44 Fascinating Products Under $30 On Amazon

Technology has given us so many amazing products that can revolutionize our lives, right? From self-driving cars and refrigerators that order your groceries to the Oculus Rift, there's a gadget out there for absolutely everything. The problem, however, is that along with progress comes a price tag. And even though it's a cool $320,000 for a Prius that chauffeurs you around, you can still get some fascinating products for under $30 on Amazon — because everyone deserves a helpful gadget, no matter their budget.

So if you're looking to add some spice (or convenience) to your life for less, there are some more affordable ways to go, and as always, the internet (and Amazon) has the answer. While these products may not have all the bells and whistles of their pricier counterparts, everything on this list performs some interesting functions that will get your friends talking. Whether it's the keyboard you can literally wash off, the magnesium foam that's sure to become your go-to hack for troublesome leg cramps, or the acupressure accessory that reviewers gleefully refer to as the "torture mat" — en route to giving it 4.5-stars — there's a little something here to tickle everyone's fancy.

Entertainment — 44 Fascinating Products Under $30 On Amazon

1. These Silicone Makeup Brushes Are The Easiest To Clean That You'll Find

Bezox Silicone Makeup Brush Set, $13 (Set of 5), Amazon

These brushes are made in that popular "toothbrush style" that's favored by beauty mavens for blending and contouring, but they have one crucial difference: rather than being packed with bristles, they're made with silicone heads. Intriguing, right? The medical-grade silicone provides smooth application and doesn't breed germs or waste your pricey colors, and like all things silicone, they clean up super easy. This five-piece set covers all your application needs, from broad strokes of foundation to tiny tweaks of eyeshadow and concealer.


2. These Unassuming Bags Expand To Accommodate Any Pair Of Shoes

Shooin Expandable Travel Shoe Bags, $23 (Set Of 4), Amazon

Made of a durable and flexible nylon-spandex blend, you might mistake these travel bags for many of their competitors, but they're so much more: They expand to accommodate even your clompiest hoofers, and in some cases, you'll even be able to fit both shoes of a pair into just one bag. Additionally, the design of these bags is contoured to permit space-saving storage in your luggage while traveling. The drawstring closure is capped with a cord lock to keep the bag closed and secure.


3. The Scalp Massager That's Great For Circulation In Your Face And Neck, Too

ikeepi Portable Electric Scalp Massager, $16, Amazon

This handheld massage device gives your scalp a relaxing and therapeutic massage with its claw head, revving up circulation in your scalp, decreasing stress, and boosting your mood. Use its alternate three-point head to massage your face and achieve circulation and lymphatic drainage benefits — it's great for a massage on your neck and shoulders, too. It features an easy-to-use ergonomic design and operates on two AAA batteries, too.


4. This Space-Age Pillow Will Make You Sleep So Incredibly Well

Cr Memory Foam Contour Pillow, $30, Amazon

Try this pillow and you'll wonder how you ever slept without it — the combination of the wave design and the medium-firm memory foam shapes itself to your neck and head. It'll also relieve the tension on your cerebral spine as you sleep, so you'll wake up in the morning without neck and shoulder pain. The foam in this pillow is naturally anti-microbial and resistant to allergens such as mold, dust mites, and other bacteria. It even comes with washable premium jersey cover and free sleep mask.


5. A Keyboard For The Clumsiest Person You Know

I-Rocks Waterproof Keyboard, $21, Amazon

If you've ever spilled coffee on your keyboard right before a big deadline, this is the product for you — it's completely waterproof. Designed with drainage holes to permit fast drying, this peripheral is USB-compatible, so it doesn't require any set-up. The engraved letters on the keyboard will survive prolonged use and many washings without fading away, too.


6. These Liners Function As A Protector And An Organizer All In One

KMN Home DrawerDecor Customizable Organizer, $30 (16 Piece Set), Amazon

A terrific way to both line your drawers and organize them at the same time, these customizable organizers are non-slip and made of 100 percent food grade silicone. They're easy to customize, have little slots you can take in and out to create the perfect space for you, and they're perfect for storing and organizing silverware, utensils, spices, and more. Best of all, everything in the set is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


7. These Nutty Looking Socks Stretch And Massage Your Feet

Triim Fitness Toe Separator Socks, $25 (3 Pairs), Amazon

These socks are kind of crazy looking, but your feet will feel oh-so-delightful once you've given them a try: Fit your toes through the holes, and the resulting stretch provides the equivalent of a foot massage and a boost in circulation. It also prevents foot cramps, and it's great for those with bunions, hammer toes, and overall foot pain. They're even a unique way to give yourself a mess-free pedicure and relax in style.


8. A Hair Tool That Features Silicone Bristles For Better, Longer Hold

Revlon Salon Volumizing Heated Brush, $24, Amazon

This genius hair appliance is designed with cool-to-the-touch silicone bristles to add smooth, full body to your hair with no bumps or flyaways. The unique bristles enable you to get closer to your scalp, and they also hold onto hair better — which leads to more volume that lasts all day long. It also has two heat settings, goes up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit for fast styling and optimal results, and has automatic shut-off.


9. This Awesome Device Is The Beer Lover's Best Friend

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go, $30, Amazon

The Frosty Beer 2 Go is the perfect solution for those who sip on a beer or soda onto long enough for it to get warm — because this brilliant device keeps cans and bottles cold for a long time. Crafted from insulated stainless steel, it’s super-durable, so it’s ideal for outdoor use. Vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction keeps beverages cold, while a detachable lid covers your beer bottle — and includes a convenient opener, too.


10. A Luggage Insert That Makes Unpacking A Breeze

Grand Fusion Stow N' Go Luggage System, $25, Amazon

This travel organizer is brilliant for anyone who hates unpacking — just insert it into your suitcase and you can lift the whole thing out of and hang it in your closet when you reach your destination. It has collapsible, high-strength top hooks, fits 20-inch and larger suitcases, and provides compartments for clothes, underwear, and shoes. There's even a zippered compartment at the bottom for dirty clothes.


11. This Organizer Turns You Into A Wrap Master

YouCopia Adjustable Kitchen Wrap Organizer, $15, Amazon

If you have too many rolls of cling wrap and aluminum foil underneath your sink, this gadget will organize all of them for you. With a base made from durable ABS plastic, it features eight adjustable wires to accommodate a panoply of different shapes and sizes. Remove one wrap at a time, or use the entire thing as a caddy to carry to your work station.


12. The Shampoo That Uses Egg Protein To Enrich And Nourish Your Hair

Mario Badescu Egg Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Eggs as a beauty product? Yep — this shampoo comes from noted beauty brand Mario Badescu, and you can believe it's a thing. This all-purpose formula nourishes hair with egg protein while leaving it feeling clean and healthy, and it's gentle enough to use as an all-in-one shower gel and shampoo. Reviewers say that they love its plain scent (it does not smell like eggs, they note).


13. These Devices Provide Progressive Grip Strengthening For Your Hand

Hand Master Hand Exerciser, $23 (3 Piece Set), Amazon

These ball-based hand exercisers will help anyone suffering from strength deficits in the hand or forearm. Great for both rehabilitation and prevention, the Hand Master set is a terrific tool for strengthening and balancing the muscles of the finger, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. It's great for athletes, musicians, and anyone trying to maximize injury recovery — and it can work to prevent injuries, too.


14. The Shiatsu Pillow That Looks As Good As It Feels

Zyllion ZMA20 Shiatsu Massage Pillow, $30, Amazon

This pillow differs from your ordinary shiatsu pillow in that its streamlined and elegant appearance makes it appropriate for continual display on your couch — meaning you'll use it more often to stay relaxed. It features a 3-D pyramid design that conceals a unique V-spring shiatsu mechanism. It also includes a flap that can be used to adjust the intensity of the massage, and there's also the option to add heat.


15. A Genius Foam That Knocks Out Muscle Spasms And Cramps In A Hurry

Theraworx Relief Muscle Cramp And Spasm Foam, $20, Amazon

If you suffer from constant leg cramps, this remarkable foam might just do the trick. It's a blend of safe and gentle ingredients — featuring magnesium sulfate — that relieves muscle cramps, soreness, tightness, and spasms. In fact, with daily use, the foam can actually prevent pain. One reviewer writes: "I have NO reason to mislead you, this stuff works immediately. The only thing that I will gain out of this review is knowing that I helped somebody who gets very bad leg cramps to get this product."


16. A Card Game That Will Have You Weighing Your (Hysterical) Options

Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition, $25, Amazon

This party game will have you and your friends weighing your choices between an imaginary rock and a fictional hard place. Three or more players get together and elect one player each round to serve as Judge. The Judge combines two Poison cards with crazy AF scenarios and the remaining players "pick their poison," hoping the other players agree with them. Majority wins, because the Judge wins when there's dissent. This is an awesome adults-only game to make your next pre-game a little more exciting.


17. A Towel That Gets Rid Of Your Makeup With Just Water

NanoTowel Makeup Remover Towel, $15, Amazon

Made from a unique proprietary fabric called Nanolo, this towel reaches deep into your pores to extract all of the dirt, oil, and impurities with just water. It'll quickly and easily cleanse your skin, and even gets rid of heavier products like waterproof mascara. This cloth is super thorough, yet gentle enough for use every day. It's also hypoallergenic, and perfect for those with rosacea and other skin conditions — and it's safe to use on eyes.


18. The Luxurious Elixir That Hydrates With Gold

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals 24K Gold Facial Mask, $22, Amazon

Gold isn't such an unusual ingredient once you see what it can do for your skin — and this mask is packed with 24-karat gold, vitamin E, and other powerful ingredients. The manufacturer notes that this precious element was a beauty favorite of Cleopatra's, and that she credited gold for her luminous complexion. This mask will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated, leaving behind a natural luster and radiance.


19. This Scrubber Exfoliates And Massages Your Feet — While You're Showering

Vive Shower Foot Scrubber, $15, Amazon

If you're looking for a more effective way to get your feet clean after a day in sandals, try this scrubber. It uses a dual bristle system to provide a unique treatment for your feet: The outer, stiff bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, while the inner, softer bristles gently cleanse and massage and clean between your toes. All told, you get a circulation-boosting rubdown that will rejuvenate your feet. This bath accessory is latex-free and anti-microbial, plus it adheres easily to your tub or shower with suction cups.


20. This Facial Brush And Soap Set Will Give Your Complexion Real Polish

Aprilskin Pore Cleaner Set, $28, Amazon

The star of this complexion cleansing and polishing set is the dual-headed brush — one side offers 400,000 microfine bristles for deep cleaning, while the reverse is a silicone jelly head for exfoliation and a circulation-stimulating massage — but the soap is far from an add-on. It features a bevy of all-natural ingredients including a fine powder of tourmaline to cleanse and exfoliate in combination with the brush. Reviewers also praise the combo's acne-busting properties.


21. A Genius Bottle That Sprays And Wipes Down Your Windows

Karcher Window Cleaning Spray Bottle, $20, Amazon

How great of an idea is this bottle? It's lightweight with an ergonomic grip, and you fill it with your cleaner of choice (or use the included sample of the manufacturer's Window Cleaner Concentrate). Then, use the microfiber cleaning cloths fitted to the spray bottle's top to wipe down your windows. The washable cloth evenly spreads the solution and leaves you with sparkling clean windows.


22. The Bulb That Works With Your Smartphone So You Can Control Your Lights

MagicLight WiFi Smart Bulb, $19, Amazon

With this bulb installed in your home, you open your world to an infinite number of lighting options: Use it to wake gradually by sunrise, choose colors to suit your mood, sync with music you're playing, or set lighting schedules to give the appearance that you're home while you're traveling. Not only does this bulb provide endless color choices and the ultimate in convenience, it's also easy to install and set up with the free MagicLight app.


23. A Mat That Really Knows How To Push Your Buttons...In All The Right Ways

HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat Set, $29, Amazon

This mat and pillow set is referred to by some reviewers as the "torture mat." And yet, these same reviewers also swear by this combo for the pain relief and "warm fuzzies" it delivers. Developed on the principle of the "bed of nails," these acupressure tools feature dozens of plastic flower-shaped disks with spikes, almost like the underside of a golf shoe. Relaxing on the mat is believed to increase circulation and blood oxygenation and is an effective tool in helping to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain, muscle tension, insomnia, and persistent stress.


24. A Foldable Stand To Protect Your Laptop And Your Spine

Megainvo Portable Laptop Stand, $20, Amazon

Disarmingly simple, this remarkable device has the potential to be oh-so-impactful for both you and your laptop. By lifting it off your work surface from 12 to 20 centimeters (it's adjustable), this lightweight aluminum stand enables your computer to cool more efficiently, thus preventing overheating and subsequent crashes. Then, by holding your laptop's screen at an ergonomic angle, it also optimizes your posture and prevents neck and eye strain. Foldable and portable, this is definitely one for the road.


25. This Bamboo Block Keeps Your Knives Handy With Magnetic Attraction

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder, $26, Amazon

Hidden inside this bamboo knife guard is a super-powerful magnet that will keep your important kitchen tools right at hand when you need them. Crafted from stylish and 100 percent sustainable bamboo, this kitchen accessory is finished with slip-proof, anti-skid felt feet so it won't move around or wobble. Strong, beautiful, and easy to clean, this makes it quick, easy, and safe to store your knives.


26. A Silicone Popcorn Bowl That Levels Up Your Snack Game

The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

Enjoy guilt-free microwave popcorn with this silicone bowl. It enables you to pop the corn with or without oil and using regular popcorn kernels — thus doing away with the muss and fuss of stovetop popping. Perfect for movie aficionados, you can have up to 15 cups of fresh, hot popcorn in under 4 minutes with this accessory. When you're done popping, this BPA-free bowl collapses down to half its size for easy storage.


26. The Device That Uses The Power Of Sound To Deter Aggravating Pests

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, $23 (2 Pack), Amazon

This patented device may not work on your annoying next-door neighbor, but it will repel just about every other pest you'd care to name — from rodents all the way down to bed bugs and ants. The ultrasonic sound is completely inaudible to humans and household pets, but is an effective deterrent to pests feeding or nesting. It plugs in to any household outlet and uses under $10 per year in electricity, all while providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-based sprays, poisons and traps.


26. A Stainless Steel Multitool That Performs 40 Functions

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro, $29, Amazon

Carry this all-in-one tool in your wallet and your friends might just start calling you MacGyver. Crafted from 100 percent heat-treated stainless steel, it includes wrenches, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a can opener, a pry bar, a cord cutter, a hex bit driver, and more. It's credit-card-sized, so it fits easily in a wallet, pocket, backpack or handbag — and it's TSA-compliant and weighs less than an ounce, so it's perfect for travel.


27. This Device Makes Trimming Corn Off The Cob Fast And Easy

RSVP Deluxe Corn Stripper, $22, Amazon

If you're a fan of fresh corn, this gadget will make your life so much easier: It makes quick and easy work out of removing kernels from the cob, and it contains the mess in the process — because everything remains inside the cylinder. Constructed from durable plastic with a stainless steel blade, this patented device is also dishwasher-safe, so cleanup of the unit itself is just as easy as its operation.


28. A Mask That's Great For De-Puffing As Well As For Pain Relief

PerfeCore Gel Face Mask, $20, Amazon

If you have puffiness, under-eye bags, or dark circles, this gel mask is useful, but what's more impressive is the wide range of physical conditions it can alleviate. Freeze or refrigerate it and use cold to get relief from migraines and other headache pain, or warm it in the microwave to relax before sleep, alleviate sinus pain, and remedy dry eyes. It contains no latex or phthalates and is BPA-free, too.


29. The Crazy-Looking Ball That Gives You An Awesome Massage

RumbleRoller Beastie, $25, Amazon

If you're looking to level up from foam rollers, this strange-looking ball provides deep myofascial relief that should do the trick. The nubs on this tool are the secret — they budge only just a little, and dig in deep to provide relief in the spots you need it most. Plus, it's approximately the size of a tennis ball, so it fits perfectly in your gym bag — or carry it to the office with you for some covert relief while you're on the job.


30. This Scarf Is A Cozy And Convenient Way To Hide Your Assets While Traveling

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf, $30, Amazon

For intrepid travelers, this ingenious scarf provides an easy way to camouflage your valuables. Crafted from a soft and light yet durable polyester fabric, it has an 8-inch wide pocket that's 7 inches deep — large enough to hold your cash, keys, passport, phone, and other essentials. The pocket blends into the folds of the scarf and can loosely double wrap to provide a fashionable infinity scarf effect — so no one will ever guess your valuables are in tow.


31. A Magical Tray That Defrosts Your Frozen Foods Instantly

Chiachi Defrosting Tray, $18, Amazon

This tray works on the principles of thermodynamics to thaw your frozen foods safely and super fast. Its embedded thermo-liquid heat pipes enable it to defrost frozen foods eight times faster than traditional countertop thawing — without electricity, chemicals, or batteries. Best of all, using this tray to defrost your frozen foods keeps them safe, since unlike the microwave — which actually cooks your food on low when on the "defrost" setting — this device provides an even and persistent thaw to maintain flavor.


32. This Friction-Reducing Balm Will Keep The Blisters And Rashes Away

Surf Butta Anti-Chafe Balm, $15, Amazon

If you're prone to irritation, this silky balm glides on smooth wherever you need it to prevent chafing, irritation, and blisters. Its water- and sweat-resistant formula was created for surfers, but it works a treat for any sports enthusiast or anyone who chafes. Easy to use and mess free, too — the applicator is just like what you'd get with deodorant, and the product rolls right on. Surf Butta is also hypoallergenic and fragrance- and paraben-free.


33. The Gel Mat That Means You'll Always Be Sleeping On The Cool Side Of The Pillow

Angel Baby Frosty Cooling Pillow Gel Mat, $26, Amazon

This gel mat fits perfectly over your standard-size pillows to give you that inimitable refreshing feeling of a cool, crisp place to lay your head. While it's great to keep you revitalized on the regular, this accessory is particularly useful for those suffering from night sweats, fevers, and sunburns. It even comes with a free storage cover.


34. A Fitness Accessory That's Great For Improving Core Strength And Stability

Epitomie Fitness Power Rocker Balance Board, $25, Amazon

Whether you're interested in toning or hard-core training, this balance board gives you all the options. It features an adapter for varying difficulty as well as resistance tubes to provide a full-body workout. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, this device is also great for rehabbing injuries and regaining balance after you've been down for the count.


35. A Genius Cutting Board That Folds To Neatly Scoop Your Chopped Items Into A Bowl Or Pot

Joseph Joseph Folding Cutting Board, $20, Amazon

Can the cutting board be reinvented? Yep — when it's a folding cutting board that provides a resilient, knife-resistant surface for food prep. Then, when you pick it up, just squeeze the handle, et voilà! The cutting board transforms into a scoop with which you can easily and neatly convey your cut items to a waiting pot or bowl. This accessory also has non-slip feet that will ensure it stays in one place while you work.


36. This Travel Pillow Has A Chin Up On Its Competition

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Uniquely designed to keep you comfortable while traveling, this super soft pillow combines an adjustable chin support, flat back panel, and bolstered sides to support your head. Most importantly, it keep your chin upright, enabling you to rest easily. More than 2,500 reviewers have given its patented construction a whopping 4.5-stars for comfort and ease of use, noting that it's excellent for full support without a stiff neck. It even snaps on to your carry-on for easy portability.


37. These Unique Gel Sleeves Cool Down Pain And Relieve Inflammation

Penguin Fingers Gel Pack, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

These gel packs are tube-shaped to slip on over your digits — and they're perfect for icing down a finger you've burned in the kitchen or that toe you stubbed on the furniture in the middle of the night. The patent-pending sleeves stretch to fit and provide even, cool compression whether applied to your thumb or your pinkie toe. These non-toxic devices are also PVC-, phthalate-, and latex-free.


38. An Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel That Cleanses Your Skin

Beauty Facial Extreme Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, $25, Amazon

If you're looking for a gel that gets rid of dry skin, this cleanser uses enzyme power to make skin behave. Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial dyes and fragrances, it washes away pore clogging oils, blackheads, and whiteheads, and even helps fade away acne scars. Great for clearing up and preventing breakouts on the back and elsewhere on the body, too, this gel also has an exfoliant effect that leaves your skin refreshed and toned. Reviewers praise its pore-tightening benefits, too.


39. An Ultra-Soft Hair Towel That Banishes Breakage

Evolatree Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair Towel, $15, Amazon

Air drying saves your hair from the breakage and split ends that hot tools can inflict, but depending on the length and makeup of your follicles, it can take so long to get out the door. Enter this towel: It's crafted with unique microfiber technology to absorb moisture quicker than other materials, leaving the hair tangle-free. One reviewer writes: "I love it. It really helps with frizz and if I want to leave my hair curly I just wash it and put the towel and it gets my curls set!"


40. A Carabiner That's Basically Like Another Pair Of Hands

Lulabop Hero Clip Carabiner, $19, Amazon

Invented in the Pacific Northwest, this innovative carabiner enables you to hang anything, anywhere, anytime. If you're hiking and need a break from lugging your bag around, break out this handy clip and hang it from a tree. It has other uses, too: Let's say you're in the bathroom and there's not a hook for your backpack or handbag. Break out the Hero Clip with its rotating hook, and you're in business. The body is precision-cut from solid aluminum, so you know it's tough.


41. An Eye Mask That Uses The Power Of Steam To Relax You

Aroma Season USB Steam Eye Mask, $23, Amazon

Want to take your eye mask to the future? Try this amped-up version, which adds soothing warmth for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Spray the fabric covering with a bit of water and give your eyes a truly refreshing treatment after a long day's work. Powered by any USB port, this mask is equipped with five gentle heat settings and programs timed from 10 to 60 minutes. The super-soft microfiber cover is machine-washable, too.


42. A Mask That Peels All The Dead Skin Off Your Feet

Lavinso Foot Peeling Mask, $18 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Crafted from all-natural botanical ingredients, this mask will leave your feet feeling super smooth and soft. This exfoliating and healing treatment is easy to use, too: Simply cut the tops off of the booties, slip them on your feet, and relax for an hour or so as the mask does its work. No scrubbing needed — the gel inside the booties moisturizes and exfoliates your skin. Four to seven days later, the dead skin will slough off, leaving your feet soft and smooth.


43. A Makeup Mirror That Shows You Every Angle

SUPRENT Makeup Mirror, $23, Amazon

This makeup mirror offers a ton of functionality for a very low price. First off, you'll have not only a direct mirror, but also three different levels of magnification to get every possible take on your application process. Secondly, the center mirror is framed by four strips of LED lights to give you plenty of light on the matter at hand. And finally, this mirror's trifold design not only ensures that it stores compactly, but also gives you plenty of different looks at your look.


44. A Portable Light That Boosts Your Mood

Verilux HappyLight, $30, Amazon

This portable device may be just the solution you need to lift your low moods. Small but powerful, this lamp provides moderate, filtered natural spectrum UV light up to 5,000 LUX, which has been proven to help improve your mood and assist with sleep disturbances by resetting your circadian rhythms. It's durable and long lasting, but weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, so it's perfect for travel or use at the office, in a dorm, or wherever space is tight.

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