44 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Reviewers Swear Saved Them Hundreds Of Dollars

By Andrea Hannah

Spending money can be a whole lot of fun — when it's on items that you really want. But picking out fun new shoes is a different ball game than must-have kitchen utensils or household necessities. However, there is an exception — there are some people who swear that these money-saving Amazon products were a straight-up delight to purchase.

Their point? It's even more annoying to buy products that need to be constantly replaced or that break easily, so spending money on something essential that will hold up for the long run is actually kind of fun. Think about it: How many paper coffee filters do you go through in a year? Not only is a reusable filter economically savvy, but it's better for the environment, too. And that's something you can feel good about.

And here's the thing: while coffee filters are only a couple of bucks, investing in a few higher-quality, reusable products can make a big dent in your spending. For example, if you live with furry friends, how many lint rollers do you think you go through in a year? A soft, reusable roller saves you money and the pain of trying to tear off those papers. A rechargeable toothbrush can save you tons of money in batteries, and a door stopper can help you save on your electric bill.

Check out these brilliant Amazon products and keep more cash in your wallet.

Lifestyle — 44 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Reviewers Swear Saved Them Hundreds Of Dollars
by Andrea Hannah

1. A Foot Spa That's Like Going To The Spa

No need to pay for a fancy pedicure with this spa-quality foot bath. The raised nodes at the bottom of the bath gentle press into the soles of your feet while the powerful water jets massage the rest of your feet up to your ankles. It even features toe-touch controls and a removable pumice stone you can use to slough off dead skin. Reviewers love using this foot bath on a regular basis, with one reviewer writing: "I love using it with a little tea tree oil added as it is very relaxing and is great to use before giving myself a pedicure."

2. A Toothpaste Dispenser That Squeezes Out Every Last Drop

This toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser combo preserves your toothbrushes while also maximizing your toothpaste. The holder keeps up to five toothbrush heads clean and dust-free, and the dispenser automatically allows for the perfect amount of toothpaste on the brush every time. That means there's no spills or smears —and you use every last drop of toothpaste before moving onto the next tube. Reviewers agree: this little contraption has made their teeth-cleaning supplies last.

3. The Reusable Sandwich Bags That Are Dishwasher-Safe

Say goodbye to plastic waste with these reusable sandwich and snack bags. The pack comes with two large bags, one medium, and one small bag — and all four are constructed from non-toxic, food-safe fabric. Plus, they're totally leak-proof and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Reviewers rave about these bags and how frequently they use them without any wear and tear.

4. A Durable Scrubber That Smells Like Peaches

This silicone sponge will last you months without picking up any mold or odor. The secret is in the silicone fibers, making this sponge resistant to bacteria and odors that tend to show up in kitchen sinks. Even better? It gives off a peachy-clean scent as you scrub. Reviewers love how great these sponges work, especially for the price. One reviewer writes, "With daily use, they have lasted over 2 months before they disintegrate beyond the ability of being useful. Because they don't get stinky, you can keep using them as long as you want (i.e., until they totally fall apart)."

5. An Argan Oil Mask That Heals Damaged Hair

This argan oil mask conditions your hair from roots to ends for only 13 bucks. It's made from extremely high-quality oils and essential nutrients that work to detangle and detoxify your hair, especially after over-processing. According to reviewers, this stuff is a budget-friendly miracle for damaged hair. One reviewer writes, "My hair was damaged very badly from years of dying and bleaching. [I] had spent hundreds of dollars at salons and purchasing countless products to try and repair my hair but they all failed. After using Arvazallia my hair was silky smooth, thick, hydrated and had volume I had not seen since I was a teenager."

6. A Repellent That Staves Off Water Stains

Your handbags are safe to take out in the rain with this water repellent. One spray on your shoes, bags, or other sensitive fabrics creates an invisible shield that protects your them from rain and water. Plus, it won't alter the color at all, saving you from having to re-buy ruined clothes and shoes. Reviewers swear by this stuff, insisting it's saved them tons of money over the years. It even protects against some stains.

7. The Soft Silicone Pads That Exfoliate Your Face

8. The Eco-Friendly Coffee Filters That Won't Collect Bacteria

Not only are these reusable coffee filters eco-friendly, but they'll also save a ton on your coffee budget in the long run. They're made from 100 percent organic hemp that's resistant to odor and bacteria — and dry out quickly to prevent mold from forming. They're so durable that reviewers have used these filters for years without ever having to purchase paper options again.

9. These Bamboo Towels That Are Totally Machine-Washable

With over 500 positive reviews, these reusable bamboo towels are a hit. Reviewers insist these towels can be used in the same way paper towels can — and you even tear them off from the roll like you do with paper. The major difference is these are machine-washable up to a whopping 120 times before you need another roll. These bamboo towels are a game-changer when it comes to budget- and eco-friendly products.

10. A Clear Top Coat That Dries In A Snap

Over 6,000 reviewers swear by this clear top coat to protect their nails. When swiped over nail lacquer, it seeps all the way down to the base coat to create one cohesive layer that won't budge. Some reviewers even use it this powerful top coat to keep their manicures chip-free for up to a week longer, and others have used it on bare nails to keep them from breaking.

11. A Travel Coffee Lid That'll Cut Down On Your Coffee Purchases

You can place these silicone travel coffee lids on your favorite ceramic mug and hit the road — without making a pit stop at your favorite coffee shop. They're easy to wash and won't collect odor, dust, or pet hair. Just make your coffee at home and stretch one of these lids over almost any type of mug to save you time and money on your way into work. Reviewers agree: these lids work great and keep money in their wallets.

12. The Eyebrow Razors That Are Perfect For A Touch-Up

No need to go to the spa for a touch-up when you've got these eyebrow razors. They come in a pack of six and can be used for everything from shaping your brows to getting rid of any unwanted facial hair. Reviewers can't believe how well this product works for the price, with one reviewer writing, "I can get 3-4 uses at least out of each one so one order lasts forever!"

13. An Epilator So You Can Permanently Ditch Shaving

This hair removal epilator gently removes hair at the root so you can ditch your razor. It features 20 tweezers that pluck your hair, combined with massage rollers to soothe your skin. Plus, it's totally cordless and charges within an hour so you can take care of all your hair in one quick session. In fact, tons of reviewers have said goodbye to waxing sessions at the spa after purchasing this little beauty tool.

14. A Wall Plate That Doubles As A Nightlight

This wall plate and nightlight combo gives you the flexibility of an electric plug with the guidance of a nightlight without the batteries. Not only does it free up outlets but the nightlight costs less than 10 cents to power per year, saving you money on your electric bill. On top of that, it's super simple to install — just snap it over your sockets and go.

15. A Callus Remover That'll Replace Your Pedicure

Forget about dry, flaky feet with this liquid callus remover. Just soak your feet in hot water, apply this remover for three minutes, and gently scrub off the dead skin. Reviewers swear this soothing, lotion-like remover is only second to a full-blown pedicure, with one reviewer writing: "This product is simply amazing...I used this product as directed and BAM...Perfection. Just follow instructions and you will have amazing results."

16. A Sunscreen Stick That Covers Your Whole Body

This sunscreen stick is perfect for every part of your body, from your face down to your feet for less than nine bucks. This completely non-greasy sunscreen easily glides on and the oil-free formula won't clog pores. Plus, at 70 SPF, every inch of your skin is well-protected from the sun all day long.

17. A Plant-Based Sponge You Can Throw In The Dishwasher

This twistable sponge is made from cactus (yes, literally cactus). The material is just rough enough to effectively scrub your dishes without scratching them, and you can twist them to ring them out without tearing the sponge. You can even throw these sponges in the dishwasher multiple times without wearing them out. And for only five bucks, this package will last you a long time.

18. A Lint Roller You Can Use Again And Again

Ditch the messy, sticky papers altogether with this reusable lint roller. For one, the surface is almost double the size of a traditional roller, and instead of removable papers, it features a gel glue surface that attracts pet hair, lint, and dust. When it gets filled up, you can wash it with soap and water and start all over again. Reviewers swear this rollers just as well as the OGs.

19. The Blackhead Strips That'll Replace Your Facial

One reviewer insists that using these blackhead-removing strips and a good face wash is equivalent to the facial she used to get at a spa. Other reviewers agree: These things definitely work. Just gently wet your face and apply the strips, wait five minutes, and pull. It's oddly satisfying to see what was hanging out in your pores.

20. A Portable Snack Container That Won't Leak

This portable snack container is perfect for keeping your food fresh when you're on-the-go. It's completely BPA-free and features a locked seal so you can carry everything from yogurt to dips to salads with dressing without a single spill. There are also multiple dividers to keep your granola and crackers crunchy. Plus, it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

21. These Silicone Baking Cups That Don't Stick

These innovative baking cups are so much easier to use than the disposable ones you have to buy over and over again. Because they're made from flexible, food-grade silicone, they release food without greasing them. You can even gently twist them to release a muffin or cupcake. They also distribute heat evenly so your baked goods are more likely to cook through without burning

22. An Electric Toothbrush That's Rechargeable

No need to replace the batteries with this rechargeable electric toothbrush. It features a rotating head that breaks up plaque on all areas of your teeth, plus a timer to make sure you hit all sides of your mouth. Instead of replacing your toothbrush every six months, you can choose from a huge variety of Oral-B heads and snap them onto your electric toothbrush, saving you money in the long run.

23. A Portable Picture Keeper That Automatically Locates Photos

If you're worried about losing your pictures, this USB flash drive is a perfect solution without spending the time and money to print them all out. On the outside, it looks like a regular 8-gigabyte drive that can be plugged into almost any type of computer. What's cool about this USB, though, is that it comes with special software to locate all of your photos — even photos in your social and email accounts. You can even set reminders to back up your photos regularly so you never lose an important memory.

24. A Veggie Spiralizer That's Extremely Compact

Hear me out: You need one more kitchen gadget and it's this handheld veggie spiralizer. It's compact, so you don't have to worry about wear to store it, and it's so simple to use. Place any veggie you want to spiralize in between the safe grip pads, turn, and you've got fresh noodles of your choice. Reviewers love this little, single-blade contraption because it creates fresh noodles on the spot in minutes without purchasing the overpriced packages from the store.

25. A Reusable Lunch Bag That's Plastic-Free

This reusable canvas lunch bag eliminates the need for the old school paper sack — and it's better for the environment, too. The outer shell is made from soft, durable canvas while the inside is coated with a waxed lining to keep the sack from absorbing food odors or picking up stains. Plus, it's completely plastic-free and vegan-friendly, and the high-quality stitching will hold this lunch bag together for the long run.

26. A Dispenser That Keeps Wipes Fresh And Moist

Baby wipes can be expensive, but the easiest way to save some cash is by investing in this reusable wipes dispenser. That way, you can buy the bulk packages of wipes instead of the added cost of the box they come in. This dispenser holds up to 100 wipes and features a weighted top plate to ensure you pull out just one wipe at a time. The lid also seals up tightly to hold in moisture for longer.

27. A Coffee Grinder You Can Take On-The-Go

Reviewers say this manual coffee grinder has saved them tons of money when they're traveling. One reviewer even takes this grinder full of beans for about 10 cups of coffee and a few filters when they travel — for freshly ground coffee anywhere. It features a built-in and fully adjustable grind selector so you can choose how fine or coarse you want your beans, and the removable tank is easy to clean out when you're ready for more.

28. A Foot Cream That Heals Dry Skin

This foot cream is so luxe, reviewers swear they've given up all their other lotions in favor of this one. It's made of a high concentration of glycerin that adds a protective layer to your skin so it can heal — and this cream works so well that it can even repair cracked, split heels after a few treatments.

29. The Reusable K-Cups That You Can Fill Yourself

According to reviewers, these reusable K-cups have saved them hundreds of dollars per year. Here's how it works: Fill up each mesh cup with your favorite coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, snap the lid closed, and insert into your Keurig or similar machine. These are so durable, some reviewers are still using the same pods up to a year later.

30. A Mud Mask That Works On All Skin Types

This dead sea mud mask is a spa-like experience inside one little jar. It's made from 100 percent dead sea mud that's rich with antioxidants and minerals including Vitamin A, sunflower oil, and chamomile extract. It can be applied to your face to reduce and unclog pores, eliminate any irritation, and nourish your skin in 10 minutes or less. Even better? It's also safe to apply this formula to any part of your body for a real spa-like experience.

31. A Board That Makes Folding Laundry A Breeze

When it comes down to it, paying for laundry can be pricy — but how else will your clothing be folded so perfectly? Instead try out this unique folding board. By proving a frame to fold clothes symmetrically, it's saved over 2,000 reviewers tons of space so they can actually see their clothes and keep them clean and wrinkle-free. Less laundry, ironing, and re-folding for the win.

32. The Spin Brush That Cuts Through Dirt And Grease

There's no need to go to the car wash for a clean when you've got this spinning wheel brush in your hands. Reviewers swear this is the best brush for cleaning everything from car rims, motorcycle tires, or even your grill. It features powerful torque and a perforated scrub brush to really dig into hard-to-reach places. On top of that, it spins slowly so you won't get splashed as you scrub away dirt and grease.

33. A Battery Charger That Won't Comes With Batteries

Not only does this electric charger have space to fit up to eight batteries, but it also actually comes with the batteries to get you started. This set comes with four AAA and four AA rechargeable batteries that can be snapped into an open slot at any time for a super quick charge. Reviewers swear this gadget has saved them tons of money, with one reviewer writing: "We have spent a small fortune in disposable batteries! Two months later and we are very happy with [these batteries]. They last just as long as the big name brands."

34. A Pitcher That'll Help You Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles

This water pitcher filters your water and keeps it ice cold in the fridge. Both the pitcher and the filter are BPA-free, and one filter cleans out your water for up to 40 gallons or two months. It can even reduce copper, mercury, and other heavy metal impurities from your drinking water effectively — and that means you save a ton of money ditching plastic water bottles while doing the environment some good, too.

35. A Vacuum Pump That Preserves Your Wine

All those opened bottles of wine that go bad? This stainless steel vacuum pump keeps them as fresh as the day you opened them. All you have to do is cap an opened bottle with one of the silicone corks that comes with the pump, apply the pump to it and suck out all the air from inside the bottle. That's it. Without any oxygen, your wine stays fresh and you save money.

36. A Cleaning Kit That Makes Your Car Sparkle

While getting your car detailed is a nice treat, this care cleaning kit has all the tools for you to DIY it. It comes with specialized wipes for your windows and mirrors, a leather interior protectant, tire foam, and wash and wax cleaners for the exterior. One reviewer even writes that this kit is better than taking it to a specialist: "This came out better than a $200 detail."

37. A Bottle Emptying Kit That Majorly Reduces Waste

Squeeze out every last drop with this unique bottle emptying kit. It comes with six different adaptors in various sizes that you can attach to mayo jars to shampoo bottles and everything in between. Then all you do it flip over your bottle, let the liquid rest agains the adaptor, and pour. While a few drops may not seem like a lot, reviewers write that the savings really add up over time.

38. A Wall Mount That Dispenses Your Grocery Bags

With over 5,000 positive reviews, this little grocery bag dispenser is a huge hit. For one, it's simple to mount on just about any wall, and two, it holds up to 30 bags at a time. Reviewers even write that if you happen to put more than 30 in at a time, it will still hold then and not fall off the wall. But mostly, reviewers love this device for the organization factor and the ability to easily find bags to reuse when they go to the store.

39. A Super-Soft Towel That Erases Your Makeup

If you're over using disposable wipes to remove your mascara, this soft, reusable towel promises to literally erase your makeup. One side of the towel is made from short fibers that work as a gentle eraser when wet. The other side has longer, slightly rougher fibers that work as an exfoliant to buff your freshly-cleaned skin. Reviewers write that you don't even have to wash this towel between every use — just rinse with warm warm and hang it to dry.

40. A Surge Protector That Conserves Power

Reviewers insist they've saved a significant amount on their electric bill with this eight-outlet surge protector. There's enough space to power up to eight devices without overheating, and it even comes with a remote so you can control the electricity with the touch of a button. For example, if you're going out, just click the button to place your devices in power-saving mode or shut them off altogether to save even more.

41. The Bamboo Makeup Pads That Are Machine-Washable

Not only are these bamboo makeup pads totally organic, but you can easily throw them in the wash and use them again. One pack comes with 16 organic pads and a mesh laundry bag to keep them together while they're washing. Reviewers love how many pads are included for the price and how well they hold up to daily wear-and-tear.

42. The Beeswax Wraps That Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Reviewers rave about how well these reusable beeswax wraps work to keep produce fresh without the waste of plastic wrap. The key is in the oils; Besides beeswax, these wraps are also made of organic jojoba oil and cotton, which help to keep food from drying out in the fridge. They're also washable, and when they eventually wear out, you can throw them in a composter so they biodegrade.

43. An Avocado Keeper You Can Take On-The-Go

Avocado lovers, good news: There's a solution to overripe avocados that get mushy when you pack them for lunch with this genius storage keeper. Plus, it's super simple to use. Slice your avocado in half, then place it onto the keeper so that it fits neatly into the indentation to reduce oxidation. Then gently strap in your avocado and take it for a ride in your lunch sack. It'll be fresh and ready to eat when it's time to eat.

44. A Door Draft Stopper That Keeps In Heat

Not only does this door stopper keep heat in and cold air out, but it's also sound-proof. Reviewers were delighted that their energy bills went down after purchasing this product, while also impressed with how well it keeps outside noise at bay. Plus, it's made from flexible silicone that's easily installed — just stretch it to fit on the bottom of any door and cut to size. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.