43 Cult-Favorite Amazon Products That Solve Life's Day-To-Day Annoyances

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Warm beer. Tangled electronics cables. Wine stains. Soggy cereal. Soggy salad. Smudged eye makeup. A cluttered purse. A clogged shower drain. Burnt cheese on the bottom of the oven that won't come off no matter how much you scrape at it. If just reading all this makes you exasperated — I feel you. They're the kinds of day-to-day annoyances that slow you down and cause you to sigh. Heavily. Well, my fellow heavy sigher, I've got good news for you: all these cult-favorite Amazon products actually solve these day-to-day annoyances. That's right — no more soggy salads.

Okay, so you might be wondering what exactly makes a product a "cult-favorite". Here's my answer: a cult-favorite is something that resonates deeply with a certain group of people. For example, you might not mind soggy salad all that much — but for people who do? A product that prevents soggy salad will inspire loyal and undying devotion —i.e., a cult following.

And here's the thing. None of these products are meant for only a very specific group of people (the soggy salad minders, for example) — they're meant for everyone. So even if you don't really mind a bit of wet lettuce, an affordable product that keeps your lettuce crisp and fresh might just improve your day.

For soggy salad-preventing products and other cult-favorites — click through.

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