bluetooth Stereo Adapter, $18, Amazon

No Bluetooth in your car? No problem. Just plug this device into your cigarette lighter and you'll instantly be able to take calls and stream your favorite music and podcasts through your car's speakers. It's suitable for use in most vehicles, so you can move it back and forth from one to the other or take it with you when you get a rental for work.


35. This Two-In-One Steamer And Rice Maker That Cooks Your Whole Dinner

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker And Food Steamer, $18, Amazon

Cook anything from a simple batch of rice to a whole meal in this appliance; it's also ideal for soups, stews, and chili. Two levels enable you to whip up restaurant-quality rice while you steam veggies and meat on top — or you can put on a one-pot meal while you devote your attention elsewhere. You can even bake a cake in this gadget, bringing a whole new meaning to "set it and forget it."


36. The Lipstick-Sized Device That Removes Unwanted Hair

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

Zap those unwanted hairs without pain and without hassle using the Finish Touch remover; it's the perfect size to throw in your cosmetics bag for a touch-up anytime you need one, whether that's while traveling or right as you're hopping out of the car. The gold-plated head glides over your skin and removes the hairs as you make circular motions. Best of all, it's gentle enough that you could use it every day without irritation.


37. These Gloves That Protect You From Any Sharp Objects

DEX FIT Cut-Resistant Gloves, $12, Amazon

Crafted from high-performance polyethylene and infused with a touch of spandex for flexibility, these gloves will protect your hands from cuts and punctures while you're gardening, cooking, fishing, or tinkering. Despite the high-quality materials, they're lightweight to prevent hand fatigue, and you'll even be able to use your smartphone or computer touchscreen while wearing them — plus, they're machine washable for extended use.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

38. The Knife Holder That's Stylish And More Hygienic

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder, $30, Amazon

With no slits for water or debris to slip into, this knife holder is more hygienic than traditional knife blocks — and its attractive bamboo construction makes a statement on your counter. A high-strength magnet is built into the eco-friendly bamboo block so it holds your knives securely until you're ready to use them. Felt anti-skid pads on the bottom of the block ensure that it won't slide or wobble when you go to reach for a tool.


39. This Manual Spice Grinder That Dispenses Both Salt And Pepper

Loritada Manual Dual Salt And Pepper Grinder, $23, Amazon

Featuring adjustable coarseness settings, this grinder accommodates both salt and pepper in individually-sealed containers, all inside one stylish acrylic cylinder that's brushed with stainless steel. The manually-operated rotor mechanism is made from durable, non-corrosive ceramic so it's long-lasting, and it features a large, screw-off top and marked chambers that make refilling fast and easy.


40. This Wireless Doorbell That Works Anywhere In The House

SadoTech Wireless Doorbell, $17, Amazon

Why pay an electrician to do expensive wiring when you can get this wireless doorbell instead? It has an operating range of up to 500 feet, and its base station will sound your choice of 52 ringtones when pressed. These doorbells have been used to train dogs, silence classrooms, alert those in apartments to visitors, and ensure safety precautions for seniors and the disabled.


41. The Bowl That Lets You Handle Foods Straight Out Of The Microwave

Chef Buddy Handy Gourmet Cool Touch Microwave Bowl, $10, Amazon

Thanks to its three distinct layers (a ceramic inner bowl, a bowl holder, and lid), this set makes it possible to handle your food straight out of the microwave without the need for potholders and without burning your hands. Its 24-ounce capacity makes it versatile for preparing one-bowl meals, left-overs, and steamed vegetables; the lid is even ventilated to disperse the steam.


42. A Meat Thermometer That Also Works For Cake, Candy, And Sous Vide

SMARTRO Digital Meat Thermometer, $18, Amazon

Equipped with a backlit LCD touchscreen, this meat thermometer takes all the guess-work out of cooking meat — but it's great for so much more than that. While the foldable wired probe is perfect for burgers, BBQ, and turkey, it can also be used for baking, sous vide, and candy-making, since it can operate at temperatures from -58 to 482 degrees.


43. These Professional-Quality Screwdrivers In A Convenient Pocket Size

Bostitch Office Stanley 4-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

With two dual-headed bits that store conveniently in the handle, you get four precision screwdrivers that will always be as close as your pocket. Since the Bostitch Stanley comes in a set of two, you can keep one, and give the other to a friend or family member. The magnetic bits even attract and hold small screws, and they're lightweight for travel, too.


44. A Rotating Work Light That's Magnetic For Hands-Free Use

PowerFirefly Magnetic Rotating Work Light, $12, Amazon

The secret behind this ultra-powerful LED light is in its base, which is equipped with strong magnets that mount to any metal surface. It's great for emergency situations, like changing a tire by the side of the road — but you can also use it during nighttime grilling to ensure that your steaks are getting a good char. With a rotating head to adjust the beam, this light is a must-have for your emergency car kit, tool box, or garage.


45. This Shiatsu Foot Massager That Relaxes Tired, Achy Feet

Miko Foot Massager, $77, Amazon

Whether you suffer from painful conditions like plantar fasciitis or you're just on your feet all day, reviewers say that this shiatsu massager has helped with the aforementioned issues and more. By combining four heat modes and 18 massage nodes, it aims to improve circulation, stimulate pressure points, relieve muscle tightness, provide a gentle stretch, and create an all-over sense of relaxation.


46. The Device That Helps You Master A Super Trendy Cooking Technique

FEBOTE Sous Vide Cooker, $70, Amazon

Sous vide — a method of cooking that amplifies flavor and boosts tenderness by submerging a food-filled plastic bag in water — is currently enjoying a renaissance; you can get in on the trendy fun with this cooker that features a highly-accurate regulator and a clamp to fit virtually any cooking vessel. The timer can be set for up to 99 hours for the ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it convenience; it even comes with free bags.


47. You'll Get 50 Tools From This One Stainless Steel Wallet Card

Royal Lion 50-In-1 Credit Card Multi-Tool, $11, Amazon

Made from ultra-durable heat-treated stainless steel, this multi-tool is wallet-sized and weighs just 37 grams, but it still manages to pack a surprising punch. It supplies 50 tools including standard screw drivers, a ruler, and a bottle opener, not to mention more unusual gadgets like a protractor, bicycle spoke keys, a staple puller, and more. Forget Einstein — MacGyver would have loved this one.


48. This Genius Strainer That Fits Right Over The Can

Prepworks By Progressive Can Colander, $4, Amazon

How smart is this? Just snap this mini strainer right onto your open can; then hold the handles and flip it over. The liquid inside strains off, while the contents remain safely inside. Designed to fit most standard can sizes, this durable kitchen accessory is dishwasher-safe and has the added benefit of keeping your fingers far away from jagged metal edges.

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