43 Weird Products On Amazon That Offer Genius Solutions To Your Life

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Weird can be amazing — especially when it comes to products that can make your life so much easier. These 43 weird products on Amazon that offer genius solutions to your life may not be household names (yet). But the proof is in their unique design and glowing reviews — and all of these strange tools, gadgets, and devices are extremely effective problem solvers — and their weirdness just adds to their charm.

Among this list of bizarre products people are buying on Amazon you'll find amazing kitchen gadgets — like a multi-functional egg cooker that cooks up to 16 eggs at one time, and a defrosting tray that makes up for the fact that you forgot to take that meat out of the freezer (who hasn't been there?). There are also a number of beauty and grooming products that are slightly unorthodox, but brilliant — like a heated curling brush that doubles as a flat iron, and a sleep eye mask with removable velvet patches that block out 100 percent of light.

Each of these amazing gadgets and tools fulfills the definition of weird by being just slightly quirky enough to grab your attention. But the fact that they also offer genius solutions to the minor or major stresses in your life makes them total keepers.

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