46 Weird Products People Are Obsessed With On Amazon


I'm always up for discovering the latest and greatest products any store has to offer. But instead of sticking to the most popular items, I sometimes head over to see what weird products on Amazon are available. What can I say? My inner impulse shopper loves quirky finds — especially when they come with free two-day Prime shipping.

That's the thing about shopping on Amazon — not only is their shipping policy top-tier, you can also find so many things you never knew existed or that you needed. There are strategic board games that are fun for the whole family, shampoo brushes that massage your scalp as you get a deep clean, and even a water filter that attaches to your shower head which reviewers swear by for keeping hair and skin moisturized and glowing. And if you truly love the occasional oddball find, make sure to check out the pair of supportive foot sleeves that are infused with copper for fewer aches — they're even naturally antimicrobial.

It doesn't matter whether you're in the market for innovative beauty products, fun kitchen gadgets, or a new bra you can wear with almost any outfit — when you're looking through all the bizarre yet brilliant products available on Amazon, the sky is the limit. And these 46 quirky items? They're practically begging to be added to your cart.

A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Made with thick silicone bristles, this shampoo brush lets you massage your scalp and wash away built-up dirt and grime. It can also help stimulate blood flow (good for hair growth), and the handle on the back gives you control when your hands are wet.

An Oral Rinse For 24 Hours Of Fresh Breath That Won't Burn Or Sting

Formulated to keep breath fresh for up to 24 hours, this oral rinse won't burn your mouth while you swish — unlike some other rinses that can feel a bit harsh. It's completely gluten-free and doesn't contain any artificial flavors or colors. Plus, the mild mint flavor leaves your breath extra clean feeling.

These Toe Separators That Help Reduce Aches

Simply wear for 20 minutes a day, and these toe stretchers will help alleviate pain caused by bunions, hammer toes, and narrow shoes. They're made from soft, medical-grade gel that won't irritate your skin, and they're completely BPA-free. One Amazon reviewer raves, "My feet always feel so much better and stretched out afterwards [...] the pain has decreased tremendously."

A Strengthening Cuticle Oil Made With Nourishing Milk And Honey

If your cuticles or nails are dry, cracked, or peeling, try using this fan-favorite cuticle oil to help revitalize them. With an impressively high 4.7-star rating, the oil is made from a blend of nourishing ingredients like milk and honey to strengthen and hydrate dry skin and nails.

The Spy Game That's Fun For The Whole Family

Codenames is a spy-themed game that lets you channel your inner James Bond. The game splits players into two teams of "agents" plus one "spymaster." The goal is to successfully make contact with all agents first — while avoiding the dreaded assassin card. You can play with four or more players, and each round only takes about 15 minutes.

A Shower Filter That Removes Harsh Chlorine For Softer Hair And Skin

The chlorine in your water can dry out your skin, hair, and nails, so why not pop this shower filter onto your existing shower head? It removes chlorine, pesticides, and unwanted odors, while helping to control limescale buildup over time. There are zero tools required for installation, and it's designed to work with almost all types of shower heads.

The Foot Scrubber That Attaches To Your Shower Floor

If you're tired of bending down to scrub your feet, just attach this scrubber to your shower floor. It's made from germ-resistant silicone, and the super strong suction cups on the bottom prevent it from moving as you rub your feet back and forth. Plus, the scrubber can even help stimulate blood circulation in your feet and legs, so it's a lot like getting a foot massage.

A Bra That You Can Convert Into Multiple Styles

The super deep plunge on this this convertible bra makes it a great option for low-cut dresses and shirts. But it doesn't stop there — the straps are totally adjustable, so you can wear the bra as a halter, cross-back, or strapless style. It's available in beige and black, so you can wear it with multiple outfits.

  • Available sizes: 32B — 40D
These Protective Acne Patches That Are Completely Transparent

Don't panic the next time a blemish pops up — just cover it with one of these acne patches. The hydrocolloid dressing helps absorb the stuff inside the blemish while protecting it from dirt and irritation. Plus, the patches are transparent, so they're hardly noticeable if you decide to wear them out during the day.

A Bidet That's Easy To Install Onto Any Toilet

You don't have to be a professional handyman to install this bidet, as each order comes with all the tools and parts required to set it up by yourself. And while most bidets are made with plastic, this one features an extra-durable, high-quality stainless steel hose, along with an adjustable water pressure control panel.

The Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf

Use it as a convenient place to set your phone down or keep an extra roll handy on the built-in shelf of this toilet paper holder. Installation is super easy since you have the option of either mounting it with hardware or attaching it to your wall using the included adhesive.

These Facial Razors That Also Exfoliate Your Skin

These eyebrow razors are great for shaping brows, but they can (surprisingly) even be used to exfoliate dead skin and remove unwanted facial hair; just run gently across the surface of your face. Each order comes with an attachment for extra precision, along with blade guards to protect your skin.

This Pore Vacuum That's Perfect For Removing Stubborn Blackheads

If your skin gets irritated after using peels or extractors to get rid of blackheads, try using this pore vacuum instead. It comes with five interchangeable suction heads that remove blackheads and other impurities while exfoliating the skin. And the since the suction strength is adjustable, it's suitable for all types of skin.

A Nail Repair Pen That Gets Rid Of Fungus & Discoloration

If your nails are cracked, damaged, or discolored, this nail repair pen is here to help. It's formulated to eliminate fungus within four weeks, and the brush applicator makes it easy to apply. Each order comes with two applicators, so you can get the job done without having to reorder.

The Stain Remover That's Super Effective On Mold And Mildew Without Scrubbing

Mold and mildew stains are no match for this gel stain remover. Simply apply it wherever unwanted mold or mildew has taken hold, then let sink in for eight hours. The stain will then easily rinse away without any scrubbing required. It's safe to use on tile, grout, sealant, shower heads, and more.

These Blister Cushions That Speed Up Healing

If your new shoes are causing rubbing and friction, try these blister cushions. They're designed to be a protective coating that keeps blisters moisturized and protected, so they heal more quickly. They'll stay in place — even if you shower or exercise — and each order comes with five cushions: two medium, two small, and one toe patch.

The Scrubber Brush Designed To Clean Window And Shower Tracks

It's not easy to clean those awkward spaces in your window tracks and along your shower — unless you have this scrubber brush. The narrow design allows you to easily reach into those cramped, narrow spots, and the ergonomic handle keeps your hand from getting tired as you clean.

An Adult Party Game That Gets Everybody Talking

Searching for an easy way to get your party guests mingling? Look no further than Incohearent. This party game has players work to decode a nonsense phrase ("real agents sip gulls," for example), and whoever figures it out first wins the round. The first player to win 13 rounds is crowned champion. Each box comes with 500 cards, so no two games are the same.

The Duster Specifically Designed To Clean Your Blinds

This window blind duster is a great way to cut down on cleaning time. It has multiple prongs that are designed to sandwich your blinds, so they get cleaned on both sides at the same time with just a few swipes. Each order comes with five washable and reusable microfiber dusting sleeves.

These Bath Bombs That Moisturize & Smell So Good

Handcrafted in California, these bath bombs make for a great gift on birthdays, holidays, or even just as a random surprise (or you can keep them for yourself). They're formulated with hydrating essential oils to help moisturize dry skin, and each one is individually wrapped in order to help keep them as fresh as possible. The best part? They smell great and won't stain your tub.

These Moisturizing Foot Sleeves That Repair Cracked Heels

If your heels are dry and cracked, try using these heel sleeves to deliver a nourishing dose of moisture. The gel pads on the bottoms of the sleeves slowly release shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E to deeply hydrate dry skin, but — since the socks are ventilated — your feet won't get sweaty wearing them. These sleeves are reusable; use consistently for best results.

A Pair Of Arch Support Sleeves Infused With Odor-Resistant Copper

Alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions, fallen arches, heel spurs, or just hours spent on your feet with these arch compression sleeves. The sleeves promote circulation, boost muscle recovery, and stabilize feet. And since they're infused with antimicrobial copper, they're naturally odor-resistant.

This Discreet Tool That Removes Unwanted Facial Hair Without Pain

Don't bother with messy (and painful) waxes or razors. If you have unwanted facial hair, just use this hair remover to effortlessly get rid of it. It's great for unwanted stray hairs on your lips, chin, and cheeks, and since the gently rotating blades are hypoallergenic, it's safe for all types of skin.

These Heel Cups That Prevent Foot And Joint Pain

Not all heel cups are created equally — these heel cups are made with a waffle-patterned gel that does a great job of absorbing shock to prevent foot and joint soreness. Using the heel cups can also help alleviate pain from heel spurs, back pain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and more. Wear them with or without socks.

These Bluetooth Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

Made from ultra-soft fabric, these Bluetooth headphones double as an eye mask, which means you can drift off to sleep listening to your favorite music at home or on the go. The battery lasts for up to eight hours when fully charged, and the speakers are removable, so you can easily wash the headband when necessary. Use them while flying or just when you're relaxing at home.

A Back Stretcher That Can Help Improve Your Posture And Relieve Pain

Improve your posture and soothe a sore, aching back simply by lying on this back stretcher. It's made from high-density foam that won't go flat over time, and it's super helpful for relieving pain caused by sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, after workouts, or just regular old muscle tension.

These Heated Mitts That Soften Your Hands

Just apply your favorite lotion or cream, then insert your hands into these heated mitts — the warmth provided by the mitts will open up your pores, so your skin will more effectively soak up all that hydration. There are three temperature settings to choose from, so you get just the right amount of heat.

A Mascara That Makes It Look Like You're Wearing False Lashes

Dramatically volumize and lengthen your lashes with this "false lash effect" mascara. Unlike a lot of other mascaras, this won't leave clumps behind and lasts all day without flaking or fading. One Amazon reviewer writes, "I can wear it all day at work, and then to a high-intensity workout class and it still looks great." The mascara is cruelty-free, too.

This Hairbrush Cleaner That Will Seriously Help Transform Your Hair

If you've never cleaned your hairbrush, you'll want to grab this hairbrush cleaner to ensure you're not brushing a bunch of dust, oil, and old styling product back onto your hair. The cleaner is designed to work on hairbrushes of all shapes and sizes, and features a pointed end for working out knots and strands and a bristled end to sweep away fuzzies, lint, and styling residue.

A Callus Remover That Gives You Soft Feet In 10 Minutes

Let your feet soak up this callus remover for about 10 minutes, then use a scrubber to brush away thick, flaking skin with ease. You'll be left with super soft feet without scrubbing. It's a great way to help save money on pedicures, and many reviewers wrote about how it's incredibly easy to use.

The Journal That'll Help You Find Your Inner Zen While Making You Laugh

If you've been on the search for some inner peace, be sure to add this journal to your cart. The journal uses a combination of lighthearted profanity and positive affirmations to brighten your day, boost your confidence, help you keep track of goals, and encourage to take the small stuff a little less seriously. It'll even help you kick back and relax after a long, stressful day.

A Super Powerful Massager That Will Loosen Up Even Your Tightest Muscles

If regular massagers just aren't intense enough for your sore muscles, let me introduce you to this truly next-level deep tissue massager. It comes with five interchangeable massage heads that are designed to target tight muscles in every part of your body. The massager has 20 speed options, and the battery lasts for up to six hours when fully charged.

This Mushroom Coffee That's Great For Your Brain And Your Immunity

The lion's mane mushrooms in this coffee blend can help support your memory and cognitive function, while the chaga mushrooms boost your immunity, and the rhodiola herb works to fight stress. These dark roast coffee grounds are vegan, paleo, and USDA-certified organic, and unlike other vegetable coffee blends, this one doesn't have any mushroomy taste.

These Racks That Hold Your Plastic Bags Open For Easy Food Transfer

Use these baggy racks to prop open bags so that they're easy to fill with leftovers, lunches, and whatever else. The nonslip rubber bases keep them from tipping over, and they're large enough to work with bags of practically any shape or size. Bonus: They're also a great way to hold open reusable food storage bags while they dry after washing.

The Microwave Popcorn Popper That's Collapsible

This microwave popcorn popper collapses down for easy storage when you're done using it, and it features cool-touch handles that won't burn your hands when you remove it from the microwave. It's made from food-grade silicone, and there are a variety of colors to choose from: red, green, blue, pink, and more.

This Stretcher That Helps You Relax Your Shoulders And Neck

In just about 15 minutes, this neck relaxer can help stretch the sore muscles in your neck and shoulders, working to release knots and tension. The head cradle is made with soft egg foam, and you can also just use the stretcher for added support while you're relaxing on the couch or sitting in bed reading.

These Silicone Lids You Can Stretch Over Bowls And Plates

Made from durable, flexible silicone, these lids stretch over bowls, plates, and containers to keep food fresh. They're heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and since each set comes with 12 lids in different sizes, you can even throw out the mismatched lids hanging out in your kitchen cupboard because you've got it covered.

A Fork That Makes It Easy To Grab Condiments

Instead of digging around in the jar for a jalapeño, olive, or pickle the next time you want a snack and having to do more dishes, just use this condiment fork. It comes with a stretchy band that lets you easily attach it to the side of jars, and the drip catcher helps keep your refrigerator shelves clean.

The Kit That Turns Your Power Drill Into A High-Powered Scrubber

For very little money, this kit lets you turn your handheld drill into a power scrubber that cleans just about anything in your home. Each order comes with three different brush heads, and since they're made from super-durable nylon, they won't easily fray or scratch delicate surfaces. Use this in your bathroom, kitchen, or even on car wheels.

A Gadget That Seals Your Opened Food Bags Shut

Chip clips and rubber bands still allow air inside your snack bags, so skip those and seal your bags shut with this bag sealer. It's designed to work with a variety of plastic, foil, and snack bags, and the power cable is extra-long, so it's easy to maneuver in any direction.

The Natural Odor Absorber That's Perfect For Garlic, Fish, And More

Just rub it between your hands like you would a normal bar of soap (with or without water), and this odor absorber will quickly eliminate unwanted scents from your skin. It's great for removing cooking odors from garlic, fish, and meat, and it's made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust.

A Scrubber That Gets Your Baseboards Clean Without You Having To Bend Down

Getting down on the floor to scrub your baseboards can leave your knees feeling sore and back sore, so try using this baseboard scrubber instead. The pole reaches down to the baseboards where the microfiber cleaning cloth removes dirt and dust. It swivels 360 degrees, and it's designed to fit the contours and curves of your baseboards. It works on ceiling molding as well.

These Pods That Keep Your Herbs And Veggies Fresh Longer

Tired of seeing your herbs and vegetables spoil in the fridge? Then start keeping them in these herb saver pods. Just fill them with a little water, and they'll help maintain freshness for up to three weeks — possibly the easiest way to save some green.

A Tool That Makes It Easy To Slice Grapes, Olives, And More

Use this food cutter to slice up cherry tomatoes, olives, shrimp, strawberries, and more without worrying about cutting yourself. It adjusts to the size of the item you're slicing, so you don't have to worry about cramming stuff inside, and it's also great for slicing up chicken breasts into thin cutlets.

This Pack Of Natural Gum In Weird But Delicious Flavors

Chew on something a little more interesting with this all-natural variety pack of gum in six unexpected flavors: maple, fennel, coffee, ginger, peppermint, and cinnamon. The non-GMO-certified gum is made with wild harvested tree sap and raw cane sugar and is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

These Silver-Infused Toothbrushes That Are Bacteria-Resistant

These look like run-of-the-mill toothbrushes, but the bristles are actually infused with silver, which naturally eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. The toothbrushes also feature two tiers of super thin bristles for superior cleaning on both the surface of and in between your teeth, and since they're made from polyester, they'll last for up to four months, instead of three.

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