48 Products On Amazon That Are Albert Einstein-Level Genius

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Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity — which is definitely impressive — but this knowledge may or may not impact your day-to-day routine. On the other hand, you may experience a significant daily improvement due to these genius products quickly gaining popularity on Amazon. Much like Einstein's inventions, they're unique, innovative, and geared toward optimizing your time.

This "father of modern physics" was also one of the first to popularize the practice of dressing in the same outfit every day in order to focus on more important decisions. Similarly, these gadgets are designed to maximize your efficiency and quickly finish all those little odd jobs (like chopping the salad or perfecting your eyeliner). That way, you can focus on your larger purpose, too, whether that's string theory, dark matter, or getting out the door on time.

If Einstein was alive today, he probably would have been on board with some of these brilliant products, like a clever bottle that helps you reach your water-intake goals, or this single hair tool that straightens and curls at the same time. In short, these 48 clever inventions solve your random, annoying problems, and up until now, they're solutions that may have been missing from your life. Thankfully, this list has plenty to spare.

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