43 Amazon Best-Sellers Under $35 That Are Total Steals

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My friend recently scored round trip tickets to Paris for $400 which is, in my opinion, the very definition of "a steal." (Apparently, the fare price was a mistake on the airline's part, but what can I say? My friend is lucky.) Unfortunately, my friend didn't buy me a ticket, so I've been consoling myself by scrolling through Amazon for equally good deals. And while I haven't found cheap tickets to Paris (obviously), I have stumbled across these 43 Amazon best-sellers under $35. Yep — under $35 which, to be honest, is a lot more in my price range than $400 anyway.

So what kinds of amazing things can you get for under $35? How about a fitness tracker that keeps track of the distance you walk each day? Or a set of ridiculously soft microfiber bed sheets? Or a magical eyelash serum that will help you grow longer, thicker lashes? (See? Who needs a trip to Paris?)

And here's the thing: all of these items are best-sellers — meaning they're crowd-approved by thousands of buyers. So if you're on the fence about any of them, go ahead and read a few of those glowing reviews to help you feel confident about your purchase.

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