44 Miraculous Products On Amazon That Make Everything Suck Less

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It's the good little things in life that get you through the day. A hot cup of coffee, the birds chirping outside your window, finding a dollar in the street — all are well and good on their own, but nothing beats finding great products on Amazon that help solve life's little problems. Because it's the annoying things in life that suck the most, and as unfortunate as it may be, they're the things that are the easiest to focus on. You know the issues: an unpleasant morning alarm. Tangled headphones. A headache. Sore muscles. A disorganized kitchen. Fortunately, these products do their best to solve them so you can start thinking about all the positives in your life.

You can solve these little annoyances for good, and you won't even miss them for a moment. So why waste hours trying to find your own solutions to common problems when the answers are right in this list — and easily delivered to your door? Whether it's a cord organizer, an alarm that uses light to ease you out of sleep, or an eye mask that gently heats up, there are thousands of Amazon products that make life easier.

And doesn't that just..not suck?

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