44 Brilliant Gadgets Under-$20 On Amazon That Should Cost Way More Than They Do

The best things in life are the simplest: finding a dollar on the ground, eating a good home-cooked meal, and of course, getting a quality product at a really, really affordable price. Some of these feats prove more difficult than others (I can't remember the last time I found more than garbage or scattered coins while taking a stroll), whereas finding super-useful products under $20 on Amazon is easy — and not just because all of the work's already been done for you.

But buying products at low prices online — and receiving something you love — can be tricky. While it's great to be able to shop in your pajamas, you can't actually hold the product you're purchasing until you've, well, purchased it. Luckily, Amazon has a robust collection of product reviews that help you avoid purchasing pitfalls and find some real winners: So you'll never get stuck wasting $15 just to send your order back a week later.

So whether you're in the market for a durable keychain that has a built-in charging cable, or an inflatable camping lantern that recharges using the power of the sun, never fear — there are tons of shockingly useful gadgets on Amazon at affordable prices.

Entertainment — 44 Brilliant Gadgets Under-$20 On Amazon That Should Cost Way More Than They Do

1. The Gadget That Cooks You A Delicious Breakfast Sandwich In Five Minutes

Proctor Silex Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $17, Amazon

Instead of dirtying up a bunch of pans, use the Proctor Silex breakfast sandwich maker to cook yourself a delicious breakfast with a fraction of the mess. This handy gadget cooks your eggs, melts your cheese, and, toasts your bagels or English muffins. You can even add toppings like veggies or meat. It only takes five minutes for your sandwich to be thoroughly cooked, and clean-up is a breeze since each part is removable and dishwasher-safe.


2. A Thermometer That Reads The Temperature From A Safe Distance

Etekcity Digital Laser Thermometer, $16, Amazon

Able to read temperatures from up to 14 inches away, the Etekcity digital laser thermometer makes it easy to read the temperature of your grill, car, appliances, food, and more from a safe distance. This digital laser thermometer can measure temperatures from -58 degrees up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit, the LCD screen has a backlight so it's easy to read, and there's even an automatic shut-off function that helps extend this thermometer's battery life.


3. The Peeler With A Durable Stainless Steel Blade

Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler, $5, Amazon

A cheap blade can quickly become rusty, but the Kuhn Rikon dual peeler has a blade constructed from durable stainless steel that's resistant to both corrosion and rust. This peeler is great for vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and more, and one Amazon reviewer wrote that it's: "comfortable in my hands and at the same time sharp," which can be difficult to find in peelers at this price point.


4. A Smart Switch That Doesn't Require WiFi To Use

GE Bluetooth Smart Switch, $14, Amazon

Not only is it compatible with Amazon's Alexa, but the GE Bluetooth smart switch also features multiple scheduling options, including sunrise, sunset, weekday, vacation, and others that you can customize. The horizontal won't block the second outlet when it's plugged in, and you can even program your lighting's brightness, or turn it on and off using your smartphone without needing an Internet connection. As an added bonus, this Bluetooth switch is also compatible with all LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.


5. The Electric Griddle That's Perfect For Small Kitchens

DASH Mini Electric Round Griddle, $10, Amazon

Cramped kitchen? No problem. The DASH mini electric round griddle is only 1.5 pounds and 6 inches long, making it easy to store and perfect for anyone with limited countertop space. The non-stick cooking surface not only makes cleaning up a breeze, but also helps your food cook thoroughly and evenly. You can easily make individual eggs, cookies, pancakes, grilled cheese, or even stir fry in this griddle — and the sleek design will complement any style of kitchen.


6. A Facial Steamer That Helps Unclog Your Pores

Kingdom Facial Steamer, $18, Amazon

Oily, blocked pores are no match for the Kingdom facial steamer, as the 80-milliliter tank can provide up to 10 minutes of continuous steam that not only opens your pores, but helps remove dirt, oil, and remnants of leftover makeup. Compact enough to fit neatly on your vanity or countertop, this steamer is great for hydrating dry, chapped skin, and one Amazon reviewer wrote how she likes to add lavender or tea tree oil to the water for a little aromatherapeutic boost!


7. A Neck Massager That Mimics Real Therapists' Hands

Luxfit Neck Massager, $13, Amazon

Whether you've got sore muscles in your legs, neck, or shoulders, the Luxfit neck massager reaches deep into your tissues to help increase blood flow and circulation, thereby relieving tension and pain. The ergonomic handles make it easy to directly target those tense spots, and the two firm (yet soft) germanium balls simulate the same feeling that you would get from an actual therapists' hands.


8. A Travel Mug That's Designed To Avoid Tipping Over

Tolamo Mighty Mug Go, $19, Amazon

Not only is it designed to fit into your car's cupholder, but the Tolamo mighty mug go creates a powerful airlock on almost any flat surface you place it on, which helps prevent it from being knocked over or spilled. When you lift the mug, the pressure is released so there's no resistance in picking it up, and since it can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, it's great for morning coffee and an afternoon water break alike.


9. The Travel Pillow That Blocks Out Light For Easy Sleeping

The Travel Halo Travel Pillow, $13, Amazon

Designed to fit most head sizes, The Travel Halo travel pillow is made from soft, stretchable fabric that helps stabilize your head so that you're not left getting bounced around while traveling. The built-in halo eye mask is great for blocking out the light so that you can quickly fall asleep, and the compact size makes it easy to store in your carryon when not in use.


10. A Coffee Maker That Fits Neatly Into Cramped Kitchens

DASH Coffee Maker, $24, Amazon

At less than 11 inches tall, the DASH coffee maker is great for dorm rooms, cubicles, or even just smaller kitchens with limited storage space. The one-touch brewing system makes turning your ground coffee beans into a cup of Joe effortless, and it can even fit cups up to 14 ounces in size. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it's so "small and attractive that you can have it sitting on your desk."


11. The Trendy LED Lamp Shaped Like The Moon

ACED Moon Light Lamp, $20, Amazon

Whether you're looking for a cool gift idea or need a night light for your kid's room, the ACED moon light lamp's adjustable lighting color from warm yellow to cool white makes it a great choice for both. The built-in battery is rechargeable and can last for up to 20 hours of light depending on how bright you have it, and to adjust, all you have to do is tap the smart touch-on button.


12. A Toilet Bowl Nightlight That's Motion-Activated

Glow Bowl Toilet Nightlight, $12, Amazon

Because it's got a built-in motion sensor, the Glow Bowl toilet nightlight won't turn on without someone in the room, helping to maximize its battery life and save you money. This nightlight is also has a light sensor so that it deactivates in the daytime or when you turn on light, and there are seven LED colors to choose from that you can even set to a rotating carousel mode: blue, yellow, purple, white, aqua, red, and green.


13. The Multi-Tool Card With A Heavy-Duty Alloy Finish

SmartRSQ Wallet Multitool Card Gift Set, $18, Amazon

Sure, most multi-tools are made from stainless steel, but the card in the SmartRSQ wallet multi-tool card gift set is made from stainless steel and a heavy-duty alloy finish, making it stronger than other competing tools. You can use this card as a knife edge, saw blade, can and bottle opener, ruler, nail file, vegetable peeler, and more, as there are 37 different tools all combined into this simple card. And the best part? This tool is the size of a credit card and fits neatly into your wallet for use anytime, anywhere.


14. A Compact Light That's Great For Camping, Hiking, And More

Heliar LED Lantern Tent Light, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Hang it from the top of your tent for some quick illumination, or even use the built-in hook to loop it to your belt while hiking — no matter how you use it, the Heliar LED lantern tent light is portable, lightweight, and water-resistant, which makes it great for any situation. It only takes three AAA batteries to power this light, and there are three lighting modes to choose from: high, dim, and flashing.


15. The Handy Gadget That Gets Your Camera Lens Looking Good As New

Giotto's Rocket Air Blaster, $10, Amazon

With over 2,200 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that people think Giotto's rocket air blaster is a great way to clean out the dust and debris from your cameras, lenses, and filters. The one-way valve helps prevent this gadget from sucking in the dust it's supposed to be blowing away, and its compact size means you can probably fit it into your camera bag with the rest of your accessories.


16. A Wireless Mouse That's Designed To Be Quiet

Jelly Comb Slim Wireless Mouse, $10, Amazon

Designed to have a softer clicking sound so that it's quieter than other wireless mouses, the Jelly Comb slim wireless mouse only requires one AA battery and is effective for up to 15 meters. Unlike other wireless mouses, this one will turn itself off after eight minutes to help save the battery, and you can even keep its corresponding USB port inside the mouse so that it won't get lost easily.


17. The Keychain That Doubles As A Convenient Charging Cable

Avantree Cable Keychain, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Carrying around a long charging cable is a great way for it to get tangled or even broken, which is why the cable in the Avantree cable keychain is short — and it's designed to conveniently fit on any lanyard or keyring. Compatible with the iPhone 5 and any newer model after that, it works with any phone case that's thinner than 2 millimeters (not including the OtterBox), and many Amazon reviewers raved about how convenient it is to have a charging cable right on their keys.


18. An Electric Cleansing Brush Made From Soft Silicone

Ailaiya Electric Facial Cleansing Brush, $10, Amazon

Made from durable and waterproof food-grade silicone that's soft to the touch, the Ailaiya electric facial cleansing brush gets rid of any dirt, oil, or makeup that's gotten deep into your pores by helping shake it loose. This facial cleansing brush is also great for promoting blood circulation in your face, and there are two different sizes of bristles on each side: one with large bristles that can be used in conjunction with creams to hydrate your skin, and the other with smaller bristles for cleansing your pores.


19. The Bowl That Doubles As A Microwave Popcorn Popper

Salbree Original Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

Not only is this bowl collapsible so that it saves you space while stored, but the Salbree original microwave popcorn popper can also pop loose kernels of popcorn in your microwave, eliminating the need for an air popper. The built-in easy-grab handles make it easy to take this bowl out of the microwave while its contents are hot, and since it's made out of silicone, it's also exceptionally durable.


20. A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Also Dries Your Brushes

BIBI Makeup Brush Cleaner, $17, Amazon

Rather than making you wait around for your brushes to dry, the BIBI makeup brush cleaner has a spin-to-dry function that quickly gets your brushes back into working condition. The battery in the electric spinner can be easily recharged with the included USB cable, and there are three speeds to choose from when cleaning your brushes. Plus, each order also comes with eight rubber holders so that you can easily clean brushes of almost all shapes and sizes.


21. The Car Phone Mount That Can Hold Almost Any Phone

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Mount, $11, Amazon

Able to fit any phone between 1.9 and 3.7 inches wide, the Beam Electronics universal smartphone car mount attaches to the vents in your car and can rotate a full 360-degrees to provide you with an optimal viewing angle. Unlike other car mounts, this one has a quick-release button on the back that makes inserting and removing your phone simple, and the soft, padded interior keeps your phone safe while mounted.


22. A Collapsible Lantern That Recharges Using Sunlight

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern, $20, Amazon

Perfect for emergencies, power outages, and everything in-between, the LuminAID solar inflatable lantern can run for up to 24 hours when fully charged and completely recharges after being exposed to about 10 hours of outdoor sunlight. The collapsible design makes it easy to store almost anywhere since it folds down to just 1-inch in height, and when fully inflated, this lantern can provide over 75 lumens of bright LED light.


23. The Personal Water Filter That Removes 99.99 Percent Of Bacteria And Parasites

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $18, Amazon

Whether you're putting it in an emergency kit or using it while camping, the LifeStraw personal water filter not only removes 99.99 percent of bacteria like E. coli and salmonella — but it'll even remove microplastics all the way down to 1 micron. Each filter can make up to 1,000 gallons of clean drinking water, and with every purchase LifeStraw, donates an entire year of safe drinking water to a child in need.


24. A Pair Of Pasta Tongs That Made From Durable Stainless Steel

TNK BRAND Pasta Tongs, $13, Amazon

Not only are they heat-resistant up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, but the TNK BRAND pasta tongs are also made from durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time. Unlike other tongs, these ones have an interlocking design that allows you to simultaneously pick up and strain loose pasta noodles, and the rubber pads on the handles help give you an extra-secure grip when using them.


25. The Bottle That Lets You Infuse Fruit Into Your Water

Infusion Pro Water Bottle Infuser, $18, Amazon

Unlike other water infusion bottles, the infusion cage in the Infusion Pro water bottle infuser has extra-small holes so that no bits and pieces of fruit escape into your water, yet the cage itself is larger than competing bottles so that you can fit even more fruit. Able to hold up to 32 ounces of liquid, this infusion bottle also comes with a sleek insulating sleeve made from durable neoprene, and it's also leak-proof.


26. A Pair Of Survival Bracelets That Can Help You Start Fires

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

With a built-in compass, whistle, and flint fire starter, the X-Plore Gear emergency paracord bracelets are great for any outdoor enthusiast who likes to be prepared. These bracelets are made from sturdy paracord that can be unraveled and used as rope, and one Amazon reviewer even noted how "the [built-in] knife/striker is great for when you need a quick way to open a package or cut something."


27. The Mini LED Flashlight That You Can Clip To Almost Anything

SmartFlare Mini LED Clip-On Light, $15, Amazon

Not only is it magnetic so you can clip it to metal surfaces while working, but the SmartFlare mini LED clip-on light also has three lighting modes to choose from: flashlight, lantern, and emergency. The lithium-ion battery is easily rechargeable via any USB port, and the head on this light also swivels so that you can angle it in whatever direction you choose.


28. An LED Lamp That Produces Light To Help Your Plants Flourish

T-SUN LED Grow Light, $14, Amazon

Whereas the light from traditional LEDs and incandescent bulbs are great for reading, the T-SUN LED grow light produces the wavelength of light required to trigger photosynthesis, making it great for your indoor plants. The two heads provide you with 360-degree coverage all around your planters, and since this light can clip to almost any solid surface, it's also great for use at the office, on balconies, or any other low-lighting areas you keep plants.


29. The Massage Ball You Can Use When Both Hot And Cold

Cestari Kitchen Hot And Cold Roller Ball, $16, Amazon

Store it in the freezer to use as cold therapy on sore muscles, or warm the Cestari Kitchen hot and cold roller ball up in hot tap water for soothing warmth that helps increase the circulation in your muscles and relieve cramps. The ball itself is made from food-grade stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and the insulating gel exterior helps keep the ball at your desired temperature longer than other competing roller balls.


30. An Arch Support Loaded With 30 Percent More Cushion For Your Feet

JERN Compression Arch Support, $13, Amazon

Whether you've got plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, or simply spend a lot of time standing, the JERN compression arch support is a great way to relieve foot pain while reducing the pressure on your heels, hips, back, and foot arch. This arch support has a non-slip sole that keeps it secure whether you're wearing sneakers or going barefoot, and one size is designed to fit everybody.


31. The Convenient Gadget That Cooks Eggs Faster Than The Stove

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker, $20, Amazon

Great for professionals and cooking novices alike, the Chefman electric egg cooker can boil, poach, or steam up to six eggs faster than your stovetop. All you have to do is add water and plug it in, which makes it great for novices and professionals alike, and the included tray-lifting tool means you don't have to wait for the eggs to cool before removing them from the cooker. You can also use this cooker to steam vegetables as well.


32. A Microwave Rice Cooker That Works With Polenta And Couscous

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker, $11, Amazon

Whether you're making rice, couscous, or polenta, the Sistema microwave rice cooker is great for both at-home as well as in-office use. This BPA-free cooker has a vent on the top that releases steam as your food cooks so that the risk of splatter is minimized, and the easy-lift tabs stay cool so that it's safe to open up while the contents are hot.


33. The Body Massager That Also Works As A Loofah And Shampoo Brush

MARNUR Scalp Massager, $17, Amazon

Not only is it great for massaging shampoo into your scalp, but the MARNUR scalp massager also comes with two additional attachments that allow it to function as an all-over body massager as well as a loofah. The vibrating function makes it great for promoting blood circulation in your scalp as you shower, and it's contoured to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. Each order comes with two AA batteries, and you can even use it to groom pets.


34. A Rechargeable Lint Remover That Lasts For Up To 100 Minutes

Megoqer Lint Remover And Shaver, $19, Amazon

Great for clothing, furniture, curtains, sheets, blankets, and more, the Megoqer lint remover and shaver uses a six-blade cyclone design to remove lint and pills from your fabrics without damaging them in the process. The blades are replaceable so that you're not stuck buying an entirely new shaver when they dull, and the battery in this shaver recharges in just three hours and can last for up to 100 minutes.


35. The Essential Oil Diffuser That's Ultra-Silent

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, $16, Amazon

Able to operate for up to 11 hours, the InnoGear essential oil diffuser can hold up to 100 milliliters of water and will automatically turn off when the tank runs dry. Great for aromatherapy as well as adding moisture to your air, this diffuser has seven changing mood lights to choose from (green, dark blue, red, yellow, pink, light blue, and white) that can be set to either bright or dim, and since it's also ultra-quiet you can even use it while sleeping.


36. A Handheld Steamer That Heats Up In 20 Seconds

Vitovill Handheld Clothes Steamer, $17, Amazon

Not only is it safe to use on all fabrics, but the Vitovill handheld clothes steamer can also heat up in 20 seconds and provide up to seven minutes of continuous steam that effortlessly get rid of the wrinkles in your clothing. Each steamer comes with one long and one villus brush that are great for getting rid of lint and pet hair as you steam, and the automatic shut-off function helps prevent it from overheating if the water tank runs dry.


37. The Blender That Comes With Its Own Attachable Sport Bottle

Oster Blender With Travel Sport Bottle, $18, Amazon

With 400 watts of blending power, the Oster blender with travel sport bottle lets you blend your favorite beverage right inside the included sport bottle, eliminating any mess and saving you time in the process. The included BPA-free sport bottle can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid, and each order comes with recipe suggestions so you can make delicious smoothies and shakes right at home. And unlike other blenders, if this one overheats there is a built-in fuse that revives the motor within 15 minutes.


38. A Wine Aerator With A Built-In Pour Spout

Vintorio Wine Aerator, $15, Amazon

Designed with a tapered and ribbed rubber stopper that ensures a tight seal and prevents leaks, the Vintorio wine aerator sets itself apart from the competition by featuring a built-in pour spout that allows you to serve wine without needing to remove the aerator. Cleaning is simple — you need to do is run this aerator under warm water, and many Amazon reviewers commented on how "the flavor was much more pronounced" in their wine after using it.


39. The LED Light Bulb That Helps Improve Your Sleep

Lighting Science Goodnight Sleep Bulb, $16, Amazon

If you've ever struggled falling asleep at night, the Lighting Science goodnight sleep bulb is designed to emit less blue light waves that prevent melatonin production (a hormone that aids in falling asleep) in your brain, helping you to drift peacefully off to sleep. Each bulb has an average lifespan of 22.8 years, and one Amazon reviewer who describes herself as "plagued by insomnia" even raved that "I dropped off to sleep with the light on within 15 minutes!"


40. A Portable White Noise Machine That's Specially Made For Kids

Project Nursery Portable White Noise Machine, $13, Amazon

With four different natural sounds to choose from (white noise, heartbeat, waves, rain, as well as two classic lullabies), the Project Nursery portable white noise machine runs on just three AAA batteries and is great for soothing babies and children alike. The built-in timer has settings for 15, 30, and 45 minutes, and the flexible clip easily attaches to strollers, nightstands, and more.


41. The Helpful Tool That Gets You An Even Shave On Your Beard

The Cut Buddy Beard Shaping Tool, $13, Amazon

You could shell out the big bucks for a professional to do it, or you could use The Cut Buddy beard shaping tool to ensure that your shave is even, symmetrical, and clean. This tool has multiple curves and angles that allow for multiple different beard styles when trimming, and even works for hairlines and mustaches as well. It's also flexible so that it can contour to your face for added precision, and each order even comes with a free barber tracing pencil.


42. A Magnetic Key Holder That Installs Practically Anywhere

Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, $7 (6 Pack), Amazon

You're not solely limited to metal or magnetic surfaces, as the Tescat magnetic key holders come with super-sticky 3M adhesive tape that allow you to install them on almost any surface without needing to drill. Each holder can hold up to 3 pounds of weight, so you don't have to worry about your keys dislodging, and you can even hang other small items like knives and kitchen utensils.


43. The Handheld Vacuum Designed For Your Tabletops

iDili Tabletop Crumb Sweeper, $12, Amazon

Whether it's a dirty tabletop, chair, cushion, or even your car's dashboard, the iDili tabletop crumb sweeper turns on at the push of a button and quickly sucks up the mess with its durable nylon brush bristles. This compact vacuum runs on just two AA batteries — which allows it to be cordless as well as extremely compact — and many Amazon reviewers noted how it's great at sucking crumbs and other dirt out of keyboards.


44. A Juicer That Separates The Pulp From The Juice

BLACK + DECKER Citrus Juicer, $17, Amazon

If you're not a fan of pulp in your juice, the BLACK + DECKER citrus juicer collects the pulp from your citrus fruits in its built-in strainer, leaving you with pure, pulp-free juice — and if you do like pulp, you can always just add it back in. This juicer can hold up to 32 ounces of liquid, and its auto-reverse juice cones ensure that you get the most juice possible out of your fruits. There's also a drip-free pour spout that makes serving straight from the pitcher easy, as well as measurement markings to make cooking with recipes easy.

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