44 Brilliant Gadgets Under-$20 On Amazon That Should Cost Way More Than They Do

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The best things in life are the simplest: finding a dollar on the ground, eating a good home-cooked meal, and of course, getting a quality product at a really, really affordable price. Some of these feats prove more difficult than others (I can't remember the last time I found more than garbage or scattered coins while taking a stroll), whereas finding super-useful products under $20 on Amazon is easy — and not just because all of the work's already been done for you.

But buying products at low prices online — and receiving something you love — can be tricky. While it's great to be able to shop in your pajamas, you can't actually hold the product you're purchasing until you've, well, purchased it. Luckily, Amazon has a robust collection of product reviews that help you avoid purchasing pitfalls and find some real winners: So you'll never get stuck wasting $15 just to send your order back a week later.

So whether you're in the market for a durable keychain that has a built-in charging cable, or an inflatable camping lantern that recharges using the power of the sun, never fear — there are tons of shockingly useful gadgets on Amazon at affordable prices.

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