44 Beauty & Grooming Products That Seem Too Good To Be True But Actually Work

By Ellie Nan Storck

Everybody loves a good shortcut. A faster route to work, a quick peek at the answers to the crossword puzzle, and maybe even happy, healthy skin overnight. But let's face it, shortcuts are hard to come by. Luckily, we've compiled a list of beauty and grooming products that seem too good to be true, but actually work.

From different kinds of moisturizers that rely on natural ingredients to little patches that blast acne spots overnight to super-effective foot peels and restorative face masks, there is a little something for everyone here. And not just skincare products — we've covered tools too (like a straightener that smooths, straightens, and brushes all at once, and a painless hair removal system).

It can be totally overwhelming to enter the Amazon shopping world knowing that you want affordable, tried-and-true beauty products — there are thousands of options for every possible category. But now, you can toss your worries aside, log some extra you-time, and relax, because we've got you completely covered with all the fabulous beauty and grooming products on Amazon that have stellar reviews. And even if it's something you don't totally need right now... well, we're all about that treat yourself mentality. Happy scrolling!

Fashion — 44 Beauty & Grooming Products That Seem Too Good To Be True But Actually Work
by Ellie Nan Storck

1. A Lightweight Liquid That Hydrates While Preventing Blackheads

Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid, $15, Amazon

Say goodbye to pesky blackheads, and say hello to supple, hydrated skin. This power liquid, also known as an essence (which is a little less intense than a serum), uses betaine salicylate to fight off the bacteria that causes acne and blackheads, while packing a powerful moisture punch through willow bark water. It will leave your skin hydrated, glowing, and blackhead-free!


2. Little Patches That Extract Impurities Out Of Pimples Overnight

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $5, Amazon

These clever little patches are a fast-acting way to zap pimples, zits, and unwanted blemishes. The pack comes with a variety of sizes (because, as we all know, no pimple is the same) that can effectively extract impurities like oil and dirt overnight. With tons of five-star reviews, happy users have seen amazing results: "Like many reviewers, I didn’t fully believe these would work until I saw it happen with my own eyes," said one Amazon reviewer. "A painful cyst popped up on my chin today, and after just a couple hours with a patch on, it sucked out SO MUCH GUNK. The spot is now smooth and painless. Trust me, these work!!!!"


3. A Gentle Spray That Targets Acne & Hydrates Skin

TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Body Spray, $20, Amazon

It might not be the most glamorous part of skincare, but it is a reality: acne can exist all over our bodies — not just on our faces. That's where this handy little body spray comes in. Made from a gentle yet effective formula of tea tree oil, peppermint, and acne-fighting salicylic acid, this treatment can be spritzed anywhere on the body. It will fight blemishes and prevent future breakouts wherever you spray it, all while leaving skin nutrient-rich and moisturized.


4. An Exfoliating Scrub That Targets Blemishes, Body Odor, & Irritation Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Scrub, $15, Amazon

Anything with tea tree oil is going to be a real treat for your skin. This therapeutic scrub uses volcanic pumice, activated charcoal, and willow bark to exfoliate and extract toxins and dirt; fight irritation, blemishes, fungus, and body odor; and leave skin soft and hydrated. One satisfied user gave the product five stars on Amazon, saying that it's completely helped to clear her acne. "I've had difficulty with chest acne for 10+ years. I've tried all kinds of products and exfoliants...I've only been using it for one week, and my chest is already almost completely healed, and I have no irritation at all. It's amazing."


5. A Hair Straightener That Changed One Of Our Editor's Lives

amika Limited Edition Holiday Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, $120, Amazon

One of our editors is so happy with this straightener, she even said it changed her life. The amika straightening brush is lightweight, coming in at only two pounds, and uses sleek plastic bristles and safe heat to gently pull through hair of any texture from root to tip for smooth, silky, straight results. Just don't forget to use a protective spray or conditioner!


6. An Exfoliating Foot Peel That Leaves Feet With Baby-Soft Skin

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, $29, Amazon

Made up of 17 natural, botanical ingredients, this lavender-scented foot peel works wonders on feet that are dry, peeling, callused, or just in need of a little bit of love. It just takes three easy steps: apply the foot mask (just like a face mask!), wash off, and watch your dead skin cells will peel away within a week. The peeling process will be quicker if you soak your feet every night, but either way, you'll be left with smooth, soft feet.


7. A Stainless Steel Tool That Will Clean Your Tongue & Prevent Stale Breath

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $8, Amazon

Tongue cleaning may not be at the forefront of everyone's mind — it's not as routine as brushing one's teeth or flossing — but it's actually a pretty important step when it comes to oral hygiene. This curved stainless steel tool gently and comfortable scrapes the tongue, removing bacteria that can contribute to stale breath. Plus, it comes in an easy-carry travel pouch that will keep the stainless steel in good condition.


8. A Powerful, Minty Oral Rinse That's Made From A Professional Formula

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, $18, Amazon

This breath freshener works wonders to keep your mouth feeling minty and refreshed. It has a unique way of tackling the cause of stale breath: it targets and then neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria, which leads to those less-desirable odors in our mouth. When used before bedtime and again in the morning, this oral rinse can help prevent stale breath for 12 hours — and it's vegan, gluten-free, and non-acidic, too.


9. A Water-Based Exfoliator That Takes Off Any Dead Skin

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, $27, Amazon

With tons of five-star ratings, it's no surprise that this water-based exfoliator flies off the metaphorical Amazon shelf. One happy user said it works wonders for her dry skin and "removes all the dead skin and leaves your skin super smooth." Because the product is free of fragrance, artificial colors, and preservatives, it's ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It also uses a gentle, plant-based formula with botanicals like rosemary, ginkgo, and aloe vera to remove dead skin (it will ball off right into your hands), soothe irritation, and deeply cleanse pores. The company claims that one bottle sells every 12 seconds in Japan — now that's a serious bestseller.


10. A Battery-Powered Foot File That Buffs Away Calluses & Dry Skin

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $27, Amazon

The only thing better than a really good foot file? An electronic foot file that leaves your feet with soft, supple skin. And this one — which has a moderately-coarse, 360-rotating roller head that provides gentle and effective exfoliation — will leave noticeable results after just one use. One happy Amazon reviewer gave the product five stars and called it the best foot file ever! "I have tried all kinds of things, foot files that look like cheese graters, course rubbing stones etc. this is by far the best. It is gentle on skin while removing callous [sic] skin. It is quick and easy and extremely effective," the user wrote. No more trips to the salon for baby soft feet!


11. A Fast-Acting Acne Treatment That Is Effective For Adult Acne & Sensitive Skin

Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Prescription Strength Retinoid Acne Treatment, $12, Amazon

Differin gel, which has been used for decades by those fighting both mild and severe acne, works in a unique way. The treatment process starts from the bottom, up, targeting acne-causing bacteria deep within pores and then preventing further breakouts by regulating skin cell turnover and reducing inflammation. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and oil-free, this formula is great for sensitive skin and utilizes Adapalene gel, which is a multi-function retinoid (and the only one you can get without a prescription).


12. A Moisturizing Face Mask Made For Delicate Skin

Mandom Barrier Repair Facial Mask Super Moist, $14, Amazon

Perfect for delicate skin, this facial mask not only packs a real moisture punch, it also gently helps to repair the skin's outer barrier when applied to the face for 10 to 15 minutes (recommended use is one to two times per week). The combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen allows the mask to tighten pores and restore the skin's elasticity, leaving it plump, glowing, and hydrated. In one five-star review, a user on Amazon noted that her face looked "plump like a baby" after one use.


13. A Rolling Face Massager That Uses Ice To Reduce Pain, Puffiness, Or Irritation

ESARORA Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

So first things first: how exactly does this ice roller thing work? You place the roller head in its protective bag and then slip it into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you attach the head to the handle and gently massage the cold, smooth roller over your face. This will deliver a totally soothing temperature treatment to your skin that can reduce irritation, swelling, and pain. It can even boost collagen fibers and contract blood vessels, which can tighten pores. That's a pretty multi-functional tool, and best of all, most reviewers give it five stars.


14. Silky, Gold Eye Masks That Give Delicate Under-Eye Skin A Collagen Boost

Grace & Stella DePuffing + Energizing Golden Powder Gel Collagen Under Eye Masks, $22 (Set of 12), Amazon

These clever, 100 percent natural eye masks fit right to your skin's delicate under-eye area and deliver a rich, soothing collagen and mineral boost that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Made from a blend of brightening vitamin C, restorative collagen (aka an elasticity and protein boost!), and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, these masks, as the company says, are basically an energy drink for the skin below your eyes.


15. A Soothing, Green-Tinted SPF Cream That Protects Skin While Reducing Redness

Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Day Redness Relief Soothing SPF 25 Cream, $37, Amazon

When you find one of those amazing, multi-functional face creams like this one from Avène, it's important to hold on for dear life — especially with this one. Not only does it provide SPF 15 UVA and UVB protection and rich hydration, but the unique, light-green-tinted formula neutralizes redness and irritation, helping to keep skin calm and to promote even skin texture in the future.


16. A Soothing Shave Serum That Soothes Redness, Razor Bumps, & Ingrown Hairs

Era Organics Beard & Mane Aftershave Shave Serum, $14, Amazon

While shaving can result in smooth, silky skin, it can also result in some less-desirable textures: ingrown hairs, bumps, and general irritation. Enter this natural aftershave shave serum, which uses a unique organic formula made from ginger, burdock root, black walnut, and white oak bark extract to soothe red, painful, or irritated skin. Because the formula includes a gentle astringent, it can also fight and prevent acne breakouts while nourishing skin. With most reviewers giving the serum a five-star rating, it's probably a good (and affordable) answer to any shaving problems.


17. A Natural & Effective Cystic Acne Treatment That Uses Ingredients From the Earth

TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment, $24, Amazon

Utilizing vital ingredients from the earth, this cystic acne spot treatment works hard to target affected areas that are experiencing severe breakouts — and it eliminates acne while soothing irritated skin. Bentonite clay draws out dirt and toxins while replacing excess hydrogen in the skin cells with regenerative oxygen, which eliminates the threat of breakouts. Other natural ingredients like grapefruit essential oil, peppermint and spearmint, tea tree oil, and lemon essential oil help to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and balance the skin's oil production. One reviewer who gave the product five stars said that it was well worth the price. "I love this product because after using it only once, I saw results immediately," they wrote.


18. A Solution For Irritation Caused By Ingrown Hairs, Shaving, & Waxing

Tend Skin Solution, $22, Amazon

Helpful before-and-after photos are abound in the five-star Amazon reviews for this irritated skin treatment. From soothing skin post-wax to visibly reducing the appearance of redness, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps, this skin treatment is an ideal post-shave or wax go-to — and, it can be used anywhere on the body. However, the company does point out that because the product is moderately drying, it's good to follow it with a rich moisturizer. One happy user said that Tend Skin is a must-have, and she "can't live without this stuff. Makes skin smooth and eliminates razor burn or irritation from waxing."


19. A Multi-Purpose Skin Treatment That Comes in Dry Powder Form & Is Applied Directly To The Face

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder, $12, Amazon

This unique healing powder from Mario Badescu relies on sulfur, kaolin clay, and zinc oxide to help relieve irritated skin, reducing redness and controlling excess oil while preventing future breakouts. The cool thing about this treatment is that you don't even need to add water: just apply the gentle powder directly to acne-prone areas (even straight to open pimples), and it will dry up blemishes, soak up excess oil, and calm irritated skin.


20. A Powder Made From Activated Coconut Charcoal To Remove Tooth Stains

Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder, $25, Amazon

This purifying, detoxifying, activated coconut charcoal powder (the purest form of food-grade charcoal) contributes to gum health and can safely remove stains through absorption, leaving your smile with a natural, gleaming shine. Plus, it has a refreshing vanilla-mint flavor, so the whole process is enjoyable. One happy reviewer — one of many users to award the product five stars — wrote, "I noticed whiter teeth after the first use. I've convinced friends with yellower teeth than mine to try and the results are dramatic! I use it a few times a week and think it works really well!" Get ready to flash those pearly whites!


21. A Washcloth That Beats All Other Shower Scrubbers To Create A Rich Lather

Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth, $12, Amazon

Available in three fun colors, this washcloth is super durable, washable, and has so many good reviews. Over 80 percent of Amazon reviewers gave the product five stars, many of whom said it was better than normal shower loofahs and sponges. One reviewer wrote, "A really great scrubber for baths or showers, the Salux Bath Wash is plenty long to reach all the necessary spots on your body and it has enough roughness to help you exfoliate! Super useful and a great alternative to a bath sponge, the material is durable and refreshing." At 11 inches long, these towels create a thick, rich lather for scrubbing away dead skin, leaving it smooth and prepped for hydration.


22. A Gel-Infused Sock Made Specially For Dry Heels

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks with Gel, $12, Amazon

These heel socks are a real game-changer. Infused with soothing, hydrating gel made from shea butter and aloe vera, these socks (you get two pairs) can be worn day or night to repair cracked or dry skin on the heels — a place that can often go unnoticed, but sees a lot of wear and tear! The socks themselves are made from comfy, breathable cotton and are one-size-fits-all. You won't be able to resist this soothing, at-home spa treatment for one of the most hard-working parts of the body.


23. An Ultra-Hydrating Cream That Uses Oatmeal & Antioxidants To Repair & Protect Dry Skin

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration, $30, Amazon

Without fail, it seems that First Aid products consistently see four and five-star reviews on Amazon from happy users — and this intense hydration cream is no exception. The cream delivers robust hydration to skin that is experiencing severe dryness, redness, eczema, or flakiness — or just needs a little extra TLC in the moisture department. Colloidal oatmeal soothes skin while shea butter hydrates and the FAB Antioxidant Booster helps to protect skin from future dehydration.


24. A High-Potency Serum That Visibly Increases Brows In Just 60 Days

Organys Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum, $30, Amazon

Yep — 60 days is all it takes to be well on your way to those mile-long eyelashes and super-thick brows that you've always longed for. This serum uses a super-safe formula that is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and not tested on animals. One user who gave the product five stars wrote, "Very happy with this product! I've noticed my eyelashes are thicker and look healthier. Very easy to apply and one bottle has lasted several months even when applying every day!"


25. A Hair Remover That Is Totally Painless & Coated In 18K Gold

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover with Rechargeable Battery, $30, Amazon

The 18K-gold coating, believe it or not, isn't actually the best part of this painless hair remover. This gentle, hand-held device has a rechargeable battery and glides smoothly across skin to remove fine hairs with its inset LED hair-zapping light. A whopping 85 percent of reviewers have given it five stars, one of whom called it the best facial hair remover, writing that she, "received this a week ago and used today. I was absolutely stunned about the function of this little magical unit."


26. An Effective, Neutralizing, & Bacteria-Blasting Odor Eliminator Powder

FOOT SENSE All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder, $11, Amazon

This podiatrist-recommended foot and shoe powder not only has that doc-approved stamp, but also offers a money-back guarantee, which means this company really knows their stuff. This fast-acting powder uses safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients to effectively neutralize unwanted smells and blast the bacteria that causes odor.


27. A Mineral-Packed, Odor-Defying Deodorant Stick That Is Free Of Aluminum

Deodorant Stones of America: Thai Crystal Deodorant, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Rich salt minerals kill odor-causing bacteria with this cool crystal deodorant stick. It's also completely free of the chemicals that often exist in drugstore antiperspirants. Because the stick doesn't use any aluminum or harsh ingredients, it won't stop perspiration, which is actually a good thing, because that means no clogged pores! One five-star-rating reviewer said that it works so well that she will "never use 'traditional' deodorant anymore."


28. A Smoothing, Satisfying Peel-Off Mask For Hands & Feet

Y.F.M. Hand and Foot Peel Off Mask, $13, Amazon

It's all about rich and hydrating natural ingredients with this fun peel-off mask, which can be used on both hands and feet. Using safe ingredients (milk, honey, beeswax, fruit wax, water, Cordyceps flower extracts, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera oil, glycerin, and vitamin E) to deliver soothing moisture to hardworking skin, this mask can be left on for 15 to 20 minutes and then peeled away from skin, revealing soft hands and feet.


29. A Hydrating Oil That Uses Natural Ingredients To Heal & Protect Delicate Cuticles

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil, Milk and Honey, $11, Amazon

Over 75 percent of Amazon reviewers gave this cuticle oil five stars, many referencing its nourishing, reparative abilities. "Smells amazing, and my hands look instantly better the moment I put it on," one happy user wrote. "While it is oily at first, the oil seeps into my skin and does not make my hands sticky." Cuticles are vital to nail health, so protecting them with a hydrating oil that uses natural ingredients like milk and honey is a must — your hands will surely thank you later.


30. A Hair Removal System That Works On Hard-To-Reach Places For A Pain-Free Shave

BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver, $23, Amazon

Thanks to this body shaver that features a super-long handle (almost 17 inches!), accessing hard-to-reach spots is now no problem. Designed with special blades that work effectively to shave in wet or dry conditions, this tool uses special dryGlade technology that relieves unnecessary friction between the skin and blade, resulting in a smooth, pain-free shave.


31. A Set Of Unusual Makeup Brushes That Leave No Streaks Behind

Vanity Planet Blend Party Set, $50 (Set of 10), Amazon

Most makeup brushes are designed with makeup artists in mind (i.e. people who are putting makeup on other people), but this set is made for those who apply makeup themselves. The handles are flexible and comfortable to hold, the tilted tips allow for precision, and they're very easy to maintain. The densely-packed, synthetic bristles help apply any cream, powder, or liquid with no streaks and less product. They're also great for the curvatures of the face, contouring, and complicated eye looks.


32. A Rice Water Exfoliant That Brightens Up Skin

Dermasuri Rice Milk Brightening Face Exfoliator, $30, Amazon

This unique exfoliator doesn't use granules or beads to get rid of dead skin. Instead, the gel formula rolls away dead skin and brightens up the face. It's made with rice water to help exfoliate and brighten, hyaluronic acid to renew, and vitamin E to moisturize. The product also helps moisturizers and serums absorb into the skin, prevents ingrown hairs and bumps, and stimulates collagen production.


33. A Luxurious Cream With Caffeine For Your Bum

Sol De Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $45, Amazon

Made to moisturize all the parts that show in a particularly small bathing suit, this cream contains caffeine in the form of guaraná extract, which helps wake up and firm the skin. It also contains coconut oil to add sheen and hydrate, and reviewers absolutely go nuts over it. One Amazon user wrote, "I love it. Everyone around me loves it. It has teeny tiny little sparkles when you get in the sun."


34. A Heavily Hydrating Cream Made With Snail & Plant Extracts

Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream, $12, Amazon

Snail extract isn't such an unusual find anymore and this cream harnesses that powerful ingredient to brighten, clear pores, and seriously hydrate and plump dry skin. Made with 90 percent snail mucus filtrate, 27 plant extracts (like garlic bulb and eggplant), and charcoal extract, this contains no alcohol and is great for sensitive or dry skin.


35. A Tool That Easily Gets Hair Into Beach-Mode

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver, $17, Amazon

This deep waver has unique barrels designed to give you the perfect beachy waves. It will heat up to 400 degrees and only takes a few seconds to start working. The tourmaline ceramic plates ensure hair comes out shiny and frizz-free, and reviewers write that it's easy to use and produces perfect results: "I have super fine hair and nothing gives me wavy hair like this tool. And I've tried them all. So worth it."


36. Eyebrow Razors That Give You Smooth Skin

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

Perfect to groom eyebrows into any shape you desire, these cult-favorite razors also serve another purpose — they can remove facial hair easily and painlessly, even for the most sensitive skin types. Reviewers love that this makes applying makeup smoother, and that the stainless steel safety cover keeps them nick-free.


37. A Sherbet Cleanser That Removes All The Makeup

Banila Clean It Zero, $17, Amazon

If there always seems to be makeup on your pillow in the morning, maybe you need a better makeup remover, like this cleanser that has lots of reviewers raving. The sherbet-like texture melts into the face and gently removes makeup and dirt from skin and pores. The hollyhock and papaya extracts keep skin hydrated, and you only need a pea-sized amount to remove stubborn products like waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick.


38. An Affordable, Powerful Liquid Eyeliner

Docolor Liquid Eyeliner, $8, Amazon

A waterproof liquid eyeliner with almost 2,000 reviews that's under 10 dollars? Yes, it exists — and it's easy-glide, can create a thin or thick line, budge-proof, and a cinch to remove when you're done with it. The soft bristles are good for sensitive skin, and its controlled tip will give you a precise cat eye. Reviewers say this is a dupe for much more expensive products out there, too.


39. A Fiber Mascara That Mimics False Lashes

3-D Fiber Lash Mascara By Simply Naked Beauty, $20, Amazon

A unique solution to those who want long lashes but don't want extensions or falsies, this fiber mascara is made with green tea fiber to lengthen and add volume to what you already have. Safe for sensitive eyes, this three-step process (gel, fiber, more gel) is smudge-proof, waterproof, and will last all day long. One reviewer wrote: "Great product. This mascara really does add length to my existing lashes. I got asked multiple times if I'm wearing fake lashes!!"


40. A Bar That Makes Shaving Cream A Thing Of The Past

Remay Glide And Shave Bar, $25 (2 Pack), Amazon

Gone are the messy cans and aerosols that shaving gel usually comes in — this bar moisturizes with coconut oil and tea tree oil to provide a smooth shave while hydrating skin. It also prevents nicks, razor burn, and razor bumps — and each bar will last for dozens of shaves. It's even safe to use on the face, and only needs a bit of warm water to activate.


41. A Tin That Cleans Makeup Brushes As They're Being Used

Makeup Brush Color Remover, $7, Amazon

Rub any makeup brush in this color remover and it'll remove the powder pigment immediately, making it easy to switch from color to color with the same brush. Great for eye products, highlighter, or blush, each side is reusable and easy to clean. One reviewer sums it up: "I wasn't expecting this to really work, but it does ! It's great to be able to rub off a color quickly with dirtying another brush."


42. An Eye Gel That Over 10,000 Reviewers Swear By

Baebody Eye Gel, $24, Amazon

This eye gel does it all for one of the most sensitive areas of the body — it firms, hydrates, eases puffiness, and rids skin of dark circles. Made with plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and peptide complex, it also helps protect skin against sun damage. It's an easy way to bring some brightness back to the eyes, and it's cruelty-free. The gel has over 10,000 glowing reviews, and many of those users confirm that it doesn't leave behind a sticky or oily residue.


43. An Argan Oil With Glowing Reviews

Valentia Argan Oil, $17, Amazon

The brand itself refers to this 100 percent pure, cold-pressed, and organic argan oil as "liquid gold" for a reason — the vitamin E and squalane protect the skin's natural fats from breaking down over time, which keeps skin hydrated even in harsh or cold weather. The fatty acids in the argan oil also save skin from damage, keep it firm, and help produce collagen. It can also be used on the hair to promote shine and growth, and strengthens nails as well. One reviewer writes: "This is great for both hair and skin! I'm afflicted with the paradox of greasy scalp but dry hair (what even?), so a little bitty drop of argan oil, in the palm of my hand, worked into just the tips of the hair away from the scalp, does wonders in this dry weather. I've also rubbed it on my eczema spots and it brings instant relief, if not actual cure."


44. A Deep Conditioning Mask Made With Broccoli Seed Oil

xTava Deep Conditioning Mask, $16, Amazon

Fortified with aloe vera juice, broccoli seed oil, and pequi oil, this deeply conditioning hair mask will quench dry or damaged hair. Best of all, when used over time, it actually improves hair health and gives curls more body. The thick cream can be worn for 20 minutes or overnight, and also repairs hair cuticles.

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