44 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Reviewers Swear Saved Them Hundreds Of Dollars

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Spending money can be a whole lot of fun — when it's on items that you really want. But picking out fun new shoes is a different ball game than must-have kitchen utensils or household necessities. However, there is an exception — there are some people who swear that these money-saving Amazon products were a straight-up delight to purchase.

Their point? It's even more annoying to buy products that need to be constantly replaced or that break easily, so spending money on something essential that will hold up for the long run is actually kind of fun. Think about it: How many paper coffee filters do you go through in a year? Not only is a reusable filter economically savvy, but it's better for the environment, too. And that's something you can feel good about.

And here's the thing: while coffee filters are only a couple of bucks, investing in a few higher-quality, reusable products can make a big dent in your spending. For example, if you live with furry friends, how many lint rollers do you think you go through in a year? A soft, reusable roller saves you money and the pain of trying to tear off those papers. A rechargeable toothbrush can save you tons of money in batteries, and a door stopper can help you save on your electric bill.

Check out these brilliant Amazon products and keep more cash in your wallet.

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