44 Cheap Products So Clever Amazon Has To Keep Restocking Them

"Cheap" isn't the dirty word it used to be. In the past, you'd use it to describe items that were flimsy or worthless. But now? Cheap just means "affordable" — something that won't send your bank account into the red. And while you can still find a ton of flimsy products at a low price, you're way better off with the cheap items that reviewers swear by on Amazon.

Luckily for everyone reading this, it is literally my job to find the latest and greatest affordable things on Amazon. That includes clever cookware, clothing, and beauty products — or maybe you're looking for smart ways to keep your home neat and tidy. (In that case, you'll definitely want to check out the space-saving flatware organizer and the over-the-door shoe rack that takes up almost zero space in your closet.) But if none of those items strike your fancy, don't worry — there are tons more shopping categories where that came from.

The best part about these products? Pretty much all of them come with free two-day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime. So sit back, relax, and take a look at all the surprisingly cheap items on Amazon — but if you see something you like, act fast, because it's likely only a matter of time before it's sold out again.

Lifestyle — 44 Cheap Products So Clever Amazon Has To Keep Restocking Them

1. These Straps That Help Keep Your Knees Safe & Comfortable

It doesn't matter whether you're playing tennis, jogging, doing squats, or even just walking around the neighborhood — these braces help keep your knees aligned to prevent injury and soreness. They're completely adjustable so that one size fits all, and unlike other braces, these ones won't slide down your legs as you move around.

2. A Pair Of Locks That Keep Nosy Hands Out Of Your Cabinets

Great for nosy children as well as Airbnb guests, these cabinet locks help keep your belongings secure. You can use them with practically any type of cabinet knob, plus there are zero tools required for installation — just slide them on, then squeeze to tighten.

3. The Non-Slip Socks That Are Perfect For Yoga, Ballet, And More

Made with non-slip silicone grips on the bottoms, these socks are perfect for yoga, ballet, pilates, or just keeping you stable on slippery hardwood floors. They're moisture-wicking to keep you feeling dry and fresh, plus each order comes with a convenient travel pouch. Get them in various colors, all of which fit sizes 5.5 to 11.

4. A Cleaning Gel That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Not only is it reusable to help you save money, but this cleaning gel is also great for those awkward nooks and crannies around your home. You can mush it into dusty air vents or keyboards to easily pick up loose crumbs, plus the lavender fragrance is lightweight and refreshing.

5. These Gloves That Are Compatible With Touchscreens

Lined with super-soft wool to keep you warm when temperatures dip low, these gloves are a must-have. Not only are they warm, but the thumb, index, and middle fingers are also touchscreen-compatible so that you don't have to take them off to use your phone. The snowflake pattern is a cute addition to any outfit, plus they're available in three colors: gray, blue, or black.

6. A Pack Of Reusable Donut Molds Made From Durable Silicone

Made from 100% food-grade silicone that's naturally non-stick, these molds make it easy to bake your cupcakes and donuts into fun shapes. Each one is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, plus they're flexible so that it's easy to pop out your baked treat once it's finished cooking. But the best part? They're reusable and dishwasher-safe — an easy way to help yourself save some money.

7. This Cordless Bedside Lamp That Can Run For Up To 110 Hours

You read that correctly — this bedside lamp has a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 110 hours. It's completely cordless so that you can easily take it with you on a midnight trip to the bathroom (or a camping expedition), plus the touch-sensitive panel allows you to adjust the brightness.

8. A Wireless Phone Charger Designed To Mount In Your Car

Forget to grab your charging cable again? Not a problem, as this wireless charger mounts inside your car so that you can easily power up your phone while you're driving. It also doubles as a Bluetooth adapter so that you can stream music from your phone to your speakers, plus you don't need to remove your case in order for it to work.

9. The Flashlight That Helps You Find Dry Pet Stains

Got an unwanted odor in your home, but you can't figure out where it's coming from? Give this black flashlight a try. It'll illuminate dry pet stains as well as scorpions and bed bugs, plus all it needs is three AA batteries.

10. A Pen That Helps Whiten Your Teeth At A Fraction Of The Cost

Having your teeth professionally whitened can be incredibly expensive, whereas this whitening pen is a fraction of the price — yet, according to buyers, still super effective. The built-in brush allows you to easily apply the powerful gel, which uses carbamide peroxide to whiten and brighten your smile. Best of all, even those with sensitive teeth say they experienced "absolutely no sensitivity after using these pens."

11. This Laptop Desk That Folds For Easy Storage

Breakfast in bed doesn't have to be messy, especially if you're eating off this laptop desk. Not only does it collapse down for easy storage underneath your bed, but it's also large enough to hold laptops up to 16 inches. Choose from four finishes: gray, pink, faux wood, or dark grey.

12. A Pad That Stops Your Laptop From Overheating

If your laptop has a tendency to overheat, make sure to give this cooling pad a try. It's made from a high-quality metal mesh that gives your laptop a stable surface to rest on while still allowing for airflow, plus the three built-in fans are powered via USB and run at an ultra-quiet level. Get it in black and red, black and blue, or all blue.

13. This Bluetooth Microphone For Karaoke Anywhere

Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet using the built-in Bluetooth, and you can use this microphone to add karaoke to any party. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 30 hours. Plus, you can also use it as a portable speaker.

14. A Balance Disc That Engages Your Core While You Sit

Place it on your chair at the office, and this balance disc will force you to engage your core by having you constantly re-adjust in order to remain upright. You can use it in any chair as well as in your car, plus it also works great as a meditation pad or a challenging addition to your standing workouts.

15. The Microblading Eyebrow Pen That Lasts All Day Long

Wish your brows were more dense? Simply color them in with this eyebrow pen. It's available in five shades that match a variety of brow colors, plus the formula is waterproof so that it lasts all day long. Best of all, the four separate tips create multiple lines at once for a more realistic appearance. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "My eyebrows are fairly sparse in areas and the pen fills them in perfectly."

16. A Microwavable Container That Sterilizes Your Baby Gear

Able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in just two minutes, this steam guard makes it easy to sterilize your bottles, breast pump, and more in the microwave. It's able to hold up to four bottles as well as two breast pump shields, plus the handles are heat-resistant to help keep you safe.

17. The Foot Rest That Can Help Prevent Fatigue

Staying seated at a desk all day can leave your legs feeling sore — so why not pop your feet up onto this ergonomic rest? The elevation off the ground helps support blood circulation to your muscles, while the curved top lets you adjust how your feet are angled. Reviewers were also fans, with many writing about how it's a must-have if you're working from home.

18. A Reversible Sofa Cover Available In A Variety Of Colors

Keep your couch safe from pet hair and accidental spills with this cover. It's available in a variety of gorgeous colors, plus it's reversible so that you basically get two colors with each order. The elastic straps prevent it from sliding around, and you can grab it in two sizes: large or extra-large.

19. The Extra-Large Heating Pad With 6 Temperature Settings

With six adjustable heat settings to choose from, this extra-large heating pad is great for helping to soothe away soreness and cramps in your back, legs, chest, or abdomen. It automatically turns off after it's reached the desired temperature so that you can safely use it at night, and the microfiber exterior is super soft on your skin.

20. A 5-Tool Kit With Endless Uses

Use it to install a new audio system in your car, or use this kit to remove moldings, door panels, window trims, and more. The tools are made from premium-grade nylon that's extra-tough, plus many Amazon reviewers raved about how they were able to use these tools "without scratching" their vehicles.

21. This Garlic Press Made With Stainless Steel Blades

Not only does it dice up your garlic, but this garlic press also comes with a free peeling tube for added convenience. Using both is an easy way to keep your hands free from that stubborn garlic smell, and each order comes with two interchangeable stainless steel blades and a compartment that catches all your prepped ingredients.

22. A Tool That Lets You Spiralize Vegetables In Seconds

Cucumbers, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and more — you name it, this spiralizer can turn it into delicious vegetable noodles. The non-slip grip helps you maintain a firm grasp as you twist, and the interchangeable blades also let you create ribbons that are great for garnishing dishes.

23. These Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Lights

Designed with energy-efficient LEDs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, these motion sensor lights are an easy way to illuminate the area around your home. They're waterproof so that you don't have to worry about them getting wet in the rain, plus the built-in motion sensor means they automatically turn off when there's no one around.

24. A Body Wash Formulated With Cleansing Tea Tree Oil

Yes, it's also formulated with moisturizing jojoba and coconut oils, but thanks to the tea tree, this body wash is a great option for anyone who struggles with frequent ringworm, athlete's foot, or acne. In short, the tea tree oil works as a natural antifungal and antibacterial, and buyers can't stop raving: "within two weeks [my skin] was completely cleared up."

25. The Pastry Mat Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

Not only does it feature measurement markings for rolling out pastry, but this mat is also made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. It's completely non-stick so that you can use it in lieu of baking sprays or parchment paper, plus it's extra thick so that it's more durable than competing mats.

26. A Charger That Powers Up Your Phone Wirelessly

Tired of hunting around for a power brick every time your phone needs some juice? Then switch over to using this wireless charger. You don't have to remove your phone case, plus it even works with AirPods. Unlike other wireless chargers, this one also comes with a stand that lets you prop your phone up while it charges, making it easy to watch videos, movies, and more.

27. The Wall Adapter Night Light With 2 Built-In USB Ports

This outlet adapter offers two standard plugs and two USB ports, plus has a built-in night light that helps guide your way in the dark. The dusk-to-dawn sensor only allows the night light to turn on when the room is dark, and its compact size makes it perfect for traveling.

28. A Brush And Ice Scraper That Buyers Absolutely Love

Plenty of ice scrapers are bulky, poorly rated, and ineffective — but not this one. The ridged foam grip helps you keep a firm hold as you scrape away ice from your windshield, plus the dense brush on the other end is great for pushing snow off the top of your car. Buyers love that it's non-scratch, thick-bristled for ease of use, and lightweight and compact for storage purposes.

29. The Fabric Shaver That Makes Quick Work Of Stubborn Pilling

Designed with an extra-large shaving head that gets the job done quickly, this fabric defuzzer can run for up to one hour when the battery is fully charged. The built-in lint remover collects any stray fuzzies from leggings, sweaters, socks, upholstery, coats, or anything else that needs some love, and the motor automatically stops if the protective cover ever comes loose.

30. An Ultrasonic Pest Repeller That's Safe To Use Around Large Pets

Repellent sprays and chemicals aren't always safe to use around children, cats, and dogs, whereas this pest repeller uses zero chemicals whatsoever. Simply plug it in, and it'll immediately start emitting ultrasonic waves that deter mosquitos, ants, roaches, mice, and more — without bothering your larger pets or kids.

31. The Indoor Thermometer With An Easy-To-Read LCD Screen

Ever wonder how dry the air in your home is? Just turn on this indoor thermometer, and it'll tell you the temperature as well as the humidity. You have the option of mounting it to the wall so that you always know where it is, plus two AA batteries come included with each order.

32. A Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones You Can Wear To Bed

Most headphones are incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in, whereas this Bluetooth pair is made from soft fabric that wraps comfortably around your ears. They also double as an eye mask that blocks out light so you can snooze practically anywhere, and the speakers are removable so that you can wash the band.

33. The Light Strip Kit That Inexpensively Upgrades Your Home

Looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your home? Simply install this light strip kit underneath your kitchen cabinets, behind your television, in your closet, or along your hallway. The back of the strip is coated with adhesive so that it's easy to attach to practically any non-porous surface, plus the LED bulbs will never need to be changed out.

34. An Over-The-Door Organizer That Helps Save You Space

Use it for shoes, toys, toiletries, pantry items, or scarves — this over-the-door organizer saves some serious space while also tackling clutter. The pockets are clear so that you can easily see what's inside, and it hangs over any standard door or closet rod to make use of wasted space.

35. The Hand Mixer With 6 Speeds & Built-In Storage

Give your arm a rest — just use this electric mixer the next time you're whipping up dough, egg whites, or cream. The built-in groove allows you to rest this mixer on the side of your bowl so that the whisks don't drip on your counters, plus the snap-on storage case is super convenient to hold all the different attachments it comes with.

36. An Insulated Lunch Tote That's Super Stylish

Lunchboxes aren't exactly the most fashion-forward item in your kitchen, but this lunch tote? Arguably the cutest you'll ever see — in fact, coworkers and fellow commuters might think it's a purse. It's insulated to help keep your food at its ideal temperature for up to four hours, plus it's available in more than 10 gorgeous prints.

37. This Space Heater That's Designed To Be Ultra-Portable

Don't waste money on heating your entire home — just use this space heater to keep yourself toasty. It's small enough to fit on a nightstand or small table, while the handle on the top makes it easy to take with you from room to room. And in the event it happens to fall over, there's a built-in safety function that'll automatically turn it off.

38. A Personal Blender That's Great For Busy Mornings

The next time you don't think you have time for breakfast in the morning, just make yourself a smoothie in this personal blender. The blending container doubles as a to-go cup so that you don't have to worry about cleaning up, plus the blades are made from tough stainless steel that easily powers through ice, frozen fruit, and powdered mixes.

39. The Reusable Produce Bags Made From Strong Mesh

Trying to develop more eco-friendly habits? Then make sure to grab yourself this set of reusable produce bags. They're made from super durable mesh that can support several pounds of produce while still allowing it to breathe, plus they also have drawstring closures to prevent anything from rolling out. Each order comes with 15: five small, five medium, and five large.

40. A Device That Whips Up Deliciously Frothed Milk In Seconds

You can use it to froth milk for your coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea — or you can use this frother to whip up egg whites for recipes. The whisk is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and it runs at a near-silent level so that you can easily use it at the office, too.

41. The Flatware Organizer That Saves Space In Your Drawers

Most flatware organizers take up an entire drawer, whereas this one has a layered design so that you still have space for other gadgets and cooking utensils. There are cutlery icons on each slot so that it's easy to stay organized, plus the non-slip base prevents it from sliding around.

42. A Finishing Stick That Helps Tame Frizz And Flyaways

Got loose strands, broken baby hairs, and flyaways? This finishing stick can help tame them with its non-greasy, easy-to-apply formula. It has a moisturizing effect that helps hydrate dry, damaged strands, and it's great for super neat up-dos, frizz, and pieces that are too short for a pony-tail.

43. These Tongue Scrapers Made From Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, these scrapers make it easy to combat bacteria and unwanted tastes without irritating your tongue. You can squeeze it so that it fits into smaller mouths, and each order also comes with a convenient travel case so that it's easy to keep separate in your suitcase.

44. A Pack Of Under-Eye Patches Infused With Collagen

It can be difficult to get rid of dark circles from underneath your eyes — but according to buyers, these cooling gel patches can help. They're infused with collagen as well as antioxidants that help fight inflammation, plus their hydrating benefits can even help brighten and plump your skin. In short, reviewers are "very surprised by the results." Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.