43 Best-Selling Products On Amazon That Are Completely Genius

What does it take to be a best-selling product that wows over so many customers? As this list of 43 best-selling products on Amazon that are completely genius proves, a product that great has to be useful, affordable — and it doesn't hurt if it boasts that unexplainable wow factor that keeps you coming back for more.

The smart products on this list are as different as products can get. Whether you're in the market for copper-compression foot sleeves that relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis or could really use an inflatable sofa that you can take to picnics (because sitting on towels is so not cutting it), this is the list that won't disappoint. And you needn't take one person's word for it — each of these innovative products boast a ton of reviews and ratings from actual customers who consider them must-have purchases.

From natural throat sprays to flexible water shoes that make diving or walking along the shore a comfort, this list compiles products in every category under the sun. Your backyard will look better (thanks to items like a patio umbrella light), and your body will feel better, courtesy of the many wellness and grooming products you'll find here.

Plus, they all share that one magical quality in common: they're impressive — which makes them best-sellers you'll want to scoop right up.

Lifestyle — 43 Best-Selling Products On Amazon That Are Completely Genius

1. A Supportive Cold Therapy Wrap For Aching Feet Or Wrists

If you are suffering from sore feet, wrists, ankles, or elbows, this cold therapy wrap provides support and fast relief from aches and pains. The compression wrap, which comes in a two pack, accommodates a cooling gel pack and reduces inflammation, too.

2. This Convenient Pair Of Nail Clippers With A Magnifying Glass

Get a close-up view of your nails (or your baby's nails) with this super convenient pair of nail clippers, which boast two features anyone can really use: a magnifying glass and a catcher that catches fallen nail clips. This sturdy stainless steel clipper is sharp and comes in four design options.

3. The Patio Furniture Protector That Shields Against Water And Sun

There's no good reason why you should spend money on expensive patio furniture, umbrellas, and accessories — only to watch them get destroyed over time by the effects of the sun and rain. Spray this furniture protector on nylon or heavier fabrics like leather and suede, and it will shield them from yellowing and keep them looking brand new.

4. An Ice Stick That Fits Inside Of Bottles To Keep Drinks Cold For Hours

Slide this reusable ice stick inside of wide water bottles and sports jugs to keep beverages chilly for hours without diluting your drinks. Just fill the stick (with has a secure cap) with water, place it in your freezer overnight, and it's ready to go the next morning.

5. A Slim Wallet With RFID-Blocking Technology That Slips In Your Pocket

Forget about bulky wallets that barely fit in your pocket or bag — this slim minimalist wallet fits your cards and cash, but slips easily into your pocket. This wallet boasts RFID-blocking technology to keep thieves from stealing your personal info, and it comes in more than 25 colors.

6. This Rinse-Free Pet Shampoo That Cleans Without Water

Got a sweet pooch who needs to be cleaned, but is terrified of water? You may not be able to get away with never bathing your pet, but this waterless shampoo will help clean, condition, and detangle fur without the need for water. The alcohol-free formula has a soothing chamomile and lavender fragrance. One reviewer writes: "The smell is strong and GOOD. I use this at least 3 times a week on my dog when he comes back from playcare and is STINKY. He smells so GOOD!"

7. A Multi-Tasking Water Bottle That Serves As A Roller For Aching Muscles

On its own, this cool-looking 18-ounce water bottle does a perfect job of keeping your water cool and insulated. But it also boasts a design secret power: its body doubles as a foam roller for aching and overworked muscles — making it the perfect gym necessity. The bottle comes in five colors and is made from sturdy stainless steel, so expect it to last forever.

8. These Huge Ice Cube Trays That Have Lids And Are Stackable

Everything about these silicone ice cube trays makes them infinitely better than other trays. For starters, each tray fits 37 cubes, all of which slide out effortlessly (the trays bend with ease). The trays, which comes two in a pack, are also stackable, saving you freezer space — and they even come with their own lids so they won't spill in your fridge. The honeycomb shape is fun, too.

9. These Individually-Wrapped Nail Polish Wipes For On-The-Go Grooming

Nail polish chips — and you aren't always going to have access to a big bottle of polish remover when you need it. But that's why these individually-wrapped polish remover wipes are so convenient. The vegan wipes are free of acetone and alcohol and rely on ingredients like organic lavender to hydrate and condition your nails and skin. Take these with you for a weekend trip or keep some stowed in your purse.

10. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Whips Up Delicious Coffee In Five Minutes

Most cold brew coffee systems take hours (and even days) to produce the delicious, acid-free coffee you want. But that's why this coffee maker is such a gem: it works in just five minutes and makes up to 1.5 liters of coffee. The system comes with a carafe, reusable filter, and even a recipe book.

11. This Sweet And Spicy Honey That You'll Want To Add To Everything

Sustainably sourced and paleo, this special honey is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Try a few dashes on everything from salads and sandwiches to tacos and pizza. The gluten-free condiment boasts just three identifiable ingredients: honey, chilis, and vinegar.

12. These Comfortable High-Waisted Workout Shorts With Deep Pockets

Run, ride, or work out in complete comfort with these high-waisted shorts, which boast two deep pockets that are large enough to fit your phone and wallet. The shorts are totally opaque (which is so important) with four-way stretch — and they come in more than 40 colors. Available sizes: XS-2X

13. An Insulated Lunch Bag For Perfect Warm Or Cold Lunches At Work

Enjoy your lunch at the perfect temperature — hours after you've packed it — when you carry this insulated lunch bag to work or on trips. The bag features three separate compartments and two ice packs, a zippered compartment, and a few exterior and interior ones for utensils, napkins, and wipes. Choose among five colors.

14. A Pair Of Reading Glasses That Attach To Their Own Keychain Case

Keep your reading glasses where you'll always be able to find them — on their very own keychain case. These lightweight glasses have black frames and shatter-proof lenses, with the option of four sizes and six colors. These actually feature optical-grade polycarbonate lenses, and one reviewer writes: "Perfect! I never have to worry about where my glasses are OR even if I have them with me!"

15. This Natural Sore Throat Cure That Has Just Three Ingredients

Give your poor sore throat a natural remedy that offers relief using just three ingredients: Canadian bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water. This throat spray is free of alcohol and refined sugar — and is perfect for mornings when you wake up with an itchy, irritated throat but have to keep chugging along.

16. The Patio Umbrella With Adjustable Brightness Options

Turn your yard into the ultimate entertainment center with a few simple adjustments — like adding this fun patio umbrella light, which shines thanks to 28 LED lights. The battery-operated light offer three adjustable brightness options, and it comes in warm or cool light options. It's also easy to install: just open and clamp to the handle of your patio umbrella.

17. An Infinity Pillow That's So Comfy You Can Nap On It

Consider this soft infinity scarf your go-to accessory for warmth, comfort, and even as a sleep aid — because it makes for one truly great travel pillow. The wrap-around scarf is breathable, machine-washable, and it comes in six colors: pink, navy, grey, shamrock, and tan. The microfiber and bamboo fabric is durable and comfortable, too, and reviewers even like using this when they're not traveling.

18. These Copper-Infused Compression Sleeves For Painful Foot Conditions

If you suffer from painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, these copper-infused foot sleeves provide immediate relief. One reviewer writes: "The first day I wore these was amazing I felt an immediate difference! Before I got my bands I would be in constant paint from plantar fasciitis and poor arches! I feel the lift and support in these bands." these also help to provide arch support.

19. These Flexible Water Shoes For Swimming, Sports, And Walking

Dive, swim, play volleyball, or just take long walks along the water in total comfort when you wear these water shoes. These slip-on shoes are flexible and provide total comfort — and keep your feet safe from hot boardwalks and ocean rocks. They come in nine sizes and they come in more than 30 colors.

20. An Inflatable Air Sofa For Outdoor Concerts Or Backyard Parties

Pack this inflatable air sofa with you on trips to outdoor concerts and festivals — or just keep one or two in your yard — and relax in comfort wherever, whenever. The sofa doesn't require a pump to inflate, and it comes in its own convenient pouch. It's also made of durable rip-stop polyester, which means it can handle the rain, sun, dirt, and more.

21. This Special Towel That Cools Your Body Down Right Away

The second you feel you can't beat the heat, grab this cooling towel, wet it, wring it out, and place it on your neck, head, or feet to instantly cool you down by 30 degrees. The towel stays cool for a long time, but can be reactivated with more water. It comes in 24 colors and fun prints. It's great for workouts, too.

22. A Core-Strengthening Stability Ball For Better At-Home Workouts

Build an even better at-home workout routine by incorporating this inflatable exercise ball into pilates, yoga, and other workouts. The 9-inch ball can be used for core exercises, balance, and stability, and it comes in five colors. It's burst-resistant, and can even be used to sit on to build a better core or provide lower back relief.

23. The Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Let fresh air in, but keep bugs out when you install this magnetic screen door in your home. The mesh door features 26 strong magnets that lock in place whenever you aren't entering or leaving the room. You can easily install them, and they're especially great for pets.

24. These Spice Gripper Clips That Hold Up To 30 Jars

Finally, a solution for storing all of your spices — and it's one that will help you see them so that food prep is easier and faster. These spice gripper clips easily adhere to the backs of cabinets and can hold up to 30 spice jars. You'll get 30 spice gripper clips and six strips (three white and three black) that stay put with 3M adhesive tape and won't damage surfaces.

25. An Ice Roller For Puffy Skin, Early Mornings, And Aching Muscles

When early mornings and puffy skin are synonymous, turn to this therapeutic cooling ice roller to soothe, reduce inflammation, and make you feel 100 times more ready to tackle the day. The roller, which is also healing on fatigued, aching muscles, comes in five colors and can be stored in your freezer. It's great to provide some migraine relief, too.

26. The Perfect Travel Duffel Bag With A Separate Compartment For Shoes

This amazing travel duffel bag has thought of everything — it even features a separate compartment for shoes that keeps your clothing from getting dirty. The roomy bag is made from water-resistant fabric and has a side elastic pouch, inside hanging pouch, and front zipper compartment — with double zippers for TSA locks and an adjustable shoulder strap. It's great for the gym or as a weekender.

27. An Inflatable Foot Pillow For More Comfy Travel

A well-rested traveler makes for happier travel. And this travel foot pillow will help — inflate the pillow using the plane's overhead air vent and anyone can rest their feet or bodies on it for super comfortable naps. It's marketed for kids, but adults can use this too.

28. A Toothbrush Cup For Travel That Holds Brushes, Toothpaste, And Floss

This compact toothbrush cup easily fits in suitcases and bags, and then opens up to reveal two roomy cups that can hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss — and can be used to drink water. Whether you use it as a toothbrush organizer, travel mug, or a combination of both, this is one lightweight piece that you will barely make a dent in your luggage.

29. This Hilarious Party Game That Pokes Fun At Family Situations

If you can't pick your family members, why not get a kick out of playing this party game that allows you to poke fun at them and all of the zany family situations that pop up? Designed by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the game is for four to 12 players, ages 14 and older. Players take turns choosing a card that finishes a prompt related to family — and one player gets to select the winning answer that they find most hilarious.

30. An Under-Sink Organizer That Expands To Fit More Supplies

Slide this under-the-sink organizer in the cabinet (where else?) under your sink and fill it with cleaning supplies and other products. The rack expands from 15 to 25 inches to fit more of what you need and it can be adjusted to four height levels. One reviewer writes: "This is a great product it is easy to assemble and works great under our bathroom sink. It is also very sturdy. It is a nice option if you do not have a shelf under in the cabinet. It is also a great utilization of space."

31. These Gentle Grooming Gloves For Your Dog Or Cat

Keeping your dog or cat groomed usually requires a balancing act where you attempt to keep them in place and calm while they try desperately to run away. But these grooming gloves, which feature 255 soothing silicone tips, are so gentle and soothing that your pet will actually love the way they feel (it's basically a puppy massage). The gloves have an adjustable wrist strap for the perfect fit and come in blue or red.

32. These Protective Sunglasses That Block Out UVB And UVA Rays

A pair of sunglasses that is both stylish and protective (because, otherwise, what's the point?), these retro-style sunglasses provide 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays. The lightweight non-polarized glasses come in 13 lens and frame colors.

33. A Brilliant Two-In-One Coffee Press And Travel Mug

Make fresh coffee and drink it — all in the same coffee press travel mug. This insulated 15-ounce mug has a plunger, a spill-resistant lid, and it comes in four colors. Add coarse ground coffee and hot water, give it a plunge, and enjoy no matter where you roam.

34. This Two-Tiered Spinning Pantry Cabinet So You Can Grab What You Need

This lazy Susan spinning pantry cabinet has two tiers and plenty of room for spices, condiments, or canned food. It has a non-stick surface that keeps items standing, comes in a few color options, and will ensure you find what you need without having to rummage through cabinets.

35. A Set Of Resistance Bands That Increase Muscle Tone

You don't need a set of weights to build muscle — these resistance bands rely on your own body weight to do just that. The set of three glute and leg bands are sturdy, thick, and will help activate muscles (and are way easier to store than weights). They come with a carrying pouch and an exercise guide.

36. An Illuminating Work Light That Stands On Its Own

Every work station needs a reliable light source, but holding a light up is absolutely annoying — and can slow down your job. This free-standing area LED light allows you complete freedom — and you can use both your hands while you work. It offers two brightness settings and features a pivoting head.

37. The Air Cushion That Makes Every Office Seat More Comfy

Office chair feels as hard as a rock? You may not be able to replace all of your uncomfortable furniture, but you can give chairs an affordable upgrade with this air inflatable seat cushion. The cushion has small holes that allow for even body weight distribution and total support and comfort. It comes in blue or gray. One reviewer wrote this even works on airplane seats — and made a nine-hour flight more comfortable.

38. This Multi-Functional Wrap That Cools You Down

Cool down and protect your head and face from wind and harmful UV rays with this multifunctional gaiter and headwear. Soak piece in water, wring it out, and give it a snap to cool you down by 30 degrees. The gaiter provides UPF 50 protection, can be worn in 12 ways, and comes in six colors.

39. An Anti-Blister Foot Balm That Prevents Friction

Prevent blister-causing friction and be more comfortable (literally) in your own shoes when you apply a light layer of this foot balm before strapping on your sandals, shoes, or boots. Made from plant-derived ingredients, the balm contains vitamins A and C that moisturize chapped skin and it's totally safe for your shoes. It works on everything from sneakers to heels, too.

40. The Insulated Can Cooler That Keeps Drinks Cold For Hours

Keep cold beverages cold for hours when you slide your canned drink into this double-walled insulated can cooler. The cooler fits 12-ounce cans and was designed with stainless steel and and an extra layer of copper that retains temperature without causing the cooler to sweat. It comes in 14 colors and prints.

41. These Natural Acne Patches That Heal Zits Overnight

Resist the urge to pop that pimple — instead, simply cover it with one of these natural acne patches, which work overnight to reduce inflammation and heal zits. The set of 40 round patches are infused with natural, effective ingredients like hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil.

42. A Reading Night Light That Clips Onto Books

Read without disturbing your partner or roommates with this clip-on reading light, which very conveniently clamps down onto surfaces — and has an adjustable and flexible gooseneck for the perfect angle. The LED light has three brightness settings and a built-in rechargeable battery.

43. The Savory Everything Bagel Spice Blend That's Surprisingly Versatile

This perfect everything bagel seasoning is one of Trader Joe's most popular items, and for good reason — not only does it perfectly mimic the taste of your favorite bagel, but it's more versatile than you might think — add it to everything from chicken to avocado toast to soups. One reviewer writes: I sprinkled this on the eggs and avocado and it really makes my breakfast!" Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.