43 Genius Products On Amazon That Make Suck-y Things Suck Less

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We all have something that we hate to do, something painful that just sucks to slog through — whether it's getting up early in the morning, fighting through a long commute to work, or a job that has us standing up all day. It's the thing you put off doing until it's the 11th hour or the thing you do so regularly it's mind-numbingly tedious. I feel you: The struggle is real. But the good news is that between modern technology, the internet, and, well, Shark Tank, there are so many products that will make suck-y things suck less — and they're all on Amazon.

Whether it's a shield that keeps pan grease from splattering you while you cook to liquid painter's tape that keeps your nail polish off of your cuticles and helps you achieve the perfect French manicure, there's really something out there for each and every one of those nagging little problems that can eat away at your soul. And these aren't just products fit to solve the little problems in your life — they're there to help resolve the big ones, too. This rundown covers products that can help alleviate truly sucky problems like an aching back or painful migraine.

Ready to make your life a little bit easier? Read on!

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