48 Freaking Awesome New Products On Amazon

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I get it — you're tired of the regular same-old, same-old. You've seen every "revolutionary" drain strainer there is to see, and you're the mostly-proud owner of multiple makeup blenders. So when I say that this list is chock-full of some of the newest, best products available on Amazon, I'm not kidding around — and trust me, I've been around long enough to see practically everything.

Instead of that weighted blanket you bought weeks ago, I've made sure to include a self-cleaning water bottle that also purifies the water inside. Or, if you're tired of seeing Cards Against Humanity everywhere, I've included an expansion pack filled with new, hilarious cards. Finally, it's almost impossible to resist the pet camera that lets you say hello to your pup while you're away. (I don't even have a pet, but I'm planning on grabbing one anyway — it's an easy way to check and make sure my boyfriend has kept our apartment clean while I'm traveling, even if that's not what it's intended for.)

It doesn't matter whether you're window shopping for yourself or trying to surprise a loved one with a random gift; when you're shopping through all the life-changing Amazon products skyrocketing into popularity, it's almost impossible to walk away unhappy.

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