45 Gifts For Dads That Make Their Life Easier

If you're shopping for a dad (or a step-dad, grandfather, or uncle) who works tirelessly all year long, you probably want to gift something that will help them out a bit. These gifts for dads that make their life easier provide an excellent place to start.

No matter what passions and hobbies your dad enjoys and pursues, there's a smart gift on this list that he will love (even though he'll probably scold you for spending your money on him in the first place because he's an awesome dad like that).

Got an adventure-seeking dad who is always on-the-go and has a passport filled with stamps? Check out convenient travel products like compression packing cubes, backpack insert organizers, and hanging toiletry bags. If your dad is more the stay-home type, there are a number of grilling tools, massage devices and slippers, and smart high-tech home gadgets that will truly make him feel like the king in his castle.

And no one has forgotten the dad who secretly (or, better yet, openly) loves nothing more than treating himself to a DIY spa day — the shaving tools and grooming organizers on this list are right up their alley.

No matter what kind of dad you have and love, these products will ensure his life is even easier.

Lifestyle — 45 Gifts For Dads That Make Their Life Easier

1. A Time- And Money-Saving Shaving Brush That Attaches To Shaving Cream Cans

Take the hassle out of shaving — this brilliant brush attaches right to a can of shaving gel or cream, so it can be brushed perfectly into place while using just one hand. It will save money on shaving tools, and it also acts as an exfoliator that reduces the risk of burns or bumps. One reviewer writes: "It applies cream to the face very easily. No more messy hands or bowls of wasted shaving cream. It makes the whole process quicker, cleaner and more efficient."

2. The Sturdy Shovel That Folds For Portability

This 17-inch portable shovel folds in half for easy storage and the ability to take it anywhere. Whether it's needed for camping or gardening, the tough and sturdy shovel made from high-carbon steel will last forever — and won't take up a lot of space.

3. An Organized Backpack Insert With Pockets

Instead of throwing everything (keys, notebooks, wallet, and more) into a backpack, organize it all with this smart insert. Made from durable PVC board and featuring several pockets, this neatly fits everything needed for trips and outdoor excursions, and makes it easy to transfer things from one backpack to another.

4. This Travel Duffel Bag That Folds Into A Compact Square

Made from tough, water-resistant nylon, this roomy travel duffel bag measures 20 inches — perfect as a carry-on. It also boasts an amazing superpower: it folds up into the most compact little square that fits anywhere, so it's easy to pack in a suitcase for souvenirs. One reviewer raves: "The BEST feature is the side strap that allows you to slide it over the handle of a rolling suitcase so you don't have to carry it. This is probably the most practical and the best value item I have purchased in years." Choose among 20 colors and prints.

5. A Deep Tissue Massager With Soothing Heat

Use this deep tissue Shiatsu massager to relieve muscle and joint pain — from the backs of neck to the bottoms of feet, this provides real, soothing relief. The massager is contoured for an easier, more comfortable fit, and it boasts 3-D rotating massage nodes (that feel like a masseuse's hands) and soothing heat. It comes with an AC car adapter for long road trips, too.

6. These Flashlight Gloves For DIY Projects And Evening Runs

Whether dad's got a DIY project, a car in serious need of repair, or is training for a marathon and wants to clock in evening miles, this pair of LED flashlight gloves will light up any path. The gloves are one size fits most with adjustable Velcro straps and bright LED lights.

7. The Classiest Toiletry Bag That Opens Up And Hangs From A Hook

This classy PU leather toiletry bag has a classic design with a modern twist: it opens to reveal four internal pockets, two zipped pockets, and two snap-fastened square pockets. Even better: it hangs vertically from a hook so that dad can find everything he needs. It's also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.

8. An 11-In-One Multi-Tool That Fits In Your Wallet

Dad can keep this thin multi-tool in a wallet and pull it out whenever he needs to use it in one of 11 ways. The unassuming stainless steel tool is a can opener, flat screwdriver, ruler, beer bottle opener, and much more. It comes in a little pouch for easy carry, too.

9. A Handheld Massager With A Variety Of Attachments For All Kind Of Aches And Pains

This handheld massager pulses over 3,350 times a minute — so it's guaranteed to soothe dad's aches and pains. It has four interchangeable attachments that address a variety of muscle knots and tension: flat disc, deep muscle, four-finger, and accupoint. It also comes equipped with an 8-foot power cord, and reviewer write that it's "quite the powerhouse."

10. This Wok-Style Grill Basket For Delicious BBQ Veggies

There's nothing quite like perfectly grilled vegetables straight from the barbecue — and this is the vegetable grill basket that makes them a reality. This large stainless steel grill pan lets dad keep vegetables together to take up less space on the grill. It's also dishwasher-safe because cleaning up after a grill is always the worst part.

11. The Magnetic Wristband That Holds Tools In Place

When dad is zipping around trying to complete DIY projects, the last thing he wants to do is stop every second to grab a nail or bit. This magnetic tool wristband holds a number of screws, nails, and bits in place — thanks to 10 strong embedded magnets. The band is one size fits most, and has a fully adjustable strap.

12. A Multi-Purpose Set Of Pliers With 12 Integrated Tools

When is a pair of pliers so much more than a pair of pliers? When it's this multi-tool plier that features 12 integrated tools that include a serrated blade, straight blade, and Phillips screwdriver. The lightweight gadget has a sturdy stainless steel handle and is perfectly portable.

13. These Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Waterproof And Won't Fall Out During Workouts

Take these Bluetooth earbuds on long runs and tough workouts. They're waterproof, sweat-proof, and will stay perfectly comfortable and in place no matter how intense the workout is. Take phone calls on these earbuds, listen to music, and enjoy eight continuous hours of playtime on one charge. They come in six colors.

14. A Shaver With A Precision Trimming Blade That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

Dad can use this rechargeable electric razor in and out of the shower, on dry or wet skin. It features a precision ground trimmer blade for detail work on sideburns or facial hair — and it comes in four colors. The rechargeable razor can run for 90 minutes before requiring another charge.

15. An Adapter That Turns Drills Into Socket Drivers

Turn an ordinary drill into a time-saving power socket driver with this universal socket for power drills and ratchet wrenches. On reviewer raves: "I ended up building a bench from home depot and it had all sort of bolts and nuts of different sizes. I didn't want to get out my full tool chest of Craftsman/SnapOn.. so I used this and wham! Done in no time flat! This really does work and it didn't strip any of the bolts at all. Also, the included socket adapter made hooking this up to my power drill so much more versatile."

16. A Collapsible Tool Tote With Pockets Galore

This collapsible tool tote boasts 14 exterior pockets and a roomy middle compartment for larger tools. Made from tubular steel with a foam padded handle, it's durable enough to take some wear. Even better: he won't have to worry about where to store the tote because it collapses flat.

17. The Crossbody Sling Bag That Frees Up Your Pockets

Free up pockets and carry ID, money, cards, or other important possessions in this crossbody sling bag, which features zippered pockets, a strap, and a padded back for comfort. The bag is made from sturdy nylon and comes in 10 colors.

18. These Acupressure Slippers To Relieve Foot And Even Back Pain

If dad suffers from any kind of foot pain, these acupressure slippers are about to provide serious relief — and the same may apply for his back and neck pain (according to reflexology, certain areas of the foot are associated with other areas of the body). The massaging slippers have an adjustable top strap and come in five sizes and three colors. They're meant to be worn for 15 minutes at a time (and not as actual house slippers).

19. This Desktop Whiteboard With A Clever Storage Drawer

Leave messages for coworkers on this clever desktop whiteboard — which also features a convenient storage drawer to store all sorts of office supplies. The board has a dry erase surface made with scratch-resistant glass, and comes with one dry erase marker.

20. The Smart WiFi Plug That Lets You Control Electronics From Anywhere

Control all electronic devices — from phone chargers and lamps to coffee machines — via a smart phone with the help of this tech-savvy smart WiFi plug. The plug is compatible with Android and Apple and also works with voice control programs like Alexa. It's easy to set up schedules and timers with this gadget — so he always has a charged phone or cup of coffee ready the minute he wakes up.

21. A Beard Straightener For Frizz-Free Grooming

This beard straightener is an odd but useful grooming gadget — it takes the frizz out of facial hair to make it smooth and silky. The electric ceramic brush distributes heat evenly and is ideal for all different hair types, and it has anti-scald protection to keep the chin safe.

22. A Tool For Trimming Grass And Getting The Perfect Lawn

If dad loves to tend to his lawn and garden, he needs this cordless grass trimmer and edger in his life. The two-in-one tool runs on rechargeable lithium batteries and has a 10-foot cutting line length with an adjustable telescope pole. It converts between trimmer and edger in seconds, too.

23. This DIY Laminating Device For Easy At-Home Projects

If dad's job or passion involves laminating, this lamination kit is about to make his life so much easier. The 9.5-inch laminator is compatible with 3 and 5 millimeter pouches and warms up in just three minutes. The set also comes with a few thermal lamination pouches to help him get started. One reviewer writes: "It is really easy to use. I cant believe I didn't buy one of these sooner."

24. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker That's So Simple To Use

Whip up delicious and fun breakfast sandwiches in minutes with this breakfast sandwich maker, a device with layers designed to hold bread, eggs, meat, and vegetables. Cook every ingredient right in the maker and watch as it assembles it — all within five minutes. All of the non-stick plates are removable and dishwasher-safe, too. Make fast-food style English muffin sandwiches, or experiment with bagels, fresh produce, and more.

25. An Anti-Bug Magnetic Screen Door For Warm Weather Fun

Enjoy outdoor barbecues and picnics without worrying about mosquitos and flies trying to invade dad's home with this amazing magnetic screen door. The door — which is incredibly simple to install — features strong magnets and extra gravity sticks that keep it closed at all times it's not in use. Its strong, sturdy layer of mesh lets fresh air in, but keeps bugs out.

26. A Practical Waterproof Light That Can Be Worn On The Head

This rechargeable headlamp is perfect for outdoor projects that require a light source — and the fact that dad won't have to hold a flashlight or balance it makes for much safer and easier work. The light is waterproof, has the ability to swivel 90 degrees for the ideal angle, and is fully adjustable to fit everyone.

27. This Space-Saving Gadget Holds Up To 10 Mugs

Save a ton of cabinet space and avoid piling mugs on top of one another by installing this coffee mug holder to the tops of cabinets. The set of sturdy stainless steel cups can hold 10 smaller mugs or six large mugs. Install them by simply sliding the hanging arm onto a shelf.

28. The Retro-Cool Hot Dog Toaster For Faster Meals

Toast two buns and two hot dogs at the same time and save the grill or stovetop for another day. This cool, retro-looking hot dog cooker has an adjustable cooking timer, an automatic stop button — and it comes in red or aqua.

29. These Color-Changing Light Bulbs That Respond To Voice Commands

This set of two LED lightbulbs respond to voice commands and are compatible with Alexa, Echo Dot, and Google Home Assistant, so feel free to set them to run on schedules without touching a button. They also change colors and feature adjustable brightness settings, providing a ton of lighting options for every day or special occasions.

30. This Travel Tie Organizer And Case With A Storage Bag For Cuff Links

Solve the problem of how to travel with ties by storing them in this travel tie organizer. The zippered case can fit up to six ties in place (and dad won't show up at his hotel to find wrinkled ties). Plus, it has a separate zippered mesh compartment that holds tie clips and cuff links.

31. An Armband For Your Phone So That It Stays Perfectly In Place During Workouts

Before dad embarks on that long run, he can strap on this cell phone armband — designed to accommodate most smartphones — and he won't have to worry about his phone slipping while he works out. The adjustable band comes in eight colors, has two small pockets where he can place a key and earbuds, and it is water-resistant, too.

32. An Undated Journal Guaranteed To Increase Productivity

This 13-week journal is undated, which gives dad more freedom to customize it. It features daily and monthly entries, helpful productivity tips and hacks, and includes 60 additional blank pages for journaling and keeping track of goals or achievements.

33. A Minimalist's Dream Wallet With RFID-Blocking Technology

This slim, unassuming wallet is a minimalist's dream come true. The metal wallet fits effortlessly in pockets and has a money clip and enough space to hold 12 credit and ID cards. It also boasts RFID-blocking technology to keep dad's personal and financial info safe from thieves.

34. These Helpful Packing Cubes That Compress For Even Easier Storage

This set of three zippered packing cubes includes two large cubes for jackets and pants and one medium-sized cube for shirts and undergarments. They're made from sturdy polyester fabric with breathable mesh and feature an added zipper for extra compression — which helps dad fit more in his luggage and still have space left over. The cubes come in three colors and patterns.

35. The Wireless Meat Thermometer For The Perfect BBQ Feast

No more second guessing if that steak is cooked to perfection — this wireless meat thermometer guarantees the best results each and every time. The gadget features a simple-to-use digital interface with a backlit screen that lights up in three different colors to let dad know its various temperatures. It also comes pre-programmed with the ideal cooking temperatures for different types of food.

36. This Storage Unit For Grooming Supplies

This grooming storage organizer has four compartments that are the perfect fit for shaving accessories and hair brushes. The organizer is made from BPA-free plastic and cleans easily with a little soap and warm water.

37. The Leak-Proof, Spill-Proof Travel Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot Forever

This 16-ounce travel mug ticks off everything dad is looking for in a travel cup: it won't leak or spill and was designed with insulation that makes it possible to keep hot drinks hot for 5 hours and cold drinks cold for 12 hours. It comes in four colors and designs, too.

38. A Grill Pan For Main Courses And Side Dishes

Cook more foods — faster and at the same time — with this BBQ grill pan. The roomy pan has a flat side and a griddle side for foods like peppers, onions, bacon, and eggs. The pan allows grease to fall through while foods cook, which results in crispier, more delicious meals.

39. An Organizer For Shoes That Hangs In A Closet To Save Major Space

Free up a ton of closet space and finally have a place to store a massive shoe collection with the help of this hanging shoe organizer. The fabric organizer is big enough to hold 10 pairs of shoes or sneakers — and hangs vertically in closets. It comes in two colors: natural or clear.

40. These Motion Sensor Lights For Every Dark Corner

There won't be a dark corner or room left in dad's house when he easily installs these motion sensor lights, which come three in a pack, wherever you need a guiding light. The stick-on lights adhere to walls using double-sided tape and magnets. They detect motion within 10 feet, turn on, and then turn off 15 seconds after motion is undetected.

41. An Eco-Friendly Laptop Desk With A Storage Compartment

Designed from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo, this laptop desk (which doubles as a breakfast serving tray) has adjustable legs, trays that tilt to provide the perfect viewing angle, and comes with a built-in cup holder. There's even a small, pull-out drawer for storing pens, chargers, and notepads.

42. The Home Camera With Night Vision And Audio Features

Dad can protect his home with this wireless smart home camera, which features two-way audio, night vision, and compatibility with Alexa. No matter where he roams, he'll be able to stream live videos of his home via his smartphone so that he can check in on his pet or just make sure his belongings are safe.

43. A Rack That Holds Ribs In Place On The Grill For Even Cooking

Hold four racks of ribs in place and free up grill space for other foods with this non-stick rib rack. The steel rack ensures perfect levels of air flow so that meat cooks evenly. One reviewer writes: "This non-stick porcelain coated rib rack is the best rib rack i've used. The non-stick feature is the reason I purchased this rack and it performed well each time I've barbecued ribs."

44. The Ultimate Charging Station For Up To Six Devices At One Time

Dad will keep all of his devices neat, tidy, and in one place — while they conveniently charge so that they're always ready to be used. This amazing charging station provides slots for up to six devices — including phones, tablets, and cameras. The station also comes with four Apple lightning cables, one micro USB cable, and one type-C cable.

45. This Car Trunk Organizer With Adjustable Compartments

Time to face facts: dad's car or SUV is probably always going to accumulate clutter. But there's no reason why all of that clutter can't be organized neatly using this trunk organizer, which features customizable compartments. With an expandable and collapsible design, this organizer has several compartments and sturdy handles (and doubles as a reusable shopping or grocery bag). It comes in three colors: black, blue, and bordeaux. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.