43 Useful Products On Amazon That Will Make Being Organized 7 Times Easier

By Lisa Fogarty

Being organized either comes naturally or it doesn't. But if you haven't been blessed with such skills and struggle to find a place for all of the clutter, these 43 useful products on Amazon should help — and will fool everyone into thinking you're a pro. Whether you're trying to make a small closet more manageable or can't seem to fit everything you need in your kitchen cabinet, these smart inventions on Amazon will help you organize your whole damn life.

You'll find items you may not have even dreamed existed. And — even better — they're about to clear out the chaos of messy wires, cumbersome ironing boards, and messy spice drawers that you've just been living with because you never suspected there was a solution that could take care of them. Prepare to be amazed by magnetic tools that hold onto keys and knives, space-saving hangers that will give you the closet you never thought you could have, and so many storage units that hide behind doors and will never be seen by the outside world (but that can hold practically everything).

Organizational geniuses and newbies alike will find everything they need on this list to keep their homes, cars, and lives in totally tidy working order.

Lifestyle — 43 Useful Products On Amazon That Will Make Being Organized 7 Times Easier
by Lisa Fogarty

1. A Compact Key Holder That Holds Up To 18 Keys

Organize up to 18 keys in this compact key holder keychain, which is made from strong carbon fiber and stainless steel. This lightweight tool does more than just hold onto keys — it also boasts a bottle holder, accessory loop, carabiner, cash stash, and more.

2. These Space-Saving Hanger Hooks That Can Hang Vertically

Free up a ton of space in your closet with these cascading hanger hooks, which come six in a pack and give you the option of using them horizontally or vertically. Each hanger holds up to six garments on its sturdy metal hook and your hangers won't slip off.

3. This Storage Unit With Six Baskets That You Hang Over A Door

This over-the-door hanging storage unit features six roomy baskets where you can store everything from towels and toiletries to kitchen supplies and spices. This sturdy metal and plastic organizer fits on most standard doors and won't take up precious counter or drawer space, making it the idea storage solution for smaller homes and apartments.

4. This Hygienic Shoe Bag Made From Waterproof And Sturdy Nylon

These durable nylon shoe bags (which come three in a package) are waterproof and large enough to hold both shoes and boots. The large, travel-friendly bags have a drawstring closure and come in three sizes and a variety of colors. Best of all: your shoes, sneakers, or boots will never again rub up against clean clothing or towels in your luggage.

5. An Elegant Storage Solution For Kitchen Supplies That Adheres To The Corner Of Your Sink

This simple, super effective sink caddy has suction cups that help it adhere to the corner of your sink without slipping — and it serves as the perfect place for sponges, soaps, and cleaning brushes. The caddy is made from mold-resistant plastic and has drain holes at the bottom to keep your supplies dry. It comes in two colors: green or gray.

6. A Car Organizer With Seven Pockets For A Spotless Ride

Trash and a million random items can store up fast in your car. But this car organizer provides the smart solution you need to keep your car or SUV spotless. It boasts seven pockets, so feel free to organize maps, extra clothing, camping gear, groceries, and whatever else you take with you on the road. It has adjustable straps that fit a variety of headrests and can be used as either a back seat or trunk organizer (or both!).

7. This Transparent Makeup Organizer With 12 Drawers That Fits Everything

Finally — a makeup organizer that (literally) fits every cosmetic you own, from lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes. This transparent organizer features 12 drawers, as well as 16 additional compartments at the top to accommodate eye pencils, mascara tubes, and all of your other beauty tools. It's easy to clean just by wiping down, and comes in four colors: clear, brown, black, or purple.

8. The Zip-Up Travel Case For Jewelry That Keeps Chains From Getting Tangled

There's really no reason why you should arrive at your final destination with your favorite necklaces and bracelets tied in a knot. This travel jewelry case has five snaps at the top for necklaces, enough holes for 15 pairs of earrings, and padded ring loops and zipper pouches for bracelets and brooches. It zippers all around and comes in black, blue, or pink.

9. These Mesh Laundry Bags That Protect Clothing From Damage In Your Washer

Separate your clothing and keep zippers and other features from snagging delicate clothes in the washing machine with these mesh laundry bags, which come seven in a pack. The bags have a secure zipper and are sturdy and reusable. They also double as amazing travel bags, as well, and will keep clothing better organized so you can find everything you need.

10. This Clutter-Reducing Cover For Your Cables And Wires

Keep wires and cables organized and reduce clutter in your home with these flexible cable sleeves, which hide a number of cables at one time. The neoprene sleeve has a zipper that makes it easy to insert and remove wires, as well as a buckle design so you can combine and attach sleeves.

11. These Magnetic Key Holders So That You Never Lose Your Keys Again

If you find yourself making a mad dash around your home to find your keys every morning, there's a better way to stay organized: this magnetic key rack easily screws into any standard light switch. It holds keys and other metal items in place so that there's no guessing where you last put them. Each magnet can hold up to 3 pounds and each set comes with two magnets.

12. A Stackable Tiered Basket Organizer For Bathrooms And Kitchens

Stash everything from cleaning to art supplies in these practical tiered drawer organizers, which you can stack together to fit inside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The durable baskets are simple to install, conveniently slide out so you can grab what you need, and come in bronze or chrome.

13. The Secure RFID-Blocking Wallet For Peace Of Mind While Traveling

The last thing you should have to worry about while traveling is having your identity or banking information stolen. This RFID-blocking wallet provides complete peace of mind: it blocks thieves from stealing your info, and is also roomy enough to hold 18 cards and one ID, with two zippered pockets for cash and your phone. The slim wallet fits in your pocket and comes in more than 25 colors.

14. This Under-The-Sink Storage Rack For When You're Short On Space

Just because you have a smaller bathroom that lacks cabinet space doesn't mean you don't still have a number of beauty and grooming products that need a storage solution. This under-the-sink rack has a convenient curved semi-circle design that fits right up against pedestal sinks. It has two shelves and is perfect for hand towels, soap, and other daily items.

15. These Shelf Dividers That Keep Your Closet Organized

Separate your sweaters from your jeans from your towels — because this set of eight closet dividers finally makes it possible to have a neat, orderly closet where you can find everything you need when you need it. The wire dividers have support brackets on the top and bottom that keep them secure and in place.

16. An Over-The-Cabinet Organizer For All Of Those Bags You've Been Saving

All of those bags you've been storing will probably come in handy some day — but for now, you just need a place to put them where they won't contribute to clutter. And this over-the-cabinet organizer is that place — it holds up to 50 plastic grocery bags and hangs without assembly and tools. It comes in eight colors, too.

17. The Iron Caddy That Fits Over Your Door

Struggling to find a spot for your iron and ironing board? The search is over because this iron caddy fits right over doors, which means you can easily store and hide away your iron and board in a closet or your bedroom. No installation is required — just hang the caddy on any door and free up major space in your laundry room.

18. This Backseat Organizer With Pockets For Toys, Snacks And Books

If your car has become pure chaos, take back some control by hanging these backseat organizers onto the backs of seats and using them to store and organize snacks, drinks, toys, magazines, books, and more. Each two-pack of organizers features three roomy compartments and mesh bags and is made from durable, water-resistant Oxford cloth and nylon. They have adjustable straps and can fit any and all car seats.

19. A Spinning Rack For Spices That Fits In Drawers

No more rooting around in cabinets to find that one spice you need. This lazy Susan turntable, which fits in cabinets or can be kept on your counter, provides an abundance of space for spices and condiments — and a quick twirl gives you access to everything you need. The turntable is made from quality acacia wood and comes in two sizes: 16 or 18 inches.

20. This Soothing Foot Bath That Collapses For Easy Storage

Give tired, achy feet the break they deserve by soaking them in this amazing foot bath, which then collapses flat for simple storage. The heated bath provides soothing vibrations and has massage nodes and a splash guard to keep things tidy. One reviewer writes: "I wanted a simple well-made tub to soak my feet in when I want to give myself a pedi, or just enjoy a nice epsom salt foot bath. This gets the job done. It even gives a vibrating massage."

21. The Heat-Resistant Style Station For Hair Dryers And Tools

Go on and leave the house without worrying about those heated hair tools you left behind — because they'll be totally safe stored in this style station. The heat-resistant mesh and silicone station features three compartments for hair dryers, curling wands, and straighteners, and you can hang it from a towel rack or store it in or on your cabinet.

22. A Multi-Tasking Uni-Tool That Serves Five Cooking Needs

This five-in-one utensil serves so many purposes without taking up space in your drawer. Use this uni-tool as a spatula, slotted spoon, turner, and cutting tool. It's made from tough nylon, is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and is safe in the dishwasher.

23. An Antibacterial Magnetic Knife Holder Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Knife blocks tend to look the same — but this magnetic knife holder offers something entirely different. Instead of placing your knives in wooden slots (which limits the size of knives you can store), simply slide them against this magnetic surface and they stay in place like magic. The block is made from eco-friendly bamboo and has a non-slip base.

24. A Better Way To Store Toilet Paper Right On Your Toilet

It's inevitable — at some point you'll run out of toilet paper and will have to zip around your house searching for more. But this smart toilet paper organizer takes cares of that dilemma — because it allows you to store up to two rolls right on the side of your toilet. Lift the tank lid, slide on a bracket, and the organizer stays in place — plus, not a single tool is needed for installation.

25. The Pocketed Organizer For Your Backpack Or Purse

A backpack or purse can be a little like a black hole — just an empty space that is begging for organization. Fill this pocketed backpack insert with everything you need to take with you — from electronics and notebooks to snacks and keys — and you'll always be able to locate what you need. It comes in two sizes (small or large) and six shades.

26. A Portable Book Stand For Hands-Free Reading

Reading your book or documents just became an easier, hands-free experience, thanks to this portable book stand. The stand has a clip that keeps pages open and is adjustable to provide the most comfortable reading angle.

27. This Tablet Holder With A Flexible Gooseneck Design For Easy Adjustments

This tablet holder keeps your device secure and in place so you can use it to watch movies or simply scroll sites. Its gooseneck arm also allows you to make any and all angle adjustments necessary for the best viewing experience possible. Choose between gray or black. One reviewer writes: "Holy cow! This is one of those rare items I’m simply thrilled with! The quality is just spectacular! I know this is a simple item but it is superior to some others I’ve tried recently."

28. The Productivity Planner That Helps You Crush Your Goals

No goal is insurmountable when you use this planner to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly duties and desires. The planner comes in seven colors and includes 150 planning stickers and plenty of space for jotting down notes, priorities, and reflections.

29. A Vanity Organizer For Makeup And Skincare Products

With nine compartments and two drawers, this vanity organizer keeps the cosmetics and skincare products you use most often tidy and right at your fingertips. The draws are removable and the organizer is simple to clean with a little soap and water.

30. The Smart Tool That Keeps Laundry Detergent From Spilling Everywhere

Prevent laundry detergent spills from creating a predictable (and sticky) mess on surfaces and floors by attaching this laundry detergent gadget to detergent and fabric softener bottles. Each time you pour these cleaning agents into a cup, the tool will catch spills before they can land anywhere else.

31. This Storage Tower That Slides In And Out Between Tight Spaces

That tight space between appliances doesn't have to be wasted space. Slide this tower storage unit right in between spaces and use its three tiers for cleaning supplies, extra canned goods, and more. One reviewer writes: "The plastic is heavy-duty, and the rack itself very sturdy. I was able to clear out my entire cabinet of all my spices, k-cups and cooking oil, etc... and all of it fit nicely on this rack. Assembly was literally a snap - we had both racks put together as one in five minutes."

32. A Clutter-Eliminating Ironing Board Holder That Mounts To Your Wall

Reduce clutter in your home by mounting this iron and ironing board holder right to your wall or the back of a door. The holder comes in five colors, is made from tough steel, and features a hook for your board, plus a basket that can hold an iron and starch spray.

33. The Bedside Caddy That Holds Remote Controls, Books And Your Phone

If you lack a nightstand — or don't have enough space on it for everything you need to keep by your bed — this bedside caddy is here to pick up the slack. The caddy is made from Oxford cloth and leather and boasts one main compartment where you can fit a book or device, as well as three smaller mesh pockets for remotes, your phone, and headphones or other accessories.

34. A Zippered Toiletry And Accessory Bag For Travel That Hangs In Closets

Store grooming products, jewelry, and accessories in this hanging toiletry bag, which has 10 zippered pockets and mesh pockets and fits a variety of items. The bag zips up into a compact unit for travel, but then unravels and can be hung in your closet on its sturdy metal hook. It comes in four colors: black, aquamarine, dark blue, and purple.

35. This Travel-Friendly Pill Box With 10 Compartments

Organize all of the medications and supplements you need to take with you in this pill box, which features 10 separate compartments and is made from food-grade PP plastic. The box has a strong buckle that locks so nothing will fall out — and it comes in nine colors.

36. A Shoe Organizer That Hangs Over Your Door

Store up to 12 pairs of shoes on each of these hanging shoe racks (you'll get two in a pack). The rack hangs right over your door (no hardware needed) and features mesh pockets so you can see and choose the style of shoe you want that day.

37. The Metal Stand For Your Desktop Computer With A Bonus Drawer

This metal computer stand gives your desktop computer a bit of added height that makes it more comfortable to use and can reduce eye strain. It also features four side storage pockets for pens and notepads — and it even has a sliding drawer tray for other office supplies.

38. A Tea Bag Organizer To Store More Than 100 Varieties Of Tea

Tea lovers of the world: you need this tea bag organizer in your life and in your kitchen. The storage unit has clear, removable bins and can hold more than 100 tea bags in the same place. Stand it on any flat counter or table or keep it tucked neatly away in a kitchen cabinet.

39. An Anti-Dust Toothbrush Holding Unit For Up To Nine Toothbrushes

This amazing toothbrush storage unit holds up to nine regular toothbrushes or six electric toothbrushes and comes with colorful cups that keep bristles clean and free of dust and bacteria. The unit can be mounted to your wall and boasts four storage compartments on top that can hold toothpaste and grooming supplies.

40. These Versatile Cable Clips That Keep Wires Tidy

Collect wires and cables and hold them in place with these sturdy, versatile cable clips, which come in a variety of sizes for all of your needs. The pack of 16 clips have a sticky pad that safely adheres to surfaces and you can repurpose them to hold onto items like pens and toothbrushes.

41. This Two-Pack Of S-Shape Hangers That Save Major Closet Space

Hanging clothing in your closet vertically is a smart, cheap way to gain back a ton of closet storage space. These S-shape hangers are designed with that purpose in mind: they can fit five pairs of trousers or jeans on one hanger. They come two in a pack and are made from quality stainless steel.

42. An Organizer For Lingerie That Adjusts To The Size Of Your Drawer

These adjustable drawer dividers are perfect for separating underwear from bras from socks from scarves. They are made from a mold-resistant fabric and come in gray or brown. One reviewer writes: "I love these things, they’re so versatile. I have them all over; drawers, closet shelves, cabinets. I use them for more than just underwear too. I use them for dry art supplies in open shelves and just about anywhere else I need to organize."

43. The Store-Everything Pocket Organizer That Can Hang Over Doors

Whether you opt to store this pocket organizer over your door or mount it to your wall, it provides the same amazing benefit: a ton of additional storage space for all of those items that can't seem to fit anywhere else. The organizer features four large pockets and comes in five colors. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.