48 Fascinating Products Trending With Millennials On Amazon


It's official: millennials have come of age, and it's become clear that we have quirks and values all our own — a fact that becomes obvious when you take a look at these products trending with millennials on Amazon.

For example, millennials have a reputation for spending money on travel, which explains the popularity of products that make living out of a suitcase a heck of a lot easier. And since millennials know that nothing beats a good cup of coffee or a well-crafted whiskey, there are more than a few products that take our favorite beverages to the next level. Of course, a lot of these products are environmentally-minded, too — which is becoming a huge priority for a generation looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint so that the generations coming after us will have a cleaner, safer world to live in.

Best of all, these products are available on Amazon with the click of a button, which is music to our tech-savvy ears. (Who likes schlepping to the mall these days?)

Best of all? None of these products will break the bank, so you'll still have money leftover for rent. (As always, the struggle is real.)

A Combination Travel Blanket And Pillow That Looks Like Your Favorite Hoodie

Imagine your favorite hoodie: Now imagine tucking yourself into your hoodie for a good night's sleep on a plane with this combination travel blanket and pillow. The sweatshirt-like blanket slips over your head and features a removable neck pillow. An interior elastic pouch acts as a built-in arm rest, and an exterior pocket is perfect for keeping your phone within reach. The hoodie is made from soft flannel and can be folded up into a convenient pouch that hooks onto your carry-on bag.

This Pen That Clears Up Blemishes Fast

Roll this K-beauty blemish pen on your zits to dial down the redness and help jumpstart the healing process. The cooling pen is packed with herbal ingredients that fight inflammation and kill bacteria, like willow bark extract, hinoki cypress extract, Chinese cinnamon, and oregano. Reviewers say it "really works" — and it can even be used to treat insect bites and other skin woes.

This Ice Roller That De-Puffs Your Eyes And Relieves Headaches

This ice roller comes in handy as a remedy for all kinds of ailments. Keep it in the freezer and use it to reduce eye puffiness, ease inflammation, relieve headache pain, soothe sore muscles, minimize swelling from injuries, or cool burns down fast. Use the stainless steel roller head for an ice-cold feeling — or the gel roller head for something a little more gentle.

A Makeup Primer That Works On Both Your Eyes And Lips

Makeup has a funny way of somehow sliding off your face by the time lunch rolls around. To prevent that from happening, apply this makeup primer before creating your look. The primer can be used on both eyes and lips to prevent makeup from smudging, creasing, or fading for up to 24 hours. The cruelty-free formula is silky, lightweight, and fast-drying. It's also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about a rainstorm washing away your eyeliner.

A Weighted Blanket That'll Make You Feel More Secure While You Sleep

This seven-layer weighted blanket is filled with beads that create a comforting heaviness that replicates the sensation of being hugged all night long. The beads are sewn into individual compartments to ensure even distribution so that they won't all slide to one end of the blanket when you toss and turn. Made from breathable cotton, the blanket comes in a variety of weights; choose one that's about 10 percent of your body weight for optimum comfort.

This Container That Keeps Your Guacamole From Turning Brown

Millennials are notorious for their devotion to avocados, so it's no wonder this guacamole saver ranks high on this list. The secret to this storage container is the super sealing lid — when you press down on it, all the air gets sucked out. This limits the exposure to oxygen, which, in turn, keeps the guacamole from browning for days. The BPA-free container is also great for storing salsas, dips, and sauces.

An Exfoliating Cleanser That Uses Papaya Enzymes To Brighten Your Skin

Washing your face with this exfoliating face cleanser is like getting a miniature microdermabrasion session at home. The double-exfoliating formula uses papaya enzymes — which gently break down dead skin cells — and aesthetician-grade Microderm crystals to smooth out skin and brighten your complexion. Aloe vera and coconut add a good dose of moisture and help soothe redness and irritation. One reviewer says, "My skin really does look radiant when I use this", and another raves that it's "by far the best exfoliating cleanser I’ve ever used".

These Glasses That Protect Your Eyes From Your Computer Screen's Blue Light

From computers to tablets to TV's to smartphones — we spend a lot of time looking at screens. And the blue light emitted from those screens can mess with your circadian rhythm and cause eye dryness and fatigue, and can even lead to longterm eye health problems. These non-prescription blue light glasses, though, filter out 90 percent of the blue light emitted from screens, so your eyes remain in tip-top condition. Plus, who can resist those classic tortoiseshell frames?

This Portable Wine Glass That's Perfect For Camping And Picnics

Just because you're going camping doesn't mean you have to drink your pinot noir out of a mug. Take this portable wine glass along with you instead. Made from super strong polycarbonate, the glass is shatterproof, so you don't have to worry about it breaking in your backpack. A detachable magnetic stem fits neatly inside the glass, so it takes up minimal space. The glass is also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

These Eye Masks Made With Skin-Soothing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of nature's best tools when it comes to nourishing the delicate skin around your eyes, so it's no wonder it's the primary ingredient in these eye masks. Extremely hydrating and packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these masks bring down irritation, reduce dark circles, and leave your skin protected. Aloe vera even has properties that help stimulate collagen production, which can help firm your skin. Apply the masks for 30 minutes for eyes that look instantly well-rested.

An AirPod Accessory Kit For Next Level Listening

This AirPod accessory kit will help keep your AirPods in good condition while increasing their usability. A pair of ear hooks allow you to hang your AirPods around your neck, increasing security and stability while you're working out, and the ear tips can be fitted around the pods to enhance sound insulation while keeping you comfortable during long listening sessions. A hardshell silicone case keeps your AirPods protected, and can be hooked to your keychain or belt loop so you don't lose track of them.

A Cucumber Lotion That Keeps Acne At Bay

This cucumber lotion is actually a powerful astringent that helps clear up acne while purifying pores and preventing future breakouts. And thanks to its star ingredient — cucumber — the formula is actually quite hydrating and gentle, helping to cool skin and reduce irritation. Swipe this on after washing your face each night and follow up with moisturizer for skin that's clear, calm, and blemish-free.

This Silk Pillowcase That Helps Reduce Hair Breakage

If you have hair that's prone to frizz and breakage, this mulberry silk pillowcase is a dream come true. Thanks to its slippery texture, silk allows your hair to slide around whenever you shift position — unlike cotton, which acts like Velcro on hair, increasing the risk of breakage and frizz. The pillow features a hidden zipper closure and comes in colors like lilac, silver, and champagne gold.

This Over-The-Door Organizer That Gives You So Much Extra Storage Space

If space is at a premium in your closet, you can use this accessory hanger to add some much-needed storage. The multi-level hanger fits over doors of any thickness and features 16 extra-large hooks that are perfect for hanging, hats, jackets, scarves, purses, and belts. The polymer-coated hooks won't snag on fabric, and they're completely adjustable so you can maximize space in the most effective way possible.

A Tablet Stand That's As Comfy As A Lap Pillow

Holding your tablet or e-reader in your hand can get tiresome, which is why this lap pillow tablet stand is such a great invention. The pillow rests comfortably on your lap or stomach, and has three adjustable viewing angles so you can see the screen of your tablet whether you're sitting on the couch or lying in bed. The stand is made with lightweight foam and covered in washable ultra-suede material.

These Magnetic Eyelashes That Won't Damage Your Natural Lashes

If you've ever applied false lashes, you know that eyelash glue can be messy and irritating — and if you've ever gotten eyelash extensions, you know that they can damage your natural lashes. What to do? Try these magnetic eyelashes. Made with premium synthetic fibers, the lashes feature lightweight miniature magnets that sandwich your natural lashes, creating a lush and fluttery look. The best part? The lashes can be used again and again, so they're an economical investment.

A Travel Wine Set That Covers All The Bases

This travel wine set will take your picnic game to the next level. The carrying bag has room for two bottles, and is insulated to keep your pinot chilly. The front zipper opens to reveal a compartment with two durable acrylic wine glasses, a corkscrew, a bottle stopper, and two cloth napkins for dabbing the red wine from your lips. The most genius part? Two hooked stakes can be stuck in the ground so you can set your wine glasses on the grass without them tipping over.

This Headphone "Optimizer" That Makes Music Sound So Much Better

Here's the thing: listening to music through headphones can dramatically decrease the quality of sound because you get decreased sound resolution. This headphone optimizer will reinstate that resolution and maximize dynamic range, all while minimizing background noise and protecting your eardrums. The optimizer is easy to use — just plug it into your device and hook it up to your earphones for a vastly improved listening experience.

This Life-Changing Book That Teaches You How To Get Rid Of Negative Mental Clutter

If you're feeling chronically overwhelmed and anxious, it might be time for an intervention in the form of this brilliant self-help book: Declutter Your Mind. Authors S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport teach research-backed mindfulness techniques that can help free you from mental clutter and unproductive thought patterns. In the book, you'll learn to reframe negative thoughts, improve relationships, and identify and prioritize your values. There are also tips to help you get the most from meditation, so you can live with greater calm and focus.

This USB Hub That Gives Your Computer Four More USB Ports

Some computers lack an adequate number of USB ports — which is why this USB hub is so helpful. It plugs into your laptop's existing port, allowing you to add up to four devices. Each port has its own power switch so you can control them individually, and with USB 3.0 capabilities, you can transfer data 10 times faster than you can with older models. The ports are reverse compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, and the hub itself is slim and lightweight enough to stash in your bag.

This Combination Phone Stand And Charging Station

You can power up your phone while you FaceTime or watch videos with this wireless charging stand. The universally compatible charger has a 3-foot micro-USB cable that plugs into the wall, but all you have to do is set your phone on the stand to get a charge. The stand holds phones both vertically and horizontally, and is powerful enough to transmit a charge through even the most protective of phone cases.

A Seat Cushion Made With Memory Foam And Cooling Gel

If you spend long hours in a desk chair or have a brutal work commute, you'll want to check out this memory gel cushion. The U-shaped cushion is made from therapy-grade memory foam and offers sciatic, hip, spine, and tailbone support. A layer of cooling gel keeps you from getting hot and the velour cover is removable and machine-washable.

This Ring Light So You Can Take More Flattering Pictures On Your Phone

Up your Instagram selfie game with this phone ring light. The LED light clips onto your phone, and brightens your photos while softening your features and eliminating any unflattering shadows. With three adjustable brightness settings, you can get the perfect amount of illumination no matter where you are. The ring light is USB-rechargeable and small enough to put in your pocket.

These Razors That Dermaplane Your Skin

These eyebrow razors do a bang-up job of shaving away finer eyebrow hairs, but they're also great for clearing up unwanted peach fuzz anywhere on your face. And that's not all — the razors also double as dermaplaning tools that remove layers of dead skin cells, leaving you with a softer, smoother face — without having to shell out big bucks at the dermatologist.

The Toothbrushes That Are Made With Charcoal Bristles

When it comes to caring for the planet, every little change helps. One of the easiest changes you can make is transitioning from plastic toothbrushes to these eco-sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. Unlike plastic, the artisan-crafted handles are biodegradable — so they won't end up in landfills or the ocean, and the bio-based charcoal bristles have anti-microbial qualities and will help keep teeth sparkling and clean.

A Tea Kettle That Folds Up To Fit In Your Suitcase

Enjoy a piping hot cup of Earl Grey anywhere in the world with this foldable travel kettle. Made from temperature-resistant silicone, the dual voltage electric kettle collapses in on itself, making it just the right size for packing in your suitcase. The kettle boils up to 2 cups of water in just five minutes, and an automatic shut-off feature kicks in once the water runs low.

A Skin-Clearing Face Mask Made From Wyoming Mountain Clay

When combined with water, this sodium bentonite clay mask creates a natural electric charge that deeply cleanses and detoxifies pores, leaving you with skin that's brighter, smoother, and less prone to acne. And its magical benefits aren't just relegated to skin — you can also use the clay in your hair as a deep conditioner that adds softness and shine. The organic clay is 100 percent natural and non-toxic, and sourced from the mountains of Wyoming.

This Blender That Makes More Nutritious Juices And Smoothies

The NutriBullet blender has a strong following for a reason — its powerful motor and patented stainless steel blades are strong enough to pulverize even the toughest fruits and vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, and apples. When these tough fibers are broken down, nutritious vitamins and minerals are extracted in a form that's easily absorbed by your body. The blender comes with an extracting blade, a milling blade, a tall cup, two short cups, resealable lids, and a cookbook to help you make the most of your smoothies.

A Set Of Six Essential Oils To Fit Any Mood You're In

This essential oil set has got you covered no matter what mood you're in. It comes with six different oils: lemongrass to alleviate stress, peppermint to promote clarity and concentration, orange to encourage positivity, lavender to stimulate clear thinking and alertness, eucalyptus to boost your mood, and tea tree to encourage mental strength and calmness. Add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser for a healing aromatherapy session.

This Makeup Organizer For All Your Cosmetics

A place for everything and everything in its place — and you can have just that with this makeup organizer. There's a compartment for foundation, toner, and moisturizer, three taller compartments for makeup brushes, lipgloss, and mascara, and 12 slots for lipsticks. Use the drawers on the bottom for eyeshadow, blush, and hair ties. Choose from colors like translucent pink, black, or purple.

This Car Bluetooth Transmitter That Doesn't Require Installation

With this FM Bluetooth transmitter you can enjoy all the benefits of Bluetooth without having to install a new car stereo system. Just tune your car's radio to a blank FM frequency, match the transmitter to the same frequency, and pair your device to the Bluetooth. Voilà — instant music and hands-free calling. An LCD display shows song titles, lyrics, and incoming calls. The transmitter also doubles as a charger, and is compatible with all smartphones.

These Stainless Steel Swizzle Sticks For More Sophisticated Martinis

These swizzle sticks will instantly upgrade any cocktail. Made from stainless steel, the swizzles sticks are perfect for spearing garnishes like olives, pearl onions, cherries, and berries. The set also comes with a stirrer if you prefer your martinis stirred — not shaken. Add these to your home bar and impress your friends the next time you host a dinner party.

A Tinted Eyebrow Gel That Adds Natural Fullness To Your Brows

Get instantly enviable brows with this tinted eyebrow gel. The formula uses polymer technology to enhance your existing brows by coating each individual hair for a thicker appearance. The result? Brows that are fuller and more defined without looking obvious or drawn on. The cruelty-free gel is waterproof and sweat-proof, and available in five shades so you can get a perfect match.

These Travel Cubes So You Can Fit Everything In Your Suitcase

If you're a frequent flyer, these packing cubes are about to make your life a whole lot easier. They keep your suitcase organized, but they also create extra space by compressing the contents of each cube. The cubes are made from water-resistant Oxford cloth with a mesh top that lets you see exactly what's inside. Each set comes with three different sized cubes for clothes, a cube for underwear, a cube for shoes, and a toiletry bag.

A Cleanser Made With Botanicals That Your Skin Will Love

The botanicals in this luxurious cleansing balm will purify your skin in the most delightful and aromatic way. Rose and mimosa wax are infused with nourishing ingredients like starflower, elderberry, and algae for skin that's brighter, softer, and firmer. The formula is suitable for all skin types and can be used the morning and night to dissolve makeup and cleanse skin from dirt, oil, and pollutants.

This Portable Charger That Slips Onto The Back Of Your Phone

This lightweight portable charger is a lot less bulky than your standard charger. It's ultra-slim, lightweight, and features side grooves, so you can slip it right onto the back of your phone, streamlining the charging process. (Don't worry — a silicone panel ensures your phone won't get scratched up.) The charger is universally compatible and is powerful enough to provide two full charges at a time.

This Bathtub Caddy Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

This bathtub caddy will help you make the most of a pampering session after a long, stressful day. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the caddy has a compartment for a cup of tea, a wine glass holder, a slot for your tablet or phone, and removable trays for body wash, exfoliants, or snacks. The caddy is completely adjustable, extending up to 43 inches in width, and non-slip silicone grips keep it from falling into the water.

A Mold For Making Ice Spheres That Won't Dilute Your Glass Of Expensive Whiskey

Ice spheres look cool (which, honestly, is enough for some of us), but they also serve a pretty practical purpose: they melt a lot less quickly than traditional ice cubes, so they won't dilute your cocktail or soda as you sip. Made from BPA-free silicone, this ice mold makes four spheres at a time. Order a couple of these and invite your friends over for Japanese whiskey.

This Olive Oil Dispenser And Sprayer That Upgrade Your Cooking

This olive oil dispenser gives you greater control in the kitchen. Press the button on the side of the bottle to release the desired amount of oil into the built-in measuring cup, and pour through the dripless spout. The accompanying olive oil sprayer releases a fine mist that's aerosol-free — unlike cooking sprays you buy at the store. The dispenser and sprayer are made from BPA-free glass and stainless steel.

This Milk Frother For Foamy Cappuccino At Home

If you're trying to cut down on your spending, you can start by foregoing that $5 latte every day. Instead, you can get your jolt of morning caffeine at home with the help of this milk frother. The battery-powered, stainless steel whisk creates deliciously creamy foam from almond, soy, cashew, and regular milk. Use this it for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. (Hot tip: the frother also doubles as a whisk for whipping up fluffy scrambled eggs.)

This Organic Rose Water That Tones And Hydrates Skin

Rose water is a tried and true beauty staple and for good reason — it tones and hydrates skin, while balancing pH and soothing redness or inflammation. This particular rose water is steam distilled from blossoms that grow in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria. (Sounds romantic, doesn't it?) The formula is 100 percent pure and organic and bottled in amber glass to preserve freshness. And it's versatile — add some to your bath or dab some on your wrist for a delicate, floral scent.

A Motorized Dressing Shaker That Keeps Your Wrist From Getting Tired

This dressing shaker doesn't actually require any shaking. Instead, it's outfitted with a battery-powered propellor that aerates and blends ingredients into a perfect balsamic vinaigrette or green goddess dressing. Measurements on the side let you get your proportions just right without having to dirty a measuring cup, and an airtight spout keeps your counters drip-free. When your dressing is all blended, seal with the cap to keep it fresh for days. Use it for sauces and marinades, too.

A Moisturizing Argan Oil Shampoo That Brings Dull, Damaged Hair Back To Life

Argan oil has proven itself to be a wonder ingredient when it comes to beauty products, and this ultra-moisturizing argan oil shampoo is no exception. The therapeutic-grade shampoo revives dry, damaged hair, restoring sleekness and shine. Other natural powerhouse ingredients like avocado, peach kernel, jojoba, and almond oils are packed with vitamins and proteins that strengthen hair, while encouraging growth and elasticity. The formula is super gentle, and won't strip your hair of its natural oils like other shampoos.

A Sink Caddy For Sponges And Scrubbers

Keep your kitchen neat and tidy by storing your sponges and scrubbers in this sink caddy. The saddle design means the caddy fits right over your sink divider or faucet, but it does just as well standing upright at the edge of your sink. Strategically-placed holes encouraging proper draining so your sponge dries faster, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria that thrive in moist environments.

This Coffee Maker That Brews A Better Cup Of Joe

The AeroPress coffee maker was invented by coffee aficionado Alan Adler who spent years experimenting with different brewing methods in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Here's how it works: place the micro-filter in the chamber, add ground coffee, and place the maker on top of a mug. Pour hot water into the chamber, and slowly apply pressure to extract a cup of joe that's rich in flavor but low in acidity and bitterness. The press can make espresso shots as well as American-style coffee.

This Versatile Multi-Tool That's Slim Enough To Keep In Your Wallet

This multi-tool is super slim and lightweight, but performs a dizzying array of functions. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the tool functions as a bottle and box opener, cord cutter, metric and inch ruler, pry bar, nail puller, protractor, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, 1/4-inch hex bit holder, speed square, and wrench. Keep it in your wallet so you can make small repairs anywhere, anytime.

These Ingenious Food Savers That Keep Your Produce Fresh After You've Cut Into It

These food savers are a great way to extend the life of your produce once it's been cut into. Essentially, they hug the produce, creating an airtight seal that preserves freshness. Each set comes with two large sizes that are great for bigger produce like tomatoes and onions, and two small ones for smaller produce like lemons and limes. They can also be used in place of lids to seal up jars and other storage containers. Each hugger is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

This Umbrella That Attaches To Your Beach Chair

This sports umbrella is a big improvement on your standard beach umbrella, which tends to be big and cumbersome. The umbrella weighs less than 2 pounds — and is outfitted with a clamp that attaches to your beach or camping chair, so it doesn't have to be staked into the sand or grass. Shaped to give you maximum protection from UV rays, the umbrella swivels 360-degrees so you can adjust it as the sun changes position.

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