46 Five-Star Amazon Products So Loved, They Might Break The Rating System

In the age of cell phones, tablets, and laptops that weigh less than 1 pound, there's almost no excuse for wasting money on a product of dubious quality. Information is available absolutely everywhere — to the point where you can compare prices from dozens of different retailers to get the best bargain — but all of that is a moot point if the product itself is not going to suit your needs. Luckily for all the savvy shoppers out there, there are tons of highly-reviewed Amazon products out there that thousands of reviewers have said are worth the money.

Anytime you're shopping online, you're going to want to make sure your final purchase has high customer reviews so that come delivery day, you're not left with a dud. Amazon has a lot of verified reviewers who rave about their latest scores — and since it's such a popular retailer, there can be literally thousands of positive reviews on any given product. This means you can rest assured that whatever it is your buying will live up to your expectations. Best of all, the cream of the crop, dare I say it, happen to be these five-star reviewed Amazon products that are so universally loved, they may just break the rating system.

Entertainment — 46 Five-Star Amazon Products So Loved, They Might Break The Rating System

1. A Detangling Hairbrush For Both Wet And Dry Hair

Tangle Teezer Original Detangling Hairbrush, $11, Amazon

Not only is it ergonomically-designed to fit in the palm of your hand, but the Tangle Teezer hairbrush also has two different tiers of detangling teeth: short ones that smooth your hair's cuticle, and long teeth that easily get rid of knots without damage or breakage. Unlike other detangling brushes, this one works great on both wet and dry hair, and many Amazon reviewers rave about it: "It really does work wonders and I can see that it reduces hair loss in my detangling process."


2. The Soup Ladle That Can Stand On Its Own

Krierah Dinosaur Soup Ladle, $10, Amazon

One of the great things about having feet on your soup ladle is that it can stand up on its own, which means the Krierah dinosaur soup ladle doubles as a cute yet functional decoration in your kitchen. Made from durable and dishwasher-safe nylon, this ladle is 12 inches tall, and is large enough that it can hold 180 milliliters of liquid — making it great for soups and sauces of all kinds.


3. A Power Strip With Pivoting Outlets So Your Plugs Fit Easily

Belkin Pivot Plug Power Strip, $20, Amazon

We've all gotten stuck with a bulky plug that takes up the space of two outlets, which is why the outlets on the Belkin pivot plug power strip move, allowing you to fit hair tools, larger computer plugs, printers, and other bulky cords that normally wouldn't fit on a traditional power strip. There are eight outlets on each strip, and the built-in surge protector prevents any accidental electrical damage to your devices.


4. The Bowl That Lets You Microwave Fresh Popcorn

Salbree Original Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

Whether you're in a dorm or an office, the Salbree original microwave popcorn popper is a great way to pop fresh popcorn without needing a bulky air popper. This durable, silicone bowl can collapse down to 2.25 inches tall which makes it easy to store in small spaces or cramped kitchens, and the easy-grab handles make it easy to remove from the microwave when hot. you can also use as much oil or butter as you want — or none at all.


5. A Screen Protector Made From Tempered Glass

TheCoos Screen Protector For iPhone 7/8, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

Whereas many screen protectors are made from flimsy plastic, TheCoos screen protector for iPhone 7/8 is made from tempered glass, keeping your phone screen safe from scrapes, bumps, dust, scratches, and more. Each order comes with three protectors, and the anti-oil coating also helps prevent smudges and reduce the appearance of fingerprints.


6. The Moisturizing Cream Loaded With Vitamin E And Shea Butter

LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer, $20, Amazon

Some creams leave behind a greasy residue on your skin — but the LilyAna Naturals retinol cream moisturizer is specifically formulated to absorb quickly into your skin without any of the stickiness or heaviness of an intense moisturizer. This cream is loaded with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, green tea, shea butter, and jojoba oil that help soothe and hydrate dry, flaky skin, and it's even great for blemish-afflicted areas as it won't clog your pores or cause any breakouts.


7. An LED Flashlight With Five Different Light Modes

Outlite LED Flashlight, $10, Amazon

Skid-proof and water-resistant, the Outlite LED flashlight is a great flashlight to keep in any emergency or first aid kit, since the LED lightbulb has a range of up to 600 feet and a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. This flashlight runs off of three AAA batteries so that you don't have to worry about finding an outlet to recharge it, and there are a few different lighting modes to choose from: dim, medium, high, strobe, and emergency.


8. The Shampoo That Removes Leftover Residue From Styling Products

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, $5, Amazon

Gels, serums, heat protectants, and sprays can slowly add build-up to your scalp over time (and cause dullness and loss of volume), which is why the Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo gently cleanses your hair to remove up to 90 percent of any dulling residues that could be weighing your hair down. You only need to use this clarifying shampoo once a week to see noticeable results, as this shampoo helps boost your hair's volume and is even safe for all hair types — including color-treated.


9. A Can Opener That Keeps Your Fingers Safe From Cuts

Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener, $15, Amazon

Having to fish the lid out of the can once you've sliced open the top can leave you with a sliced finger, which is why the Zyliss lock n' lift can opener uses a powerful magnet that lifts the lid off of the can, keeping your digits safe in the process. The stainless steel cutting blade turns opening cans into an effortless process, and the lever release makes disposing of the opened lid simple.


10. The Reusable Bags That Fold Down Into A Convenient Carrying Case

BagPodz Reusable Storage System, $25 (5 Pack), Amazon

We all have that one cabinet filled with loose reusable grocery bags that don't fold down neatly, so get organized with the BagPodz reusable storage system. Each order comes with five reusable grocery bags that fold down into one small, convenient carrying case, helping you reduce the clutter in your home and while you shop. Not only are the bags machine-washable, but they also come with a convenient clip that keeps them attached to your shopping cart!


11. A Self-Massager That's Three Times Stronger Than The Competition

Body Back Original Self-Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

Not only is the design incredibly durable, but the Body Back can reach all those impossible spots that you'd usually need another pair of hands for. This tool has 11 therapy knobs that trigger the pressure points throughout your body, and the high-density polyethylene plastic won't crack. And if you're not sure how to use it, fear not — each order comes with an included manual that helps you target spasms and knots in your muscles. One reviewer writes: "This. Changed. My. Life. I am literally writing this using the Back Buddy. I'm typing with two hands, and have it perched directly on a trigger point as I'm watching Netflix."


12. The Bowl That Prevents Your Cereal From Getting Soggy

Obol Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, $15, Amazon

For anyone who hates when their cereal gets soggy from sitting in milk too long, the Obol never soggy cereal bowl is right up your alley. This bowl has two separate compartments that let you slide dry cereal into milk at your own pace, keeping the cereal dry and crisp until you're ready to add it to the liquid. The bottom has a built-in grip that makes it easy to hold while in bed or away from a table without making a mess, and the deep sides prevent any accidental sloshes or spills.


13. A Serum That Uses Vitamin C To Brighten Your Complexion

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum, $20, Amazon

Whether you're looking to brighten your complexion, shrink your pores, refresh your skin, or tame breakouts, the TruSkin Naturals vitamin C serum can handle it all. Free from any synthetic fragrances, this serum goes the extra mile by adding aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to both moisturize and soothe your skin —one Amazon reviewer even raved that her skin "glow as if I just walked out of a spa treatment!"


14. The Derma Roller That Exfoliates your Skin

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller, $20, Amazon

Made with .25 millimeter titanium micro-needles that help exfoliate away dead layers and rid skin of acne scarring, the Sdara Skincare derma roller is an affordable alternative for anyone looking for some skin rejuvenation without the salon prices. It also helps serums and moisturizers sink into the skin to work more effectively — and the handle is ergonomically designed to prevent too much pressure. Each order comes with a plastic storage case to keep your roller clean in-between uses.


15. A Set Of Packing Cubes That Help Keep You Organized

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, $36 (Set of 5), Amazon

Not only do they help organize your luggage, but each order of the Gonex compression packing cubes comes with six cubes of varying sizes: large, medium, small, extra-small, slim, and one laundry bag. Use them in your closet to organize winter and summer accessories, or place them in your suitcase to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones while traveling. The smooth nylon fabric is durable and won't rip even after years of use, and the ventilated mesh exterior prevents your clothes from growing musty.


16. The Thermostat That's Compatible With Amazon's Alexa

Nest Learning Thermostat, $195, Amazon

Whereas most thermostats require you to program a schedule, the Nest learning thermostat can learn your heating and cooling preferences so that it can automatically adjust the temperature to save you money over time. The display is so bright and large that it's clearly readable from across the room, and because it's compatible with Amazon's Alexa, you can also control this thermostat using voice commands. This five-star review sums it up: "I can't recommend the nest enough! This thing has saved me so much money. My power bills are consistently never over $60 even after running the AC while I'm home in the evenings and overnight."


17. A Yoga Mat That's Extra Thick For Added Comfort

BalanceFrom Extra Thick Yoga Mat, $18, Amazon

The BalanceFrom extra thick yoga mat is made from dense foam that's .5 inches thick, keeping your knees, hips, elbows, and spine comfortable on hard floors. Both sides are non-slip so that you remain secure during your workout, and the moisture-resistant technology means that you can wash this mat with soap and water without damaging it. As an added bonus, they've also included a carrying strap that makes transporting this mat simple.


18. The Set Of Makeup Brushes That Provide Even Coverage

Yoseng Makeup Brush Set, $13 (Set of 10), Amazon

The dark handles and gold accents make the Yoseng makeup brush set are sturdy and durable, and the high-quality synthetic bristles blend powders, liquids, and creams without sinking in too much, so you use less product overall. This brush set is universal and can be used for eyebrows, eyeshadows, contouring, lips, foundations, and more, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "they are very easy and soft to use."


19. A Facial That Uses 100 Percent Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $11, Amazon

Great for fighting acne and healing blemishes, the Aztec Secret Indian healing clay reaches deep into your pores to pull out any impurities — leaving your skin feeling extra-clean and clearer over time. Made with no artificial fragrances or additives, this mask is 100 percent pure natural calcium bentonite clay, and is even safe for people with sensitive skin. It's a powder, so you can mix it with water or even apple cider vinegar for more purifying benefits: and you can also use it on the face, body, or hair.


20. The Mat With 6,200 Acupressure Points That Relieve Pain

Spoonk Acupressure Mat, $50, Amazon

Whether you've got pain in your neck, shoulders, back, or legs, the Spoonk acupressure mat can cover it all. This mat has 6,200 acupressure points that help provide relief from tired and achy muscles, and the Velcro stability panels help keep it in place as you relax. As an added bonus, they even send you a reflexology groove ball with each order so that you can quickly relieve any soreness from ailments like plantar fasciitis. A few minutes a day can even help with things like anxiety and insomnia.


21. A Face Wash That Softens Skin Using Hawaiian White Ginger

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash, $14, Amazon

Great for all skin types (especially anyone with oily or combination skin), the Desert Essence thoroughly clean face wash is packed with Hawaiian white ginger, goldenseal, and chamomile essential oil that leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. The mineral-rich bladderwrack in this formula will soothe minor skin irritations like burns or bug bites, and its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling — and one Amazon reviewer even raved that this face wash got rid of a keloid she developed after getting her nose pierced.


22. The Bath Flakes That Help Relieve Stress And Soreness

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes, $29, Amazon

Not only is it great for headaches and joint pain, but the magnesium in the Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes will also help improve your body's blood circulation — as well as relieve stress after a long day. Simply dissolve anywhere between 1 and 3 cups in your tub for quick relief, as the magnesium in these flakes rapidly absorbs into your body once it's been dissolved in water — and unlike other magnesium alternatives, this one does not cause an uncomfortable itching effect.


23. A Pan That Can Cook Three Different Recipes At The Same Time

Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Pan, $18, Amazon

Even though it's advertised as a lasagna pan, the Chicago Metallic professional lasagna pan doesn't limit you to baking pasta — use it to cook casseroles and meatloaf at the same time, or even brownies and cakes. The heavy aluminized steel provides stellar heat conduction throughout the pan, so your food cooks evenly and thoroughly: and since the exterior has a non-stick coating, you won't have to worry about any of your food getting stuck to the pan.


24. The Night Light That You Can Stick Anywhere

Eufy Stick-On Night Light, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

No outlet? No problem. The Eufy stick-on night light is powered by three AAA batteries so that you can use it even where there isn't an outlet, and there are two installation options to choose from: using the included adhesive, or mounting it with screws (which are also included). Unlike other battery-powered lights, this one has both a motion and light sensor so that it's only on when you need it — which saves you money in the long-run.


25. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Humidifier

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, $24, Amazon

With the ability to run continuously for up to 10 hours, the URPOWER essential oil diffuser has a large 300-milliliter water tank and a few timer settings depending on your needs: 60, 180, and 360 minutes. When the water runs out this diffuser, it will turn off automatically to keep from overheating — and there are seven LED colors you can choose from when setting the mood. And as an added bonus, this diffuser can also double as an ultra-quiet humidifier.


26. The Convenient Cleaning Sponge For Your Makeup Brushes

Zodaca Makeup Brush Sponge, $7, Amazon

Dirty makeup brushes will turn any shadow look into a muddy one pretty quickly, so try using the Zodaca makeup brush sponge to get rid of that problem, fast. Just gently rub the brush inside the sponge mid-look, and all the pigment will be removed — so you can go from using jet black to hot pink in one quick motion. Both sides of this sponge are usable, and when it becomes too dirty, simply wash with soap and you're ready to go again.


27. A Set Of Mixing Bowls That's Great For Small Kitchens

Vremi Nesting Mixing Bowl Set, $18 (Set of 13), Amazon

Your current mixing bowls probably don't nest neatly inside of each other like the Vremi nesting mixing bowl set, but if they did think of how much cabinet space you'd be saving. Not only are these bowls great for smaller kitchens and keeping organized, but they're also made from lightweight, durable BPA-free plastic that's dishwasher-safe. Unlike other mixing bowl sets, this one also comes with measuring cups and spoons — and a colander, too.


28. The Tweezers That Are Calibrated For Better Control

TweezerGuru Slant Tweezers, $10, Amazon

Made with stainless steel that's rust-resistant, the TweezerGuru slant tweezers set themselves apart from competing tweezers by calibrating the tension so that you have more control over your plucks. Perfect for eyebrows, lips, ingrown hairs, and more, the tips on these tweezers are perfectly aligned so that you can be extra precise when using them, and one Amazon reviewer even said that "they have a wonderful pressure gradient...not too hard to squeeze, nor too floppy."


29. A Lash And Brow-Boosting Serum With Over 3,000 Positive Reviews

Piero Lorenzo Lash And Brow Booster, $28, Amazon

All you have to do is apply the Piero Lorenzo lash and brow booster one hour before you go to bed the same way you would put on eyeliner — and in about seven days you should be able to see longer, full lashes and growth. Full results are visible within two months, and with over 3,400 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear this product works. It also works on brows, and one reviewer writes: "The applicator is great. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t waste any product. It also doesn’t burn my skin nor does it have a smell. Which is important to me. I also love that it is organic."


30. The Umbrella That Won't Invert In Strong Winds

Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella, $23, Amazon

The Repel Umbrella windproof travel umbrella is not just great for traveling, but the nine ribs — made from resin-reinforced fiberglass — allow this umbrella to bend slightly with the wind so that it won't invert in a strong gust. The handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable as well as slip-proof, and the protective travel sleeve helps prevent it from getting dirty.


31. A Fleece Blanket With 93 Percent Positive Reviews

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket, $30, Amazon

Getting a brand-new blanket in the mail that turns out to be stiff, scratchy, or just plain uncomfortable, is always disappointing — but the Bedsure sherpa fleece blanket has 93 percent positive reviews (and over 3,200 reviews in total), so you can rest easy that this blanket is just as soft as it looks. Not only is this blanket reversible, but the plush microfiber material is fade- and stain-resistant.


32. The Bath Mat With 324 Gorilla Grip Suction Cups For Maximum Stability

Gorilla Grip Original Bath Mat, $17, Amazon

If you're worried about slipping in the shower, try using the Gorilla Grip original bath mat instead: the 324 suction cups on the bottom ensure that it stays secure — and no matter how sudsy it gets, you won't slip. Measuring in at 35 by 16 inches, this bath mat is also antibacterial and mildew-resistant so that you're not stuck washing it constantly, and when it is time for a clean, it's conveniently machine-washable.


33. A Travel Mug Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Contigo Travel Mug, $17, Amazon

Not only is it made from durable stainless steel, but the Contigo travel mug is also vacuum-insulated and will keep your hot drinks hot for up to seven hours — or your cold drinks cold for up to 18. The automatic seal button allows you to lock this mug so that it's guaranteed not to spill or leak, and it's designed to fit most car cup holders.


34. The Pressure Cooker That Can Do It All

Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker, $80, Amazon

Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker — you name it, and the Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker can do it. Great for small families, this cooker can cook up to 6 cups of rice, and has a 24-hour delay start that lets you start cooking your meal even when you're not home. The inner cooking pot is made from stainless steel that's dishwasher-safe, and unlike other cookers this one comes with a slew of accessories: like a measuring cup, rack, rice paddle, soup spoon, condensation collector, and a recipe booklet.


35. A Book That Helps You Stop Doubting Yourself

You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, $10, Amazon

Imposter syndrome is something a lot of people identify with: it's when you doubt your accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being outed as a "fraud." If that sounds even a little bit like you then this book is right up your alley. In her book, Jen tells inspiring stories, plus gives advice, exercises, and more in order to help you stop self-sabotaging. One Amazon reviewer raved that "this entire book tells the truth — you may not like it, but it's the real deal."


36. The Charging Dock That Helps Organize Your Cables And Devices

Simicore Smart Charging Station Dock, $28, Amazon

Instead of having a jumbled mess of charging cables and devices, use the Simicore smart charging station dock to keep yourself organized. This dock has slots and USB ports that let you charge four devices at the same time, and each port is designed to detect the best voltage for each device. The rubber base prevents this dock from accidentally slipping, and the circuitry is constructed so that it won't short-circuit.


37. A Shampoo That Leaves Your Hair Shiny And Strong

Maple Holistics Natural Mint Shampoo And Conditioner, $18, Amazon

Bursting with invigorating essential oils like peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus mint, and traditional mint, the Maple Holistics natural mint shampoo and conditioner helps reduce dandruff and hair loss while giving hair with thinner textures a volumizing boost. This shampoo is free from any sulfates or parabens, and also uses shea butter and argan oil to better moisturize your locks — one Amazon reviewer with dry hair even raved about how her "curls are springing back to life!!"


38. The Shower Curtain With Handy Pockets

MAYTEX Quick-Dry Pocket Shower Curtain, $15, Amazon

It doesn't matter if you use it as a shower curtain or liner, the MAYTEX quick-dry pocket shower curtain is still a great way to add storage to your bathroom. Keep loofahs, razors, sponges, and more in one of the nine mesh pockets that are designed to dry quickly — and since this curtain measures in at 70 by 72 inches, it'll be able to fit most bathtubs. The grommets are all rust-proof so that they won't corrode over time, and the pockets also have ventilation so they won't mildew.


39. A Pack Of Socks That Won't Show Over The Top Of Your Shoe

Pro Mountain No-Show Athletic Socks, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

Whereas most no-show socks wind up sliding down into your shoe, the Pro Mountain no-show athletic socks are made with a 3-D silicone grip stitch that prevents them from riding down. These socks have a soft cushion at the toe and ball that helps absorb sweat when you're exercising, and they're even made from cotton yarn that helps prevent any uncomfortable friction or chafing.


40. The Balm That Helps Prevent Painful Blisters

BodyGlide Anti-Blister Balm, $8, Amazon

Not only will it not clog your pores while preventing painful blisters, but the BodyGlide anti-blister balm is also safe for everyday use — and infused with vitamin A and C to help soften dry, chapped skin. Simply rub it on any areas that are prone to blisters, and this balm will minimize any inflammation or chafing. One Amazon reviewer even raved that he ran the Boston Marathon in the pouring rain and that he had no blisters after 26.2 miles.


41. An Overnight Mask That Leaves Your Skin Fresh And Hydrated

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $21, Amazon

Just apply the Laneige water sleeping mask onto your face one or two times a week — and you'll end up with a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion. The blend of aromatics in this mask help you relax as you drift peacefully off to sleep, and the formula is safe for people of all skin types and textures. Many Amazon reviewers also noted how their skin looked "hydrated" and "plump" after using this mask!


42. The Whiskey Glass Inspired By 'Game Of Thrones'

Integrity Bottles Game Of Thrones Whiskey Glass, $20, Amazon

Instead of a sticker or a print, the words on the Integrity Bottles Game of Thrones whiskey glass are etched in — so that they won't fade or peel off in the dishwasher. The solid weighted base gives this glass a sturdy feel in your hand, and when filled to the brim it can hold up to 10 ounces of liquid — plus, it's a great gift for any Game of Thrones fan, even if they don't drink whiskey.


43. A Pillowcase Made from 100 Percent Silk

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase, $23, Amazon

Boasting a luxurious 600 thread count, the ALASKA BEAR natural silk pillowcase is made from 100 percent mulberry silk, making it hypoallergenic and exceptionally breathable compared to other pillowcases. Not only is it great for preventing dry skin, bed head, and frizziness, but the hidden zipper makes this pillow super stylish as well. Able to fit most queen-sized pillows, there are no artificial dyes or coloring in this pillow.


44. The Nail Top Coat That's Great For Oily Nails

Seche Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, $6, Amazon

Perfect for oily nails or ones that have a tendency to chip easily, the Seche dry fast top nail coat gives your nails a silky, high-gloss look that's long-lasting. This top coat is formulated to dry quickly so that there are no UV or LED lights required, and it will also prevent your nails from staining or yellowing over time. Besides, with over 4,600 positive four- and five-star reviews, how wrong can you really go?


45. A Pan That Gives Every Brownie A Chewy Edge

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, $36, Amazon

The best part of any brownie is the chewy edge that develops against the heat of the pan, which is why the Baker's Edge nonstick edge brownie pan is designed to add two chewy edges to every brownie you cut. Able to fit most standard box mixes without any leftovers, this pan is made with heavy gauge cast aluminum that won't warp in the heat of your oven, and the non-stick coating ensures that popping out each brownie is effortless.


46. The Elderberry Kit That Gives Your Immune System A Boost

Noelle's Naturals Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit, $20, Amazon

Elderberry is a natural immune booster, and with the colder weather approaching, now's a great time to get a good dose of it with the Noelle's Naturals organic elderberry syrup kit. This kit comes with everything you need to make between 18 and 20 ounces of elderberry syrup, as adults should take 1 tablespoon per day to boost their immune system, or 3 tablespoons when sick. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it's a perfect way to "try out making elderberry syrup without having to buy all the ingredients separately since elderberries are not cheap!" Ask your doctor before starting any supplements, of course.

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