45 Genius Products On Amazon That Help You Create Better Habits


You can always do better: No matter how happy you are with your life, there are always ways to manifest healthy habits that can improve your life in small ways. Rather than go out and get a book of affirmations (which can be great, but for this piece, we're talking more about direct action), why not think outside the box instead and invest your little piece of the pie in one or two of these genius products on Amazon that will help you create better habits. At the end of the day, you know you won't make it to the end of that book anyway, whereas these versatile gadgets and formulations will have you kicking ass and taking names in no time.

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with affirmations, mind you — but I barely have enough time to get through the fiction on my nightstand before Reese Witherspoon turns all the books I'm reading into streaming series, much less add self-help into the mix. This affirmation deck provides a great example of how Amazon can upgrade the traditional search for self improvement: Embrace your inner Elle Woods and make it fashion by pulling a card every morning and using it to set your intention for the day. And there's plenty more inspo where that came from.

The Bitter But Harmless Taste Of This Treatment Will Stop Nail Biters In Their Tracks

Daily worries and stress can cause a person to do some strange things, but if nail biting is your tension relief go-to, you can break the habit with this brush-on treatment that has a bitter, non-toxic taste. Suitable for anyone over the age of three and recommended by doctors, dentists, and orthodontists alike, this Swiss formula can eliminate this behavior quickly and efficiently.

The Planner That Kicks Productivity Into High Gear

Based on proven research and structured around strategies shown to boost productivity — particularly the Pomodoro work sprint technique — this planner is undated to enable you to configure it to best suit your needs and includes five pages per week, a weekly and a monthly review, and a cohesive planning system to help you get ahead of your schedule. With a built-in focus that helps you tune out distractions over the course of the six-month span it covers, you'll find your work output jumps markedly.

These Top-Quality Glass Containers Help You Finally Meal Prep

Whether you've decided to commit to making more meals at home, want to focus on reducing food waste, or simply want to change things around so the neighborhood take-out guys don't know you by name, these meal-prep containers are a must-have. Made from durable, shatterproof, BPA-free borosilicate glass with snap-on silicone lids, they're ideal for fridge-to-microwave-to-table use, and great to carry to the office, too, if that's your jam.

A Tracker That Monitors Your Sleep To Maximize Your Performance During Waking Hours

Most people don't get enough sleep: but there are steps you can take you'll to optimize the time you do get in some zzz's with this fitness tracker. Not only does it register how long you sleep, but also how deeply. With 14 modes, it's also a terrific workout partner, and delivers all your smartphone's notifications directly to your wrist. It also works as a pedometer and a heart rate monitor.

This Machine Makes A Critical Dental Health Chore So Much Easier

There are some people out there who really love flossing — like my ex-husband, who carries floss with him everywhere in the center console of his SUV. For the rest of us, there's this water flosser, so we can do better. This small, quiet appliance dispenses with flossing in just a minute a day, and with 10 pressure settings, you'll always feel comfortable and be able to efficiently remove plaque and debris.

The Cleanser That Ensures All Your Makeup Really Is Off Before Bed

Formulated with a scientific blend of natural ingredients, this balm is rich and emollient to melt away even the most stubborn makeup effortlessly so that you go to bed with clean skin. Key ingredients of this skincare include sunflower and ginger root oil to cleanse and nourish, moringa tree extract to purify and refresh, papaya extract to naturally exfoliate, and echinacea to promote an even complexion.

This Dermatologist-Recommended Sunscreen Clearly Protects Skin From Harmful Rays

Suitable even for those with sensitive skin — including sufferers of breakouts, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation — this sunscreen goes on clear and provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Formulated with transparent zinc oxide, it actually soothes acne-prone skin while protecting it, and works against the free radicals that cause unwanted signs of aging to appear. Suitable for people with all skin types, it won't clog pores and is completely fragrance-, oil-, and paraben-free.

These Straws Are Made From Shatter-Resistant Glass And Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Put a dent in the amount of plastic we're funneling into Earth's oceans each year and switch the straws you use for these straws made from shatterproof borosilicate glass. Not only are these better for the environment, they're also better for your health — because they're non-toxic and lead-, BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free. They work with hot or cold drinks, too.

This UV Device Keeps Your Smartphone Germ-Free And Can Clean A Lot More, Too

Every square inch of your smartphone contains 25,000 germs, but this device will eradicate 99.9 percent of them in just six minutes. Sized to accommodate most smartphones, this plug-and-play sanitizer features a universal USB port that will charge your device while it's getting clean. Sanitize anything else you like, from jewelry to toothbrushes, with this ultra-useful device.

The Lightbulb That Will Actually Help You Get To Sleep And Sleep More Soundly

Engineered to support the body's natural melatonin production, this light bulb eliminates the maximum amount of blue rays possible, telling the brain that it's time to rest. Used for 90 minutes prior to bedtime, light from the bulb helps encourage sleep to come faster and promotes deeper, more restful REM sleep. "A lifetime of sleeping problems gone!" raves one satisfied five-star reviewer.

This Genius Tool Will Make Sure Your Clothes Get Put Away

I have zero problems with my laundry. Until it's out of the dryer and it's time to fold it and put it away — I would just about rather have a root canal. Well, this clothes folding board makes the first part a little less painful and considerably more productive, folding any garment you throw at it neatly and compactly in just three easy steps. Reviewers say this gadget turns folding int a fun activity, which makes this worth the small tag.

A Tool To Encourage That Self-Care Routine You've Been Promising To Start On

Dry brushing is a centuries-old technique proven to boost circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage (and get rid of dead skin), and this brush set provides a cost-efficient means to add this soothing and beneficial self-care technique to your own routine. The large brush features natural boar bristles and a handle that detaches once you're done with your back and other hard-to-reach areas for conversion to a paddle brush. Also included is a facial brush with gentle, medium-strength boar bristles, and both are made from natural cherry wood. A pair of exfoliation gloves for use in the shower comes with the set.

These Toothbrushes Are Ideal For Pursuing Dental Health On The Go

With their unique foldable design, these toothbrushes are purpose-made for ensuring that your dental health regime doesn't go by the wayside when you're on the road. The heads of these brushes — which have been clinically recommended for their efficiency in overall cleaning and plaque removal — fold down and retract into the brush handle, meaning there's no need for a case. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, you can just put one of these brushes in your pocket and go.

The Gadget That Helps Care For A Neglected Part Of Your Wardrobe — Your Glasses

With glasses on, they really are part of your lewk, and this gadget ensures they're as spiffed up as the rest of your outfit so you're showing off your best side. Based on the same technology used by NASA to clean glass while in space, this device won't scratch or otherwise damage your lenses' coating — and leaves them free of fingerprints, smudges, and all kinds of residue.

Get Those Fruits And Veggies In With This Convenient Blender That's Topped With A Travel Cup

Whether you like 'em creamy or icy, this blender is the perfect space-saving solution to quickly and efficiently generate smoothies to help you pack in your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables. The canister is a travel cup so you can take your nutritious treats with you as you dash out of the house in the morning or on your way to your workout, and if you prefer a milkshake, you can have that, too. It comes in five fun colors, too.

These Plugs Will Help You Cut Down On Energy Costs

Cut down on your energy use and keep your budget in line with these smart plugs that help you control your home lighting and appliances from anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi. Plug in the smart plugs and hook up what you want to control, then download the free app to your smartphone, tablet, or home assistant. Then get to work: Set timers on your lights to turn on when you get home in the evening or make sure they turn off when you leave in the morning and literally hundreds of other energy-conserving functions — because no hub is required.

This Natural Calming Spray Will Refresh Your Yoga Practice

Provide yourself with a little incentive to get off the couch and onto the mat with this lavender spray that provides a light, refreshing clean for your yoga mat. Made with 100 percent natural, organic ingredients including lavender essential oil, this paraben- and alcohol-free biodegradable spray provides both antibacterial and aromatherapeutic effects, relaxing you and helping you unwind while immediately eradicating odor-causing bacteria.

An Answer For The Hours Spent Searching For Lost Keys And Remotes

Always find yourself losing your most important items? Use that time to catch up on Netflix instead when you get 19. The Gadget That Ensures Your Bag Will Never End Up On The Floor Of The Restroom Ever Again with four receivers that will help you hunt down anything you've misplaced with simply the push of a button. Engineered using radio frequencies to trigger alerts that will clue you into the location of items more than 30 yards away — even through walls — the remote even features a light so you won't lose it while you're busy misplacing everything else.

The Gadget That Ensures Your Bag Will Never End Up On The Floor Of The Restroom Ever Again

Putting that purse or backpack on the floor of the restroom? Um, don't do that again with this hook that wedges in just about anywhere and holds your stuff up. Made of durable, strong polycarbonate, it's engineered to hold up to 50 pounds, but it's easy to carry along: It weighs .5-ounce and fits into the palm of your hand.

These Cutting Mats Are Thick, Durable, And Protect Against Cross-Contamination

For anyone who does a lot of food prep, these cutting mats are a must-have: They're inexpensive, they don't take up as much space in the kitchen as traditional cutting boards, and the color-coding system prevents cross-contamination between meats and fish and other foods like fresh fruits or vegetables. Crosshatched on their reverse, they're non-slip and BPA-free, and thicker than similar models you've seen out there. Plus, once your chores are complete, they clean up easily in the dishwasher.

An Alarm Clock That's Not So Alarming — It Works With Your Body's Natural Rhythms

Put your body's natural circadian rhythms to work with this alarm clock — it uses light that gently builds in intensity to simulate the sunrise to help you get out of bed. Proven to help users feel more refreshed and improve energy, the alarm has a back-up beep function to ensure that you get out of bed, and offers 10 different lighting intensities so it can also be used as a bedside light.

A Workout Accessory That Makes Getting Fit A Snap No Matter Where You Are

Enjoy a workout or run through your physical therapy exercises whether you're at home or on the road with this set of fitness bands — it includes a range of resistance levels to ensure you push yourself to the full extent of your abilities. They're made from durable eco-friendly natural latex, and come with a carrying bag so they're easy to take anywhere.

The Exercise/Posture Ball That Also Makes A Unique And Stylish Chair

You've seen exercise balls, but this sitting ball is an elevated version of the classic: It comes with a stylish and durable tailored cover that elevates it to the level of fine furniture you'll be happy to have in your home or office. The inner ball, appropriate even for use outdoors, is engineered from premium anti-burst PVC, and the water-resistant olefin cover is precisely crafted to contain its pressure. Use it for workouts, as an office or occasional chair, to adjust your posture, even as a birthing ball — and even with nine cover styles available, this versatile accessory is more than just a pretty face, it's so good for you.

A Foam Roller That Puts Some Teeth Into Your Self-Care Routine

Engineered to deliver a deep-tissue myofascial release, this foam roller really means business: The raised grids are designed to mimic the hands of your favorite massage therapist. Great for you whether you're an athletes or you spend all day on your feet, or at a desk. One reviewer writes: "I think it's gotten knots out I've had for 10 years. Using it was absolute heaven. I actually HEARD muscle knots popping around, which sounds gross, but feels wonderful."

The Deodorant For Those That Want To Go Natural And Aluminum-Free

Completely aluminum-free and suitable even for sensitive skin, this deodorant is 100 percent natural and is available in your choice of six delightful essential oil-based scents inspired by the outdoors. Made without parabens, phthalates, and preservatives, these formulations are hypo-allergenic, certified vegan, and cruelty-free, and the line includes a fragrance-free selection.

This Is The Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer You've Been Trying To Find Forever

If you want the benefits of hand sanitizer without the drying properties, try out this one. This patented plant-based formula is alcohol-free and crafted from a blend of thyme oils. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100 percent cruelty-free, this spray is completely free from harmful chemicals, features a fresh scent, and is great to take anywhere.

The Bathroom Stool That's Good For Your...Stool

Traditional toilets are not engineered to optimize the elimination process, but this stool can help. Straight from Shark Tank, it positions the body into a natural squatting posture, unkinking the colon and aligning it for quick and complete emptying. Registered by the FDA, this proven device can accommodate up to 350 pounds of pressure, and improves colon health by relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating.

A Setup For Removing Gel Polish That's Will Make Picking Off Polish Less Of An Option

Now that there are competitive at-home alternatives to applying gel polish, it only makes sense that you'd treat yourself to this cost-effective and salon-worthy kit that helps you remove your gel mani like a pro, too. With more than 400 nail wipes and 10 soak-off clip caps, this package deal will get you all ready to prep your nails for a brand new coat — just like you were down at the spa.

This Shampoo Deep-Cleans Your Locks And Makes A Great Body Scrub, Too

True multi-purpose functionality shines right through in this clarifying shampoo: Formulated to remove both environmental and styling product residue from your hair, this peppermint-enriched preparation also makes an invigorating body scrub. Suitable for all hair types, it invigorates the skin and scalp and leaves a light, fresh scent behind; paraben- and cruelty-free, it also stimulates the hair follicle to promote healthy growth.

A Garment Steamer For That Fresh-Pressed Look Anytime

Enjoy the look of freshly-ironed clothes and drapes and brand-new upholstery anytime with this steamer that's not only tough on stubborn wrinkles, but also kills bacteria and removes unwanted odors as well. Though it's compact for travel, this model features a capacity robust enough to allow for 15 minutes of uninterrupted steaming and suitable for just about any fabric, from ultra-delicate silks to heavy-duty upholstery.

The Hair Mask That Heals Split Ends, Prevents Breakage, And Much More

Repair your hair with this lightweight treatment balm that uses panthenol and lightweight silicone oils to nourish and restore split ends and tame frizz. Designed to be applied to towel-dried hair, this formula wraps each strand in nourishment and protection, adding smoothness and leaving hair shiny, soft, and manageable. It's suitable for all hair types and seals in the healing to extend the care long past the treatment.

A Sandwich Maker That Cooks Up Breakfast For Two, Quickly And Easily

Throw breakfast into hyperdrive with this sandwich maker that cooks up eggs and your choice of other fresh ingredients in just five minutes. Perfect to serve up delicious eggy goodness any time of the day — without having to crank on the stove — the digital timer sounds when the sandwich or sandwiches are done, and it will even heat pre-cooked meats like Canadian bacon to include in your treat. It cleans easily, too — the removable parts can go right in the dishwasher.

A Deck Of Affirmations That Will Give Your Self-Esteem A Tune-Up

Noted self-help guru Louise Hay crafted this affirmation deck to provide reinforcement for the daily struggle, with uplifting messages that invite introspection and meditation along the path to joy. The words are rendered on vibrant cards that are conveniently-sized for use at home or at work, and they're small enough to take on the road when traveling, too. Vibe along with messages like "My mind is a powerful healing tool," and "The work I do on myself is not a goal, it is a process — a lifetime process. I choose to enjoy the process."

The Frother That Lets You Make Your Lattes At Home

Skip the expensive coffee chain and make your lattes at home with this milk frother that will replicate the head of crema that your favorite barista whips up for you. Battery-powered so it's cordless for easy operation, the powerful motor delivers pro-quality froth in just 15 to 20 seconds. So versatile, it's also great for cocktails and even milkshakes, and it makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

This Purse Insert Means You Won't Lose Hours Fumbling In Your Bag Ever Again

Attention, Marie Kondo: I'm thinking that tidying up small spaces, including handbags, should be the next challenge you attack, and this purse organizer would be a great tool to help get your students from point A to point B in their struggles to streamline. I don't know why, but cleaning out my purse seems so much less achievable than attacking my closets full-on KonMari-style. It's a mess, and this assistant, with its lightweight, durable construction and 13 total pockets, can help.

A Step Toward Zero Waste Is Utterly Acheivable With This Wooden Utensil Set

Made from renewable and sustainably harvested bamboo, this cutlery set makes it possible to stick to eco-friendly values even when on the go. Heat-resistant and splinter-free, these tools will resist stains and have a pleasant ergonomic design. Keep a set at the office and another in the glove compartment of the car — they're also great for camping, hiking, and picnics.

The Gadgets That Finally Ensure You Won't Lose Any More Socks

Where do all the left socks go after you put them in the washing machine? Put an end to the struggle with these plastic sock clips that make sure your pairs stay together from hamper to laundry to drawer. They're lightweight yet durable, and the wide flanges make it easy to insert the sock fabric to clip in.

A Scrubber That Gives Your Feet A Good Scrub Without Having To Bend Over

Take better care of the feet that support you all day: Enjoy an invigorating and hygienic scrub without having to stoop or lose your balance with this scrubber pad that suctions to the bottom of the shower or tub floor. Stiff outer bristles exfoliate rough skin and calluses, while gentle inner bristles provide a thorough cleansing and massage. This anti-microbial scrubber also stimulates circulation in your feet, making it great for diabetics, pregnant women, and anyone who stands all day.

A Hair Towel That's Extra-Large And Extra-Absorbent For Super-Fast Drying

Get out the door in half the time with this hair towel that's crafted from soft, absorbent microfiber to dry quickly. Made from a special nylon blend that's processed specifically to ensure a luxuriant feel, it's suitable for all hair types and even helps tame the frizz that can be an issue while air drying your locks. The side makes it a great fit for long hair, and it's available in your choice of four colors.

These Shelves Are Made For Stacking — And Getting Your Pantry Organized

Made from sturdy chrome-coated metal, these shelves provide a sleek and stylish way to get the clutter in your pantry or your linen closet in order once and for all. Designed to stack with each other, they also fold away almost flat when not in use for easy storage. These shelves are so universally beloved that hundreds of reviewers gave them five-stars, including one mom who enthuses that they are "Perfect in every way."

41.This Device Keeps Expensive Makeup Brushes In Top Shape So They're Useful For Longer

Extend the life of expensive makeup brushes and ensure you're practicing the proper hygiene with this brush cleaning system that washes and dries them for optimal cleanliness. The kit comes with the tool itself, an automatic spinner, the washing and drying bowl, a selection of brush adapters that fit most cosmetic brushes, and a base for easy storage. The system is battery-powered and easy to use; clean your whole brush set in 15 minutes or less every few weeks, and they won't trap bacteria-harboring oil, dirt, and old makeup.

A Smartphone Mount That Attaches Your Device To Your Car's Vents For Easy Handsfree Viewing

Seriously, stop fiddling with your phone while you're driving — just get this phone mount and make things easy on yourself with its vent-mounted hands-free adaptability that features 360-degree rotation so you always have the perfect angle on your screen. Suitable for most smartphones, this mount operates with one-button quick-release functionality so that you can retrieve your phone when needed with just one hand.

The Kitchen Roll That Provides Six Months Of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Muscle

Join the movement of consumers trying to edge ever closer to a zero waste household with these reusable kitchen towels that replace a remarkable 60 rolls of conventional paper towels. Crafted from certified organic bamboo fiber that's renewable and sustainably-harvested, these towels are both strong and durable — plus, they're more absorbent than traditional paper towels. When you've cleaned up your messes, just throw them in the laundry and reuse.

This Mesh Bag Set Is Good For Produce And So Many Things Around The House

Reduce the amount of plastic you're contributing to the tons that end up in our oceans each year with these reusable mesh bags that are perfect for produce and other bulk grocery items. Made from breathable, BPA-free fabric, they're great for so many other things around the house, too, from Legos to your laundry delicates. The tare weight is right on the brightly-colored tags. To top it all off, a portion of the profits from each sale is donated to sustainable living projects worldwide.

A Keeper That Helps Your Produce Stay Fresh Longer

Don't you get tired of buying produce only to have it go bad? With this lettuce keeper, those fresh veggies your mama told you to eat will last longer and you'll make the most of your food budget. Featuring an adjustable air vent and a water reservoir, it creates an ideal micro-climate for your food. Plus, you can wash, drain, and store fresh items all in one convenient container.

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