48 Of The Most Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Over 1,000 Glowing Reviews

Picture this: you're taking a stroll at the park and you see a tiny snail ever so slowly making his way along the sidewalk, carrying his shell house on his back, leaving a trail of gooey slime behind him. You stoop down, take a swipe of that slime with your finger, and massage it into your face. Yeah — you've probably never done that. In fact, you probably wouldn't even think of doing that, which is why a skin cream with snail mucus as its main ingredient just might be one of the most shocking products on Amazon. (Although, if you're a die-hard K-beauty fan, you're probably already hip to the fact that snail slime is a dream come true for skin.)

Before I scare you away, let me assure you that not all the products on this list contain elements as odd as snail slime. Most of them are simply "Aha! I'm glad this exists" products — like a massage cushion for your car seat so you can begin unwinding from the day on your commute home. Or a pair of yoga pants with a pocket so you can jog without having to hold your keys in your hand the whole time. And all these unusual products? They come backed by the reviews of thousands of people.

So go ahead and click through to get a look at these shocking — but ingenious — products.

Entertainment — 48 Of The Most Shocking Products On Amazon That Have Over 1,000 Glowing Reviews

1. These Inserts That Help Your Boots Maintain Their Shape For Years To Come

Household Essentials Boot Shaper Form Inserts, $10 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Slip these boot shaper inserts into your favorite pair of boots to help maintain their shape and keep them from cracking or sagging. The flexible inserts work on any size boots and can be trimmed to fit any style: knee-high, calf, or ankle boots. There's even a loop at the top of the insert so you can hang your boots and keep them off the floor.


2. This Japanese Rice Washing Bowl

Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl, $7, Amazon

This rice washing bowl does a better job of washing rice than your basic wire strainer. The holes are extra-small, so even short grain sushi rice won't slip through. The small holes also mean the rice is in contact with the water longer, ensuring it gets properly rinsed. It also works great for that other tiny, tough-to-clean grain — quinoa.


3. A Tool That Strengthens Your Hands

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, $11, Amazon

This hand exerciser is great if you play sports that require a strong grip, play an instrument, or just need a way to release stress. The exerciser features four spring-loaded "keys" with 9 pounds of tension each. This reviewer says, "I use this exerciser to build up finger strength for guitar playing. Separate springs for each finger make this much better than other hand exercisers for developing strength in your smaller fingers." Use it to strengthen your hands, wrists, and forearms.


4. These Fast-Drying Dish Scrubbers That Are Better Than Sponges

Dish Scrubbies, $14 (5 Pack), Amazon

Trade in your old school sponges for these dish scrubbies. Made from polyester netting, they dry faster than regular kitchen sponges, which means bacteria doesn't get a chance to multiply and cause odor. The non-scratch scrubbies are also a great investment — they can be washed in the washing machine and used again and again. Plus, they're adorable, coming in cute shapes like lemon, watermelon, and berries.


5. This Lotion That Helps Clear Up Acne Fast

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, Amazon

It's a rule of thumb: pimples always show up the day before a big event where lots of pictures will be taken. That's why you'll want to keep this drying lotion on hand in your medicine cabinet. The lotion contains salicylic acid, zinc oxide, sulfur, and calamine. These ingredients work together to draw out impurities and soothe inflammation. Swab a little of this on a zit — and wake up with a clearer complexion.


6. This Fleece Throw Blanket That'll Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket, $16, Amazon

You know how great fleece lining in a jacket feels? Well you can get that in blanket form too. This flannel fleece blanket is lightweight, fluffy, and extra-soft. In other words, it's perfect for cozying up on the couch on cold winter days. The microfiber material won't shed, and it's safe to put in the washing machine. Choose from 16 colors like camel, washed blue, and burgundy.


7. A Portable Speaker That's The Size Of Your Hand

I-VOM Bass + Mini Portable Speaker, $17, Amazon

This mini portable speaker is about the size of the palm of your hand and weights a mere 5.9 ounces, so you can stash it in your purse and take it with you anywhere. And even though it's small, it delivers big sound. You can play up to 10 hours of music or podcasts on one charge, it delivers a full, 360-degree sound, and it's compatible with most phones, tablets, and computers.


8. A Skin Cream Made From Snail Extract

MIZON Snail Repair Ampoule, $17, Amazon

This snail repair ampoule is made from literal snail mucus, but don't freak out — snail mucus extract is actually amazing for your skin. It contains vitamin B5 and peptides that work to moisturize and brighten your skin, all while reducing the appearance of acne scars. The cream is extra-thick and sticky, so it seals in all those nourishing ingredients and works to protect your skin.


9. These Compression Socks That Relieve Pain And Look Cool

Treat My Feet Plantar Fasciitis Socks, $20, Amazon

Compression socks have a tendency to look heavy, but these checkered compression socks are an exception. They slip over your feet and deliver compression that helps boost circulation, reduce swelling, and relieve pain in the arch, heel, or ankle. They're ideal for athletes or anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions. They can be worn around the house, but they're also thin enough to wear with shoes.


10. This Coffee That Also Has Mushrooms In It

Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee, $12, Amazon

This mushroom coffee will give you next-level energy. Coffee (which is already glorious) is combined with two types of mushrooms: Lion's Mane mushrooms — which promote balanced energy and focus — and Chaga mushrooms to aid your immune system. (And no, the coffee doesn't taste like mushrooms.) Pour a little of this instant powdered coffee in hot water for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


11. A Laptop Stand That Helps Prevent Neck Pain

Neeto Adjustable Laptop Stand, $40, Amazon

Working on laptops can be hard on your neck since you're always tilting your head down to look at the screen. Save yourself from neck pain with this laptop stand: It's fully adjustable, ranging in height from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches, giving you versatility to use it while sitting at your desk, standing at your desk, or even working in bed. There's also a surface angle adjustment so you can tilt the stand for optimal screen-viewing. The stand is lightweigh but sturdy, and folds up for easy storage.


12. This Delicious Smelling Coffee Scrub That'l Wake Up Your Skin

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Coffee Scrub, $15, Amazon

As if drinking coffee weren't good enough, now you can put it on your skin with this coffee scrub. Caffeine is actually great for fading scars, keeping skin firm, and reducing the appearance of under-eye circles. The antioxidants found in coffee also work to protect skin from environmental damage. Besides coffee, the scrub contains exfoliating sea salts and moisturizing shea butter. Use it as a body or facial scrub, and one reviewer writes: "Best body scrub I've used ever. Makes my skin so soft and super moisterized that lotion is not needed at all!"


13. A Veggie Chopper For Effortless Guacamole Making

Chef'n VeggieChop Food Chopper, $19, Amazon

Want to know the easiest way to make fresh guacamole? Fill this food chopper with avocados, onions, tomato, and garlic, cover with a lid, and pull the cord. You'll have chip-ready guacamole in seconds. And the chopper works with all kinds of food, including fruit, veggies, boneless meats, and nuts. Put it to work for salsa, pesto, and hummus, too.


14. These Botanical-Infused Gel Socks

NatraCure Moisturizing Gel Socks, $15, Amazon

Slip these moisturizing gel socks on before bed for some intense, overnight foot hydration. The socks are infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter — all of which can help repair cracked heels and calloused feet. The five toe sleeves ensure that each toe gets maximum moisture benefits, and the socks fit women's shoe sizes 7-10 and can be machine-washed.


15. A Grabber So You Can Reach Things That Are Otherwise Out-Of-Your-Reach

Unger Nifty Nabber, $16, Amazon

The nifty nabber is a must for anyone who can't reach the top shelf. Extending up to 36 inches, the grabber is made from lightweight aluminum and features rubber grips that firmly grab whatever it is your after, without causing any damage. It even has a built-in magnet, so you can use it to pick up dropped coins or keys from tight spaces.


16. An Incredibly Soothing Heating Pad

Pure Enrichment King Size Heating Pad, $35, Amazon

Sometimes a regular-sized heating pad just doesn't cut it. This extra-large heating pad measures in at 24 inches wide, delivering maximum surface area soothing relief for sore muscles in your back, legs, and abdomen (hello, cramps). The pad has six adjustable heat settings and features both dry and moist heat therapy. At 9 feet, the cord is extra-long, and the soft micro-plush cover can be removed and machine-washed.


17. A Fast And Effective Teeth Whitening Kit

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Kit, $40, Amazon

If you're ready for something that's more effective than whitening strips, you might want to check out this teeth whitening kit. Each kit comes with mouth trays that mold to your teeth with heat. You then inject the trays with whitening gel and slip them on your teeth. The accelerator light uses futuristic light technology to speed up the whitening process, so you'll see results in as little as one day. The best part? Reviewers say it's easy on sensitive teeth.


18. This Incredibly Useful "Spoonula"

StarPack Silicone Spoonula, $9, Amazon

This spoonula and spatula hybrid is made from solid silicone which doesn't harbor bacteria and won't scratch up pans. The spatula is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, so it's perfect for scrambling eggs, and the flexible edges are great for scraping up the last remnants of batter or dressing in any mixing bowl. It's also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


19. An Infuser Water Bottle For Fruity And Flavorful Drinking

One Savvy Life Infusion Water Bottle, $17, Amazon

Want to make hydrating a little more flavorful? Use this infusion water bottle. Just fill the the perforated inner cylinder with cut-up fruit (berries and citrus are delicious) or herbs, then fill the rest of the bottle with water. The juice from the fruit will infuse the water, making for fresh, fruity sipping. The water bottle features a leak-proof silicone screw-on cap, so it won't spill all over everything if you stash it in your bag.


20. This Pan That Lets You Know When It's Done Pre-Heating

T-fal Anodized Titanium Pan, $33, Amazon

This heavy-duty titanium pan is pretty genius — it has a Thermo-Spot heat indicator that lets you know when the pan has been properly pre-heated. The pan is also coated in a titanium non-stick material that's resistant to scratching by kitchen utensils (even metal utensils). It's dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 400 degrees.


21. A Duffel Bag That Folds Up Into A Compact Square

bago Foldable Duffel Bag, $35, Amazon

Take this foldable duffel bag along on your next trip — it'll give you plenty of space to pack souvenirs from your travels. You can also use it as a lightweight replacement for your suitcase, as it weighs about 60 percent less than most luggage. The Honeycomb RipStop fabric resists wear and tear, and the two handle straps make it easy to carry around. There's even a separate compartment for dirty laundry or shoes.


22. An Ice Cream Tub That Fits Into Any Crowded Freezer

Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub, $15, Amazon

This ice cream tub is by far the best option when it comes to storing homemade ice cream. The super-slim tub is narrow enough to fit in even the most packed freezers. (It can even fit in the door shelf of your freezer.) The long profile also gives you more surface area so you can get a perfect, even scoop of mint chip every time. The tub also features a non-slip bottom that grips to the countertop while you scoop.


23. This Contraption That Stretches Your Feet To Relieve Pain

North American Healthcare Foot Rocker, $15, Amazon

This foot rocker looks like a truly zany contraption, but it's incredibly helpful for relieving pain caused by plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, and arch pain. Simply do three 30-second stretches on the rocker a day to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. One reviewer writes: "These have helped tremendously with stretching my calves and getting rid of plantar fasciitis," and another raves: "This is cheap, easy and can be done at home or under your desk at work. After only a few weeks of stretching a few minutes a day the pain is gone."


24. A Hairbrush That Actually Straightens Your Hair

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush, $30, Amazon

If you're not particularly talented in the hairstyling department, you'll be grateful to know this hair straightening brush exists. The heated ceramic plate straightens hair and detangles it with just a few passes needed, leaving your tresses smooth and sleek. The heat can be adjusted to suit your hair type, and the anti-scald bristles ensure you don't burn your scalp or hair. Plus, there's an automatic shut-off feature, so you don't have to worry if you forget to unplug.


25. These Yoga Pants With A Pocket

ODODO Yoga Pants With Pockets (S-XXL), $21, Amazon

Everyone loves a dress with pockets, so it only makes sense to put pockets on other traditionally pocketless garments — like yoga pants. The pocket on these pants is perfect for storing your phone, credit cards, or a house key. The four-way stretch fabric is opaque, and the high-waisted yoga pants come in ankle-length and calf-length options — all in a variety of colors.


26. These Adhesive Pads That Make Your Rug Lie Flat

NeverCurl, $12 (4 Pack), Amazon

There's nothing like a good rug to perk up a living room floor, but those edges that tend to curl are super annoying. Keep them flat with these NeverCurl pads. The stiff V-shaped pads adhere to the underside corners of your rug and weigh them down, preventing them from curling upward — and keeping you from tripping on them. They work on rugs of any thickness, and are safe to use on hardwood floors.


27. A Lamp That Can Be Controlled With a Touch Sensor

AUKEY Touch Sensor Lamp, $27, Amazon

You can adjust the brightness on this touch sensor lamp by just tapping the touch control base. It gives off a warm white light, but it also has options for more vibrant colors like, green, teal, and purple: You can even auto-cycle through the whole rainbow. The light is surprisingly compact, so it won't take up too much space on desks or bedside tables.


28. A Massage Cushion For Your Car

Comfort Products Massage Seat Cushion, $42, Amazon

This massage seat cushion just might make your morning commute enjoyable. The 10 powerful massage motors vibrate on five different massage modes with eight intensity levels and different speed options, all of which you can control with a handheld remote. There's even a lumbar heat feature. The seat cushion is outfitted with an extra-thick padded neck area as well as lumbar support. The straps fit easily over your car seat, and the massager can be plugged into the AC adaptor.


29. An Identity-Protecting Travel Wallet

Zoppen RIFD-Blocking Passport Wallet, $14, Amazon

Protect yourself from electronic identity theft with this RIFD-blocking passport wallet. The eco-friendly leather wallet includes a passport pocket, a boarding pass compartment, three credit cards slots, an identification slot, a cellphone pouch, a key holder, and a pen holder. The wallet has a sophisticated, classic aesthetic and comes in 35 colors, like primrose yellow, Niagara blue, and red wine.


30. A Paper Towel Holder That Lets You Tear Off A Sheet With Just One Hand

OXO Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder, $25, Amazon

This paper towel holder has a spring-activated arm that grips the paper towel roll and allows you to tear off a sheet with just one hand. The free-standing holder is made with brushed stainless steel and holds paper towels rolls of any size — even the jumbo ones.


31. A Cold Pack That You Can Wrap Around Your Sore Muscles

TheraPAQ Wrap-Around Ice Pack, $21, Amazon

This flexible gel ice pack is outfitted with a strap so you can actually wrap it around sore muscles. (We all know how annoying it is to use your hand to hold an ice pack up to your shoulder for 20 minutes at a time.) You can also use it for heat therapy — just immerse it in water for 10 minutes or stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and let the relaxation begin.


32. This Contamination-Filtering Straw So You Can Drink Straight From A River

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $18, Amazon

Take this water filtration straw with you on your next camping trip so you can drink from rivers, lakes, and streams without fear of getting sick. It has a micro-filtration membrane that gets rid of waterborne bacteria and parasites like E. coli, salmonella, giardia, and cryptosporidium. The lightweight straw can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water. It's also a great addition to any emergency preparedness kit.


33. An Exfoliating Cleanser Made With Plantain Skins

Dr. Woods Raw Black Soap, $13, Amazon

This liquid raw black soap is made from plantain skins and palm kernel oil — and works to exfoliate your skin while nourishing it with vitamins A and E. The body wash also includes fair-trade Shea butter, which deeply moisturizes the skin, while protecting it from irritation. This reviewer writes: "Using natural products is important to me and I love this soap! I find the smell mild and pleasant, it lathers up well and does an AWESOME job at cleaning. I use this for both face & body and it gets off all my makeup easily and leaves my skin feeling soft. "


34. A Collapsible Dog Bowl For Water And Food On The Go For Your Best Friend

COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl, $6, Amazon

Take this collapsible dog bowl along on the next hike you take with your dog. When it's flat, it attaches to your backpack with a carabiner and when you're ready to use it, it pops open. Pour a little water in the bowl to give your dog much-needed hydration. It also works great for travel, and the two colors included help you determine which one is for food and which one is for water.


35. This J-Shaped Travel Pillow That's Better Than Regular Travel Pillows

J-Pillow Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

A good travel pillow is a must on long road trips and cross-country flights, and this J-pillow travel pillow just might be the best one out there. It fits around your neck sideways and supports your chin so it doesn't bob forward. The vertical cushion provides much needed support between your head and shoulders, while providing a soft cushion that allows you to lean your head against a car or airplane window. The cover is machine-washable, and the snap-loop fastener attaches easily to luggage.


36. A Spa-Sized Jar Of Coconut Oil Cream

Advanced Clinicals Coconut Oil Cream, $17, Amazon

Coconut oil is a moisturizing powerhouse for skin and hair, but there's no denying that applying it can get messy fairly quickly. This coconut oil cream is a little bit easier to work with. It's non-greasy, non-sticky and is dispensed easily from the pump of this spa-sized jar. This formula also contains aloe vera, organic lavender, and chamomile extract which work to soothe skin and protect it from the elements.


37. These Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

YIHONG Stainless Steel Straws, $8 (8 Pack), Amazon

These stainless steel drinking straws look super classy, and since they're not made from plastic — they're also great for the environment. The reusable straws are dishwasher-safe, but they also come with two skinny nylon scrubbing brushes so you can get the interior of the straws squeaky clean.


38. These Sneaker Balls That Keep Your Gym Shoes Fresh

Sof Sole Sneaker Ball Deodorizers, $9 (3 Pairs), Amazon

Gym shoes can start to smell fairly quickly if you don't take steps to eliminate odor. You can help keep that odor at bay with these sneaker ball deodorizers. Just twist each ball slightly to activate the clean-smelling scent, then place in your shoes. Each set of sneaker balls lasts for up to six months.


39. A Peel-Off Mask That Gets Rid Of Blackheads

Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask, $16, Amazon

This blackhead remover mask is made from kaolin clay, which is famous for drawing out impurities from your pores. Just spread it on your face and allow it to set for about 10 to 15 minutes. When it's dry, gently peel it off. The mask will take all those blackheads right with it, leaving you with clean, clear, and smooth skin.


40. These Cozy Pajamas Made With Fleece

Angelina COZY Fleece Pajama Set (S-XXXXL), $30, Amazon

You're never too old for a good pair of fleece pajamas. This set features a button-up top and bottoms with a drawstring waistband and two front pockets. There's a variety of of playful designs to choose from, like dreamy clouds, hearts, or a red and black check print that's reminiscent of cozy mornings in a mountain cabin. The pajamas are machine-washable, and can safely be put in the dryer.


41. An Essential Oil Mist That Majorly Reduces Stress

ASUTRA Aromatherapy Mist, $15, Amazon

This aromatherapy mist is the perfect remedy for a stressful day. Created by yoga and meditation gurus, the spray is formulated with bergamot and patchouli essential oils, which are known to reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. And it's pretty versatile — it can be used as a linen or room spray, but it can also be misted on the body or face to hydrate and tone the skin. The hypoallergenic spray is free of alcohol and other chemicals.


42. This Soap That Exfoliates Your Skin With Papaya

Vie-Tae Organic Papaya Soap, $13, Amazon

So it turns out that papaya has an enzyme known as "papain", and this enzyme has the unique capability of breaking down dead skin cells, which are then sloughed off the skin, leaving you with a smoother complexion. This papaya soap also contains moisturizing coconut oil, annatto seed — which has UV-protective properties — rosemary extract to firm the skin, and tangerine oil to brighten.


43. A Bolster Pillow That Takes The Pressure Off While You Sleep

Cushy Form Bolster Pillow, $27, Amazon

If you can't seem to find a comfortable position for sleeping, you might benefit from this bolster pillow. When strategically placed (under your knees, under your ankles, between your legs while side-sleeping), it can help ease back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip pain. The firm, dual-layer, half-moon pillow features a top layer of memory foam for superior comfort. The 100 percent cotton cover can be removed, washed, and dried.


44. A Tool For Your Tongue That Helps Fight Bad Breath

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $8, Amazon

When it comes to stale breath — brushing is important. Flossing is important. Mouthwash and mints can help. But this tongue cleaner will really take you over the finish line to the freshest breath. Just gently run the U-shaped tool over you tongue to remove unwanted bacteria and lingering food bits that may be contributing to that smell. It's made with stainless steel, which is resistant to bacteria and easier on the tongue than plastic.


45. This Caddy For That Helps You Move Heavy Countertop Appliances

Milen Handy Caddy, $15, Amazon

This Handy Caddy is great for maneuvering heavy kitchen appliances around your countertop. Just set the appliance (a KitchenAid mixer, for example) on top of the caddy. The caddy has two layers: a bottom layer that stays put and a top layer that slides out toward the edge of the counter where you can more easily access your mixer (or coffee maker or blender). It's 12inches long when closed, 21 inches when extended, and holds up to 25 pounds.


46. A Tool That Strips Your Kale And Herbs For You

Chef'n Loose Leafy Greens Stripper, $6, Amazon

This leafy greens stripper is pretty ingenious and makes whipping up a salad so much easier. Just insert the stem into one of the four different-sized holes, and pull the stalk all the way through. The motion will separate the stem from the leaves in one fell swoop. Use it for kale, chard, or collard greens. It also works for woody herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano — just use one of the four smaller, herb-sized holes.


47. These Insoles That Support Tired Feet

Powerstep Insoles, $40, Amazon

If you deal with foot pain, a good pair of insoles can make a world of difference. These Powerstep insoles are exceptional — they're made with a thick foam base and a plush top layer so you get support that's firm, but cushioned. The insoles provide support for high, low, and neutral arches, and the heel cradle protects your foot from impact. The anti-microbial top fabric helps prevent odor and keeps your feet cool and dry.


48. A Plug-In Device That Sanitizes The Air With UV-C Light

GermGuardian UV-C Air Sanitizer, $32, Amazon

Keep the air in your home germ-free with this air sanitizer. It plugs into any wall and uses UV-C light technology and titanium dioxide to fight bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. It also reduces odors caused by litter boxes and diaper pails. Plug one of these in anytime someone in your house gets sick, or keep one plugged in all the time in your bathroom.

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