48 Brilliant Gifts For Women Under $20 On Amazon That Aren't Corny

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I've always thought that the greatest thing about being Oprah Winfrey would be getting to do all those fabulous things for other people. Clearly, we don't all have the budget of The Divine Ms. O — there's probably no "You get a car! And YOU get a car! And YOU get a car!" in my future — but with the budget I'm working with, it really does feel good to deliver some brilliant gifts for women under $20 when I can. Of course, all of these gifts work for anyone who identifies as a woman, and men will love them, too.

The problem is, we all have those friends and family members who are incredibly hard to buy for — and when we're talking reasonably-priced treats, this can turn into a real challenge.

Well, fear not. Amazon offers a treasure trove of solutions to this problem, and at such affordable prices that you can stock up as you run across favorites. I try to keep a "prize closet" going so that I have gifts handy for special occasions or those times when I'm moved to treat my friends or loved ones at the spur of the moment. Many of these gifts are also brilliant as hostess gifts for when you're going to dinner, or whenever you don't want to arrive empty-handed.

Either way, all these gifts will make the person you're presenting it to feel truly special. Isn't that what we're all looking for in a gift, regardless of price tag?

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