45 Ridic Products On Amazon That Are Raking In The 5-Star Reviews

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Sometimes the best things in life are surprises — which happens to be more than true when it comes to random impulse purchases. If you don't research the product you're buying, or you don't really pay attention to the description before clicking purchase, it's easy to wind up with quirky products you don't need. The only saving grace is that hopefully, hopefully the products you wind up with are quality. If not, well, it's never too late start to shift your impulse buying towards the awesome products on Amazon with thousands of positive four and five-star reviews.

More often than not, my impulse buys on Amazon wind up being pleasant surprises instead of reasons to slash up my credit card and freeze the remains in a block of ice. Whether it's a silicone coaster that won't stick to your glass, or bars of soap made from naturally-cleansing charcoal, Amazon has tons of products with near-perfect reviews — and they're all things that won't make you regret a moment of financial indulgence.

And who knows? There's a stainless steel pineapple corer in here and you may just be one week away from throwing a luau — and if that's not a justified purchase, I don't know what is.

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