47 Brilliant Products On Amazon You'll Actually End Up Using Forever

by Lisa Fogarty

Back in the day, people would buy one well-made product and it would last for a long time before needing to be replaced. These brilliant products on Amazon you'll actually end up using forever will take you back to that forgotten time. Despite the fact that there are a hundred versions of every product imaginable now, these items are the ones that will last forever — or are so invaluable you'll find yourself replacing them when necessary and never looking back.

There are plenty of good reasons — including a major one, which is to help save the planet — to make the switch from disposable and non-biodegradable items like plastic straws or plastic and aluminum foils, but the challenge is always finding an innovative product that can replace it. It's also frustrating to find yourself constantly shopping for products when you just know grandma made do with one (truly great) version of that product.

Luckily, this list of smart and practical products that customers love offers a number of eco-friendly and just plain functional options that will become your favorites. There are smart notebooks with reusable pages, straps that keep your bed sheets in place, and reusable straws that kick plastic to the curb — because these products are clever, innovative, and indispensable.

An Elegant Reusable Smart Notebook So You Can Send Notes To The Cloud

With 108 reusable pages (because a damp cloth erases everything) that are compatible with the CamScanner so that notes can be sent to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other destinations, this smart notebook is practical and will save you tons of money in the long run. Pages can be used up to 500 times, and the sweet leather-bound book comes in 11 colors.

This Silicone Spill Stopper That Keeps Stoves & Counters Clean

Cover your pot or pan with this heat-resistant silicone spill stopper, which prevents boiling water from seeping out and making a mess on your stove and countertops. The stopper comes in two sizes (12 inches and 10 inches) and two colors.

These Hand Weights That Have Straps And Are Easier To Grip

Keeping a grip on your dumbbells during workouts is a lot easier when you have these hand weights, which feature convenient hand straps and come in two weight sizes (2 and 4 pounds) and two colors. One reviewer writes: "Love these! I bought them for an added arm work out when I do Just Dance at home. Also take them when I walk and I really enjoy the added arm benefits."

The Heated Hair Straightening Brush With Three Temperatures For All Hair Types

With three temperature settings and gentle 360-degree anti-scald bristles, this heated hair straightening brush is ideal for all hair types and will make your strands glossy and smooth without damaging them. The brush has a convenient built-in mirror and reviewers say it works fast (like, five minutes fast).

A Sturdy Jar Opener That Can Handle Your Most Stubborn Lids

Use this gripper jar opener to get a tight hold on stubborn lids and effortlessly pry them open. The opener is dishwasher-safe, and has a hole on top so that you can hang it for convenient storage. One reviewer writes: "I gotta give it 5 stars, cause it works on every container I've used it on, and hasn't broke. Everything from large pickle jars to small water bottle caps is what this can open."

The Mess-Free Utensil Rest That Holds Up To Four Utensils

Don't rest those greasy, sauce-filled cooking utensils on your kitchen counter — and maintain a mess-free cooking space with the help of this silicone utensil rest, which has four notches that fit various utensils. The rest comes in gray or green, and has a non-slip bottom so it will stay in place on your counter.

An Infusion Water Bottle Designed For Citrus Fruits

If your idea of a delicious bottle of water includes a twist of lemon, lime, or orange, this citrus zinger infusion water bottle makes incorporating tasty fruit into ordinary water a breeze. The 28-ounce bottle has a convenient removable citrus press, a flip-up sports straw cap, and it comes in five colors.

This Eco-Friendly Tongue Scraper For Better Oral Health & Fresh Breath

Far more eco-friendly than plastic, this stainless steel tongue cleaner gently scraped off bacteria and food particles from your tongue for healthier oral health and fresher breath. This long-lasting scraper comes with a carrying case and cleaning tablets and is simple to clean — just soak it in hot water.

These Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Better For The Planet

Banish plastic bags from your life and make the switch to these reusable grocery bags, which include a large cooler bag and even a holder for wine or eggs. The washable bags have removable poles, extended handles, and mesh bottoms — and they fit perfectly in your shopping cart.

The Bag Sealer Stick That Slides On Open Bags And Keeps Food Fresh

Never again will you open a bag of chips or pasta, roll the opened bag down and hope for the best — because these colorful bag sealer sticks guarantee your bag stays perfectly sealed, so that critters can't get in, nothing goes stale, and your food stays fresh. Simply fold the top of your bag and slide a sealer on for airtight, water-tight security.

A Set Of Straps That Keep Bed Sheets From Bunching Up

There's nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of the night with all the fitted bed sheets sticking to your body. These smart sheet holder straps put an end to that — they attach to fitted sheets with built-in teeth and clamps and keep them secure on your mattress so that they don't bunch up.

An LED Camping Lamp With 6 Lighting Modes

You'll find yourself using this LED lamp on camping and hiking trips, of course — but it's also, quite simply, one of the best must-have tools to keep in your house in case of a blackout or emergency. The lamp is compact enough to fit in your bag, but it packs a powerfully bright punch, along with six lighting modes: flashlight, strobe light, unilateral LED light, bilateral LED light, red and blue SOS emergency light, and even a mosquito repellant light.

These Double-Sided Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable makeup remover pads are conveniently double-sided: the black side is designed for mascara, liner, eyeshadow, foundation, and mascara, while the white side is ideal for toner and moisturizer. The pads are made from soft microfiber and are free of chemicals, making them ideal for sensitive skin — plus, they're machine washable.

This Supportive Travel Pillow That Keeps Your Neck Comfy

When ordinary pillows fall short of fully supporting your neck to avoid that dreaded neck drop just as you're about to nod off — this travel pillow comes through for you. The unique memory foam pillow wraps around your neck so that it's positioned to provide total support and comfort. It's also adjustable and comes with a sleep mask and earplugs.

The Collapsible Colander That Extends To Fit Over Your Sink

Owning a colander to drain water from foods is a must, but not all colanders are created equal. This over-the-sink 6-quart colander — which has extendable handles and fits most sinks — is a cut above the rest. It comes in seven colors and collapses flat for simple storage.

A Practical Multi-Outlet With USB Ports

Plug in this multi-outlet and get far more use out of your ordinary electrical outlet: thanks to a design that includes three AC outlets and two USB ports. In addition to charging all of your devices at once, the outlet has a dusk-to-dawn night light for glowing ambient light at night. It detects optimal charging speed without damaging the device, and has no surge protector — so you can use it on a cruise.

The Dual-Ended Tweezer And Spoolie Combo For Amazing Brows

This dual-ended brow tool makes it even easier to achieve perfectly groomed brows. On one end, you'll find stainless steel slanted tweezers for plucking stray hairs, while the other side features a spoolie made from synthetic bristles for brushing hairs into place.

This Wide Toaster That Fits Bagels And Has 7 Browning Levels

You won't miss your old-fashioned toaster for one second when you make the switch to this wide toaster that gives you a clear view of what you're cooking. You can actually fit full bagels in this toaster, as well as other speciality breads, and it features seven browning levels — plus, an automatic shut-off function for safety. One reviewer writes: "The short of it; don’t waste your time looking for anything else. This toaster can handle anything you throw at it with golden brown perfection, quickly. The Dash Clear View Toaster is the best bang for your buck, hands down!"

These Mold-Resistant Sponges With Hand Straps And Scrubbing Bristles

With non-abrasive bristles, a hand strap that keeps it in place, and sturdy silicone construction, this scrubber sponge is great for washing dishes, scrubbing pots, cleaning fruits and vegetables, and tackling tough cleaning jobs around the kitchen or bathroom. Unlike traditional sponges, this one is resistant to mold and mildew (which means it won't smell over time) — and is safe in the oven and microwave.

A Double-Sided Cutting Board With A Detachable Food Divider

This functional plastic cutting board is reversible to give you one smooth side that's ideal for prepping fruits and veggies, and another with a raised edge and grinding center — that side can be used to catch drips from meat, hold things still, or even grate garlic and ginger. It also has a detachable food divider that you can use to transfer ingredients over to bowls and pans without making a mess, and it comes with a bonus ceramic knife and silicone mat.

The Time-Saving Hair Brush Cleaner That Gets Rid Of Stray Hair In A Flash

End the time-consuming task of manually cleaning your hair brushes with this brush cleaning tool — which effortlessly lifts up tangled hair from most brushes and combs. Its bristles are also effective at removing residue gunk left on brushes and combs from styling products like gel and hairspray. One reviewer raves: "Wow... what used to take me so long and cost me so much effort and work, now is a minute or two job, not much work, and the results are that I'm left with an immaculate brush. Thrilled with this little tool."

An Adjustable Cervical Pillow That Relieves Neck Tension & Pain

This memory foam cervical pillow aligns perfectly with the back of your neck for total support. It can be adjusted to create a higher or lower loft by removing the middle memory foam layer — making it ideal for all sleeping positions — and it comes with a breathable cover made from bamboo and polyester.

This Powerful Handheld Vacuum That Will Get Your Car Spotless

If you've got a year's worth of crumbs, leaves, and who knows what else on your car seats and floor, you need this car handheld vacuum in your life. The vacuum has intense suctioning power, a 16.4-foot power cord, and an LED light to ensure you see and get rid of every last scrap you find. The HEPA filter traps all of the debris and dust — and the filter is easy to clean and maintain.

An Organizer That Rolls Up So You Can Take Your Jewelry On Trips

There are few good options when it comes to traveling with your favorite jewelry that don't result in tangled necklaces and lost earrings. But this jewelry organizer roll provides a safe and secure place to store and organize up to seven necklaces, bracelets, eight rings, and 16 pairs of earrings on a soft suede surface. The leather organizer then rolls up for travel — and it even features a detachable zipped suede pouch.

This Sturdy Tool Organizer That Mounts To Your Wall

Keep cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, and rakes in one organized spot (and off of clean floors) with this tool organizer — which has slots to fit up to five larger tools and five smaller hooks for accessories like pans and small brushes. Mount this organizer on your wall and keep all of your cleaning supplies in one location.

An Attachable Lumbar Support Cushion For Better Posture

No one should leave a day at work feeling like they need a back massage. If your office chair or car seat is contributing to back pain, grab this lumbar back support cushion, attach it to your chair with its elastic straps, and instantly feel better. The cushion is made from breathable mesh fabric and allows for airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.

The Efficient Pressure Cooker That Is Seven Appliances In One

You may just find yourself using this electric pressure cooker every single night — it's that practical. The electric cooker is seven appliances in one: a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer. You can cook plenty of delicious dishes with the press of one button, and it's capable of keeping your food warm for up to 24 hours. There's also a timer so you can have home-cooked meals the moment you come back from work.

This Air Sanitizer Lamp That Destroys Germs With UV Light

Without the help of a single chemical, this air sanitizer lamp destroys 99 percent of germs, bacteria, mites, viruses, and mold found in the air in your home or office. The rechargeable lamp relies on a powerful UV light (so make sure not to look directly into it and keep your pets away from it) and will disinfect and neutralize odors in the air with just 15 minutes of use.

A Reflexology Foot Massager That Relieves Pain

Relieve foot pain associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis or just give tired, aching feet the massage treatment they deserve after a long day with this unique foot massager roller. The roller is designed from quality wood and features therapeutic knobs throughout that really target your trigger points to bring you sweet relief. Best of all, unlike some models, you can massage both feet at once.

This Bluetooth Meat Thermometer That Lets You Check The Temperature On Your Phone

With no fewer than four probes and the capability to connect to your smartphone so that you can get a temperature reading wherever you roam, this is the efficient wireless meat thermometer that you need if you're constantly trying to guess whether your BBQ or oven-baked foods are cooked to perfection. The thermometer has an alarm that lets you know when your desired temperature has been reached, and there's a convenient built-in magnet so you can stick it to your oven, grill, or fridge door.

These Mini Charcoal Bags That Naturally Freshen Air

Whether you want to address an odorous pair of shoes, a drawer, or a kitchen or bathroom that always smells less than fresh, these mini bamboo charcoal bags can be placed pretty much anywhere — and will then neutralize odors and freshen stale air without adding chemicals or toxins into your environment. The reusable bags work by removing excess moisture that causes mold and mildew, and they can be easily recharged by placing them in direct sunlight.

A Sink Strainer Made From Silicone That Can Be Inverted To Clean Out Gunk

Unlike metal sink strainers, this silicone version can be inverted so that you can easily discard all of that gross gunk and debris that gets trapped on it. Even better: the strainer is dishwasher-friendly, so pop it in every now and then for a thorough cleaning that eliminates odors.

This Reusable Tie Strap That Is Strong Enough To Hold Anything In Place

You'll never go back to flimsy plastic ties when you try out this strong reusable tie strap, which is made from polymer and holds up under any condition — rain, chemicals, UV exposure — you name it. Use this tie to hold messy cables together or put it to work on heavier items made from metal — either way, it gets the job done.

The Modern Staple-Less Stapler For Frustration-Free Office Work

The stapler of your dreams has been invented — and requires zero staples, believe it or not. This modern staple-less stapler punches a hole into your papers and makes a pop-up fold to connect all together instead of stapling them, which makes it much easier to handle (hurray for no more staple jams) and shred.

These Eco-Friendly K-Cups That Make A Delish Brew Every Morning

Trade in your discardable coffee filters for these reusable K-cups, which are made from BPA-free stainless steel mesh, and are compatible with most Keurig machines and brewers. The miniature cups save you the trouble of swapping out filters, and they're much better for the planet, too.

This Set Of Reusable Wool Dryer Balls That Contain Zero Toxins

Many dryer sheets contain chemicals that are bad for the environment, and add up to a lot of paper waste. Ditching them doesn't mean dealing with static cling and wrinkles — but these reusable wool dryer balls are the eco-friendly alternative that will also save you money in the long run. Made with pure New Zealand wool, these balls shorten drying time and last for more than a thousand loads before needing to be replaced. They'll also make sure your laundry is a lot fluffier, too.

A Non-Stick Set Of Silicone Baking Mats That Roll Up For Easy Storage

This three-piece silicone baking mat set is made with completely non-stick material, which means you needn't use a drop of oil or butter for cooking. They can withstand extreme cold and heat from -40 degrees to 480 degrees, are washable and reusable, and they roll up for easier storage.

This Soothing Personal Facial Steamer That Cleanses And Moisturizes Skin

Enjoy a personal steaming skin treatment delivered in a compact package — just fill this facial steamer with a bit of water, connect it to a power source, and it produces a cleansing burst of steam in 30 seconds. The steamer stays on for about 15 minutes (and will automatically shut off if no water is detected), and it comes in three colors. It's a great tool to use before face masks or serums, as it will open up your pores.

The Time-Saving Garlic Press That Separates Skins And Keeps Your Hands Clean

Once you start using a garlic press, you never go back (because who would actually want their fingers to smell like garlic if it's not necessary?). This rust-proof garlic press can crush and mince large heads of garlic with their peels still on — and with hardly any effort on your part. One reviewer writes: "It cleans easily and unlike the other brands, this one removed all the garlic from the the skin. I love being able to have crushed garlic without having to peel the cloves."

These Washable Metal Straws That Are Big Enough To Fit Tumblers

More companies and states are phasing out plastic straws because of their negative effect on the environment. Get a jumpstart on replacing yours with these stainless steel metal straws, which come eight in a pack — with four straight straws, four bent straws, and two cleaning brushes. The straws are large enough to fit 20-ounce tumblers, and are dishwasher-safe.

A Pro-Strength Handheld Back Massager That Comes With Attachments

This handheld back massager is as powerful as a DIY device can get, and features a double head that delivers a soothing deep tissue massage wherever you need it. It comes with three attachments for a variety of massage techniques, adjustable intensity levels, and reviewers say it has no problem targeting hard-to-reach areas of your body.

An Innovative Towel Hook With Sturdy Jaws That Keep Towels From Slipping

If you hang your towel on a hook, there's a good chance that hook will collapse at least once (or several times). These kitchen towel hooks are designed differently — you actually insert the corner of your towel into their secure jaws, and they stay put. Use self-adhesive tape to hold the hook in place or install it with just a few screws (which are included).

This Long Spatula That Digs Out Every Last Teaspoon From Food Jars

You won't leave so much as a teaspoon of peanut butter, honey, or mayo behind when you use this lengthy jar spatula to dig deep inside of those jars and containers and get out every last scoop. The silicone spatula is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees — and it's dishwasher-safe.

These Mesh Grocery Produce Bags That Keep Fruits And Veggies Fresh

These reusable mesh bags allow air to flow in and out, making them the perfect grocery shopping companion, because they'll keep produce fresher for way longer than plastic bags (not to mention how much better they are for the planet). This set of 12 bags includes three large bags, six medium bags, and three small bags — all of which have drawstrings and can be repurposed as storage solutions for just about anything.

The Packing Cubes That Keep Clothing And Accessories In Tip-Top Shape

When you travel, your clothing and accessories should arrive in as good a condition when you reach your final destination as they were when you left home. This seven-piece packing cube set ensures you won't have to dig around to find a single item — and it includes four packing cubes for heavier clothing like jeans and sweaters, one shoe bag, one toiletry bag, and one TSA-approved toiletry bag. Choose among six colors.

A Multi-Tool Keychain That You'll Use Daily

Hang this multi-tool keychain on your key holder and forget about it — until you find yourself pulling it out daily because it's that functional. The stainless steel keychain is a flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, and box opener rolled up into one trusty gadget that is TSA-approved and can even get through airport security lines with flying colors.

This Clothing Storage Box That Takes Good Care Of Seasonal Items

When you're ready to pack away seasonal clothing items until the next time you need them, these lightweight fabric storage bins are perfect for keeping them free of moisture, mold, and mildew. The organizers have solid and secure zippers, two handles for easy transport, and a transparent window so you won't have to play guessing games about what's inside.

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