45 Handy, Highly Recommended Products We Regret Not Buying Sooner


When it comes to spending money wisely, you can't go wrong buying handy products on Amazon. But what does "handy" even mean? For one, it'll be something you find yourself reaching for on a daily basis. And two, it'll he helpful in one way or another. Finding these sorts of products, however, isn't necessarily easy — unless you keep scrolling through this list.

Not only have I selected a variety of handy products you'll use on the regular, but each one is also very affordable. I'm talking less than $40 for nearly everything here — and that's including the smart water bottle. It glows once every hour as a reminder to take a few sips, while the Bluetooth speaker in the base lets you jam out no matter where you are. But if you're already great at staying hydrated, there's also a sleek alarm clock with a wireless charger built into the top — a must-have for anyone who forgets to plug in their phone overnight.

Don't be surprised if you feel a tinge of regret after you take a deep dive into this list — these handy Amazon products are so useful you'll wish you'd bought many of them sooner. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

The Wireless Mouse With An Incredibly Powerful Battery

It only takes about an hour to recharge this wireless mouse, yet the powerful battery will last for up to two months. The ergonomic design helps take stress off your wrist and palm, while the soft-click feature won’t disturb anyone working nearby. In addition to black, it's also available in pink.

A Facial Mister That Won’t Disturb Your Makeup

Complexion feeling a little dry? Use this mister to give yourself a refreshing dose of moisture. The water tank is large enough to provide up to 10 minutes of mist — and since the droplets it produces are ultra-fine, they won’t disturb your makeup.

This Smart Water Bottle That Reminds You To Take A Sip

If you have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day, you may want to consider a smart water bottle like this one. It reminds you to take a sip by glowing once every hour, and it even features a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker built into the bottom.

A Pack Of Moisturizing Gloves That Are Loaded With Collagen

Not only are these moisturizing gloves loaded with skin-plumping collagen, but it only takes about 20 minutes for the hydrating solution to penetrate deep into your hands. Each pair is cruelty-free, and many reviewers raved about how they helped their hands feel "much better."

The Pet Hair Remover You Can Use Over & Over

Unlike some pet hair removers that rely on sticky sheets, this one uses thousands of tiny bristles to pull hair, dust, dirt, and more from your surfaces. And once the bristles are full, simply dip it into the self-cleaning holster a few times to strip it clean.

A Conditioner That Gives Your Hair A Touch Of Color

Not only is this conditioner gluten- and paraben-free, but it also contains a touch of color that gives your hair a subtle tint. There are 18 different colors to choose from, including gorgeous mint and trendy rose gold. One reviewer even raved, "my hair is so super soft and smells so good!"

This Handy Tray That Hooks Onto Your Steering Wheel

Whether you're eating between meetings or working in your car, this tray can help. It hooks onto your steering wheel without any tools required, while the sleek design is made to fit into most back seat pockets. Plus, it even features a drink holder — perfect for keeping messes to a minimum.

A Digital Alarm Clock That Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

Whereas some alarm clocks are so bright they disturb your sleep, this one lets you adjust the brightness up to three levels. But the best part? It also features a wireless charger built into the top that'll work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — never wake up with an uncharged phone again.

These Exfoliating Brushes For Dry, Chapped Lips

Made from soft silicone, these lip brushes are great for scrubbing away chapped skin so that you're left with a smooth pout. They're suitable for most types of skin, and each one is also double-sided: one for exfoliating, and the other for massaging.

A Campfire That You Can Take With You

There's no need to lug around bundles of wood when you have this portable campfire. It only weighs 4 pounds, yet burns for up to five hours without creating any embers. And since it's made from recycled soy wax, there's no need to worry about your impact on the environment.

This Wallet That's Lined With RFID-Blocking Material

Electronic pickpockets can access your sensitive credit card information without ever reaching into your bag — unless you're using this wallet. Not only does it help block incoming RFID signals to keep your sensitive information protected, but it's even made from real leather.

A Wireless Charger That Works With AirPods

This wireless charger is compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone as well as AirPods. You don't need to remove your phone case in order for it to work, and the green indicator light dims after a few seconds so that you can sleep with it by your bedside.

The Supports That Bolster Sagging Cushions

Buying new furniture is never cheap, whereas these cushion bolsters are available for less than $35 — a fraction of the cost of a new sofa. They work with nearly any type of furniture cushion, and zero tools are required for installation.

A Heated Coaster That Helps Keep Coffee Warm

Prefer to sip your coffee? This heated coaster can keep it toasty all morning so that there's no need to rush. It'll automatically turn off after eight hours, and the temperature is adjustable up to two levels depending on how hot you like your beverages.

This Fridge Deodorizer That Lasts Up To 6 Months

Whereas baking soda only freshens your fridge for about three weeks, this deodorizer lasts for up to six whole months. It's able to remove unwanted odors within just a few hours — and the ingredients are completely nontoxic as well as food-safe.

A Cloth That Erases Water Marks From Wood

Water marks are the easiest way to ruin wood furniture, so make sure you've got this cloth at your disposal — just in case. It's specially designed to rub away marks caused by water, alcohol, heat, as well as most permanent markers. And unlike some cleansers, it shouldn't strip away the wood's protective finish.

The Trimmer That Removes Unwanted Hair Painlessly

Whether you have unwanted peach fuzz or facial hair, this trimmer can help get rid of it without any pain. The discreet rose gold case means you can keep it with you for midday touchups — and the hypoallergenic blades are suitable for various types of skin.

These Pouches That Keep Your Phone Protected From Water

Anytime I'm hitting the pool or beach, I make sure to slip my phone into one of these waterproof pouches. They're large enough to fit any smartphone, and there's still enough space left over that you can stash money and cards inside. Plus, the transparent window is even compatible with touchscreens.

The Flameless Lighter That Won't Extinguish In The Wind

Not only is this flameless lighter windproof, but it's even rechargeable via USB. The LED display lets you know how much power is left — though when fully charged, you can easily use it more than 500 times before it needs to be plugged in again.

A Spray Bottle That Produces Ultra-Fine Mist

Whether your hair or your plants need a refreshing mist of water, this spray bottle is made to deliver. It provides a consistent spray (without any aerosols required), and it'll still work even if you turn it upside-down.

This Serum That Leaves Your Hair Feeling Silky-Smooth

Run this wonder water through your damp hair — and in just eight seconds, it'll infuse shine and moisture into your strands. It can be used on color-treated hair, and it won't weigh your hair down like some other moisturizing serums. One reviewer even wrote that their "hair has zero frizz, and appears healthier than ever!"

A Body Brush That Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

With more than 19,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, this body brush is beloved by reviewers for a few reasons. The extra-long handle makes it easy to scrub all over your body — including that awkward spot on your back. And if you've got dry patches, it also works great as an exfoliator.

The Smartphone Mount That Sticks To Your Dashboard

If you're looking for a super-stable mount, this one is made with a strong suction cup that keeps your phone secured to your dashboard. Each order also comes with a stabilizer to help keep it from shaking, and the adjustable clamp is designed to fit nearly any phone.

A Ring Light That Holds Your Phone During Video Calls

Whereas some ring lights clip onto your phone, this one is more like a tripod with a mount for your phone in the center. Each order comes with a Bluetooth remote so that you can activate your camera shutter from afar — and it even features three light colors: warm, cool white, or daylight.

These Mini Spatulas That Let You Scrape Bottles Clean

Ever throw away condiments or lotion before the bottle is completely empty? Not when you've got these miniature spatulas. The silicone heads contour to the shape of your bottles, helping you scape out every last drop — and each one is also completely BPA-free.

The No-Touch Tools That'll Open Doors & Press Buttons For You

Prefer to keep your hands clear of buttons and door handles? Keep one of these tools on your lanyard. The curved hook helps you open doors without using your hands — and they also work great for pressing elevator buttons. "They were a lot more heavy duty than I expected, which was nice," wrote one reviewer.

The Skin Spatula That Can Help Clean Out Your Pores

If you're looking to give your pores an extra-deep clean, this spatula uses high-frequency vibrations to gently exfoliate away old skin while dislodging blackheads. The spatula head is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the battery is easily recharged via USB.

A Facial Massager Plated With 24-Karat Gold

A professional face massage can cost upwards of $50, whereas this massage tool is available for less than $15. It's plated with chic 24-karat gold, and the vibrations it produces can even help stimulate blood flow while helping to reduce unwanted inflammation in your complexion.

These Magnetic Lashes That Don't Require Messy Glue

Putting on fake lashes using messy glue can take a bit of practice, whereas reviewers raved about how these magnetic lashes are much easier to apply. Simply draw on your lids using the magnetic eyeliner, and the tiny magnets embedded in the lash strip will instantly stick to it. Plus, the liner is even waterproof.

A Bottle Of Hyaluronic Acid That Helps Moisturize Dry Skin

Give your face a few drops of this hyaluronic acid in the morning and night, and it can help moisturize your complexion. It's fortified with vitamin B5, and many reviewers with acne-prone skin raved about how it didn't inflame breakouts. Plus, it's cruelty-free as well as vegan.

The Liner That Helps Keep Your Oven Clean

Slip this liner underneath the heating coils in your oven, and it'll catch any crumbs or spills that come its way. Once dirty, the nonslip surface easily wipes clean with a cloth — and it's even heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it's designed to work in nearly any oven.

A Moldable Glue That Turns Into Silicone When It Dries

Not only is this glue waterproof, but it's also electrically insulating, as well as heat- and cold-resistant. You can mold it around high-tension areas that liquid adhesives won't last — like torn shoe soles or broken handles — and the silicone bond it creates is so strong that it can hold more than 4 pounds.

These Ventilated Cellulose Dishcloths That Are Odor-Resistant

Some sponges gradually absorb unwanted mildew smells, whereas this dishcloths are made from ventilated cellulose that's odor-resistant. They're soft to the touch when wet, making them suitable for nonstick cookware — yet gritty enough that they're effective when scrubbing away dirt and grime.

A Convenient Table That Clips Onto Your Couch Armrest

Whether you're relaxing in a recliner or on a sofa, this table can clip onto your armrest so that you have a convenient place to keep drinks and snacks. Zero tools are required to securely attach it — and it's even made from eco-friendly rubber wood instead of plastic.

The Stand That's Perfect For Video Calls

There's no need to hold up your phone for that entire video chat when you've got this stand. The height is adjustable, while the anti-skid silicone on the bottom helps keep it in place. The best part? It's designed to work with any type of smartphone as well as tablets up to 10 inches.

A Lap Desk With A Space Specifically For Your Phone

Unlike some lap desks, this one features a faux grain top that gives it a sleek appearance — and the wrist pad at the base can even help prevent fatigue. There's also a slot at the top where you can stash your phone while you work, as well as space for a mouse pad if you like.

This Spray That Touches Up Roots Between Colorings

With seven different shades to choose from, this spray makes it easy to hide your roots until your next hair appointment (if that's what you're trying to accomplish). Results last for days so that you're not left with constant touch-ups — and it's even formulated so that it won't flake or rub off onto your clothes.

A Mask Made With Real Mud From The Dead Sea

I like to use this mud mask anytime I wake up with my face feeling a little oily. Not only is it made with real mud from the Dead Sea, but it's also fortified with an herbal complex of aloe vera, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. It's great for gentle exfoliation, and it can even help shrink the appearance of your pores.

The Flat Outlet Cover That's Connected To A Power Strip

Bulky power strip plugs aren't always convenient, whereas this power strip is designed to blend into your outlet plate so that it's hardly noticeable. Each order comes with a cord management kit to help you secure the cable down to the ground — and many reviewers raved about how the plug sits "flush against the wall."

A Pack Of Claw Clips That Can Fit Thicker Hair

Not all clips can handle thick hair — that's why these ones are designed with jumbo-sized claws. They hold on tightly with minimal slippage, and each order comes with four in gorgeous earth-toned colors.

This Vacuum That Transforms Into A Handheld Cleaner

Whether you've got crumbs on your stairs or dirty kitchen floors, this vacuum is so versatile that it can easily tackle both. It can transform into a hand, stair, or stick vacuum (depending on the job) — and the 18-foot power cable means you won't have to change outlets nearly as often.

These Colorful Matte Liquid Eyeliners That Are Waterproof

This 12-pack of liquid eyeliner includes 12 different colors ranging from yellow to neon pink, and they're all highly pigmented and waterproof. Plus, they each have a matte coating and can be easily washed off with makeup remover.

The Bidet That's Almost Too Easy To Install

Without any tools required for installation, there's almost zero excuse not to install this bidet on your toilet. It's made from high-quality plastic that won't rust over time, and the adjustable water pressure helps ensure that you get a thorough clean every time.

A Liquid Callus Remover For Pedicures At Home

This callus remover is a liquid that can be applied to rough skin on your feet and gently scrubbed off, so there are no tools required. To use it, soak your feet in warm water and then towel-dry them. After, that apply the callus remover and scrub away old skin before rinsing with water.

This Shampoo Brush That Also Massages Your Scalp

Massage this shampoo brush into your scalp after a stressful day of work, or even use it in the shower with a dollop of shampoo to wash away dirt. It works just as well wet as it does dry when it comes to helping you relax — and it can even be used on all types of hair.