43 Genius Products On Amazon That Make Suck-y Things Suck Less

We all have something that we hate to do, something painful that just sucks to slog through — whether it's getting up early in the morning, fighting through a long commute to work, or a job that has us standing up all day. It's the thing you put off doing until it's the 11th hour or the thing you do so regularly it's mind-numbingly tedious. I feel you: The struggle is real. But the good news is that between modern technology, the internet, and, well, Shark Tank, there are so many products that will make suck-y things suck less — and they're all on Amazon.

Whether it's a shield that keeps pan grease from splattering you while you cook to liquid painter's tape that keeps your nail polish off of your cuticles and helps you achieve the perfect French manicure, there's really something out there for each and every one of those nagging little problems that can eat away at your soul. And these aren't just products fit to solve the little problems in your life — they're there to help resolve the big ones, too. This rundown covers products that can help alleviate truly sucky problems like an aching back or painful migraine.

Ready to make your life a little bit easier? Read on!

Entertainment — 43 Genius Products On Amazon That Make Suck-y Things Suck Less

1. A Clock That Makes Mornings Just A Little Less Painful

COULAX Wake Up Light, $30, Amazon

For those of us who don't spring out of bed in the morning all perky and fresh as a daisy, this clock makes getting up just a little more pleasant with its natural sunrise function. While it does include a traditional alarm, this device wakes you with a gradually brightening light, working with your body's circadian rhythms to get your day off to a better start. It also features a range of natural sounds that can be used in concert with the light to both awaken you and — thanks to the sunset function — put you to sleep.


2. These Super-Smart Straps That Make Suitcases Easier To Juggle

Tohavit Bag Bungee, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

Rushing through the airport or train station with your carry-ons can be a recipe for disaster, but these clever straps are the perfect solution. The Bag Bungee keeps a second bag, a jacket, your handbag or briefcase, or other loose items securely strapped to the top of your wheelie luggage so that you don't have to worry during that last-minute dash. It simply slips over your suitcase's handle and secures on the other side.


3. A Kitchen Gadget That Also Works Great With Liquids

The Pampered Chef Measure All Cup, $17, Amazon

Why waste your time hunting around in your kitchen drawers when you could have this Measure All Cup? From well-known kitchen supplier The Pampered Chef and now available through Amazon, you just slide the bottom to the measurement you need — a wide variety of calibrations are offered — and you're all set. Suitable for both solid and liquid measures, this gadget is particularly great for measuring viscous substances like peanut butter, Crisco, and mayonnaise, when it's hard to scrape it out of your traditional measuring cup.


4. A Moisturizer That Uses Caffeine To Pep Up Your Eyes

DHC Eye Bright, $22, Amazon

This moisturizer is like a shot of espresso for your eyes: it's packed with caffeine, which helps minimize under-eye bags and dark circles. It also contains sodium hyaluronate, a moisture magnet that promotes hydration and perennial favorite cucumber, and you might just be able to keep those peepers open at the crack of dawn. Lightweight and soothing, try keeping this gel in the fridge for an extra boost in the morning.


5. An Eye Mask That Eases Your Headache Pain

IMAK Pain Relief Mask, $15, Amazon

As a migraine sufferer, I can tell you first-hand how important a quality eye mask is during an attack, and this one has the goods. The breathable cotton exterior houses beads that create a gentle massaging effect around your eyes and aid in conforming the mask to your face to block out the light. The mask can also be placed in the refrigerator or freezer to provide cool relief without the shock of ice or gel packs — which is a great way to reduce eye strain, too. The elastic strap ensures that the mask remains on and applies slight pressure to your head for mild compression.


6. An All-Natural Spray That Will Help Lull You To Sleep

Seven Minerals Insomnia Spray, $19, Amazon

If those sheep you're counting keep multiplying, this ingenious spray could be just the ticket to a good night's sleep. Formulated with pure magnesium oil blended with lavender, marjoram, cedar, and sage, this spray is applied to the legs and feet before bed and provides an all-natural answer to sleeplessness.


7. A Black Powder That Will Make Your Teeth Pearly White

FineVine Charcoal Powder, $15, Amazon

This all-natural black powder uses the power of activated charcoal derived from coconuts to eliminate the aggravating stains left behind by all those drinks we love, like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. It's strong and effective, yet safe for your gums, teeth, and mouth. And don't worry, your breath won't smell like an outdoor grill afterwards; it has peppermint and orange seed oil to freshen breath.


8. These Bed Suspenders That Keep Your Sheets In Place

Nyche Designs Sheet Fasteners, $9 (Set Of 4), Amazon

These handy straps will eliminate the irritation that comes when your sheets unravel from of your bed. They're like suspenders for your linens: The adjustable-length bands of elastic reach across underneath your mattress, while the heavy-duty clips grip the fabric tightly without damaging it, thanks to their plastic ends. These accessories work on any size sheet and come four to a set so there's one for each corner. Never wake up in a messy pile of bedding ever again!


9. This Weird Neck Wrap That's Better Than Any Travel Pillow

Turtl Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

This travel pillow makes long hauls much less of a pain in the neck. Designed to hold your neck in a better position than the traditional U-shaped travel pillow, the Turtl is designed with strengthened ribs to provide ergonomic head and neck support. This infrastructure is concealed by super-soft fleece, and it weighs less than half a pound. Plus, it folds up and attaches easily to your luggage for transport.


10. A Lumbar Cushion Takes The Bite Out Of Back Pain

Ziraki Lumbar Cushion, $16, Amazon

Few things are more defeating (read: sucky) than back pain, and this cushion both corrects your posture and supports your back to ease and soothe it when it does rear its ugly head. It gets its supportive strength from precisely molded memory foam that allows you to sit for hours at a time in your office or car comfortably, with the most robust support along your lower back's natural arc. Made to go wherever you do, the cushion comes with its own travel bag, and its velvet cover has a convenient carrying handle so it's ready to tag along.


11. A Mask That Sucks Out Blackheads (And Other Impurities)

Essy Blackhead Extractor, $16, Amazon

This mask gets its muscle from activated charcoal, which helps draw out toxins, dirt, and impurities — including blackheads — and visibly reduces pores and acne for a renewed and clear-looking complexion. Simply cleanse your skin with hot water to open pores, then apply with the included silicone mask brush. Your skin is left feeling nourished, soft, and brightened, which definitely doesn't suck.


12. A Little Gadget That Solves A Huge Food Prep Problem

Yarmoshi Garlic Press, $15, Amazon

It's only a little bit larger than a Rubik's Cube, but if you like to cook, this mini garlic press will solve one huge problem: the danger you're putting your fingertips in every time you mince or slice garlic. It features two sets of stainless steel blades, one for slicing and one for dicing, and with one quick motion, your garlic is chopped and ready in the tray. This device is quick with the clean-up, too, as it's top-shelf dishwasher safe.


13. A Stretch Out Strap That Helps You Work Out The Kinks

OPTP Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

This nylon device was the first stretching strap on the market, and it arguably remains one of the best today. At more than 6 feet in length, this strap features 10 individual loops to provide for optimum versatility in performing unassisted stretches with control to loosen you up when you're feeling troublesome aches and pains. Nearly 2,800 Amazon users have given this product five stars, saying it's durable and long-lasting, and commending the included guidebook for its variety of exercises and clearly written instructions.


14. These Individually Wrapped Wipes For Skin Care On-The-Go

La Fresh Travel Wipes, $13 (50 Pack), Amazon

This pack of individually wrapped face wipes makes on-the-go makeup removal easy. No more trying to figure out what size TSA will approve or worrying about whether your products will explode and render the contents of your checked luggage a sopping mess when you arrive at your destination. These wipes are individually wrapped so you can throw a few in your carry-on for easy access, then add some to your luggage with no worries about leakage. Plus, they're permeated with vitamin E to leave your skin deliciously soft and supple, and even 100 percent biodegradable.


15. An Ergonomic Brush That Will Painlessly Tame Tangled Hair

Crave Naturals Detangling Brush, $11, Amazon

Tangled hair is a challenge that's both painful and time-consuming to work through, but this brush will smooth out those knots in no time. It features a specially-designed pattern of cone-shaped bristles cut to varying lengths so that it pulls tangled strands sideways, gently separating them without tearing or breaking. It's also designed to provide you with a gentle scalp massage, and the ergonomic shape means it's easy to grip as you work through your 'do.


16. A Simple Sleeve That Tidies Your Stray Wires

Baltic Living Cable Management Sleeve, $14, Amazon

This reversible cable sleeve will harness that unsightly trail of wires under your desk or that run down the wall under your flatscreen. Crafted from super-durable neoprene, it's strong enough to contain multiple cables and can withstand the teeth of chewing pets. Plus, its reversible black-and-white style enables you to coordinate with any décor. They come in an 80-inch roll which you can cut to length to custom-fit any cable conundrum you're up against.


17. A Silicone Guard That Shields Your From Grease Splatter

Orhem Silicone Splatter Screen, $16, Amazon

This splatter screen is the answer to burns (or clothing stains, for that matter) from oil, grease, or sauces. Made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone that's BPA free, the screen can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. Plus, it's fitted with a rubber handle for added grip comfort and slip-proof maneuvering. The handle folds, too, for easy storage. Pro tip: This handy accessory can also be used as a strainer, cooling mat, or drain board.


18. A Device That Makes Zoodles Easy As Pie

Hamilton Beach 3-In-1 Electric Spiralizer, $40, Amazon

This handy kitchen machine takes the pain out of whipping up a pile of delicious yet ever-so-prep-intensive zucchini noodles and countless other spiralized foods. In fact, it features three cutting cones to churn out your choice of spiralized, spaghetti, or linguine shapes from your fruits and vegetables. Great for curly fries, or for creating giant ribbons of carrots and cucumbers to give your salads a gourmet feel — and cleanup is easy, too, as all the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the whole set nests together for space-saving storage.


19. A Silicone Mat Set That Ensures Your Baked Goods Won't Stick

Lavangie Silicone Baking Mats, $17, Amazon

Bake with these silicone mats once, and you'll wonder what took you so long to make room for them in your kitchen (I did!). They obviously prevent cookies and rolls from sticking to your baking sheets. But they also eliminate the waste of all the parchment paper or foil you currently use to line your pans — and that's still only the beginning. Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved food-grade silicone, these mats can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees, so use one to guard your countertops from hot pans. They're also great when rolling out dough, making countertop cleanup easy, and they have built-in size guide for pies and pastries!


20. A Brush-On Painter's Tape Will Help You Nail Your Next Manicure

Liquid Palisade, $15, Amazon

Whether you're at-home manis and pedis always turn out a little messy or you're looking for a way to up your nail art game, this easy-peel polish barrier is a great investment. It's like brush-on painter's tape, keeping the polish where you want it to go and not where you don't. So, if you're like me and constantly get polish on your cuticles (which, yes, totally sucks), you simply cover those cuticles with this liquid, paint-on barrier, then peel it off after you polish. It's also terrific for achieving a flawless French manicure, or perfecting your pedicure, for that matter. Eureka!


21. A Handy Accessory That Will Keep Your Avocados Fresh And Green

Joie Avocado Pod, $8, Amazon

You don't have to be an avocado aficionado to know how frustrating it can be to wait for your avocado to ripen only to have it go bad almost immediately — especially once you've cut into it. Enter this Avocado pod. Simply place your halved avocado cut side down on the base of this container, then cover it and put it in the fridge — it will stay firm and fresh. Flip it over, and you can use it for dips and spreads.


22. These Heel Add-Ons That Protect Your Stilettos On All Surfaces

Solemates Heel Protectors, $11 (Per Pair), Amazon

Pick up these patented heel protectors and you'll never have to run the risk of your stilettos sinking into the dirt at your next outdoor event. Featured on Shark Tank, Solemates work by increasing the surface area on your high heels in order to disperse the pressure while you're wearing them. They also protect your heels from scuffs and improve your feeling of stability. Available in three sizes to fit the heel of your shoe, you simply slip them on and go!


23. This K-Beauty All-Star That Removes Every Trace Of Makeup

Banila Co. Clean It Zero, $22, Amazon

This cleansing cream makes short work of getting your face squeaky-clean, even when you have a full face of makeup. Crafted specifically for sensitive skin, this product from one of South Korea's top three beauty brands is long-lasting, strong enough to remove lash glue, and, as per the name, leaves zero residue on your skin.


24. A Hair-Reducing Spray For Anyone Who Shave Or Waxes

StopHair, $50, Amazon

If you shave, wax, or use any other method to remove body hair, you're going to want to check out this all-natural spray that can permanently reduce hair growth. Plus, since it's made from organic ingredients, you can use it on sensitive areas without risk of irritation, itchiness, breakout, burning or peeling like the harsher chemical preparations. Over time, any hair that grows back will be softer and lighter. It's also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


25. A Flosser That Uses Water To Make Dental Hygiene Way Easier

Poseidon Oral Irrigator, $33, Amazon

This dental appliance takes the pain out of that one smile-maintaining chore everyone hates: Flossing. The Oral Irrigator features an ultra-fine water spray and two modes to chase out pesky food between your teeth and get down to the nitty-gritty with the plaque and tartar that brushing misses. An additional mode pulses to offer your gums a rewarding gentle massage. This unit is battery operated for ease of use, includes two color-coded tips so you can share it, and it's small enough for travel.


26. A Purse-Sized Surge Protector That Turns One Outlet Into An Entire Charging Station

Poweradd Mini Surge Protector, $18, Amazon

This mini surge protector turns one outlet into two and gives you two additional USB ports — so even when you are stuck at an airport or hunkered down in a coffee shop, you'll always have plenty of plugs. Plus, as a surge protector, it keeps your electronics safe.


27. A Brilliant Bag That Keeps Your Shoes Away From Your Weekend Wardrobe

Bluboon Weekender With Shoe Pocket, $40, Amazon

This duffel alleviates the challenge of soiled shoes that can spread dust, dirt, or who-knows-what all over your wardrobe, further weighing down the already completely discouraging task of unpacking. Stow your shoes in the side pocket and get on with it — it's that simple. Crafted from sturdy canvas with genuine leather trim, the bag provides enough room for a few days of clothing, and it's hand-washable too. Don't love the lavender? Don't worry! It's available in three colors.


28. A Spray Makes Your Trip To The Bathroom A Breeze — A Fresh One

Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray, $15, Amazon

When Nature calls, give the toilet a few sprays of Fruity Booty, and the 100 percent real gold nanoparticles will attract and attack any, ahem, odors emitted, trapping them under the water. The completely non-toxic natural scents leave the room smelling fresh.


29. These Wipes That Erase Your Red-Wine Smile

Wine Wipes, $8 (15 Wipes), Amazon

These wipes put a fast and easy end to the grape-y smile you contract after quaffing a few glasses of red wine. The wipes are treated with natural ingredients and won't interfere with the taste of your vino. Perfect for your purse, they come in an attractive metal case with a mirror inside for ease of use.


30. An Elastic Lacing System That Turns Your Lace-up Sneakers Into Slip-ons

Lock Laces, $8, Amazon

This patented no-tie lacing system turns any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-ons. The lock device pairs with color-coordinated elastic laces to give you shoes that remain tied with zero hassle. Not only do these make flying out the door in the morning a simple task, but they also provide additional compression on your feet, which may increase your shoes' comfort during the day. They are available in a rainbow of colors, one perfect for your go-to kicks.


31. A Genius Travel Mug That Simply Won't Ever Tip

Mighty Mug Tumbler, $18, Amazon

This BPA-free tumbler cannot be tipped. Period. It uses smart suction design to prevent messy spills from accidental bumps and jolts, and thanks to vacuum insulation, it's just as unshakeable at its mission of keeping your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours on end. Features ergonomic design, so it's comfortable in your hand. Fits in all cupholders, is easy to clean and dishwasher safe — the perfect travel companion.


32. A Travel Accessory That Turns The Back Of A Seat Into An Entertainment Center

Airhook Air Travel Accessory, $25, Amazon

A must-have for anyone who regularly flies, this travel accessory turns the back of the seat in front of you into a digital entertainment center complete with a cupholder. It's perfect for when you find yourself on a flight sans a personal screen to watch movies, and the cup holder will be more reliable than a tray for holding your cup when there are those inevitable bumps. The device is universal and will support any of your electronics up to 8.5 inches tall and it folds down to the size of a wallet, so it's perfect for when you're on the go.


33. A Massager That Soothes Your Feet After A Long Day

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager, $19, Amazon

When you have to be on your feet all day, this massager roller will give you something to look forward to the minute you get home. Crafted from high-quality, polished Theaceae wood, these rollers will soothe your aching feet by increasing blood flow, and will ease the pain of common ailments like plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.


34. A Mascara That's Super Long-Lasting But Also Really Easy To Remove

DHC Double Protection Mascara, $19, Amazon

This mascara uses water-resistant tube technology for longer, fuller lashes that can withstand tears, tears, or even a dip the pool. The great news is that even with all of this staying power, it's not hard to remove — the tubes slide right off with just warm water and gentle pressure.


35. An Eyelash Curler That Won't Pull Out Your Lashes

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler, $12, Amazon

This eyelash curler gives you lush, full lashes and doesn't require you to put a crimper inches from your eyeball, so that's definitely a plus in my book. What makes this possible? A mascara-wand-like circular lash comb that separates, curls, and styles your lashes using gentle heat that's distributed evenly throughout the comb to apply curl from the base to the tip of the lash. This appliance accentuates your eyes with or without mascara, and since it's battery-powered, it slips neatly into your purse or makeup bag for use on the go.


36. These Super-Soft Curlers Style Your Hair While You Sleep

The Sleep Styler, $25 (8 Count), Amazon

Sleeping in hair rollers is great for minimizing heat damage, but it's also uncomfortable which can result in minimized sleep, too. That's where these marshmallow-soft memory-foam rollers come into play. Much more comfortable than traditional rollers, they create loose waves while you sleep soundly. Made from microfiber material, they hold four to five times their weight in water, and are as comfortable to sleep on as your pillow. Use with your regular styling products and skip the salon.


37. A Genius Device Keeps Your Stove Safe From Boil-Overs

HuaPa Boil Over Guard, $10, Amazon

This fun flower eliminates a common problem in many kitchens: The dreaded boil over that swamps your stove and leaves everything a soggy mess. Crafted from BPA-free food grade 100 percent silicone, this accessory will stop spills and eliminate worry while you have pots boiling on the stove. The design fits pots and pans with openings ranging from 6 to 10 inches in diameter, and it's non-stick, heat tolerant up to 500 degrees, and dishwasher safe.


38. A Unique Diffuser That Sets The Mood For Your Road Trip

InnoGear Car Diffuser, $20, Amazon

Forget the cardboard air fresheners of yesteryear, this ingenious car diffuser not only helps make your car smell great but it provides mood lighting, too. It plugs into the USB adapter in your car or your car adapter, and sits right in your cup holder. From there, it diffuses the oil of your choice via intermittent or continuous modes to remove unwanted odors. The unit features optional LED lights and an auto-shutoff feature for safety.


39. A Sleeping Mask Helps You Kiss Those Chapped Lips Goodbye

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $19, Amazon

Pamper your pout with this K-beauty lip mask that will banish those aggravating chapped lips. This formula is built on a base of hyaluronic acid enriched with minerals and to lay down a moisturizing film over your lips. It also includes berry extracts that are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants to make dry lips soft and supple while also imparting a delicious fragrance. Although it's made to be worn overnight reviewers say you can even smooth on a little over your lipstick for daytime wear, too.


40. A Cold-Brew Coffeemaker That Will Make You A Barista

Integrity Chef Cold Brew Coffeemaker, $30, Amazon

Save time and money with this easy-to-use coffeemaker that was designed especially for making cold brew coffee. Crafted using rust-free stainless steel and high-quality glass, this gorgeous design, with its environmentally-friendly stainless steel mesh filter, allows the flavor of your brew to freely mature. Simply measure your coffee out and insert into the carafe and let osmosis do the rest. Plus, as easy as it is for cold brew, it's a great tea infuser, too.


41. A Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave A White Tint

La Roche-Posay Clear SPF 60 Sunscreen, $20, Amazon

This sunscreen from French skincare behemoth La Roche-Posay is clear, so you won't look like you just applied the lifeguard's thick white zinc on your face. Perfect even for troublesome skin, it actually absorbs pore-clogging oil, and won't cause breakouts. This dry-touch formula is a cult-favorite, and reviewers love how it doesn't feel greasy.


42. A Fun Little Accessory Makes Laundry Night Easier (And Cheaper)

SmartKlean Laundry Ball, $31, Amazon

This household accessory can take some of the pain out of doing your laundry by saving you some cold hard cash. The physical shape of this laundry ball helps knock the dirt off your dirties, but the real secret is in what's inside: It's filled with ceramic pellets that change the pH of the water to naturally clean your clothes, no detergent necessary. "Clothes come out clean and smelling nice," says one reviewer. Great for Mother Earth, and your wallet!


43. A Stain Remover That Can Get Out Anything

Creative Hands Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

This environmentally-friendly spot remover can tackle a variety of stains sans harsh chemicals. An odorless, nontoxic concoction that contains no bleach, chlorine or phosphates, it's a go-to solution that has removed the stains of countless Amazon users. "With 2 young boys and 2 adventurous dogs, we have been through just about every stain remover out there and none of them compare to this," wrote one reviewer.

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