46 Genius Products On Amazon That Help You Create Better Habits

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You can always do better: No matter how happy you are with your life, there are always ways to manifest healthy habits that can improve your life in small ways. Rather than go out and get a book of affirmations (which can be great, but for this piece, we're talking more about direct action), why not think outside the box instead and invest your little piece of the pie in one or two of these genius products on Amazon that will help you create better habits. At the end of the day, you know you won't make it to the end of that book anyway, whereas these versatile gadgets and formulations will have you kicking ass and taking names in no time.

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with affirmations, mind you — but I barely have enough time to get through the fiction on my nightstand before Reese Witherspoon turns all the books I'm reading into streaming series, much less add self-help into the mix. This affirmation deck provides a great example of how Amazon can upgrade the traditional search for self improvement: Embrace your inner Elle Woods and make it fashion by pulling a card every morning and using it to set your intention for the day. And there's plenty more inspo where that came from.

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