48 Of The Most Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Over 1,000 Glowing Reviews

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Picture this: you're taking a stroll at the park and you see a tiny snail ever so slowly making his way along the sidewalk, carrying his shell house on his back, leaving a trail of gooey slime behind him. You stoop down, take a swipe of that slime with your finger, and massage it into your face. Yeah — you've probably never done that. In fact, you probably wouldn't even think of doing that, which is why a skin cream with snail mucus as its main ingredient just might be one of the most shocking products on Amazon. (Although, if you're a die-hard K-beauty fan, you're probably already hip to the fact that snail slime is a dream come true for skin.)

Before I scare you away, let me assure you that not all the products on this list contain elements as odd as snail slime. Most of them are simply "Aha! I'm glad this exists" products — like a massage cushion for your car seat so you can begin unwinding from the day on your commute home. Or a pair of yoga pants with a pocket so you can jog without having to hold your keys in your hand the whole time. And all these unusual products? They come backed by the reviews of thousands of people.

So go ahead and click through to get a look at these shocking — but ingenious — products.

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