46 Genius Products That Are Life-Changing For Disorganized People

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to always slow you down, it's living a disorganized lifestyle. I can't tell you how many times I've been late to an appointment simply because I couldn't find my keys, wallet, or even a pair of pants that weren't wrinkled — and it's a vicious cycle. I stress because I'm late, and I am late because I'm disorganized. However, with so many absurdly clever products on Amazon for anyone who's disorganized AF, I really don't have any excuse to keep doing what I did before. There are game-changing products out there that make things so much easier for the messy.

My worst offense? I never fold my clothes — usually I load them into a basket, and then there's a 50 percent chance that basket will end up dumped on the floor when I'm trying to find my favorite jeans. Anytime I want to go somewhere I have to steam my shirts in order to look professional — but if I ever get around to buying the shirt folder and organizer in this list, maybe my closet will start actually being manageable.

When it comes to products that help organize messy people, Amazon has got thousands of solutions for you — and here are 46 that are genius and life-changing.

Entertainment — 46 Genius Products That Are Life-Changing For Disorganized People

1. The Shoe Organizer That's Super Simple To Install

Simple Houseware Hanging Shoe Organizer, $8, Amazon

Keeping track of all your shoes can be difficult, so start cleaning up your floors with the Simple Houseware hanging shoe organizer. This organizer requires zero tools to install, because it's able to hang over any standard door or closet rod with the durable metal hooks that are included, and the clear material makes it easy to find the pair of shoes you're looking for. Each organizer can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes, and you can even use it to organize kid's art supplies, accessories, cables, and more.


2. A Set Of Foldable Dividers That Help You Keep Your Drawers Organized

Sorbus Foldable Drawer Dividers, $14 (Set of 4), Amazon

It's easy to just cram a bunch of wrinkled clothes into your drawer, but with the Sorbus foldable drawer dividers, you almost have to roll or fold your clothing so that they'll fit in each pocket. Each order comes with four dividers of varying sizes that fit into practically any drawer, plus they're also great for organizing office and art supplies. And when they're not being used, these dividers can collapse for easy storage under your bed.


3. The Stylish Tray Made For Your Makeup Sponges

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Sponge Tray, $12, Amazon

Made from a stylish crystalline acrylic blend, the byAlegory acrylic makeup sponge tray looks almost exactly like glass — yet has the durability of solid plastic. This makeup sponge tray has nine slots for you to store sponges in a variety of sizes, and because the tray has increased airflow, it also keeps them safe from bacteria and other contaminants. One Amazon reviewer even raved that this tray is "so cute, and it displays my beauty sponges while also letting them dry completely!"


4. A Hanger That's Great For Pants, Ties, And More

DOIOWN Pants Hanger, $10, Amazon

Whether you've got ties you'd like to organize or several pairs of pants that need to be hung up, the DOIOWN pants hanger is going to streamline your closet. This hanger is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won't bend or warp under a heavy load, and since any sharp corners have been smoothed down, you won't have to worry about any fabrics getting caught on sharp edges. Each hanger can easily hold five garments, and it's also great for organizing towels and washcloths in the bathroom.


5. The Rack That Can Hold Up To 36 Cans

Simple Houseware Can Rack Organizer, $20, Amazon

Not only does it assemble in less than a minute without any complicated instructions or hardware, but you can also stack multiple Simple Houseware can rack organizers on top of each other to give yourself even more storage space. Each rack can hold up to 36 cans, and it has six adjustable plastic dividers so you can make the slots larger or smaller — all depending on the size of your cans. The chrome finish also fits the decor of any kitchen, and you can also use this organizer with spices, jars, and canned beverages.


6. A Dock That Can Charge Seven Devices At The Same Time

Spater Charging Station Dock Organizer, $40, Amazon

Great for cluttered desks and offices, the Spater charging station dock organizer can charge up to seven devices at once using the USB ports that are equipped with a Smart IC chip, which helps protect your electronics against power surges, overcharging, and overheating. This charging station dock is sturdy enough that it can easily hold phones, tablets, power banks, e-readers, and more, and the anti-slip rubber surface in each slot prevents your devices from accidentally sliding out while they're charging.


7. The Waterproof Case That Keeps Your Makeup Safe While Traveling

Chomeiu Travel Makeup Case, $16, Amazon

Whether you're traveling the world or just trying to keep your vanity looking clean, the Chomeiu travel makeup case has a variety of pockets and partitions that will help keep you organized. Made from premium nylon that's both durable and waterproof, this makeup bag is less than 2 pounds — and you can even carry it as its own bag, because it comes with a shoulder strap for added convenience.


8. A Spice Rack That Comes With Free Refills For Five Years

Kamenstein 18-Jar Spice Rack, $31, Amazon

Most spice racks don't come with spices, but the Kamenstein 18-jar spice rack has basil, marjoram, parsley, celery salt, dill weed, and more — and the best part is, each order comes with five years of free spice refills, all sealed for freshness and clearly labeled. Spices are expensive, so think of how much money you'll save just from that alone — and since the rack itself is made from sturdy bamboo, it's both durable and a stylish addition to your kitchen.


9. The Cable Organizer Made From Natural Wood

AKWOX Cord Management System, $10, Amazon

Made with high-quality, natural wood, the AKWOX cord management system has five slots: three slots that are 5 millimeters wide, and two that are 7.5 millimeters wide, so no matter the size, your cables and chargers will stay secure. Installing this cable organizer is simple, and it comes with its own sticky tape, and one Amazon reviewer even noted that "it's heavy enough to keep the cables from falling off the desk" if you choose not to use the adhesive.


10. A Shirt Organizer That Can Also Be Used For Papers And Documents

EZSTAX Closet Organizer And Shirt Folder, $22 (20 Pack), Amazon

Messy closets are no match for the EZSTAX closet organizer and shirt folder, and these interlocking dividers work like miniature shelves, allowing you to stack clothes neatly on top of each other — and when you want to pull one out, you can do so without disturbing all the other folded garments. You can also use this organizer in luggage while traveling or even in your office as a stacking folder for important documents.


11. The Daily Planner That Encourages You To Achieve Your Goals

BestSelf Co. Original Daily Planner, $34, Amazon

Not only does it give you daily, weekly, and monthly sheets so that you can organize your schedule down to the very last detail, but unlike other planners, the BestSelf Co. original daily planner helps you hold yourself accountable with a to-do list system that encourages you to achieve your goals. This planner is undated so the pages will never expire, and the canvas-wrapped hardcover and thick paper pages are high-quality.


12. A Divider That Expands To Fit Any Drawer

mDesign Adjustable Drawer Organizer, $18 (4 Pack), Amazon

With foam-tipped ends to protect the inside of your drawers from any accidental scratches, the mDesign adjustable drawer organizer is great for anyone who needs a more customizable organization solution for their messy drawers. These organizers can extend from 13.25 inches out to 20.75 inches, and the shatter-resistant plastic is durable. The spring-loaded tension locks prevent these dividers from falling down, too.


13. The Organizer That Fits Right Over Your Cabinet Door

Deco Brothers Cabinet Door Organizer, $14, Amazon

Not only is it super easy to install — simply hang it over the top of any cabinet door — but the Deco Brothers cabinet door organizer can be used in the kitchen to hold foils and plastic wrap, or in the bathroom to hold extra soaps and shampoo. The silver metal frame will match any existing decor, and the clear top bracket is made from plastic, so it won't scratch your cabinet doors.


14. A Rack That Can Be Mounted To A Wall, Or Left Standing Freely

Simple Houseware Cabinet Pan And Pot Organizer, $15, Amazon

Mount it to your cabinet door to give yourself some added storage space, or just let the Simple Houseware cabinet pan and pot organizer stand freely on its own. This organizer can stand both horizontally and vertically depending on your needs, and each slot is between 2.5 and 3 inches tall. Able to hold up to five pans or lids, it's only 12 inches tall, so it's great for smaller kitchens with limited space.


15. The Hamper That Saves You Precious Closet Space

The Fine Living Company Space-Saving Hamper, $19, Amazon

Hampers can take up a lot of precious floor or closet space, so why not try an over-the-door version like The Fine Living Company space-saving hamper? This large hamper comes with two chrome door hooks that keep it securely hung from the top of any door, and the bottom has a zipper opening that makes loading and unloading your clothes easy.


16. A Travel Organizer For Your Cables And Electronics

BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer, $16, Amazon

Made from weather- and water-resistant nylon, the BAGSMART travel cable organizer also has a variety of pockets in multiple sizes so that your gadgets and cords are always secure. The large zippered pocket can fit a 2.5-inch portable hard drive, and there are nine sections with elastic bands that are great for storing cables and more. This is an easy way to keep all your electronics organized.


17. The Makeup Brush Organizer That Can Fit Almost Any Brush

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer, $21, Amazon

The byAlegory acrylic makeup brush organizer can fit both small and large brushes — plus everything in-between — and keep them visible and right at your fingertips. Able to hold up to 12 brushes, each hole in this organizer has a silicone plug that helps grip your brush and hold it secure, and the clear crystalline acrylic structure is a classy addition to any vanity. One reviewer writes: " It fits all of the brushes I love to use everyday. It's so convenient to have them all on my vanity instead of having to look for them in my brush drawer."


18. A Convenient Holder For Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Spectrum Diversified Plastic Bag Holder, $10, Amazon

Instead of throwing your plastic bags haphazardly underneath your sink, use the Spectrum diversified plastic bag holder. This convenient gadget neatly holds your plastic grocery bags, and the circular opening at the bottom makes it easy to pull them out. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that she's "using these to store rolls of socks for my kids right in our shoe closet," and because it comes with its own adhesive, installation is a breeze.


19. The Holders That Keep Your Mops And Brooms From Falling Over

Bosszi Mop And Broom Holder Racks, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Despite being filled with cleaning supplies, the broom closet is probably one of the most disorganized places in any house — and if that sounds like you, try out the Bosszi mop and broom holder racks. These stainless steel racks have a super-sticky adhesive backing that's weather-resistant and easily attaches to any smooth surface, and the "arms" on this holder expand and contract to fit a variety of brooms and mops.


20. A Bathroom Organizer That Can Hold Up To 26 Pounds

iHEBE Bathroom Shelf Storage Organizer, $30, Amazon

Not only is installation easy since all you have to do is peel the adhesive off the back, but the adhesive on the iHEBE bathroom shelf storage organizer is so strong that this shelf can easily hold up to 26 pounds. Great for organizing shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and more, the towel bar on this shelf is corrosion-resistant — plus, the entire unit is waterproof so that you won't have to worry about it breaking down over time. There's even a drainage hole so that mold and mildew won't grow in stagnant water.


21. The Shelf Where You Can Store Your Styling Tools Even When Hot

mDesign Hair Styling Tool Organizer, $18, Amazon

Because it's made from durable steel wire, you don't have to wait for your hot tools to cool down before storing them in the mDesign hair styling tools organizer. This organizer hangs over any cabinet door up to 1.9 centimeters thick to help save you space in the bathroom, and the rust-resistant finish won't corrode over time — even with the humidity from your shower.


22. A Mat That Lets You Stack Bottles And Cans On Top Of Each Other

Cooks Innovations Fridge Monkey Mat, $12, Amazon

If you try to stack bottles in your fridge, the ones on the bottom will slide out — but with the Cooks Innovations fridge monkey mat, you not only maximize storage space, but you can also secure up to 10 cans or five bottles of wine per mat. This rubber mat will not slide or roll when in use, and one Amazon reviewer wrote that it's "great for holding all my bottles of wine. Not worried about them all toppling when I move one thing in the fridge anymore."


23. The Genius Storage Solution For Those Small, Tight Space

IdeaWorks Slide-Out Storage Tower, $24, Amazon

Designed for those small, tight spaces that you see between your washer and dryer or your refrigerator, the IdeaWorks slide-out storage tower helps you utilize the excess space that would otherwise go unused. The wheels on the bottom of this storage tower allow you to easily roll it in and out depending on your needs, and at only 5 inches wide it can fit in a variety of places. And because it's made from 100 percent polypropylene plastic, this tower is also super durable.


24. An Outlet Shelf That Can Hold Up To 10 Pounds

BeraTek Industries Outlet Shelf, $7, Amazon

Instead of letting your expensive devices sit on the ground to charge, keep them safe by putting them on the BeraTek Industries outlet shelf. Unlike most outlet shelves, this one can hold up to 10 pounds, and installation is incredibly easy — just remove your old outlet cover, then replace it with this one instead. The hole between the outlet and shelf allows you to neatly tuck any cables away, and you can also mount this shelf upside-down for even more versatility.


25. The Organizing Purse Insert Made From Waterproof Nylon

Vercord Purse Organizer Insert, $11, Amazon

Not only does it come in 30 different colors and three sizes, but the Vercord purse organizer insert is also made from waterproof nylon that's extremely durable and simple to clean. It also has 13 pockets that one Amazon reviewer described as "shallow enough that it's easy to get things in and out of them!" There are also zippered and mesh pockets to keep things both secure and visible.


26. A Protective Case That Keeps Your Earbuds Safe

ZFRE-HJ Headphones Case, $7, Amazon

Earbuds can tangle and get lost easily — so protect them with the ZFRE-HJ headphones case. This case is small so that it fits neatly into your pocket, yet large enough that it can hold your earbuds, charging cable, flash drive, coins, keys, and other small accessories at the same time. And because the outside is made from PU leather, it also helps prevent dirt and dust from getting inside the case and contaminating your headphones.


27. The Handy Device That Helps You Locate Lost Items

Tile Mate Anything Finder, $35 (4 Pack), Amazon

Whether you keep losing your phone, television remote, or wallet, the Tile Mate anything finder is right up your alley. Simply attach the tile to whatever item you want to keep track of, and anytime it's lost you can log into the downloadable app and have the tile emit a sound, allowing you to quickly locate it. Each tile is water-resistant, and the battery lasts for one whole year without any additional charging. There's also a way to find the tile if you lose it, to.


28. A Set Of Magnetic Hooks That Help De-Clutter Your Space

DIYMAG Swivel Magnetic Hooks, $14 (6 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're hanging up pots and pans next to the stove, organizing the garage, or just looking for a super-strong magnet to put on your fridge and keep your keys or kitchen tools, the DIYMAG swivel magnetic hooks can do it all. These hooks can hold up to 30 pounds of weight as long as they are on a horizontal surface (if the magnets are vertical, they can hold 20 pounds safely), which makes them a great alternative to drilling, since they require zero tools.


29. The Sink Caddy That Minimizes Bacterial Growth

Simplehuman Sink Caddy, $17, Amazon

Keeping your sponges and brushes in the bottom of your sink is a surefire way to get them all moldy, so try using the Simplehuman sink caddy to help them stay fresh. This sink caddy has multiple ventilation holes as well as storage compartments that help your sponges dry quickly, which in turn makes it harder for bacteria to grow. And because it's made with rust-proof metals and plastics, this caddy is both durable and long-lasting.


30. A Folding Storage Cube That You Can Use Anywhere

Simple Houseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Not only can they collapse for easy storage when they're not being used, but the Simple Houseware foldable cube storage bins look great practically anywhere — put them on shelves, bookcases, media centers, or even in closets for an easy way to organize your belongings. Unlike other folding storage bins, these ones have cut-out handles so you can transport them anywhere, and there are also five different colors to choose from: grey, dark grey, brown, black, and beige.


31. The Organizer That Keeps Your Makeup Palettes In Check

InterDesign Vertical Palette Organizer, $9, Amazon

Personally, I store my makeup in one giant, dusty pile in the corner of my vanity, but you're better than that — which is why the InterDesign vertical organizer has nine divided sections where you can store all your face and eye palettes. The transparent, high-quality plastic allows you to view every palette without having to move them around, and at only 9.25 inches long, this organizer is compact enough to fit small vanities, cabinets, and more.


32. A Caddy That Holds Your Remote Controls And More

EZR Life Remote Control Caddy, $35, Amazon

With eight compartments that can hold up to 14 remotes, the EZR Life remote control caddy is great for anybody looking to organize their living room. This caddy can also hold tablets, books, glasses, phones, magazines, and other similarly-shaped items, and even has convenient holes for cables so you can charge your devices. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "this organizer is very elegant...it is leather, and a dark brown color so it is suitable for any interior!"


33. The Bedside Shelf That Requires Zero Tools To Install

BedShelfie Original Bedside Shelf, $35, Amazon

If your nightstand is cluttered — or if you don't have a nightstand at all — the BedShelfie original bedside shelf is a must. This shelf has a super-strong 2.1-inch clamp system that allows it to attach without any tools, and there's also included felt that you can use to soften the contact points. There are also two wired slots where you can place your charging cables, and unlike other easy-install shelves, this one can safely hold up to 15 pounds.


34. A Handy Accessory That Ensures You Never Forget Your Keys

Home-X Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer, $9, Amazon

Whether it's your keys, credit card, or passport you don't want to forget, just put it in the Home-X do not forget door knob organizer to ensure that you'll see it right before you leave the house. This organizer hangs on your doorknob, and is large enough that there's even a strap on the reverse side that can hold letters, newspapers, and other large documents — and with the convenient keychain, you can even hang your keys right on it.


35. The Magnet That Tells You If The Dishwasher Is Clean Or Dirty

Kichwit Dishwasher Magnet Indicator, $10, Amazon

Are they clean? Dirty? With the Kichwit dishwasher magnet indicator, you'll always know. This magnet rotates 360-degrees to change from "CLEAN" to "DIRTY," and the classic silver cover will look good in any kitchen. Scratch-free and able to stick to any dishwasher, each order also comes with double-sided adhesive if your dishwasher isn't magnetized.


36. A Folding Storage Bag For Clothes, Towels, And More

Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag, $23 (3 Pack), Amazon

Not only can they fold down flat when not in use, but the Sorbus foldable storage bags are great for holding seasonal items like clothing. blankets, decorations, toys, and more. Each bag is lightweight yet sturdy enough that they can stack neatly on top of each other, and the large transparent side windows allow you to see what's inside each bag without having to unpack them.


37. The Purse Organizer That Fits Neatly Into Your Closet

ZOBER Hanging Purse Organizer, $10, Amazon

Purses can take up a lot of precious shelf space in your closets, which is why the ZOBER hanging purse organizer is designed to hang from any standard closet rod. This organizer has eight large slots that can hold handbags of various sizes and shapes, and because the slots are covered in clear plastic, it's easy to find what you're looking for. And if you don't have eight purses, fear not — you can also use it to store scarves, towels, sheets, and other items as well.


38. A Hanger Designed For Clothing With Spaghetti Straps

Baihoo Cami Organizer Hanger, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you've got tanks, purses, belts, bras, bathing suits, or more, the Baihoo cami organizer hanger is a great way to declutter your drawers and closets. The plastic non-slip surface prevents your garments from sliding around, and each one is 10 inches wide so you can fit a variety of items all on one hanger. One Amazon reviewer also noted that this hanger "will also accommodate even the thinnest and smallest women's belts."


39. The Rack That's Designed To Fit Under Your Sink

Simple Houseware Expandable Under-Sink Rack, $21, Amazon

Because it's designed with a space for pipes to fit, the Simple Houseware expandable under-sink rack is a great solution for anyone looking to organize the cabinets underneath their kitchen or bathroom sinks. Each rack can expand from 15 to 25 inches wide with four adjustable heights to choose from (2, 5, 9, and 13 inches), and the shelving panels are also made from perforated steel so that it's exceptionally durable.


40. An Organizer That Fits Into The Corners Of Your Kitchen

Deco Brothers Corner Organizer, $14, Amazon

Instead of letting the corners of your countertops and cabinets go to waste, use the Deco Brothers corner organizer to store pans, lids, dishes, and more. Made from sturdy iron with a chrome finish, it has three shelves for plates, mugs, bowls, and more.


41. The Rack That Lets You Stack Water Bottles On Top Of Each Other

mDesign Stackable Water Bottle Rack, $20 (4 Pack), Amazon

Most water bottles are too tall to sit comfortably in the fridge, yet when you lay them horizontally they tend to roll around — so why not try the mDesign stackable water bottle rack? Whether you're keeping them in the fridge or on your counters, this rack can hold both water bottles as well as bottles of wine, and it's great for securing your bottles so they don't roll around. And because each slot in this rack is stackable, you can customize how tall it is so that it can fit almost anywhere.


42. A Wine Rack That's Compact And Lightweight

Rabbit Space Saver Wine Rack, $27, Amazon

If your kitchen has limited space, the Rabbit space saver wine rack is compact at only 12 inches wide, yet still able to hold up to six standard-sized bottles of wine. It's 8 inches high so that it can fit under tight spaces, and made from high-tensile steel so it's strong and durable. And since it can collapse down flat when it's not being used, this wine rack can fit in nearly any cabinet for easy storage.


43. The Magnets That Save You Space In The Fridge

Strong Like Bull Magnets Magnetic Bottle Hanger, $30 (2 Pack), Amazon

If your fridge has a lot of unused space at the top and you enjoy cracking open a cold one every now and then, the Strong Like Bull Magnets magnetic bottle hanger is for you. These magnets are made from super-strong neodymium that won't drop your beer bottles, and two strips are able to hang six bottles — and installation is incredibly easy since all you have to do is peel, then stick them to your fridge's ceiling.


44. A Hanger That Gives You A Place To Store Your Hats

Hat-Headz Hanger Hat Rack, $20, Amazon

Instead of wasting precious closet shelf space on hats, hang the Hat-Headz hanger hat rack over the back of your closet door and keep them there. This hanger fits on doors between 6 and 8 feet, and the stainless steel hooks won't bend under the pressure. Each rack can organize up to 20 standard baseball caps, but can also be used to store visors, fedoras, bucket hats, and more.


45. The Magnetic Strip That Holds Your Knives

Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder, $15, Amazon

Made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel with a powerful built-in magnet, the Ouddy magnetic knife holder is a chic, classy way to keep your knives organized. The magnet prevents the knives from sliding off (even if they're heavy), and if you don't have a lot of knives this holder can also store other metallic utensils like forks, spatulas, and more — and many Amazon reviewers even noted how simple it is to install.


46. A Paperclip Holder Shaped Like A Cute Sheep

Sheepi Magnetic Paper Clip Holder, $17, Amazon

Able to hold up to 30 paperclips, the Sheepi magnetic paper clip holder sets itself apart from the competition — because it's shaped like a sheep. The strong magnetic body will hold staples, hair clips, paperclips, pins, and more, and is a cute way to personalize your desk while keeping it organized. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "the magnet is strong so the clips stay in place," and that it's small "which is great, since it won't take up too much room!"

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