43 Best-Selling Products On Amazon That Are Completely Genius

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What does it take to be a best-selling product that wows over so many customers? As this list of 43 best-selling products on Amazon that are completely genius proves, a product that great has to be useful, affordable — and it doesn't hurt if it boasts that unexplainable wow factor that keeps you coming back for more.

The smart products on this list are as different as products can get. Whether you're in the market for copper-compression foot sleeves that relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis or could really use an inflatable sofa that you can take to picnics (because sitting on towels is so not cutting it), this is the list that won't disappoint. And you needn't take one person's word for it — each of these innovative products boast a ton of reviews and ratings from actual customers who consider them must-have purchases.

From natural throat sprays to flexible water shoes that make diving or walking along the shore a comfort, this list compiles products in every category under the sun. Your backyard will look better (thanks to items like a patio umbrella light), and your body will feel better, courtesy of the many wellness and grooming products you'll find here.

Plus, they all share that one magical quality in common: they're impressive — which makes them best-sellers you'll want to scoop right up.

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