44 Products On Amazon That'll Make You Wonder, "How Have I Lived Without This?"

It’s amazing how you can live without a certain product your whole life — and then one day, when you acquire it, you realize you have no idea how you ever functioned without it. If you haven’t experienced this before, there are millions of genius products on Amazon that can show you what I mean. They span every product type and every category — things like clever kitchen gadgets, miracle beauty creams, and life-changing electronics.

For some of them, it’s immediately obvious that they're pure genius. I mean, who wouldn't be impressed by a product that can turn hot coffee into iced in under a minute? Or how about a pair of leak-proof underwear? Being able to walk around in white pants on your period without worrying about stains (if that's something that you're worried about) is objectively awesome.

Then there are other products that you have to try out for yourself. For instance, a melatonin-infused lightbulb that emits a special amber light to help you fall asleep may sound great in theory, but you’re not going to start singing its praises until you try it out for yourself.

So, without further ado, check out some of these life-changing products on Amazon and prepare to have your mind blown.

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Lifestyle — 44 Products On Amazon That'll Make You Wonder, "How Have I Lived Without This?"

1. A Loofah With A Long Handle You Can Use On Your Back

VIVE, Loofah Back Scrubber, $15, Amazon

Backscratchers are a dime a dozen, but how often do you see them with loofahs attached? This clever loofah allows you to gently scrub the dead skin from your back without being overly drying or harsh. Made of strong lotus wood, the 17-inch extended handle lets you access those hard-to-reach spots while the textured rubber sleeve offers a comfy, non-slip grip even when it's wet.


2. A Hook You Can Use To Hang Your Purse Anywhere

Clipa, Clipa 2 Bag Hanger, $16, Amazon

Whether you're working at a coffee shop or eating at a dinner party, there are plenty of occasions when you need to stash your purse beside you. With this genius bag hanger, you don't have to sling it over the back of your chair or tuck it under your seat for the contents to spill out everywhere. The Clipa 2 gives you an instant option for safely hanging your purse or backpack on tables, countertops, office cubicles, bathroom stalls, stroller handles, and other makeshift hanging posts. Made of robust alloy, the handy tool can hold up to 15 kilograms, yet is lightweight and easy to carry.


3. A Peeling Gel That Brightens Your Skin While Leaving It Silky Soft

Dr. G, Brightening Peelng Gel, $15, Amazon

Using a nourishing blend of vitamin C and E, aloe vera, honey extract, licorice root, willow bark, and other natural ingredients, this ultra-hydrating peeling gel clears your skin while brightening it, too. The gentle exfoliant rubs away dead skin cells without causing any irritation. "This peeling scrub is amazing!" said one excited Amazon user. "It goes on like an exfoliating scrub would, but as you continue to scrub your face, little bunches of dead skin appear! I limit my usage of this to once/twice a week, but everytime I use it, my skin GLOWS for the next few days and is ridiculously soft."


4. A Warming Therapy Wrap You Can Wear Like A Belt

NatraCare, Warming Low Back Wrap, $15, Amazon

Melt away back pain with this amazingly simple yet brilliant back wrap you can wear around your waist. Rather than constantly shifting or adjusting your heat pack, use the stretchable nylon strap, paired with its secure hook-and-loop closure, to snugly attach the soft poly-fleece to your lumbar area. With heat-retaining clay beads, the cozy wrap will stay warm up to 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to relax sore muscles and ease aches and pains.


5. A Cleansing Stick So You Can Travel Without Making A Mess

Belif, True Tincture Cleansing Stick, $29, Amazon

Not only is this cleansing stick a convenient way to wash your face when you're on the go (think: post-gym or on a weekend away), but it's also effective enough that you'll want to use it every day, even when you're at home and have your full-sized face wash on-hand. It's made with a mix of coconut oil, green tea, raspberry, chickweed, basil, lemon, and lime that provides a gentle foaming cleanse and promotes vitality.


6. A Miracle Magnesium Oil That Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby

Seven Minerals, Magnesium Oil, $20, Amazon

Imagine — hearing your alarm clock in the morning and waking up feeling completely rested. Well, that joy can be yours with this miraculous magnesium oil sleep balm. Made with a mix of magnesium and aloe vera, the soothing oil helps you sleep more deeply while also treating aches and pains. The relaxing, stress-melting balm uses magnesium chloride solution, a highly bioavailable form of magnesium that can be quickly absorbed via your skin directly into your cells. On top of sleep, it helps with anxiety, abnormal heart rhythms, blood pressure, and muscle spasms.


7. An Adjustable Cosmetics Pouch That Lets You Spread Your Makeup Out When You Travel

Beauty Cinch Up, Travel Cosmetic Bag, $4, Amazon

The problem with most makeup bags is that you have to dig through piles and piles of mascara and lipstick to find what you're looking for — either that, or dump everything all over the counter and create a big mess. This clever travel makeup pouch, however, allows you to spread everything out so that you can easily sort through your products while still keeping things relatively organized. The cool pouch cinches up tightly around your makeup and then opens up into a 19- by 22-inch hexagonal working space. The reversible material can be either black or silver and it comes with a handy drawstring at the top.


8. A Solar Charger You Can Hang From Your Bag To Juice Up Your Phone

Ayyie, Solar Charger Power Bank, $22, Amazon

This water-resistant solar phone charger features a cool clip on the side so you can hang it from your backpack, allowing the device to stay juiced up while you're hiking. Charge it before you go and keep it topped off without doing a thing. You'll have access to a fully charged phone even when you're deep in the wilderness. On top of that, the solar charger has an ultra-convenient LED flashlight and compass built in, making it the ultimate all-around camping tool.


9. A Quick-Drying Nail Polish You Can Peel Off

Little Ondine, Quick Dry Nail Polish, $14, Amazon

Made with a non-toxic, odorless formula, this impressive quick-drying nail polish is safe to touch in just a few minutes. Completely free of formaldehyde, benzophenone, and all heavy metals, it peels off with the tug of your finger, sparing you from having to use noxious polish removers when it's time to take it off. The thin brush is made with soft fibers that paint on precisely for even, smudge-free applications.


10. A Soft Body Towel That Dries You Quicker Than Terry Cloth

AQUIS, Waffle Body Towel, $29, Amazon

Constructed with high-tech Aquitex microfiber, this soft, time-saving body towel cuts the amount of time you typically spend drying off in half. The lightweight fabric is more efficient than regular terry cloth, rapidly absorbing beads of moisture from your skin as you pat it down. It works great on hair, too.


11. A Set Of Soft Makeup Brushes That Comes With A Travel Pouch

SHANY Cosmetics, Travel Brush Set, $10, Amazon

Constructed with a silky blend of sable, goat, and synthetic bristles, these luxuriously soft, double-sided makeup brushes are perfect for traveling. The six-piece set includes brushes for powder, foundation, blush, concealer, blending, eyeshadow, brows, eyeliner, and contouring. Each one is numbered with corresponding instructions for how to best use them.


12. A Sweet-Smelling Set Of Coconut And Sugar-Scented Underarm Wipes

Pacifica Beauty, Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $9, Amazon

There is literally nothing worst than chalky white deodorant caking under the little creases in your armpits. These refreshing deodorant wipes work as fantastic substitutes, allowing you to skip thick antiperspirants in favor of the clear, convenient packets. The small, compact wipes, which are scented like coconut and sugar, fit easily in your purse so you can use them to freshen up midday, or in lieu of a shower when camping or traveling.


13. A Water Bottle With A Built-In Fruit Infuser

InfusionH20, Fruit-Infused Water Bottle, $15, Amazon

This fabulous water bottle features a built-in fruit infuser that you can use to spritz your water with berries, lemon, orange, citrus, watermelon, or any other fruits of your choosing. It's easy to use and a breeze to wash — just rinse out the infuser and refill with more fruit. The 32-ounce bottle comes equipped with a leak-proof lid and ultra-convenient carry handle.


14. A Color-Coded Set Of Storage Containers That All Fit Inside Each Other

Joseph Joseph, 81009 Nesting Storage Containers, $28, Amazon

Mismatched piles of food containers with no lids and oddly-shaped stacks of bins are the fastest way to wreck a tidy cupboard. Enter: these super compact nesting storage containers that all fit inside one another, taking up virtually no space while offering easy access once you're ready to use them. The simple, color-coded system makes them ultra convenient, and each lid snaps together to provide fully-sealed, leak-proof storage options. The set includes an 8-ounce, 18-ounce, 37-ounce, 63-ounce, 101-ounce, and 152-ounce container.


15. A Flexible, Lightweight Cutting Board You Can Use To Funnel Food

Kitchen Gizmo, Flexible TPU Cutting Board, $15, Amazon

Rather than firm, bulky hardwood, this TPU cutting board is made from fully flexible rubber that allows you to you to bend into a curve so you can funnel your food directly onto your plate, bowl, or frying pan. The lightweight material is antibacterial and easy to wipe clean, so you don't have to worry about it breeding bacteria. As a bonus, the cutting board features grooves around the sides to catch juice from meats or citrus fruits.


16. A Pillow That Will Help You Relax In The Bath

IndulgeMe, Harrison House Bath Pillow, $30, Amazon

With four large suction cups, this ultra-grippy bath pillow attaches to your tub and provides a secure, soft place to rest your head while you relax. Contoured to ergonomically follow the curves of your head, neck, and back, it will adapt to your body regardless of the shape of your bathtub. The quick-drying pillow, which is built with antibacterial mesh to offer airflow, comes in a set with a bonus Konjac bath sponge.


17. A Weird But Effective Device That Stretches Your Toes To Boost Flexibility And Strength

Yoga Toes, Toe Stretcher And Separator, $37, Amazon

Whether you get sore feet from walking too much, are someone who's prone to blisters and bunions, or simply want to improve your foot strength and flexibility, these toe stretchers can work wonders. Rather than spending time devoted to stretching, just slip them on your feet and let them work while you read or watch TV. Using gentle pressure, they'll spread your toes apart and away from the balls of your feet, delivering the same type of exercise you'd get from walking barefoot.


18. A Blissfully Soft Set Of Insoles That Will Support Your Feet

Honey Soles, Natural Cork Shoe Insoles, $40, Amazon

Constructed with breathable, sustainably-harvested natural cork, these ultra-comfortable insoles will make your poor, tired feet thank you. Unlike cushiony, fabric-based versions that often make your feet sweat, these are super lightweight and air-permeable. "I'm in Marching Band, and my feet often hurt after a long practice or performance," said one Amazon reviewer. "When I got these, I had to march a parade the next day, and my feet didn't hurt AT ALL. They are extremely comfortable, and because they are made of cork, there isn't a layer of fabric that peels off after a few weeks."


19. A Ceramic Hair Iron That Makes The Perfect Waves

Hot Tools, Ceramic Tourmaline Wave Iron, $48, Amazon

With a smooth, elegantly curved shape and a strong, durable design, this might just be the best curling iron ever invented. Featuring patented Pulse Technology, the ceramic tourmaline heats up quickly and creates even, long-lasting waves. It has an 8-foot swivel cord so it doesn't get tangled when you move around and cool tips to prevent you from burning yourself.


20. A Convenient Phone Holder That Fits In Your Car's Cup Tray

iKross, Magnetic Cup Holder, $10, Amazon

This powerful magnetic phone holder gives you a way to effortlessly set your phone down, yet still be able to access it quickly. This magnetic solution lets you rotate and swivel the gooseneck 360 degrees, perfectly customizing it to the angle you please. The device fits into any standard cup holder which means you don't have to mount it to your dashboard. And, as a serious bonus, the device converts your single 12-volt socket into three USB charging ports.


21. A Convenient Gadget That Lets You Hang Your iPad For Hands-Free Viewing

High View, iPad Hanger, $20, Amazon

With handy straps on each side and sleeves that fit around the corners, this iPad hanger lets you hang your device so you can carry it on the go or use for hands-free viewing. Available in three sizes, depending on your device type (normal, mini, and air), you can drape it over the seat in front of you when traveling by plane or riding in the backseat of a car. It also works on luggage rollers, kitchen cabinets, cardio machines, and some baby strollers.


22. An Ultra-Soft Memory Foam Pillow With Cooling Gel So You Don't Overheat While You Sleep

Cr, Sleep Reversible Memory Foam Pillow, $35, Amazon

Sleep soundly on this supremely soft memory foam pillow that's built with cooling gel. Your face and neck will be encased in silky soft goodness while the gel will prevent you from overheating. One side disperses your body heat, while the other works to ease neck and shoulder pain with its plush foam. On top of that, the pillow is anti-microbial and resistant to allergens including mold, dust, and other bacteria.


23. A Chiller That Turns Your Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee In 60 Seconds

HyperChiller, Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

Iced coffee is delicious, but once it starts melting, the ice dilutes the java, making it watery and weak. This iced coffee maker solves the problem by converting regular hot coffee into chilled cold brews almost instantly. Just fill the device with water and keep it stored in your freezer. When you're ready for a cold cup of joe, pull the HyperChiller out and pour your hot coffee into the top. Within 60 seconds, your drink will be cooled and ready to drink.


23. An Awesome Plug-In Device That Cleans The Air Without Emitting A Sickly Sweet Aroma

Guardian Technologies, GermGuardian GG1000, $32, Amazon

If you want the air in your home to be clean and deodorized without smelling like a potpourri farm, this UV-C air sanitizer takes a fantastic approach. Using cutting-edge UV-C light technology, the simple plug-in device pulls odors from the room, neutralizing scents from smoke, laundry, pets, cooking, or other strong aromas. The powerful bulb is capable of burning for an impressive 4,000 to 5,000 hours, making it durable and long-lasting.


24. A Set Of Fast Heat Sealers To Preserve Food In The Bag It Came In

iTouchless, Handheld Heat Bag Sealer, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Say goodbye to freezer bags and plastic sandwich sacks — these awesome bag sealers allow you to reseal whatever wrapping your original food came in. Use them to seal up open bags of chips, frozen peas, snack foods, and anything else you'd normally use a plastic baggy for. The heated seal works faster and more effectively than zip-locks, providing a fully airtight seal in just seconds. As a convenient plus, the bag sealers come with magnetic backings so you can keep them on the fridge for easy access.


25. A Pair Of Period Panties That Stop Leaks From Seeping Through To Your Clothes

YOYI Fashion, Leakproof Period Panties, $28 (4 Pack), Amazon

It doesn't matter how often you change your tampon or maxi pad during your period — at some point, you're probably going to have some leakage. But thanks to these protective period panties, that leakage needn't ruin your bottoms or bed sheets. Featuring a water-resistant lining from the gusset to the waistline, these underwear block leaks and makes sure that nothing seeps through to your sheets or pants.


26. A Lightweight Backpack That Conveniently Packs Into Itself

ZOMAKE, Lightweight Hiking Day Pack, $16, Amazon

This ultra-lightweight day backpack is not only breezy to walk around in, but when you're done using it, it packs into itself, scrunching down into a tiny pouch. It features a highly water-resistant coating so if you get caught in the rain you don't have to worry about your things getting soaked. Best of all, if you use it for air travel, you can avoid overweight charges by taking it out of your carry-on for excess belongings.


27. An Adorable Mini Brush That Folds Up To Fit In Your Purse

Louise Maelys, Folding Hair Brush, $6, Amazon

Whether you do a lot of traveling or just like to keep a brush on hand for emergency detangling, this foldable hair brush is the perfect purse-sized accessory. Built with smooth bristles and a handy pop-up mirror, the brush may be small, but it's still tough enough to tackle serious tangles.


28. A Tiny Electric Toothbrush That's Small Enough To Fit In Your Cosmetics Bag

Violife, VS2T701 Slim Sonic Toothbrush, $16, Amazon

Engineered to deliver a whopping 22,000 brush strokes per second, this electric travel toothbrush may be small, but it's powerful enough to deliver a deep clean that's comparable to its full-sized competitors. With a replaceable head, the soft to medium bristles deliver enough friction to do the job while remaining gentle and non-irritating. Best of all, unlike most electric toothbrushes that are big and clunky, this mini device, which comes with a snap-on travel lid, is under 7 inches long and easily fits into most cosmetics bags.


29. A Set Of Genius Cleaning Towels That Don't Require Soap

Nano Towels, Stainless Steel Cleaner, $15, Amazon

These miracle cleaning towels are made from a blend of patented Nanolon fiber that allows them to thoroughly clean stainless steel with just water. No soap, no chemicals — just rinse them under the faucet and you're ready to go. Use them on all of your stainless steel cookware, as well as things like the metal and glass on your electronics, to make them shine without the use of any chemicals.


30. A Dental Floss Made Out Of Activated Charcoal And Grapefruit Seed

Knotty Floss, No Knot Floss, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

Flossing your teeth with charcoal may sound a little crazy, but this dental floss packet removes bacteria from in between your teeth while caring for your gums. The floss is gentle while still being strong enough to do the job and, as a bonus, brightens your teeth while it works. "I LOOOOOOVE this floss!" said one Amazon reviewer. "The packaging is so cute and different from any other floss I've ever bought. The floss is strong and the coating stops it from slipping out of my hands when using it. I love that it has a whitening effect and the taste is nice but not too strong. Will buy again!"


31. A Bluetooth Shower Head That Gives Water Massages While Playing Music For You

Morpilot, Musical Shower Head, $30, Amazon

What could be more luxurious than a shower head that delivers powerful, spa-like jets of water while simultaneously playing your favorite music? This amazing shower head Bluetooth speaker features triple the spray strength of your typical shower faucet, offering massaging streams of water to help create a relaxing, steam-filled experience. The speaker itself is built with exceptional noise reduction to keep the sound crisp, while its dual microphone allows you to answer calls with the easy push of a button.


32. A Makeup Mirror With LED Lights That Mimic Natural Daylight

ALDOM, Vanity Mirror With Lights, $17, Amazon

This fabulous vanity mirror gives you the perfect lighting to apply makeup without fear that it will look totally different when you leave the house. Built with 36 strong LED lights that mimic natural daylight, the mirror is reliable and accurate. Plus, it has an adjustable dimming switch so you can customize the brightness to your liking.


33. A Deck Of Cards With Life-Affirming Quotes And Wisdom You Can Read Daily

Notes From The Universe On Abundance: A 60-Card Deck, $16, Amazon

Written by metaphysical author Mike Dooley, these inspirational cards are full of quotes and affirmations to help you live a more abundant life. Whether you want to practice gratitude, mindfulness, goal-setting, happiness, or other life-affirming skills, these cards will put you on the right track. "I turn a card over each day as a gift to myself," said one Amazon reviewer. "As I read it I smile and say a quiet, "yes!" Just a little nudge to keep the subconscious supporting your everyday actions going in the right direction."


34. A Packet Of Coffee-Flavored Energy Chews That Wake You Up Instantly

HVMN, Go Cubes Energy Chews, $15, Amazon

Sometimes you don't have time to brew a whole pot of coffee when you're racing out the door in the morning — you just want energy fast. These incredible coffee chews are the just the thing to give you a quick jolt of energy on the go. Use them to help wake yourself up in the morning, stay awake at your desk during the post-lunch slump, or give yourself a second wind when you're heading out with friends in the evening.


35. A Pre-Sunscreen Serum That Keeps Your Skin Firm When You're Basking Outside

Goddess Garden, Pre-Sunscreen Serum, $15, Amazon

Before you apply natural mineral sunscreen, use this pre-sunscreen serum to help it go on evenly and soak in properly. The firming sunscreen primer is made with an ultra-nourishing blend of rosehip, sea buckthorn, marula, and lycopene. The latter is an astonishingly strong antioxidant that keeps your skin firm, even as the sun penetrates it. Other ingredients include apricot, primrose oil, sunflower, lavender, rosemary, and vanilla.


36. An Organic Nail Polish Remover That Won't Dry Out Your Fingers

Pure Vitality Beauty, Natural Nail Polish Remover, $13, Amazon

Your nails may look amazing after you give yourself a mani, but when it's time to take the polish off, the chemicals in most removers are harsh, noxious, and tend to dry out the skin around your fingers. This all-natural nail polish remover, however, is 100 percent acetone-free. Instead of damaging your nails or skin, it will remove your polish while actually strengthening and moisturizing your fingernails, protecting you from thinning or brittleness.


37. A Magical Melatonin Light Bulb That Emits Amber Light To Help You Fall Asleep

SCS Lighting Solutions, Sleep Ready Light Bulb, $22, Amazon

This sleep-inducing light bulb is designed to emit wavelengths that encourage melanin production, lulling you off to sleep and improving the quality of your rest. Place it in a lamp next to your bed and watch the effect its soothing amber glow has on your circadian rhythm.


38. A Sleek Bamboo Hair Brush That Massages Your Scalp To Stimulate Circulation

Bamboo Wonder, Natural Hair Brush, $13, Amazon

On top of making your hair soft and smooth, this high-quality bamboo hair brush gives you a gentle scalp massage while it detangles, increasing blood flow and releasing stress. The lightweight construction makes it effortless to use with an ergonomic handle and soft bristles spaced just far enough apart to detangle without catching. Plus, unlike synthetic brushes, the bamboo bristles are static-resistant, so you don't have to worry about a Poltergeist-like scene occurring in front of your bathroom mirror in the morning.


39. A Pair Of Glasses That Block Out Blue UV Light So Your Screen Doesn't Keep You Awake

Eyekepper, Vintage UV Protection Glasses, $9, Amazon

If you spend a lot of time staring at a computer, your eyes are susceptible to potentially harmful blue light. Gazing at screens like laptops, TVs, phones, and tablets is thought to be particularly bad in the evening because the blue light may impact your internal clock, making it hard to fall asleep. Enter: these on-trend UV protection glasses which block out the damaging light. They are anti-scratch, anti-static, and offer UV400 protection along with a filter that works against blue light and radiation.


40. A Phenomenally Smart Bag Insert You Can Use To Organize Your Purse

Magik, Travel Insert Handbag Organizer, $10, Amazon

We've all been there — you drop a pen or small lipstick into your purse and it falls into the abyss, never to be seen again. This purse organizer can be inserted into a handbag, providing three separate compartments with two zippers and built-in handles. It's made from a sturdy yet soft nylon and poly-cotton blend and is perfect for organizing your makeup, storing your cell phone, stashing money and cards, or tracking other items.


41. A Delicious Smelling Deodorant Made From Coconut And Vanilla Oils

Milk And Honey, Coconut And Vanilla Deodorant, $16, Amazon

Forget those chalky drugstore antiperspirants that smell like a pharmacy aisle — this delightful coconut and vanilla deodorant will tickle your olfactory senses while leaving you feeling fresh. Infused with essential oils and packed with arrowroot powder and baking soda, the underarm balm will keep you dry and ensure you smell like dessert all day long.


42. A Miracle Eye Compress That Delivers Steamy Moisture To Hydrate Your Skin

Bruder Healthcare Co, Moist Heat Eye Compress, $29, Amazon

If you tend to wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, this heated eye compress is a surefire way to hydrate your skin and make your eyes refreshed. The mask is super easy to use: just pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and strap it on. After 10 minutes, the area around your eyes will be moisturized, your tear ducts will be lubricated, and you'll be ready to face the day.


43. An Amazing Eyebrow Gel That Has A Cult-Following On Amazon

Wunder2, Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel, $18, Amazon

If you want fuller brows, this cult-favorite eyebrow gel is simple to use and incredibly long-lasting, yet still easy to wash off in the evening. It's smudge-proof and smear-proof and guaranteed not to gunk up your eyelids or get on your clothes. Plus, it's 100 percent waterproof so you can shower, swim, and workout without your eyebrows budging.


44. A Silky Soft Bathrobe That's Perfect For Your Self-Care Routine

Mae, Women's Bell Sleeve Robe, $14-38, Amazon

Whether it's a lazy Sunday or you're unwinding on a weeknight, there's nothing like a cozy robe to help you chill the eff out. Made with a silky spandex blend, this robe is impossibly soft and so comfortable, you'll never want to take it off. It has two convenient side seam pockets, an easy-tie waist belt, and lace trim around the hem and cuffs.

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