45 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Actually Do What They Say They Will

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We've all been there: Excitedly going to the mailbox, finding the package we've been waiting for, tearing it open, unrolling the bubble wrap, and putting our new gadget to work — only to discover that it doesn't work all that well, or maybe even at all. (Think: a magnetic car phone holder with the weakest magnet on earth. Or a brush that doesn't work on knots or ends up ripping your hair out.) But all these five-star products on Amazon? They actually do what they say they're going to do.

Now, I'm an ardent believer in Amazon's star rating system. I like knowing that the ratings come from people who've actually ordered the product and tested it out to see if it works — or doesn't. It makes me feel much more confident when I take out my credit card and type in all those digits. (Okay, fine — I have one-click ordering turned on so I don't actually type out all those digits.)

Of course, sifting through the ratings of Amazon's zillions of products takes time, but I've got good news: I've done the sifting for you. So now you can go ahead and one-click order with confidence too.

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