44 Products On Amazon That'll Make You Wonder, "How Have I Lived Without This?"

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It’s amazing how you can live without a certain product your whole life — and then one day, when you acquire it, you realize you have no idea how you ever functioned without it. If you haven’t experienced this before, there are millions of genius products on Amazon that can show you what I mean. They span every product type and every category — things like clever kitchen gadgets, miracle beauty creams, and life-changing electronics.

For some of them, it’s immediately obvious that they're pure genius. I mean, who wouldn't be impressed by a product that can turn hot coffee into iced in under a minute? Or how about a pair of leak-proof underwear? Being able to walk around in white pants on your period without worrying about stains (if that's something that you're worried about) is objectively awesome.

Then there are other products that you have to try out for yourself. For instance, a melatonin-infused lightbulb that emits a special amber light to help you fall asleep may sound great in theory, but you’re not going to start singing its praises until you try it out for yourself.

So, without further ado, check out some of these life-changing products on Amazon and prepare to have your mind blown.

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