44 Fascinating Products Under $30 On Amazon

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Technology has given us so many amazing products that can revolutionize our lives, right? From self-driving cars and refrigerators that order your groceries to the Oculus Rift, there's a gadget out there for absolutely everything. The problem, however, is that along with progress comes a price tag. And even though it's a cool $320,000 for a Prius that chauffeurs you around, you can still get some fascinating products for under $30 on Amazon — because everyone deserves a helpful gadget, no matter their budget.

So if you're looking to add some spice (or convenience) to your life for less, there are some more affordable ways to go, and as always, the internet (and Amazon) has the answer. While these products may not have all the bells and whistles of their pricier counterparts, everything on this list performs some interesting functions that will get your friends talking. Whether it's the keyboard you can literally wash off, the magnesium foam that's sure to become your go-to hack for troublesome leg cramps, or the acupressure accessory that reviewers gleefully refer to as the "torture mat" — en route to giving it 4.5-stars — there's a little something here to tickle everyone's fancy.

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