43 Cheap Things With Incredibly High Reviews On Amazon

By Shayna Murphy

When it comes to shopping online, cheap is my favorite price point. Even on a shoestring budget, you'd be amazed at how much affordable stuff you can find in a pinch. The best part? Most of these cheap things come with incredibly high reviews on Amazon, too.

From little tools designed to make slicing a banana as easy as eating one to an inflatable pillow that you can use while you're on a road trip, there are literally so many affordable things you could be buying to help improve your life. And because this on Amazon, you not only have a way of getting things shipped fast through Prime, but you can read reviews from thousands of other shoppers who have used a product before and know exactly how good it is.

Best of all, these products prove being cheap isn't a bad thing: it just means you're only spending money on things that you know you can actually get good value out of. Tracking down so many budget-friendly items for around the house can feel like an accomplishment in itself. But with this slideshow, you don't have to do any of the hard searching, because I've rounded up some of the best affordable products that Amazon has to offer.

Lifestyle — 43 Cheap Things With Incredibly High Reviews On Amazon
by Shayna Murphy

1. This Stylish Scarf Hanger So You Can Organize Your Whole Wardrobe

InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger, $9 Amazon

Scarves, belts, and other accessories are easy to sort through and organize with this eye-catching hanger, which comes with 18 snag-free loops. Designed with a stylish chrome finish over steel, this organizer hangs over a hook or closet rod, and one reviewer writes: "Mine is AWESOME. I have become a bit obsessed with scarves of all kinds and needed something to hold the many I have accumulated. This thing is amazing! It sits flat in the closet and utilizes the space so well!!"


2. An Innovative Way To Cinch Plastic Bags Shut

OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

These little cinchers are so ridiculously simple to use, yet they're pretty genius. With this three-pack, you can ditch annoying twist ties and quit the old spin-and-tuck move you may also be doing with bread bags — because these cinchers close off openings and also seal in freshness. Since these are brightly colored, they're also easy to find in a drawer, and they're freezer-safe to keep frozen foods in check.


3. This Super-Durable Thermos That Tracks Your Water Consumption

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter, $9, Amazon

Never underestimate the value of a quality Thermos, especially one like this, which is made with a push-button lid and a convenient locking ring. Perfect for water and other cold drinks, this comes with a rotating meter so you can monitor how much water you're drinking daily. It's also ergonomically-designed so that it's easier to grip, and you can pop it open with one hand for ease of use while working out.


4. A Quick Way To Remove All Your Make-Up

KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil, $10, Amazon

This cleansing oil has a nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon with hundreds of reviews (no easy feat), and reviewers swear it's the best way to remove all traces of makeup — even mascara. Using this blend you can wash away sebum that can block up pores, and you don't even need to use a cleansing foam or wash after. "Holy grail cleanser," raved one reviewer. "Saved my skin from cystic acne and blackheads."


5. A Fluoride-Free Toothpaste That'll Freshen Your Breath

Uncle Harry's Natural Remineralizing Toothpaste, $10, Amazon

For a fluoride-free alternative to traditional toothpaste, this natural option comes highly recommended by thousands of reviewers. It helps freshen breath with Bentonite clay, sea salt, and plant extracts (like peppermint and oregano oil), and fortifies your tooth enamel with calcium, so your teeth are stronger than ever. It also helps to naturally whiten teeth, too.


6. A Rechargeable Spotlight To Guide Your Way In The Dark

Stanley Rechargeable LED Spotlight, $15, Amazon

Chances are you'll never think about getting a spotlight like this one until you really, really need one, but investing in this option now can be a great call — especially if you drive or lose electricity a lot. This comes with ultra-bright LED lights and five modes to choose from, a lithium-ion battery that stays charged for up to 12 months at a time, and the spotlight itself runs for up to 10 hours off a single charge. The charging adapters included in this also mean you can recharge in your car or while you're at home.


7. This Ventilated Laptop Stand To Protect Your Equipment

Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand, $17, Amazon

Your laptop will run cooler with this ventilated laptop stand, which makes it an essential part of any office or desk set up. This completely adjustable mesh metal platform can move into three unique positions, and also works well for tablets and iPads.


8. A Classic Shower Squeegee To Clean Your Shower Door

Cleret Dual-Bladed Classic Shower Squeegee, $14, Amazon

If you have a glass shower door, you already know how hard it is to keep it clean — but the key is daily maintenance with something like this squeegee. Made with dual blades, this flexible and easy to use squeegee can be perfect for daily use. "This cleans our shower door glass perfectly. I use this after every shower and it doesn't leave water spots or streaks," said one reviewer.


9. These Reusable Makeup Removing Pads That You Can Grab In Bulk

ProCIV Makeup Remover Pads, $14 (16 Pack), Amazon

These organic cotton rounds work the same way disposable ones do — but are eco-friendly and can be reused after a trip to the washing machine. It's gentle on sensitive skin and the eye area, and even comes with a laundry bag.


10. A Two-In-One Paper Towel Holder For Tight Spaces

mDesign Compact Hanging Over The Tank Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder, $10, Amazon

Stash an extra roll and also have a sheet always within reach using this toilet paper holder. Easy to install and designed to store jumbo-sized rolls, this holder is great for a bathroom that's limited in size or lacks a toilet paper mount. The rust-resistant finish on this can also keep it pristine for years to come.


11. This Volumizing Spray For Lasting Hold

Kenra Volume Spray #25, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Reviewers say this two pack of finishing spray works well on thin hair, say reviewers. It can hold for 120 hours (no, really) and offers high humidity resistance for 20 hours at a time. "I have fine thin hair and this is the best hair spray I've ever used. With it, my hair doesn't look rigid, but stays put and when blown returns to the original look," raved one reviewer.


12. A Brilliant Way To Get 15 Tools In One

Gelindo Premium Pocket Multitool, $13, Amazon

You'll feel like you have a whole toolbox in your back pocket with this 15-in-one multi-tool. Highly durable and made for quick jobs where you need to fix things in a pinch, this tool comes equipped with a few different pliers, a can opener, a screwdriver, a fish scaler, a ruler, a saw, and more. This also comes with a belt pouch and it's made with stainless steel, so it won't corrode.


13. This Inflatable Pillow For Incredible Neck And Lumbar Support

AirComfy Inflatable Neck/Lumbar Pillow, $19, Amazon

For long trips in the car, never underestimate the power of a good inflatable pillow like this one. Contoured and designed to hold your head up while also providing crucial back and neck support, it also collapses to compress in bags and can be secured in place using an expandable elastic band, which attaches the pillow to the back of a seat.


14. A Tool That You'll Hope You Never Need To Use (But You'll Be Grateful You Have It When You Need To)

BlueSkyBos ValueEmergency Escape Tool, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Chances are that this emergency escape tool is something that you'll never want to have to us — but if you're in a life or death situation in your car, this set of double-ended hammers could make a crucial difference. This is designed for breaking side window glass (not windshields) and also comes with a razor-sharp blade, which can easily cut through seat belts. Reviewers recommend putting it in a door pocket or glove box.


15. A Travel Hair Straightener That Can Help Prevent Frizz

KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener, $17, Amazon

A miniature flat iron like this one can be good for traveling because it's compact, but it packs the same kind of power as a standard flat iron. It heats up fast to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and can help reduce the look of frizz and keep hair looking silky smooth and straight. It can also be used to curl ends, straighten bangs, and is safe to use on fine or thin hair.


16. These Baggy Racks That Are Surprisingly Genius

Jokari Baggy Rack, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

These baggy racks are like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen. You can use them to spread open bags and fill them up with sauces, snacks, or other bits of tasty grub without spilling. All you have to do is fasten these to the bag and fill the contents as you please, and reviewers say these racks are simple yet totally ingenious.


17. A Clear Container For Makeup And Jewelry

InterDesign 3-Drawer Storage Container with Knobs, $20, Amazon

Messy counters making it difficult for you to find what you need? This three-drawer storage container can be a great option if you're trying to organize cosmetics, jewelry, or other beauty products and maximize storage in small spaces. This container is also clear plastic, easy to clean with a damp cloth, and built to be stackable.


18. This Buffering Lotion That Can Help Reduce The Look Of Acne

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, $19, Amazon

If you struggle with cystic acne, this buffering lotion could really help you out — it's meant to tackle bumps that have formed under the skin. Formulated with a blend of B vitamins, niacinamide, and amino acids, this blend can reduce acne and give your complexion a must-needed boost. "This little bottle literally saved my skin," wrote one reviewer. "I cannot thank Mr. Badescu enough ... Seriously though, this stuff is absolutely amazing, particularly if you have deep cystic acne."


19. A Colorful Set Of Kitchen Knives

LUCENTEE Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set, $18 (Set of 6), Amazon

This set of six knives includes everything you need to feel like a serious sous chef in the kitchen. It comes with a paring knife, utility knife, carving knife, santoku knife, bread knife, and more. Colorful and with a non-stick coating, this set also comes with blade guards and a coarse sharpener, so blades stay sharp great for slicing and dicing.


20. These Toe Separators For When You Want To Pamper Your Feet

Dr. Frederick's Original Bunion Pad And Spacer Kit, $15 (Set of 14), Amazon

This set of toe straighteners and bunion pads target bunion and toe pain — and help realign your feet for elevated comfort when you're running or walking. It even comes with pads that are meant to be used while exercising, and the soft foam gel material means it is both washable and reusable.


21. This Intense Lip Balm With SPF

JACK BLACK Intense Therapy Lip Balm, $8, Amazon

Hydrate your lips and protect them against damage from extreme temperatures with this intensely healing lip balm. Formulated with antioxidants — including vitamin E and green tea — this balm soothes dry skin and can protect against UV rays, so lips stay soft.


22. This Jump Rope For Cross-Fit Exercises

Survival and Cross Jump Rope, $10, Amazon

Whether you're into cross-fit or just generally amping up your workout regimen (especially if you prefer to workout at home), this jump rope can be a good way to start. "This is the best speed jump rope I've ever used," raved one reviewer. "I have tried many over the years, and I always felt like it was hard to find a rope where the balance between the weight of the cable and handles was just right." They also have two sliding screws and collars so they're easily adjustable for any height.


23. A Way To Protect Hands From Hot Handles

Crucible Cookware Silicone Hot Handle Holder, $7, Amazon

Hot handles can scorch your hands, but with this silicone protective holder, you can safeguard your skin and also make cooking less stressful in the process. Just slide it onto the skillet handle (it's designed to fit most of them), and you can grip handles without feeling any extra heat.


24. The Wacky Massager That Can Seriously Make A Difference

The Original Jacknobber II, $9, Amazon

This hand-held massage tool can help deliver a back massage unlike any other. The knobs bring deep pressure to trigger points in the back, and that pressure can also be used to relieve tension in your hamstrings, legs, and any other place that needs some serious relief.


25. A Way To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home

HIGHROCK Acrylic Nail Art Polish, $8 (Set of 10), Amazon

Save yourself a trip to the salon to remove gels or acrylics with these handy polish removing caps. Convenient, reusable, and designed to soak away polish while you relax, these caps can be a great alternative to foil. One reviewer writes: "Such a simple concept, but man do they work so well and are much easier, more convenient and less frustrating than having to cut up and wrap little bits of foil without the cotton falling out."


26. This Pineapple Peeler That More Than 2,000 Reviewers Love

Yesker Silver Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer, $7, Amazon

Take the hassle out of peeling a pineapple with this stainless steel wedger, which comes with stainless steel blades that slice through pineapples with ease. All you have to do is grab this slicer and it can cut through pineapple flesh with ease. The handle on this is also ergonomically-designed to be comfortable to operate.


27. A Basic Mouse Pad That'll Really Get The Job Done

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad, $10, Amazon

When more than 9,000 reviewers have nothing but good things to say about a product — especially one that's this cheap — you have to take notice. It comes with a non-slip rubber base and can provide a clear surface for mouses, and this pad is also a great fit for most desk spaces and comes in a variety of sizes.


28. A Muddler For Delicious Cocktails At Home

Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler and Mixing Spoon, $9, Amazon

No matter what you're trying to make, having a muddler and mixing spoon is crucial if you want to make delicious cocktails from scratch. This 10-inch muddler is great for muddling citrus fruits, herbs, and other ingredients needed to make your favorite drink.


29. A Set of Reusable Grocery Bags

BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags, $14 (Set of 5), Amazon

When you're planning a shopping trip, you don't want to be without one of these colorful reusable grocery bags. Designed to fold up to fit a purse or pocket, these bags are made from lightweight polyester, but they're still surprisingly resilient. They're also machine-washable, which is a huge must for reusable bags.


30. This Stylish Option To Store Salt

Totally Bamboo Salt Box, $10, Amazon

Made from exquisite bamboo, this salt box is the go-to spot for storing table salt or your favorite herbs and seasonings. It comes with a swivel lid that closes with a magnetic lock, but also opens easily when you need to grab spices in a pinch. Reviewers say you can also use it to store jewelry or other trinkets.


31. A Box Cutter Above All The Rest

Slice Ceramic Box Cutter, $19, Amazon

"In terms of cutting boxes, this is very much better than a normal box cutter," said one reviewer of this ceramic box cutter, which comes with long-lasting ceramic blades that are tougher and thicker than metal. You can lock blades in place to keep them from nicking you when it's not in use, and not only will this box cutter help to slice through boxes like nothing, but it also won't rust or corrode over time, either.


32. This Stainless Steel Bar That Can Get Rid Of Stubborn Odors

Amco Rub-a-Way Stainless Steel Bar, $9, Amazon

Cooking in the kitchen inevitably means coming into contact with foods that can leave strong odors behind on your hands and fingers. Sometimes even regular soap isn't enough to get rid of the smell, but fortunately this stainless steel bar can. Great for fish, onions, and especially garlic, this stainless steel soap can make virtually all stenches vanish. "Works like black magic," one reviewer promises.


33. The Easiest Way To Sharpen All Your Knives

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener, $15, Amazon

Unlike other knife sharpeners, this pick is preferred by chefs because of how easy it is to use and how reliable it can be. Ergonomically designed and durable with a two-stage sharpening system, this tool allows you to keep blades polished to precision, and comes with a non-slip cushion so that it stays firmly in place during use.


34. This Basic (But Basically Essential) Drain Stopper

Sink Stopper, $9, Amazon

Buying a drain stopper like this one could be one of the most essential pieces you have for daily use. Designed to fit into any sink, this reliable stopper will prevent food from getting clogged and your expensive rings from getting sucked down the drain.


35. These Mesh Laundry Bags That Make Laundry So Much Easier To Sort

Bagail Mesh Laundry Bags, $8 (Set of 5) Amazon

Sorting your clothes can be a hassle, but this five pack of mesh laundry bags gives you everything you need to do it quickly and with ease. This comes with one extra-large bag that's great for linens, plus two large bags and two medium bags — which you can use for separating delicates, colors from whites, and so much more.


36. A Hanging Jewelry Organizer You Can Travel With

Misslo Hanging Jewelry Holder, $9, Amazon

This jewelry organizer is a neat little travel option, especially when you want to keep your bracelets, necklaces, and other valuables in the right place. It comes with 32 clear pockets and 18 hook and loop closures, so everything you want to stash is in clear sight. Rather than keeping your accessories in a box that can get cluttered over time, this allows you to see everything you want when you need it most.


37. A Serum That Can Help To Stimulate Hair Growth

Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Growth Serum, $15, Amazon

For thinning hair, this growth serum can deliver a tremendous boost — and reviewers agree. Formulated with biotin, vitamin B, and other nutrients, it supports follicle production and helps hair to grow in thicker and stronger than before. "I have thin blonde hair and have tried finding a product that will help my hair be less brittle after styling daily. After using this for a few weeks I have noticed how soft and stronger my hair is at the ends," wrote one reviewer.


38. An Even Faster Way To Make Ramen

Rapid Ramen Cooker, $7, Amazon

Looking for a gift for a college student? This rapid cooker for ramen has a cult-like following on Amazon and gets a thumbs up from reviewers, who love that you can use this BPA-free dish to quickly cook ramen in a microwave. All it takes is three minutes, and you'll have a mouthful of your favorite snack. It's also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


39. This Vented Microwave Cover That Can Keep Messes Contained

Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Cover, $8, Amazon

Cooking in a microwave doesn't have to be a mess, and it won't be with this microwave cover. Made with multiple lid perforations, this cover doesn't trap steam in. Instead, it allows it to escape, which helps prevent food from drying out while keeping splatters at bay. It also is designed to fit most plates and bowls, so you can use it on virtually anything.


40. A Tape Dispenser That Looks Like A Record Player

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser, $11, Amazon

This tape dispenser is super cute and unique — because it looks like a little record player. It comes with a weighted base, plus a white and woodgrain base with a silver arm. You can refill the dispenser, so you'll have this on your office desk for quite a long time.


41. This Hanging Organizer For Drying Bras And Other Delicates

Whitmor Clip and Drip Hanger, $11, Amazon

For delicates like bras and lingerie, this dry hanging system can really come in handy. It's designed to hang from a shower curtain rod or garment rod and gives a good space for delicates to dry. The hanger itself has rust-resistant clips, and collapses for easy storage when not in use.


42. A Banana Slicer With More Than 5,000 Positive Reviews

Hutzler Banana Slicer, $9, Amazon

Slice bananas to the perfect bite-sized amount with this convenient slicer, which is faster and safer to use than a knife — and especially ideal for kids so they don't hurt themselves. One reviewer wrote: "Slicing bananas no longer resembles a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thank you Huzler 571!"


43. These Reusable Gel Packs For Relaxation

Reusable Gel Ice Packs, $15 (5 Pack), Amazon

You can't go wrong with these gel ice packs. Reusable and convenient for a number of aches and pains, you can use these for everything from headaches and tired eyes to dealing with a toothache. Their versatility is one of the major reasons you should add these to your shopping cart.

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